“Palin,” the Antonym for “Hard Work”

palin laughing

Sarah Palin touts herself as the epitome of “hard work.” Suggesting that she and Ashton Kutcher have a lot in common, she has posted the following message on her Facebook. 

aston kuther on sarah pac

At the outset, you might wonder why Palin would pay attention to anything Kutcher would say. Perhaps she remembers that long ago, Kutcher seemed to take her side even though he wasn’t a “fan.” 

While Palin might wish to be viewed as a hard worker, unlike Ashton Kutcher, she is completely, and totally the opposite. She should be embarrassed to even associate the “Palin” name with the message of Kutcher regarding “Hard Work.” Consider the long and colorful history of the Palins, and their lack of work ethic:

1. Sarah quit her position on the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. That was in 2004.

2. Sarah quit her elected position as Governor in 2009, after serving only half of her first term.

Palin Resigning

3. When Sarah was Governor she was reported by Levi as coming home early in the afternoons to watch Soap Operas.  When she was tired of television she worked hard to get a tan in her tanning bed.

4. Diana Palin showed her work ethic by working hard in the pursuit of stealing other people’s money.

diana palin

5. Todd Palin works at taking money from prostitutes who work for him.

boys will be boys

6. Willow graduated from hair school, but hasn’t taken a job, three months later, and refused work offered to her. She was given a chance to launch her career doing the hair of a television anchor, and Willow refused.

7. Is Bristol even employed?

bristol bull

8. Of the 7 Palins, Sarah is the only one who worked hard enough to finish college, and it took her 6 years and five colleges to earn a 4 year degree. Palin kids have a hard time working hard enough in high school to even graduate.

My son knows about hard work. He is in a PhD program in Chemistry. He works 7 days a week, around 12 hours every day. I never worked that hard.  He hopes to make a contribution to our society through the discovery of a more powerful and effective antibiotic.  That’s what I call “hard work.”

People around the country work two and three jobs trying to make ends meet. Men and women work hard to put food on the table and provide health care for their families. Here’s the kind of hard work we’ve seen Sarah do while people continue to GIVE her money:

palin trig arizonasarah-palin-gun1sarah dancing with starspalin skinny with bristol and willowExclusive... Sarah Palin and Daughter Willow Spend The Day In Studio Citypalin buspalin white shirt at racespalin motorcycle bad hair dayFP_IMAGE_4222849/FP_SET_4219691palin indypalin basketballpalin baby joggerpalin horse racessarah dancing

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  1. Malia, you continue to say that sarah earned a college degree….I don’t understand why. We all know she didn’t ….that is those of us that knew her in wasilla….there is nothing but a lone photo of her outside an empty college dorm with a a black gown and tossing her “hat” into the air….nothing anywhere else and she has never shown any other evidence of a college degree….heck, she has even changed her degree three times when questioned and Idaho had no record…she finally stuck with communications that was more difficult to prove she didn’t because it didn’t require anything extra…plus she even quit her internship as a sports reporter and never finished it. I refuse to give sarah credit when she didn’t earn one and she herself refuses to show a diploma and she is not listed as a graduate in idaho in any year.


    1. sals,
      I tried to confirm her degree and the bursar’s office at Univ of Moscow said she did earn a degree, but wouldn’t give me any more information. THey wouldn’t tell me for example how many classes were credits transferred from the Community Colleges.


    2. Maybe she got an associates degree. No way in hell she had the credits from all the transferring she did, so meet a BS degree requirement. Or somweone bought her a fake degree. Wouldn’t communications require internships? No one remembers her doing anything of the kind, other than the brief stinit as a sportscaster – in which she proved to be an ethical failure by sleeping with an athlete she was covering.


  2. palin GED quiz – 1+1=2, “palins” + “WORK” = “ZERO”. Class dismissed; palins GED granted. P.S. – palins and “HARD WORK” – don’t make me laugh!


  3. Has Sarah Palin ever been to an Optometrist, or does she wear those non-prescription eyeglasses for looks? Wouldn’t it be easier to have her WONKY EYE surgically corrected?


  4. Malia!

    Sarah is only here because of circular reasoning. She is a master at it …. not bad for a low IQ harpie.

    Work is what other people do.


  5. What’s with the conservatives suddenly loving “hard work,” even physical labor? The working class has never been a group that has been given any support or sustenance by conservative politicians in this country. Some lip service, maybe, but only during months leading to elections. As usual, Sarah is all excited about something she and her family KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT. She’s like Kris Jenner, telling everyone just how hard daughter Kim works! What a pair of jokesters!


  6. there is no proof that SP ever earned a 4 year degree – a couple community college courses and possibly 2 years at a full-time school might have been enough to earn an Associates degree.

    When she first arrived on the scene in 2008, I called the college she allegedly graduated from. There was no record of a Sarah Heath graduating. When I said “how about Sarah PALIN?” I was put on hold and eventually disconnected.

    I firmly believe it’s just one more lie.


  7. Nice libel on the kids. ALL her kids have had jobs since they were legally able. Willow is employed as a hairdresser, not that it’s you stalkers’ business.


    1. Marie C.
      Where does Bristol work? How many days and hours does Willow work and where? We’d love to know, and you seem to be better informed than me. Does Sarah work? Does Todd work other than as a pimp, and if so where?


    2. From what I’ve read lately, Bristol’s latest job is hanging out at the bars getting drunk, hooking up with a guy and taking him home for the night.
      How many guys has she taken home altogether? I heard about 3 different guys 3 nights in a row out of 5.
      Is Bristol auditioning a ‘trial daddy’ for Tripp?


    3. Marie C………Sure. Right. and you know this how? Do you have proof of that? Show it or shut up because there is much proof that they do nothing but act like ignorant brats


  8. It’s not the amount of time you work that counts — it’s the quality of your product. Oops. $carah comes up short on the product end, also too.


  9. Sarah works it hard. She is Viagra to old guys with bad eyesite. Flash,wink,screech is not easy to do.

    You try and shake a bag of bones stuffed with silicon and meth. It aint easy getting old saggy nuts excited. Keeping the bag of tricks together gets harder and harder every year.

    Her G-string called sarahpac is falling off. If the old saggy nuts don’t stuff it with ones and fives its going to get real ugly. For the love of God please send her money.


  10. Checked Alaska Professional Licenses. Willow BF Palin is a licensed hairdresser that may perform manicuring and limited esthetics. License issued 7-29-2013 and expires 8-31-2015. Mailing address given is Bristol’s. Now where or whether she is practicing her craft (actually working) is going to require a local to either see a new stylist promotion or pick up a clue. Don’t any of you local gals need your nails done???

    Now if it was only that easy to access the college degree of someone that could have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

    OT: Obama is speaking to Scranton college students now. They love him.

    It has been a depressing few days with the RWNB’s saying they have the stuff to impeach our President. Palin with her Snarky returns to every little jab. If the report is true that she took a hefty pay cut from Fox, and I’m not sure she is worth the estimated $250K, that will barely pay the monthlys after taxes for the Arizona Casa. Those pool boys can be really expensive and someone to keep the spiders, snakes and scorpions from moving into the compound. Sarah wears those open toe, hooker high heel wedgies because the scorpions can’t hide in those, slide right out without shaking.


    1. The daughter of a multimillionaire dropped out of high school so she can get her manicure license and is able to wash hair but no one has seen her work. Willow is only seen in her bikini enjoying the money of her mother at some lake on a big house boat. Way to go Willow, you’ve accomplished more than your siblings and father.


    2. Manicuring and limited esthetics? What does that mean I wonder. Pricey school to learn to do what most women can do on their own (manis). Limited esthetics? I guess that is waxing people’s woohaas and such? Its a needed service for sure and I thank those who do it.


  11. Malia, you were a nurse. You have worked very hard in your life. I know it. Then you studied law. You have done many a 12 hour day I’m sure. Perhaps even the dreaded 7pm to 7am kind. (I have 4 1/2 years of every other 7p -7A weekend in my history)


    1. comeonpeople,
      You know that’s right! Even now, with the blog, I have worked very hard over the last four years. I’ve written two books on Palin and I’ve almost finished a book I’ve been working on for almost a year called “Redefining Success: The Secret to “Having it All.” It is important to me to take advantage of the time I have to do the most that I can to make the country stronger, and women in particular. When I started this blog it was precisely because I felt there needed to be a powerful female voice to say “Sarah Palin doesn’t represent dedicated mothers, or competent professional women.” We deserve better than Sarah Palin. After all this time I am just as committed as ever to making sure that politician never insult women again as they did with the pick of Sarah Palin. Women have rebelled against the Miss America pageant because it was demeaning to women. The pick of Palin was more demeaning, as it was done with the suggestion that John McCain was embracing the importance of women and he must have respected women or he wouldn’t have tapped one. However that choice was a testament to his disdain for women, and his criteria for choosing a woman as a running mate was appearance and nothing else. It was like she won the beauty pageant but in the process McCain demonstrated exactly why most women are Democrats!


      1. Thank you, Malia! I haven’t heard anybody state that so succinctly. I ‘got it’, but I couldn’t express it. As a former nurse, I have also done my 12.5 hour shifts in PICU/NICU, both days and nights…whatever was needed. Once, I was leaving Manhattan after a night shift, and a police car was behind me with a siren and red light, trying to get me to move over. I was so exhausted, I didn’t notice it immediately, and it’s a wonder I didn’t get pulled over. I just have to shake my head at the Palins claiming that they work hard! Or even that they work at ALL. It’s disgusting that they think most of us are too stupid to know that they are GRIFTERS and LAZY people! They all want SOMETHING for NOTHING.


      2. GG from Cincy,
        People keep giving them money. There is such a disconnect between what she says and does!


      3. Malia. Mccain has disrespected women his entire life. That old coot is the reason this is not moving forward. He continues to disrespect, he has documented history of this. How about we draw a time line of mc’s abuse of women with sarah as the ultimate. Wonder how The Mc wife 1 and 2 feel about it? or megan? and his other daughter.


  12. I was watching an old Lewis Black, the comedian act the other day. I believe it was an 09. Anyone else see it? pretty funny stuff.


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