“Love Thy Neighbor” Unless It’s George Zimmerman’s Neighbor, Racist Frank Taffee

frank taaffe

In the aftermath of the jury verdict in the Zimmerman case, much has been considered about the possibility of a federal charge based on an allegation of a hate crime. Eric Holder has signaled that a hate crime charge may be filed.  I previously posted an article setting out the evidence available from the state court proceeding, and why it appeared to me that there was insufficient evidence to support a hate-crime charge.  Mother Jones has exposed the neighbor of Zimmerman, Frank Taffee, as the person who may be the missing link to justify federal charges being filed.

Frank Taffee was a neighbor of George Zimmerman.  In fact the home where Zimmerman had parked his car the night of the shooting was Taffee’s residence. Taffee’s home was also the target of a previous break-in. After the shooting Taffee was interviewed repeatedly as a defender of Zimmerman. However I perceived that Taffee was only relevant because he was a neighbor at the Retreat at Twin Lakes.

The report out today by Mother Jones reveals that Taffee’s involvement with Zimmerman was much greater than the mere fact that he was a neighbor. Taffee was the person Zimmerman sought out after the shooting, and two days before his arrest, to get “talking points” and get advice. Taffee was not only a violent man, but he has been charged with crimes almost a dozen times and been convicted twice.  One of his sons was so afraid of him that the son jumped out of a speeding car. The other son died of a drug overdose, leaving a note for his father, Mr. Taffee. Before his death, Taffee’s son left a note for his father… “Fuck you, Dad, I never thought a father could be so bad…I’m your son, the one you ditched.”

However being a bad father didn’t cause Mr. Taffee to be a racist. But he was that too! Read the entire article from Mother Jones,  and learn about the person George Zimmerman sought out for his wisdom, advice, and counseling before he was arrested for the killing of an unarmed black teen. It’s unclear if this evidence would be admissible in a court of law because it happened AFTER the shooting. However for the rest of the country, we will understand that Zimmerman was a racist and that he valued the opinion of a man who said:

“how much nigga cock do u suck an one day or maybe u like it pounded up ur hebe ass.” In another he wrote, “the only time a black life is validated is when a white person kills them.”


Thanks Kaye for sending this article!

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  1. I watched this guy be on a panel of a couple of TV shows and he was one nasty guy! It was so obvious he was in Zimmerman’s corner and repeatedly would say that Zimmerman was justified in shooting Travon. He’d get in arguments too w/blacks on the same panel too – not easy to watch and he is obviously not a nice man!


    1. Millie,
      I saw him too, and thought he was a racist, from the neighborhood, but didn’tknow of the connection between he and Zimmerman.Now that I know of the connection, it all makes sense.


  2. I have never lived in the south, but think the hatred has always been there, but it was Sarah Palin’s outright put-down of President Obama that seems to have opened the floodgates of hate. What was once said behind closed doors or white hooded pointy sheets, was shouted from the stage by this woman. Another black person had robbed her of her crown. Queen Esther came in 4th, but in her mind it was 2nd. She really thought she was competing with Pres. Obama. Now they think they can verbally shout it out and it is their Constitutional Right to spew hatred and hide behind their freedom of speech! It is just sickening!


    1. You are right on target in accurately identifying THE individual who let the racists dogs out to run wild and it was the hate-filled Sarah Palin in Florida. She was actively agitating for violence from the stump in many locations so much so that many people contacted Homeland Security about not feeling safe at or near any of their racist hate rallies. It totally galls this pathetic empty brained woman that our president is an extremely intelligent, articulate, kind & thoughtful human being and she got kicked to the proverbial curb. She’s wasting away into nothing and looks like a walking skeleton. I guess that’s what living a hate-filled life does to an individual. She will have no luck in her life whatsoever from now on since she has chosen to dredge up the dark side of human nature at every turn. She has become consumed with her own poison, racism, and hatred. She needs to check into a mental institution and get some professional help – and soon – before she wastes away.


  3. No matter how many ways they try to spin it, Zimmerman IS a racist. I’m so appalled by the Mother Jones article, I won’t even comment on Taffee.


  4. HLN gave this man enough rope to totally hang himself as he espoused his virulent brand of racism every night on the JVM show during the trial so his comments are now public record. I’m sure the FBI is watching this abusively violent man very closely right now. No doubt he and Zimmerman are two peas in a necrotic pod! Clearly George feels himself to be avove the law as evidenced in his recent speeding debacle in Texas. It won’t be long before the long arms of the law catch Zimmerman once again in another crime. He should not be out on the streets of this country – and his ugly racist sidekick Mr. Taffee has become persona non grata in the state of Florida.


  5. All of this did not happen after the killing. Taaffe didn’t become a racist after the killing. This was merely discovered after the killing, of course, it should have been discovered before. The media and the prosecutors colluded to keep this away from the public’s attention. These things are long standing matters of record, how could they not have been known? The fact is they were, but they were kept quiet.


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