Who Cares If Dakota Meyer Is/Was Married?

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Yesterday Immoral Minority broke the story that Dakota Meyer is/was married.
Gryphen published a copy of a marriage certificate indicating that Dakota married Cassandra Wain on May 20, 2008. In spite of multiple internet searches it remains uncertain whether Dakota ever obtained a divorce from Ms. Wain. Thus, Bristol should care about whether Dakota is or was married, as he would not be legally eligible to marry her.

Gryphen noted yesterday, on May 11, 2015 that:

“Meyer’s Wikipedia page does not even mention the marriage, though of course it has been updated to include his recent engagement to Bristol.”

This morning, Tuesday May 12, 2015, Meyer’s Wikipedia page has been updated to reflect that Meyer was married to Cassandra Wain. Wikipedia reposted:
“ On the 17th of May 2008, Dakota married Cassandra Marie Wain.” Obviously Wikipedia cared if Meyer had been married. There is no mention of a divorce.

A lot of other publications appeared to care whether this would be the first marriage of Bristol and of Dakota. The following are just a few examples of the mis-reported information, indicating that these publications felt it was important to report on whether this was the first marriage for Bristol and Dakota:

1. “It will be the first marriage for both, although Palin has been engaged before to Levi Johnston, the father of her 6-year-old son Tripp.”

2. “This will mark the first marriage for both.

3. “This will be the first marriage for both Palin and Meyer.

4. “This will be the first marriage for both, although Palin has been engaged before to Levi Johnston, the father of her 6-year-old son Tripp.”“

5. “This will be the first marriage for both Dakota and Bristol (who was previously engaged to Levi Johnston, the father of her 6-year-old son, Tripp).”

6. “For both parties, this is both their first marriage; however, Bristol has a 6 year-old child with Levi Johnston.

7. “ It will be the first marriage for both, though Bristol Palin was previously engaged to Levi Johnston, who is the father of her six-year-old son, Tripp.”

8. “It will be the first marriage for both, …”

9. “ This will be the first marriage for both of them, …”

10. “It’s reportedly a first marriage for both,…

bristol and dakota shooting

Obviously, a lot of people care whether this is the first marriage for both. Dakota has failed to be forthcoming about his previous marriage. If he would fail to tell us about his previous marriage, then what else has he failed to disclose? Is he still married? Does he have children?

Some might care about whether this is the first marriage for Dakota because if he was married and divorced, he is more likely to divorce again. 43% of first marriages end in divorce. 60% of those who remarry will re-divorce. Thus it is 17% more likely that Dakota and Bristol will divorce because Dakota was married before Bristol.

Then there is the educational level of Bristol and Dakota to consider. Neither has attended college. The chance of marriage ending in divorce is lower in people who have higher education.

Bristol had lived with men before Dakota. Because Bristol cohabitated with men before marrying Dakota Meyer, she is 40% More Likely to divorce than women who have not cohabitated.

bristol gino

Finally, it is important to consider the age of Dakota and Bristol at the time they marry when attempting to determine the likelihood of success. Bristol was born in October of 1990 . Thus she is 24 years old. Dakota was born June of 1988. That makes Britol 24, and Dakota 26. The average age of women to get married is 27. The average for men is 29. Persons who marry younger tend to experience divorce more often than the couple who marry when they are older.

Thus, the paragon for family values, Bristol Palin is likely not going to marry Dakota. If they do marry, it is likely that their marriage will divorce.

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  1. Slight correction: Bristol has never lived with a man she was dating. The closest was Levi, who briefly stayed at her parents house for a couple months. A man has never shared her own home. Joey has his home and roommates. Gino had his apartment, and her house wasn’t finished by their breakup, as we remember.


    1. As Tri-G says, “BULLSHIT!”

      Bristol lived with one of those losers on her TV show.

      You know, the one she kicked out of the car while Tripp was there crying.

      Someone help with the name here!


    2. Hey Palin insider, how many babies did Bristol hide from the public? Does Bristol know Dakota’s wife? Bristol is living with Dakota now, right? Bristol is pregnant again, hence no current photos, only old photos. Aren’t you ‘curiouser’ about Dakota’s marriage to Cassandra Marie Wain on May 19, 2008? Did they ever file for a divorce? Why have you been changing Dakota’s Wikipedia page? Bristol is living with a MARRIED man, but not to her. You have been constantly posting comments over at IM, trying to deflect the TRUTH about Dakota’s marriage to CASSANDRA MARIE WAIN.
      What is your reason for always defending Bristol and Sarah Palin? They don’t care about you, they don’t like you. Grow up, get a life, stop stalking people that you don’t know, live vibrantly in your Florida shack.


    3. Since you, curiouser(?) are so close to Bristol, why not suggest to her to keep her legs closed? Bristol is a walking population explosion. Where are all of her babies? If Bristol filed for child support from all of her babies’ fathers, she would have a steady income for the next 18 years. Trig, Tripp, DWTS baby, Junker 1, and soon Junker 2. 4 babies and still not married.
      If Dakota does not produce divorce papers soon, Bristol will still be a single Mom of 4 with 1 on the way.


    4. This is Alicia from Florida who last night was trying her best to scrub Dakota’s wiki page of the reference to his first marriage.


      1. I don’t think the issue is whether or not he’s been married. It’s whether he ever bothered to get divorced. Wasn’t the marriage valid only in Kentucky?


    5. Bristol never did live with a man she was dating. Bristol has never had a date.

      Bristol is virtuous she only lives with people she is mating. After she consumates and conceives she rarly if ever dates the sperm doner.

      Every spring we play find the DNA. The last father hunt took us to four continents and three different species.

      Dakota is a new problem we are still trying to get him divorced from his cousin.

      Oh well what a loving couple.


  2. How many guys has those lips been on? What else has touched those lips? Keep in mind Dakota, whatever your fiance has done to you she has done to others.


  3. Wikipedia has been updated by someone from IM. Seems the post has been taken down several times by someone with an IP address from Florida, but was put up again by someone else. Someone suggested to put a copy of the marriage certificate, or to put up an alternative Wiki page, where the info cannot be taken down.

    That said: hubby and I got married when I was 23 and he was 25. Still going strong after 36 years. 😉


    1. We’ve been married for 43 years after getting married at 22. But those were different times (the 1970s), and we were both in graduate school on our way to 3 advanced degrees between us.


      1. lazrgrl,
        Absolutely! Thins were different for me too and we’ve only been married 30 years. Congratulations on 43!


  4. People say that Sarah and Todd must have been aware of this marriage, but I’m not so sure. I don’t think Sarah’s lawyer has the same ability as the folks here and at IM. The lawyer could bully a then-child (Levi), and that’s about all. He seems to lose at everything else. Also, Sarah was focused on getting a real MOH in the family, and she and Todd didn’t grasp just how half-baked Dakota wanders through life.

    AKA Darlene Underdahl


    1. darleneaubol,
      I think we know that Sarah has never done her homework about anything, so I bet this is no different. I bet she never even asked Dakota if he’d ever been married, or if he has any children by other women.


    1. Zora,
      I know. It must be drugs as she wouldn’t look that bad, that fast with only the few years we’ve been watching her.


  5. First comment on this post was Bristol never lived with a man she was dating.

    So what!

    That’s like Sarah saying she never dated or lived with a black man.

    You don’t have to date or live with black men in order to have sex with them. Am I right Sarah?

    You know Bristol was doing the nasty with guys after Levi.


  6. May Tripp soon be home with his father. That is, if Levi really is his father. Was a DNA test ever done?

    The poor kid would be better off in foster care than with ANY of the palins.


    1. oh for heaven’s sake. Have you not seen the baby pictures of Tripp and Levi’s daughter Breeze? They look like twins. Any doubts I may have had vanished when I saw that.


  7. My gut says it’s all going to become blatantly clear why this little union happened, and sooner than later. “There are no coincidences,” and I highly doubt it’s love.


  8. Malia – Kudos to the sleuth who went the extra mile and disclosed Dakota Meyer’s first marriage. Interesting. Wonder what else Dakota Meyer has kept secret or lied about?


    1. WakeUP “America,
      Definitely could be him, but how easy would it be for him to come clean now that we know he was previously married?


  9. There is an event being held today, May 14, at the Kentucky Derby. Dakota and two other fellows are suppose to be making speeches. Apparently, Bristol has acquired three tickets but The Courier said they didn’t know if she was going to attend.

    This should be interesting to see if either one of them shows up, huh?



  10. Soon Bristol will be the laughing stock everywhere for marrying this dimwit…
    but, no decent man has ever wanted her, just Junkers and this loser. He will go through what money she has left….then, who will hire dimwit Bristol when she is broke…


  11. The picture of him sitting in his robe, smoking and reading; is he trying to look intelligent? Is Bristol going to think that is sexy? Will she compare that picture to the hunk pictures of Levi? He will only get fatter and I bet he does not work out, he doesn’t work enough to get a hunk of a body. He looks like he would feel like rubber in bed, such


  12. What was the purpose of having Dakota having someone take that picture?Did he describe this picture….. Oh, it is a book club, what a laugh…..probably pictures of brownies


    1. And all the other gals in his life! He’s quite the Romeo! Will he be committed polygamy if he hasn’t divorced Cassandra? Any kids?


      1. Well, on Cassandra’s FB page, she also claims to now be engaged. It seems unlikely that she too would be getting remarried if the previous marriage was still in effect. And yes, the information re the previous marriage came up in the KAO post comments on Politicalgates before it showed up on IM.


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