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Sarah Palin touts herself as the epitome of “hard work.” Suggesting that she and Ashton Kutcher have a lot in common, she has posted the following message on her Facebook. 

aston kuther on sarah pac

At the outset, you might wonder why Palin would pay attention to anything Kutcher would say. Perhaps she remembers that long ago, Kutcher seemed to take her side even though he wasn’t a “fan.” 

While Palin might wish to be viewed as a hard worker, unlike Ashton Kutcher, she is completely, and totally the opposite. She should be embarrassed to even associate the “Palin” name with the message of Kutcher regarding “Hard Work.” Consider the long and colorful history of the Palins, and their lack of work ethic:

1. Sarah quit her position on the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. That was in 2004.

2. Sarah quit her elected position as Governor in 2009, after serving only half of her first term.

Palin Resigning

3. When Sarah was Governor she was reported by Levi as coming home early in the afternoons to watch Soap Operas.  When she was tired of television she worked hard to get a tan in her tanning bed.

4. Diana Palin showed her work ethic by working hard in the pursuit of stealing other people’s money.

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5. Todd Palin works at taking money from prostitutes who work for him.

boys will be boys

6. Willow graduated from hair school, but hasn’t taken a job, three months later, and refused work offered to her. She was given a chance to launch her career doing the hair of a television anchor, and Willow refused.

7. Is Bristol even employed?

bristol bull

8. Of the 7 Palins, Sarah is the only one who worked hard enough to finish college, and it took her 6 years and five colleges to earn a 4 year degree. Palin kids have a hard time working hard enough in high school to even graduate.

My son knows about hard work. He is in a PhD program in Chemistry. He works 7 days a week, around 12 hours every day. I never worked that hard.  He hopes to make a contribution to our society through the discovery of a more powerful and effective antibiotic.  That’s what I call “hard work.”

People around the country work two and three jobs trying to make ends meet. Men and women work hard to put food on the table and provide health care for their families. Here’s the kind of hard work we’ve seen Sarah do while people continue to GIVE her money:

palin trig arizonasarah-palin-gun1sarah dancing with starspalin skinny with bristol and willowExclusive... Sarah Palin and Daughter Willow Spend The Day In Studio Citypalin buspalin white shirt at racespalin motorcycle bad hair dayFP_IMAGE_4222849/FP_SET_4219691palin indypalin basketballpalin baby joggerpalin horse racessarah dancing