There Are At Least 10 Faces of Sarah Palin, and They Are All Repulsive!

Former Governor Sarah Palin speaks at a Tea Party rally  - Manchester

1. You remember when Sarah Palin proclaimed that she was an advocate for special needs kids?

palin and trig

In fact she hasn’t been an advocate for her own special needs kid.

trig barefoot booksigning

2. You know how many times Sarah Palin has proclaimed her love for Alaska.

sarah palin's alaska

She loves it so much she is living in Arizona.

palin arizona home

3. You remember when Sarah Palin proclaimed that she was in favor of the bridge to nowhere?

palin bridge tshirt

Then she wasn’t!

John McCain specifically spoke out against it!

4. You remember when Sarah Palin railed against pork.

However she obtained pork for Alaska.

5. The most strikingly ugly face of Sarah Palin’s is her support, and feigned good wishes, to Jews around the world, when in fact she has written a book to complain about the tolerance in the United States of religions different than her own. Let me be clear. Sarah Palin is making money off her book declaring that it is wrong to wish someone “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” is the recognition that some Americans celebrate a different holiday at this time of year. The most obvious holiday that is celebrated during the same holiday season as Christmas, by thousands of Americans, is Hannukah.

Coins and Dreidel by Menorah

(Palin’s own post from 2012 featured this Menorah)

Nobody accused Palin of being tolerant of people who look different, practice a religion different than her own, or hold different political views than her own. However what is sickening, and inexcusable is Palin’s attempts to portray herself one way, when in fact she acts completely the opposite. Like the bridge to nowhere, pork-barrell spending, special needs children, Alaska, and now Jews, it is clear that Sarah Palin will use anyone and anything she can to promote herself. When she traveled to Israel, she proclaimed herself to be a friend of Israel. She declared she had flags of Israel “on my desk, in my home, all over the place.”

Throughout that trip she wore a huge star of David, and a key David.

palin star and key of david

On every Jewish High Holiday this year, she has made sure to include a reference to that holiday on Facebook.

Remember her remarks on Rosh Hashana.

This was he post on Passover this year.

She remembered to atone for her sins on Yom Kippur, this year also.

In the past she remembered to say “Happy Hannukah.” This was her post in 2011.

In 2012 she posted Hanukkah greetings too, mentioning her “friends” in Israel and she compared the light of Hannukkah to the “light of freedom.”

In 2009 she even attended a celebration for Hannukah.

palin hannukah celebration

This year as she travels for book signings, not a word is mentioned by Palin about Hannukah.

palin christmas book
Her Facebook is void of any reference even though Hannukah started six nights ago, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Obviously she couldn’t be wishing people a Happy Hannukah, or Happy Holidays, while she is promoting her new book attacking people for embracing all religious holidays, or wishing others “Happy Holidays?” The truth is that Sarah Palin will do or say anything that will make her money, or that she perceives to be the popular view at the time. She is fickle. She has no integrity. Her attempts to characterize herself as a friend to Jews is only for political or monetary advantage. Sarah Palin is not two-faced, she is ten-faced, and they are all repulsive.

palin rages

Sarah Palin

The only lights Palin celebrates, are not the lights of Hannukah, but the lights illuminating the remains of dead animals, killed by someone named Palin.

palin christmas antlers

35 thoughts on “There Are At Least 10 Faces of Sarah Palin, and They Are All Repulsive!

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  1. I went to the C4P site to read Palin’s post about “celebrating” Yom Kippur. Jews do NOT “celebrate”, we “observe” the holiday. She’s so stupid and so are her followers.


    1. She’s stupid because being pretty is not an antidote to being stupid and greedy and corrupt even though people instinctively think it ought to be…and you can be slim and wear stylish clothes and have an only-sloghtly-below-average IQ and still have such deep questions about whether you are worth anything at all, presumably because no one ever loved you for real…but stealing 30 billion dollars isn’t going to fix that… Sooner or later, it catches up to you and your pimp husband and you get carted off in a straight-jacket…giggle…


    2. I beg to differ on the “celebrate” notion. There are some Jews who converted from Catholicism. So this is kind of “Get out of jail free” day. They no longer have to hit the confessional after every serious sin. Once a year,one day, and the slate is wiped clean with God. Being a premeditated sinner, I like confession. I confess before I commit the sins, so I’m covered if I get hurt while sinning.
      (Just adding some humor here.)


      1. aj,
        I like the idea of confessing before y ou commit the sins! That way you are always covered. My husband is Jewish and I’m Catholic, so we have a pact that who ever is right will put a good word in for the other.


      2. Look on Amazon and find out if the Catholic Church still sells indulgences. What a perfect holiday gift for someone who’s been naughty, or who might even be naughty sometime in the future!


  2. Plus, all the faces are cross-eyed. Trig reminds me of Piper in that photo. I can hardly wait for the day when someone, anyone, with the dirt comes forward to expose the entire family of lazy grifters. They can not keep paying everyone off forever, the money will dwindle sooner, rather than later, especially with grandchildren added every couple of years. I fail to see what her followers find in her. Hate filled bigot that is what she is.


  3. I’m reflecting on the comment left by “reed, white and blue.” If Sarah was a “victim” of violence from her husband for years, it would explain her vile, aggressive sexual comments about men. And it would explain why she divorced Todd. But it doesn’t make sense to me that crimes reported by a governor to the federal government were not taken seriously. I don’t believe that. I don’t doubt that Sarah is and was Todd’s meal ticket that he whored out. She shows many symptoms and characteristics of someone who has been abused. But they are divorced now. And it still doesn’t excuse her sick divisive comments about the President and others. And there is no proof of this. M I still find it impossible to have sympathy for her. Or for Todd. And I hope they are both held accountable for any crimes they have committed.


      1. I think you are wrong. There was a poster a few days to a week ago who insisted Sarah had been terrorized by Todd. Go look at all the comments. He was not talking about the kid or anyone else. He said he hired a private detective who told him this. These are two different commenters/stories..


      2. At least I think you are wrong. Do you remember the man that posted who had a blog? He said he hired a PI. Some were quite rude. I thought he was talking about Sarah. He said he was her fan.


      3. Yes, there were two different comments – the one I am referring to is by “red, white and blue.” You are talking about another set of comments by some guy named “Phil” ? something. Yeah- two different things. Sorry if I confused that. So Phil is a Palinbot – here to becloud the issues.

        It would not surprise me one bit if SP was abused as a child. Still -her actions and those of her family and associates are criminal, brutal and worthy of public scorn and punishment. Many criminals were ill treated as children, but not all children who were abused become criminals.


    1. that sounds like that “dirty little secret” no one wants to talk about…ok…
      in a nutshell someone banged someone way back about 50 years go…ok…
      so what right…well when mommy dearest is from England and father is from Syria…money was put in a USA account that was invested in EA Sports…EA other businesses…Sundance Films…BP stock…the list goes on…when the Birthright owner figured it all out the domestic-terrorism began…how long now Sarah since oh 1979 I would say…scheming…
      Now the hunted has become the hunter from what I hear…and I hear that hunter is going to New York this Monday to meet with some Syrian officials and make the introductions…Assad has a new bouncing baby sister…
      Some will be notified that “pay backs are a bitch”…starting with Palin and Alaska…can anyone say OOOUUUCCCHHH!!!


      1. I would bet they will be using words that are much, much stronger than OUCH! Being familiar with Sarah’s lack of command of the English language, it would not surprise me if all she could utter was a series of clicks and a loud humming noise, as they cart her off to some holding area. Someone might want to clear her pantry of canned goods, and put the foam cover over the frigidaire. Incoming!!!

        Will the siblings meet face to face?


  4. She works real hard to keep people in hate mode. That’s all she’s got. It’s the only way she can keep making her hate money –by hanging onto those few bigots who are just like her. Small minded. Blinded by idiocy. Uneducated. Or even educated. Just plain blind and ignorant when it comes basic human knowledge of what a good smart human being is. She does it without effort. How does anyone find anything remotely compassionate or enlightening in this sorry excuse of a woman? I notice that about her. All she ever speaks of is hate. Hate this hate that. They hate you. Hate them. Why does the media gove her coverage? She is nobody. Nothing. But hating gets tiring. I mean really draining. You start to wonder why do I hate so much? You get nothing but old and bitter from it. And ugly too. You have noticed her change in appearance? She gets uglier every time they put her on the news. You might find you are much better if you show some compassion for all mankind and all things not just your own kind–or just yourself in sarahs case. sarah has her own religion. She gets to cal herself a christian and yet never attend church or read a bible. She doesn’t even know God. She doesn’t have to practice family values of the church. We all know she has none. She has no shame. No qualms about how she lies. Its fascinating what exactly these people find so appealing about a liar and a mean spirited woman which is clear to the naked eye for all to see. Even after constantly inciting violence indirectly…knowing her minions will act…that nut and sara’s crosshairs on Arizona democrats guided the gunamn who shot Gifford…sarah never once called to see how she was or to say I hope you are okay. That is not a woman of God or of one remotely knowing God. But I will say this. This woman is the walking talking epitomy of the devil incarnate. I will never understand the idiocity in this country of people who follow people like this sarah.And the media even less. How does one respect the media when they put crap like sarah on and we’re supposed to gain what from this??? bought and paid for by Murdocks who are foreigners but get to crowd our airwaves with RW BS! Brainwashing and uneducating our kids to end up like sarah the moron. good going media.


  5. You could of titled this article The Many Ugly Faces of sarah’s Serpent Heart. But… “There Are At Least 10 Faces of Sarah Palin, and They Are All Repulsive!” …is actually pretty good! 🙂


  6. That pile of lit up bones is one scary site! Is that supposed to be celebrating the wonderful gifts given to us by god? It actually strikes me as more pagan than a christmas tree!


  7. She is a disgusting “Person” I use that term as I would corporation personhood….
    My dog is more of a “person” than that faker, fembot will ever be!
    Happy Holidays & Happy Hanukkah to you Malia!


  8. Slightly OT- I am looking at Trig in the second photo. There is such beauty and expressive energy in his face. I wish I could just give him a hug. I am sending Trig loving wishes for this special time of year.


  9. It’s all quite confusing. I am confused by LOLs posts even though I get the gist. Am I the only one? Do I need dementia medication? Lol


    1. We have a poster here, a bona fide psychiatrist, who does on-line consultations. He posts as Dr. Who. Perhaps he could weigh in and give you a diagnosis and a prescription. 🙂


      1. I think LOL is playing us all for fools. Unless Malia can tell us that any of this is real, I find it hard to believe. I want to believe it all but it sounds like too much. Dr who, where are you?????!! Lol ..


    2. LOL has been asked many times to provide links or verifiable information regarding what they are hinting at. to the best of my knowledge (adding in the fact that people are still asking) no confirmation has ever been provided.


  10. That’s right. $carah was a self-converted Jewess for a brief period in her pitiful existence. A JINO, if you will. That mega-Star of David looks just as cheesy and hypocritical on her as that jumbo flag pin she used to wear.


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