Sarah Palin Misquotes a Black Man to Attack a Black Man

palin racist one

palin racist two

For a long time we have known that Sarah Palin was a racist. Much has been made about Palin’s Iowa speech. Some thought she was on drugs. Others thought she was drunk. Still others suggested that she might have had a stroke. To me that speech reminded me of a teen under the influence of nitrous oxide, with her mouth full of cotton.

Bristol Palin has come to the defense of her mother, and source of Bristol’s financial support. Revealing her astute powers of knowledge and intellect, Bristol explained that her mother was quoting from MLK Jr. when she talked about riding on the back of another man. It wasn’t clear from the speech what she was talking about. Who was riding whose back? Was this a sexual reference to heterosexual sex, or homosexual sex? Was it another reference to Obama’s “big stick” or his need to grow some “cojones?” To be fair, here is the actual quote from Bristol:

“‘The Man,’ can only ride ya when your back is bent.”
People went nuts over this, saying it didn’t make sense.
I wonder how many of them know that analogy came from Martin Luther King Jr? I’d say none of them. Or at least, no one is pointing it out. (UPDATE: Dave Weigel figured it out – thank you!) This is what MLK Jr. said (emphasis added):
“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

palin racist three

palin racist four

Here is the actual part of the speech given by Palin:

Here is the actual transcript of the relevant part of Palin’s speech:

“…GOP leaders by the way ya know the man can only ride ya when your back is bent, so strengthen it, then the man can’t ride ya America won’t be taken for a ride because so much is at stake and we can’t afford politicians playing games like nothing more is at stake than oh maybe just the next standing of theirs in the next election.”

The actual quote of MLK Jr. was taken from a letter he wrote in 1963 from a Birmingham jail.

The iconic leader of the civil rights movement wrote:

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.”

Clearly MLK was inspired by the Freedom Riders that rode buses in the south in 1961-1963 in peaceful protest of racial segregation.


freedomrider white man beaten

freedom rider beaten person

freedomriders martial law

The significant, portion of the quote, misquoted by Palin, was the reference to “the man” instead of “a man.” Instead of referring to a slave owner, or a person who might discriminate against a black man, Palin’s reference to “the man” was a direct and specific reference to a black man, President Obama. Instead of advocating standing up for freedom and the U.S. Constitution, Palin was mocking the President.

Sarah probably isn’t smart enough to understand the difference between the two statements. She is a bigot who is too ignorant to know that she just showed her true colors to the world. We see her for who she is. What we see is frighteningly ugly.

kkk cross burning nov 2013

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  1. three years ago on sarah palin’s birthday (feb 11) whitney Houston (BLACK) was found dead. coincidence? may she rest in peace, and surely she is, not having to hear sarah squakkking


    1. Painchipeater,
      You are so right! Just because she faked a pregnancy, wears wigs, wears some type of breast enhancements, and goes on politically motivated “family vacations” doesn’t make she is a fake.


  2. How dare you claim that Sarah’s a racist? Au contraire! In fact, she’s a shoo-in for this year’s coveted Cliven Bundy ™ Award for Racial Harmony and Tolerance.(tm) Bristol will attend the ceremony and accept the award on behalf of Sarah, who will be in extended rehab. Bristol will be wearing a stunning jungle camo designer evening gown, complete with plunging neckline and matching thong. She’ll begin her 1 – 1/2 minute acceptance speech with: “I am so fuckin’ proud to stand here before you motherfuckers and accept this fuckin’ award on behalf of my fuckin’ Mom . . . .”


  3. She’s too ignorant to know which end is up. She reads what her not so bright speech writers put on the screen. When the screen malfunctions (which most say it did not) she is at a total loss and goes to stream of consciousness babble, instead of word salad.

    Drugs and mental disease are a bad combination. For most people I would have pity, but not for the ignoramus ($P) who has done so much damage to our country.


    1. Frosty AK
      I don’t believe for a minute that the teleprompter went out. Her speech was garbled from start to finish, and she had an entire notebook with her that you know the speech was in.


    2. I beg to differ. Sarah read that speech word for word. Actually there were not words just ink blots and little pictures like you would see in a cave wall.

      Sarah knows 321 words and some of those are part of the english language. Why write a speech trying to string words together. Isnt it more fair to just burp them all out and let people decide what to do with them? Isnt that what a “free speech” is all about? If someone paid for the freaking speech then we could have cobbled something together.

      People “free speech”? You get what you pay for. I think an ammendment to the constipation of this great nation should include the write to “Paid speech” as the lord Todd intended.


  4. Your definition of attack is always interesting. Did her reference even pinpoint one person or govt as a whole? Because govt as a whole currently is a huge problem.


      1. Yup. “Huge” is a giveaway. Vague high school term when the vocabulary for a more exact description is lacking.


    1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA, yet another fake name from the Florida Troll, Alicia. Sarah was talking about Glen Rice,Curt Menard Jr, Brad Hanson, and Joe Schmidt who ‘rode’ her like Rodeo Cowboys. Sarah must have forgotten to stiffen up her back. Which of Sarah Palin’s offspring are biologically Todd Palin’s? Track? No. Bristol? Maybe. Willow? Maybe. Piper? No.


  5. alia – Sarah Palin didn’t have the MLK quote memorized. So, she tried to improvise. Improvising has never worked for Sarah because she is not good at it. If Bristol Palin and Dave Weigel can’t see the difference between Sarah’s garbled version of the MLK quote (if that is truly what it was) and the actual MLK quote, then they are just as ignorant as Sarah. But, for them to try to link the quotes and imply that Sarah is on the same intellectual level as MLK is ludicrous!
    Sarah has had a few days to think about Las Vegas, her incoherent speech in Iowa, and her subsequent strange performance on Hannity. It didn’t help her cause when she held up the ‘FUC* you Michael Moore’ sign with crosshairs in Las Vegas the day before the speech in Iowa. She knows she cannot go back in time and have a do over. She knows that she should have read, reviewed, and rehearsed the speech before taking the stage in Iowa. She knows she lost a lot of supporters. She knows that John McCain will not support her if she runs. Sarah knows she is done. It’s not too early for her to declare that she is NOT running for anything in 2016, or ever.


  6. That’s the first time I ever saw the “Eskimos” quotation. How dumb is this lady???! She must believe North America was devoid of humans before Columbus. The Eskimos were in Alaska before BC became AD and probably before her Middle Eastern ancestors migrated to Europe. But then, why let history get in the way of a good racist comment?


    1. She is so glaringly stupid!

      The Eskimos are called “Alaska’s First People”! Wouldn’t you think even a ‘quitter’ gov would know that? She actually took some of them her ‘supposed’ homemade cookies (on a platter) along with the preacher’s son (Graham), in his own airplane, and used it as a photo op!

      The woman makes me want to barf!


  7. Wow. Wow!! I never knew she said Eskimos were foreigners.
    As an elected governor of Alaska, that is reprehensible. She doesn’t even understand the history of her state.
    Even I am shocked by this and she hasn’t been able to shock me in quite some time.
    It will be funny if she does try to run for anything. The opposition commercials will be funnier than the new Superbowl commercials.


  8. So Sarah claims Eskimos are foreigners yet she and her brood take the free health care provided to Native People based on Todd’s sliver of Inuit ancestry. Bristol takes foul-mouthed Tripp to the Indian Health Services and the Alaska Native Medical Center for all of his free health care.

    Yet she battles against any other American receiving even subsidized health care and screeches lies about death panels. The Palin family has millions of dollars from reality television, book sales, and speaking engagements yet we as taxpayers pay for their health care.

    They’re moochers, worse than any welfare cheat.


  9. We should run hilarious Palin commercials anyway! For whatever idiot they run.

    “But officer, we were just showcasing the Kock party.”

    Oops. My bad. And the game has not even started…..
    ( Grins.)


  10. I am trying to remember the name of the alaskan politician who said that Sarah said to him after he gave a speech filled with numbers and facts, that when finished, he sat down and sarah leaned over and said something about what she just realized “it doesn’t matter how much you tell them with all your facts and numbers, they will believe anything you say if they are for you”. They are not even listening to the facts. I can’t remember if Joe McGuinness got that from the politician or if the politician was trying to explain sarah’s lies and lack of information and why she wasn’t trying to improve her gaps in issues in an interview. However, Sarah was always divisive as shown during her high school years. She said things to her friends who she let go defend her or shoot the other girl down. Now sarah is more brazen and confident about who she thinks she is….the most beautiful desirable woman in the US….hell….the world. This is Sarah in her Iowa speech. It is really no different than her other speeches that she lied in, used derogatory statements about the left and the president. This woman is a vacuum of ignorance. David Weigel, was looking to be a savior for palin….might be money in it for him. He is a tool. I have disliked him since he went in to “save ” her about trig by calling the matsu hospital and said he was told that sarah palin had the baby in the hospital…..first of all, I am calling him out on that lie….the hospital can’t give out any information at all about any patient…they would have referred him to the palins for that info. HE IS A TOOL. Sarah is just damn stupid, a racist, unclassy bitch.


  11. 7:19pm we know you cant turn back time. palins don’t. like barstool said about her version of brawl. “that’s it. that’s how it happened”. sorry girls but no do-overs. you are now yesterdays news.


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