Sarah Palin is Stupid and Dangerous; Ted Cruz is Just Dangerous

palin andcruz

Martin Luther King, Jr. made the observation that:

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Sarah Palin proved her ignorance when she said:

Palin proved she was stupid when she made this statement.  

Most would agree that Sarah Palin proved that she is neither sincere or conscientious when she quit her job. However she is still dangerous because she is an ignorant, stupid, politician, and she used to be attractive.

palin on the farm

Even though it has been four years since Sarah resigned from her elected position as Governor of Alaska, she still entices people to give her money. She travels the country spending her PAC money on herself rather than supporting candidates. For example she has raised almost ½ of a Million Dollars this year, but made only one donation to one candidate for $5000.00. That single donation represented roughly one percent of the total funds received by SarahPAC.

In July of 2012, Palin not only endorsed Ted Cruz in his race for the Senate, but she and Todd appeared in Houston to campaign for him.

sarah todd ted cruz

Cruz won the race and has since proclaimed that “I would not be in the U.S. Senate today if it were not for Governor Palin.” Palin and Cruz have formed a mutual admiration, at least when in public. Cruz said Palin, like him, drives the mainstream media “bat-crap crazy” because she is “fearless,” “principled,” and “courageous.”Palin has praised Cruz by declaring that he “chews barbed wire and spits out rust.

The difference between Sarah and Ted is easily identifiable. Sarah is poorly educated. Not only did it take her five colleges and six years to earn a four year degree,  but she attended some junior colleges and chose some of her colleges based on where her friends were going. When she thought there was too much rain at a particular institution, she simply dropped out.  After graduating, it appears that Palin’s dedication to education came to an abrupt halt, as she failed to see the need to educate herself on current events.

Conversely, Ted CruzCruz graduated cum laude from Princeton University where he won awards in debate, including the best speaker award. He was named the U.S. National Speaker of the Year and his Team won the “Team of the Year.” Cruz was also a semi-finalist at the 1995 World Universities Debating Championship.

Cruz attended Harvard Law School, graduating magna cum laude. Cruz was a primary editor of the Harvard Law Review, and executive editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, and a founding editor of the Harvard Latino Law Review. Harvard Law, Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.”

This “brilliant” Senator is smart enough to understand things, about which, Sarah Palin knows nothing. When Sarah Palin claimed that Obamacare would result in Death Panels, she was credited with lying and being foolish, but nobody gave her credit for being strategic, or attempting to energize her followers. However Ted Cruz is smart enough to attempt to energize his base by using political rhetoric that has no basis in reality. Cruz is leading a fight to defeat “Obamacare” by defunding it. He is traveling Texas this week for town hall type gatherings to promote the notion that the solution for people who oppose Obamacare is to “defund” it, even if it means shutting down the government.

Even most Republicans agree that “shutting the government down” would not solve the problem. Republican Senator Richard Burr said: “I think it’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of.” So far only 13 Senators have signed the legislation that would paralyze the government if Obamacare is defunded. Most Republicans agree that to take such a dangerous position might result in disastrous consequences for the 2014 elections. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican congressman from Illinois, said that once voters realized the damage that could be caused by a shutdown, they might push his party out of control of the House. “Potentially there will be a collapse of will to keep the government shut down because soldiers are not getting paid, and all this other stuff’s happening, and we turn around and lose 10-20 seats in 2014,” he said.

fox faux news

Even Fox News acknowledges the fundamental error is the suggestion that the way to reign in government spending is to defund Obamacare. The Continuing Resolution (CR) that is being advocated by Senator Cruz only affects the government’s discretionary spending. Virtually all of Obamacare is mandatory spending which would be unaffected by CR. Defunding Obamacare under the CR plan would not affect spending for the expansion of Medicaid, which is almost half of Obamacare. In fact, as “little as 1%-2% of of Obamacare outlays for the first ten years would be affected by approval of the CR. Thus the CR would translate into less than a $10 Billion cut to Obamacare while $1.5 Trillion dollars over the next ten years would still be spent on the program. What would be defunded immediately by a government shut down would be payment of such trivial things as meeting payroll for the members of the military.

ted cruz

Cruz doesn’t appear to care if his plan makes sense. If he truly cared about passing conservative legislation, he wouldn’t spend all of his time purposefully angering his Republican colleagues. If he cared about the Republican Party’s national image and reputation, as opposed to his own image, he would have at least offered rhetorical support for immigration reform. Cruz, like Sarah Palin, is in it for himself. A majority of Americans want the GOP to be more conciliatory and moderate.

This week, all the respectable, professional Republicans told Ted Cruz not to try to shut down the government over Obamacare. Karl Rove said it, in a Fox News editorial. His argument is that no matter how awful Obamacare is, a shutdown will hurt the party. He is correct.

karl rove

The frightening thing is that Cruz is more dangerous than Sarah Palin. When Palin “went rogue” people laughed because she was obviously so ignorant. When Senator Cruz goes rogue, we can’t laugh because he knows exactly what he is doing. Cruz is sly and has the gift of gab.He is neither conscientious nor sincere. Cruz is conniving and manipulative. He is dangerous. Given Cruz’s efforts to clarify his citizenship during the last week, there may be an indication that Senator Cruz has his sights on the White House in 2016. Underestimating the danger of a potential President Ted Cruz would be a mistake.

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  1. Palin and Cruz are both affiliated with the New Apostolic Reformation dominionist cult. Palin’s place on the GOP 2008 ticket emboldened the group and helped pave the way for Cruz and others. I’m surprised, though, that she doesn’t resent Ted as a competitor–the NAR seems to have abandoned her as a political candidate.


  2. Why do their constituents never see thru these guys? I mean a kid can read thru this man..he’s clearly full of it and lying. I mean really! I have to say the GOP really do an incredible job of dumbing down their people. I am not kidding at all! I have to give to the GOP a heads up for that. They are so good at dumbing down their constituents..its just not funny. THAT is what’s dangerous. The sheer ignorance of their constiutuency..cheering at a guy telling them I’M gonna make sure you never have affordable health care insurance..YAY!!! And never get tax breaks like we give the Rich! YAY!!! And you don’t need to worry about slave wages..because we will only pay you nothing but so that you never to climb the social ladder and get rid of middleclass. YAY!!! And no unemployment or SSI or Medicare YAY! YAY!. Do these people realize what they are agreeing to? and no brith control for you ladies..YAY!! and no UNIONS so you can work in hazardous conditions..and less pay..YAY!! No civil rights YAY! And everyone can have a gun or AK14 whatever suits your fancy..and if your kids get shot it will be in the name of YOUR PARTY THE GOP! YAY~ YAY! Stupid is as stupid does. This is how stupid these people are.


  3. There are no words..

    Except, “Wholly crap!”

    Someone that credentialed is not only brilliant; but is very very scary. Cruz, no doubt is greedy/power hungry. His climb to the top of the mountain has not left him with any of life’s answers.

    So, I say he is dumb. As in ignorant. Like SP.


  4. $carah is stupid beyond recognition. She’s dangerous, but only because she keeps a boatload of similar ignoramuses afloat while fleecing them of their money and remaining self respect.

    Ted Cur Ooze is a totally different animal. He’s not just dangerous. He’s pure evil. The Son of Satan. He’d make a perfect James Bond villain. Gratuitously maligned and driven by a hyperinflated ego and a pathological lust for power. He’d find untold personal satisfaction in being the mastermind who caused a government shutdown and inflicted pain and suffering on millions. This monster gives me the creeps every time I see him speak. His motto: “And now I have become death.”

    Being brilliant doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to use your brilliance for positive, altruistic purposes. Teddy bought a one-way ticket to the Dark Side a long time ago. If there ever is a politician who wrings his hands and goes “bwahahah,” he’ll be the one. Can he be neutered? Would it help?

    This spook needs to be reigned in right now, by any means possible. It’s a fact he isn’t a “natural born citizen.” And renouncing his dual Canadian citizenship won’t fix the problem. Canada is a foreign country, while Hawaii is in the U.S. (much to the chagrin of the Teabaggers). Where’s the Birther outcry now? Donald: you need to get to work on this travesty. Man up and be a patriot. This time it’ll stick.


  5. This article is the reason the Senate can’t make a decision. Basically all you summed up in your insignificant post was that you enjoy bashing the Americans who actually work for a living.


    1. WesleyClark,
      I’m confused by your comment! the only person I “bashed” who works for a living is Ted Cruz, and I set out specific reasons and gave citations. He is clearly promoting a position that could not possibly accomplish what he says, and he is smart enough to know that. other Republicans are telling him that and he persists with this insanity. Even if you object to Obamacare, even the Republicans acknowledge that this is not the way to attack it. If I am wrong about that, please correct me by sending a site and if I can confirm your position, I’ll retract my article.


    2. Hey- big time general “wesley clark” How EXACTLY is this post “the reason the Senate can’t make a decision?” What productive work, SPECIFICALLY, does SP do?

      And.. since you are so well versed in politics, did you know that General Wesley Clark is a Democrat and that he supported President Obama’s election????? Oopps – better check with your ghost writers before you go drunk typing.


  6. For example she has raised almost ½ of a Million Dollars this year, but made onlyone donation to one candidate for $5000.00

    Malia that says it all about SarahPac. Anybody who still gives money to SARAH is a damn fool.


    1. Wayne,
      I don’t know what they are thinking! this is not new, so her supporters must not care that they are funding non-stop vacations for Palin! Since most of her contributors are retired and unemployed people, you’d think they’d object to her life style, which is so different from theirs!


  7. I can’t wait until Hillary wipes the floor with them…she hasn’t said Boo on TV and just gives lectures…and 65% of the nation would vote her First Female President…and if you think that won’t happen…ask Sarah how much a Presidency costs now? What 500 million? TransCanada my ass…


    1. Lol,
      Me too! It seems 90% certain to me that Hillary will run! I think this time around it will be the biggest blow out in history of Presidential elections! We will see, but I think people across the country will fight for a chance to work on her campaign, and support her with donations.


      1. It might be the biggest amount of blowjobs given in presidential history i would hardly say blow out maybe she”ll have someones brain blown out again , it has been awhile i’m sure she gets ichey dailing fingers HILLERY is going to do nothing good for this country lest of which will be dem idiots your going to vote for one of the shittiest humen beings since hittler . Why? Because shes a woman ( what does it matter ) i guess well good luck with that your gonna need it………


    2. ah someone figured that out…and that is why you go outside the USA for justice…and to think they put up a “front” of Syria as distraction…nice try…


  8. Hoo Wee. If them folks a-hootin’ an a-hollerin’ about takin ‘Merica out back don’t agree that Teddy Cruzn’ “while makin Canadian Bacon” Kooban-Style and “Little Piggy”, Bush’s Roving Brain, ain’t a couple of dandies, I don’t wanna hear jacksh*t no more about gay marriage being sinful from that bunch of Tea-Lollies and Fake Fundies.


  9. Ted Cruz may be “brilliant” academically, but he lacks common sense, an understanding of American history, and the empathy that would enable him to look outside his own selfish personal interests. He is doing a great deal to hurt the Republican Party, although he’s not by himself. Except for excelling academically, Sarah Palin shares those same traits, and they both share them with other Teabaggers. It’s hilarious to read or hear of their defenders saying such dumb things as Cruz being hated because he’s Hispanic or Palin being hated because she’s a woman. They are despised because they are both self-aggrandizing, ignorant, arrogant narcissists who are letting their hatred for our president lead them to participate in the destruction of this country as we know it. It’s ironic to hear them say this country is “exceptional,” while they are doing all in their power to help undermine everything that has made it exceptional.


  10. Any one that throws away a perfectly good vote on billiry “you dump ass libs” just so you can say we did it get what they deserve because she dosnt give two shits about you guys eirther , if SP is the spawn of satin then HC is her mother. If a women could do the job to fix our country then i would vote for that canidate but not because that person is the first of thier gender , race or religion we already are dealing with that mess and it needs to be fixed along with its baggage


  11. Paul-right on! Anyone who would vote for Hillary , with her track record, is naive, uninformed or an ideologue. That woman is a clone of Obama with the addition of a foul mouth. As first lady, she treated the Secret Service agents, who were there to protect her, as scum and her personal servants. I believe America has much better people than Hillary who could assume the presidency. She and Bill have many skeletons in their closet. There are way too many people who have mysteriously died upon opposing either one of them. Take the time to read all about Hillary and you will soon realize that she is not presidential material. Outhouse, maybe, but not White House. Good Luck America !!!


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