Vanity Fair Describes The Parts of Sarah’s Word-Sausage

palin word salad one

Yesterday I was unable to comprehend the word-salad, or word-sausage

that was thrown at us in Sarah’s latest appearance on Fox.
Today Vanity Fair has posted a transcript of the interview, expressing a similar dismay about Sarah’s inability to use the most basic of tools, the English language.

Huffington Post was also amazed that even Megyn Kelly, the host for Fox, was unable to control Palin.

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  1. As posted to IM, Malia, watch Megyn’s other interviews on YT with her facial expressions and animation in interacting with her interviewee. Then compare. It was truly a WTF moment for her.


  2. Malia:

    You’re truly remarkable! How were you ever able to watch this “interview” 20+ times? I was only able to watch it twice before retching in the trash can. Twice. The white trash can. I knew I’d never be able to make sense of it, and $carah’s eye contact was just as creepy as ever. Kelly looked like she was biting her tongue while “get thee behind me, Satan” raced through her head. Ailes ought to be locked in a dark room and be forced to watch this pathetic gibberish on a closed loop until he “sees the light.”

    Maybe the interview wasn’t intended to be understood by you and me. I detect a dark, insidious conspiracy here. It could have been an encrypted message that was intended to activate Peebot and Teabagger sleeper cells pre-programmed to overthrow the government. Cruz failed, but Paylin could fill the void and succeed. Or maybe Cruz was the warm up group at a Grislymama benefit concert for the Manchurian Party. With its vast resources, the NSA should be able to decode the message in a few years. Let’s hope it won’t be too late.

    Or maybe Tundraturd is an emerging intellectual giant. Her “stream of unconsciousness” spoken word salad/sausage style is begging to be transcribed, published, and marveled at by all who can appreciate cutting age literature. Maybe a Nobel Prize is just around the corner. In your face, Faulkner and Joyce!


    1. steve,
      I had to hold my breath every time, and the real challenge was to add punctuation, which ultimately I just gave up trying!


      1. Malia, my apologies. I should have warned you, there is no punctuation. I’ve tried, and I took (and passed) upper level college courses in phonetics and sentence structure. I even gave Palin’s speeches to my students to try to punctuate, thinking one might see something I missed.
        That said, it’s an excellent lesson for teaching Government or Political Science. Hand it to the students and tell them that the person who said that to a reporter was running on a Presidential ticket. Some people listen to pure gibberish, think it sounds intelligent, and vote for the speaker. The guy who played Gabby Johnson in “Blazing Saddles” will probably be the next Tea Party Presidential candidate.


      2. aj,
        I think Blazing Saddles is a good likeness of what America would be like under the leadership of the GOP…especially the reaction to the sheriff!


  3. I heard every word she winked. That mehgan Kelly duz not even speak queen Sarah’s language. She wuz talking in English or sum foreigner aliien speak

    Learn how to speak palin people. It’s simple. Take one part jack danials, two parts draino and 1/4 cup of coffe grounds. Shake it, chug it and run around in circles until your out of breath. It it’s your first time put your head in a paint shaker for about a minute.

    Then let your tounge flap around and try and remember every word you heard in the last week and say it backwards. It ain’t easy, nothin worthwhile ever iz.


  4. I found this message in my inbox over the weekend. Obviously sent in error, but I thought I’d share it anyway.


    From: Megyn Kelly []
    Sent: Friday, October 18, 2013 12:01 AM
    To: Roger Ailes []
    Subject: Sarah Palin
    Importance: Higher than High

    You SCHMUCK! You PATHETIC PORCINE PUTZ! How DARE you put me on the air with that stupid fucking airhead? I know that Fox is fair and balanced, but the bar went underground with this clusterfuck! What’s the matter? Is Greta “too good” for this kind of thing? So you dropped this dung heap in my lap instead? That’s not what I call a “promotion!” How do you think this made ME look, you asshole! If you ever pull an over-the-top-dumbass stunt like this again, Fox is going to PAY and PAY and PAY. I’ll set up a one-on-one with Oprah and work from the top down. I’LL DO IT! Starting with that THREESOME you’ve had with O’Rellly and Hannity for as long as I’ve been here. Then I’ll expose Ingram for the radical MUSLIM she really is. And Doocey the cross-dressing PEDOPHILE will have his “outing” — I guarantee it! Ditto for Krauthammer the psycho zombie TERRORIST with ties to AL QUAEDA. Carlson? Just another bleach blond BIMBO. Two’s company, bitch! By the time I’m done, there won’t be two bricks left stuck together. Talk about burning the house down! Do you hear me, you FAT FUCK? ARE WE CLEAR?

    Respectfully submitted,



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