Did Sarah Think Flight 370 Landed in Heaven?

palin halo

In case you heard that Sarah Palin said that flight 370 flew too high and landed in heaven, she didn’t. She may have thought it. She may have talked to God about the passengers and whether they were still alive. However the story in the Daily Currant was satire! If you believed that Palin declared that Jesus celebrated Easter during his time on Earth, you may have been correct, but the story of that in the Daily Currant was also satire.

palin daily currant

The problem with Sarah Palin is that she says such amazingly foolish things, that it is hard to know if someone is making fun of something stupid Sarah really said, or just making fun of how Stupid Sarah is. If the Daily Currant had reported that Palin said Paul Revere was warning the British by ringing bells, who would have thought they were serious?


5 thoughts on “Did Sarah Think Flight 370 Landed in Heaven?

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  1. It won’t be long before $carah blames the disappearance on Obama. Something about the Prez being wishy washy and lackadaisical and pallin’ around with evil space aliens from the Kenya galaxy. Wait for it. . . .


    1. Mark, do you need hearing aids? Have you been asleep for the past 6 years? What do you think that the Late Night comedy shows are laughing about?


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