Revelations From The George Zimmerman “Defense” Fund

Here is a link to the site that explains how GZ spent over $300,000.00 that was given to him! How generous for people to support this killer of a Black unarmed teenager to pay for his living expenses, security, attorneys fees and bail.

Based on the before and after pictures, it looks like a disproportionate amount of money was dedicated to food.


george zimmerman arrest


zimmerman plus 110

It appears there was also enough money to buy a new gun and truck.  It seems that George may be looking to get a job in law enforcement in Texas, as he is already making friends with officers in Forney Texas.

29 thoughts on “Revelations From The George Zimmerman “Defense” Fund

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  1. What sucks is that we’ll never REALLY know how that money was misspent and how much MORE came into the affiliated sites for gz, like through his parents and other secret donation sites set up by individual webpages, like the Conservative Treehouse and Jerralyn Merrit. The IRS took down Al Capone when no one else could. I sure hope the IRS is keeping an eagle eye on all that money. Since gz is NOT a 501C, he IS responsible for paying taxes on unearned income.


    1. Ya, the Martins have quit their jobs and have been parading around the country pretending to be the great parents they weren’t, having abandoned an emotionally needy child when he needed guidance the most. Meanwhile, you’re concerned with Zimmerman’s funds?? LMAO!!


      1. Truth- you are a jerk. Zimmerman killed their unarmed son in cold blood but all you want to do is insult grieving parents. I’d say have a heart but its clear you have none.



      2. Zimmerman is driving aimlessly around in Texas. Without a job. Of course he has his new gun and his sense of pride in who he is.


      3. cielo, you really need help. He was found NOT guilty. That is NOT guilty. The complete opposite of what you just said. That’s correct. He was found NOT GUILTY of having committed ANY CRIME at all. One more time in case you missed it, he was found NOT guilty. You are complete nuts.

        alan, spreading more lies I see. Please prove your assertions: 1. that Zimmerman is driving around aimlessly in texas, and 2. he’s without a job. Grow up, you tried your best not to lie initially but your last 20 or so posts about the Trayvon case have been lies, every single one of them. Congrats on exposing yourself. You tried hard to hide it, but you failed.


  2. These “killer” sightings seem very suspicious to me for someone who is supposedly trying to lay low. Methinks these two recent encounters with police are meant to throw off his real location. They are way too coincidental. He’ll get his.


  3. Looks like the money was spent very responsibly. Not surprising coming from a fine young man that has always taken as his duty to help his community whether it be defending homeless black men senselessly beaten by police, tutoring young black kids in need, or serving as neighborhood watch liaison for his crime riddled community.


      1. yeah crime riddled what you only harp in on what suits your version of events? even in court testimony it was agreed of many recent break-ins of that neighborhood


    1. I see truth had no response. I wonder if it ever crossed Zimmerman’s mind that Martin could have been homeless? Nah, Georgie was out to prove to himself that he was a big bad MMA fighter (with a concealed weapon)

      The only thing “crime-riddled’ about that gated community is the fact that Georgie was stalking young black men while armed!


  4. I assume that top photo is from the night George feared for his life because Trayvon was beating him up so badly? Yeah, he looks like he took a few punches…really? I hope he and his foloowers are pleased with themselves, and I hope when he shoots someone else, and he will, that he goes away for a long time.


    1. We are very pleased thank you very much. Justice was served!!! Now get over it!!! You ”hope he shoots someone else”??? Interesting. Well I hope someone sucker punches you in the nose and slams your head into some concrete and then maybe you finally be able to see where he was coming from. Too bad you and others are so blinded by whatever you can pull out of the air instead of the actual facts. You are too blind to see the truth that is really sad for you and America.


      1. Cindy,
        I think everyone has confused the jury verdict with the issue of whether Zimmerman is responsible for Martin’s death. The jury was following the instructions of the judge, and they found “reasonable doubt.” That doesn’t meanZimmerman shouldn’t have gotten out of the car,or scarred Martin and then shot him.


  5. Malia Litman- I have enjoyed your blog. But I will be leaving in protest to allowing slanderous lies on here about Trayvon Martin’s parents. Poster “truth” spews libelous comments about them. In good conscience, I have to leave. There is no reasonning with someone who refuses to look at hard evidence.


    1. cielo62,
      I am so sorry that you feel leaving the blog is necessary. I find “truth” to be offensive and “truth” is the only commentator that I have refused to waste my time responding to him. However I feel that I shouldn’t block comments just because I disagree with them. My policy is that I block only those comments that are vile and perverse, or if a commentator leaves an unreasonable number of remarks or death threats. I anticipate the discussion in the future won’t relate often to Zimmerman, and he seems to be the only subject about which “truth” comments. If he is offensive to you, just don’t read the posts relating to Zimmerman, or the comments. Thanks, Malia


    2. Just like there is a “post turtle” there is a “post truth”

      Both are on a fence post with no clue how they got there, no clue how to get down, and no clue what they are talking about!


    3. I have backed up all of my statements with evidence. You have NOT backed up yours when I’ve asked you to. In fact, just above you stated Zimmerman killed Martin in “cold blood”. That is a flat out bold faced lie on your part. Please back this up in any way you can. The police saw all of the evidence and concluded Zimmerman defended his own life. The State Prosecutor assigned to the case saw of the evidence and concluded Zimmerman defended his own life. It is only when the politicians got involved that they forced the joke of trial that we all witnessed. Then the jury saw of the evidence and concluded Zimmerman defended his own life. And here you are repeating the same nonsensical lie without any shred of evidence to back up your claim. NONE. You got nothing. I have said nothing libelous about anybody. I have even posted quotes from Trayvon to provide proof to Malia to some of the statements I made that she did not believe. His quotes were so vile, that Malia deleted them, she would not allow them posted on her blog. But I proved my statements to her. It is you, time & again that will make spurious statement and not back them up when called out on them. You are the slanderer and you should be ashamed.


  6. Malia- I have a legal question. Is there any notion on the part of defense lawyers that a client who looks “overweight,” or “unfit” might be seen as less likely to commit physical violence than a more trim person?


    1. consciousatlast,
      Yes, I would say that Zimmerman’s weight made him more appealing, and the description of him being”soft” was much more believable when you looked at his overweight physique in court as compared to his appearance the night of the shooting. I doubt they told him to over eat, but I doubt they discouraged it.


    1. tesspowell,
      thanks for your help getting the word out. No, I haven’t reported this to dreamdefenders so if you’d like to that would be great!


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