Why Is George Zimmerman in Texas?

zimmerman smiling

It was reported that George Zimmerman was in Texas yesterday, in the small town of Forney.  Police knew Zimmerman was in Forney because he was pulled over for speeding. Fortunately the policeman didn’t give him a ticket, so Zimmerman didn’t have to “Stand his ground” and shoot the officer. The gun Zimmerman was carrying was reportedly in the glove compartment so it probably was too small to be an assault weapon. The question in everyone’s mind is what what was Zimmerman doing in Forney, Texas and where was he going? The police officer even asked where he was going and Zimmerman responded, “ no where in particular.” It seems likely that George was being evasive and was “up to no good”. Here are some possible reasons he could be in Texas.

1. Forney is only 22 miles from Dallas.

map dallas to forney

Maybe he was on his way to see the Bush library?

bush librARY

2. Maybe he was on his way to Tomball, Texas to attend the birthday party of the black teen invited to the KKK party.

3. Maybe he was going to join Rick Perry for a day of hunting at the Niggerhead ranch.


4. Maybe he was headedto the Evans Brothers Gun Shop to apply for a job. Their motto is,

We eat and sleep guns, reloading & shooting its our life.

He would be the perfect celebrity for this shop! George could memorize famous quotes from their web site, and recite them to all those he greets upon entering the store:

Arms are the only true badges of liberty. The possession of arms is the distinction of a free man from a slave.” —

“Pick up a rifle and you change instantly from a subject to a citizen.” —

5. Maybe he heard there was a war going on in Texas against women and he wanted to lend a hand.

texas war on women

6. Maybe he wanted to be thought of as an intellect, so he went to the state with the highest rate of illiteracy , and the lowest rate of high school graduation in the nation. 


7. Maybe he wanted to be a father, with no responsibility, so he wanted to live in the state with the highest rate of repeat unwed teen births. . 

8. Maybe he heard Rick Perry was going to run for President in 2016, and he wanted to apply to be on his security team?

perry security detail

9. Maybe he heard that Texas was the #1 state in the country with the most executions. Texas is so far above the rest of the country that it accounts for 40% of ALL executions in the country! Nobody is even close. Virginia is in second place for the most executions, and they are a pitiful 400 behind. They’ll never catch Texas. Even more impressive is the fact that judges in Texas have indicated, like in the case of Duane Edward Buck, that people should be executed if they commit a crime and they are Black. 

10. Maybe George knew that he would feel at home in the state with the most toxic waste. Texas has the largest number of coal-fired power plants of any state in the country. Texas burns more coal and produces more carbon dioxide emissions than two states put together.

toxic waste sign

11. Maybe he knew that Ted Nugent lived in Texas, and they have a lot in common.

ted nugent guns

12. Maybe he thought Sarah Palin was going to be in the state, and he wanted to get her to sign his favorite gun shirt.

palin gun 2

machine gun t-shirt

13. Maybe he thought he’d go to the college in Texas with that great look-out bell tower.

14. Maybe he needed a bigger gun.

texas gun

15.  Maybe he just needed a good shower.

only in texas

76 thoughts on “Why Is George Zimmerman in Texas?

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  1. Maybe he was out looking for another accident so he could be a ‘hero’ again.
    Maybe he got lost trying to find his way to Hollywood for his ‘closeup.’
    Maybe his daddy has friends in high places in Texas.
    Maybe he just likes to speed, so he drove to a state where they don’t care how fast you drive (my son lives there, and he and his wife now drive like maniacs on those highways.It’s either that or get run down.)
    Maybe he needs to spend that money Ohio sent him, and he found a good deal on an assault rifle in Dallas.

    Why does a man accused of murder still have a gun permit? I don’t care if he was found ‘innocent.’ A policeman involved in a death has his weapon confiscated while under investigation. Evidently Zimmy’s contacts include ATF people who will look the other way?


    1. The case is not under investigation any more. He was found not guilty. It might make you angry, as it would have made me angry if he had been found guilty, but the decision of a jury of his peers stands.


      1. Heather Kube,
        While I feel strongly that Zimmerman should be in jail, I respect the jury for making the decision they did in the case, given the evidence presented, and the instructions they were given. What bothers me greatly is that Zimmerman could shoot someone else today and become an even greater celebrity. He loves the notoriety the case has brought him, and he is profiting off of the fact that he took the life of an unarmed Black teen.


      2. I haven’t seen any evidence that he loves the notoriety the case has brought him or that he is profiting off having taken the life of an unarmed Black teen. I feel strongly that the moment the unarmed black teen turned away from his father’s house and followed ‘white Hispanic’ back to his car, he became a would-be assailant. The instant he landed the first blow, he became the assailant. When you choose to assault someone, you undertake the risks.


      3. Heather Kube,’
        The problem is there was never an explanation of how the bullet entered body at a 90 degree angle or how trayvon martin ended up face down. Under the self defense laws of Florida, if the aggressor is backing away the person with a gun must retreat, as he would no longer be acting in self defense. I think that Martin was backing off him when the neighbor Mr. Good said he was going to call 9-1-1. That’s the only way Zimmerman could have gotten his gun out and the bullet could pass straight through the chest and not an upward angle.


      4. Heather? When some HOA allows a self appointed wanna be to patrol USA streets with loaded gun, stalking, profiling and murdering instead of hiring a professional licensed security company with uniformed badged officers to patrol than we have a problem. When the prosecution fails the victim, and the court fails the victim then we have a problem in American Law. This was a failure from second number one. NOBODY in this country should fear a georgie Zimmerman patrolling with a loaded gun, profiling with his deranged delusional pea brain. For now georgie got away with it.


      5. Heather? I guess the first 300.000 collected to pay off all his debts and then lie to the court was not profit or taxed as a gift. Or how about his interviews? did he make a buck? What about all that online support? Fatso Georgie nor his fatso wife have worked a day supporting themselves since georgie murdered a usa citizen. Georgie Zimmerman got away with murder, is a liar, and will never be free to roam or walk the streets in America ever. He knows it and America knows it.


      6. Heather Kube,
        The path of the bullet through his chest is one of the only things about the case that is FACT, not speculation, and NOT dependent on the memory or bias of a witness.


      7. And we have only Zimmerman’s word on who instigated physical contact; The other person was unavailable to testify.


      8. Yes, the path of the bullet is known FACT. My comment was in response to yours, which was, “I think that Martin was backing off him when the neighbor Mr. Good said he was going to call 9-1-1.”

        THAT is not fact. It’s what you SPECULATE.


      9. Heather Kube,
        I agree, but do you have another explanation for the bullet could have entered and traveled straight through his chest? If Martin had been sitting on top of Zimmerman the bullet would have traveled at an upward angle. If Martin had been directly on top of Zimmerman, there would be no room to get out the gun, or hold it perpendicular to Martin’s body.


      10. Any explanation I might have would also be indisputably of the speculation variety. A man was found by a jury of his peers to be not guilty. Now the Department of Justice and the press are hunting him. It’s shameful. I want no part of this unseemly saga.


      11. Heather Kube,
        I dont think the department of Justice is “hunting” him as I don’t think they are going to charge him with a hate crime. The press don’t have to “hunt” him as he seems to be glad to be front and center, and appear, for a fee, on any newscast that will pay him to appear.


      12. Not me. I want ALL HOA’s held liable for allowing a common thug the ability to act as security and patrol, stalk and executed at will. Shameful indeed heather.


      13. The Department of Justice is not “hunting” him.
        The press is not “hunting” him.

        Don’t be ridiculous.

        Let’s not forget that after the overturned car incident, Zimmerman and his lawyers were trying to get the family to do a press conference. That is someone who is courting the public eye when it suits him.

        I doubt we’ve seen the last of George Zimmerman in the press. I predict he will be the guest of honor at some “guns rights” group event sometime in the near future.

        He wanted to be a hero. Now he is a hero to certain kinds of people (once I personally don’t want to associate with).


      14. Yes, he’s a hero to law-abiding, active-in-the-community, defenders-of-the-homeless, youth-mentors everywhere. Yes, indeed the type of folks you don’t want anything to do with. It is not surprising. Stick with your scum.


      15. I’m talking about the racists who see him as a hero, the ones who call Trayvon Martin a nigger and literally rejoice in his violent death. Even the ones who aren’t outright racists who celebrate the fact that a 17 year old was shot and killed make me sick.


      16. jk is a-ok with the racist on Trayvon’s side, but not the racists on Zimmerman’s side. LMAO. You’re a fine piece of work, jk.


      17. The truth finally said it. quote “The Racist on the Zimmerman side”. Yes indeed Robert Jr. and georgie boy are quite the morons. Truth? how funny.


      18. I’ve been used?

        I’m a random person posting comments on a blog. I have no influence in the media or justice system. I have not attended any rallies or protests. I haven’t contacted my representatives about this case or anything related to it. I don’t even discuss this case among friends or colleagues or even my family

        So how exactly have I been “used?”

        You, on the other hand, seem like quite the tool.


      19. It’s not surprising that you don’t see how you got used. I’ve been here exposing the deception in the media for a year and you’ve been railing against an innocent man for all of that time. You think you don’t have an influence on the justice system, but you do. Did you not see how the media frenzied up the masses (including yourself) and got a ridiculously stupid trial to be brought before a judge???? There were going to be no charges as there should not have been, but folks like you got brainwashed by the media and made it happen. Yes, you got used, toyed with like a child, and helped influence the justice system. You did, wake up.


      20. No, the problem is that you aren’t precise in your language or your characterization of people. It’s hard to know if that’s because you don’t know any better or because of more nefarious reasons. I’d say it’s both.

        So, I’ll lay some very precise language on you.

        Your posts are full of hyperbole and ad hominem attacks. You either ignore any validity of an opponents points or ignore valid points altogether and retreat to your same old talking points. You absolutely refuse to admit when you’ve been proven wrong. You’re also unpleasant, condescending (when you’re not being childish and immature), and an outright bully. In fact, you may think you’re bringing people to your “side,” but you actually alienate and make those who disagree with you dig in even deeper.

        It’s impossible to have a rational discussion with someone who automatically calls you a liar or evil or brainwashed. I have two young kids who are better than you at listening and engaging.

        Malia has chosen to ignore you, but I guess it’s to her credit that she still allows you to post here at all.


  2. hmmmmmmmmmmm? So possibly his Texas Defense has arranged a hide out in texas for zimmy? Well now he must move again. and then again……and then Court again So georgie is enjoying his freedom and life in texas. Is he welcomed in Texas? The police encounter is one of many in the near future. Georgie is not too bright, as we all know.


  3. Ahem, may I contribute #16? Zimmy saw little Ricky’s Craigslist ad in M4M, “Daddy seeking stud son”, and answered it.

    Zimmy used Marky Mark’s dick pic from Boogie Nights so little Ricky is in for a big surprise. After Ricky finishes puking he may have to stand his ground and say “no”.


  4. I have often wondered how you ended up in Texas, Malia. It doesn’t seem to be your kind of environment. Mine neither for that matter.


    1. WakeUpAmerica,
      I was born in Tulsa Oklahoma, so Dallas is the “big city” compared to Tulsa. Dallas is even more liberal than Tulsa, but more importantly, I got a good job in Dallas coming out of law school at OU, and most big cities were not interviewing graduates from OU. My husband was a summer law clerk that I met the summer before I graduated and he came back to Dallas after graduating. Two year later we were married, and 30 years later, we are still here. In the last two elections Dallas County, and Harris County(Houston) were blue counties, but the rest of Tx. (exceptAustin) is so red, that it overcomes the votes in the big cities. I do think however that Perry has been so bad for the state, that there may be hope that Tx. will turn blue in 2016. Especially because Perry has gone after women so strongly, I think alot of women inTexas would support Hillary in 2016 is she runs, and that may help turn the state blue!


      1. Well, Texas is lucky to have you, Wendy, Juanita Jean, and others. Somebody has to step up and fill the empty shoes that Ann Richards and Molly Ivins left. May they rest in peace, but damn them for leaving!!!


  5. Since everything is ‘bigger’ in Texas, Georgie is just looking for a drive-thru burger joint that can accept his wide load.


  6. Zimmerman is overheard on police cam asking the officer “did you notice the name on the license” like he was someone who deserved special treatment., i predict Zimmerman will try to murder again, Since he has these alleged death threats against him, he will try to use that as his next defense; after he murders someone else.

    “No where in particular” is an evasive statement. Although Zimmerman feels he has the right to know what Martin was doing the night he murdered Martin, he wouldn’t reveal to a legitimate police officer what he was doing. A police officer who had stopped Zimmerman for cause (speeding).

    One thing everyone should remember; Zimmerman was found “not guilty” because of reasonable doubt. At least one member of the jury has said publicly she believed he committed murder. Not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt does not mean Zimmerman is innocent.


    1. alan,
      Absolutely! It only means that the state didn’t have enough evidence to convict, which is hard to make a case when the only other person who know what happened is dead!


  7. Maybe he’s a free man, having been found innocent not only by the police upon investigation of the incident AND by the State Prosecutor, Norm Wolfinger, who was assigned to the case, but ALSO by a jury of his peers despite the political pressure to fabricate evidence against him. Maybe, only maybe…. the possibilities of being free if only insane radicals like Malia would just let him be, only then could he perhaps find the freedom that all other innocent folks like himself have. Insanity has overtaken this blog, you guys are seriously whacked out.


    1. Truth. Lay off the booze. Delusional to say the least. You and heather should get together and throw georgie A GET OUT OF JAIL FREE PARTY.


    2. Well, to the best of my knowledge nobody here has ranked a “1” in self defense class and shot an unarmed teen. That would be my definition of insanity.

      I just hope the Homeowners Watch Vigilante doesn’t pay me a visit if I’m wearing my hoodie in the rain tonight… I better go armed.


      1. Zim will mess up soon. We should have a bleaken daily hoodie march through out the country and follow zimmy around like the grim reaper.


      2. Yes, by all means, defend yourself against unprovoked vicious attacks including nose-breaking sucker punches, MMA style ground & pound, and slams of your head into concrete sidewalks. We must all be aware of the dangerous folks that lurk out there, wanting nothing more than to beat someone’s brains in.


      3. Despite your deepest wishes, Zimmerman is not a murderer, he was found COMPLETELY innocent by a jury of his peers. Not a hung jury, no doubt at all, a unanimous NOT GUILTY. You’ve been played for a fool. Stand up for yourself, don’t let them manipulate you.


      4. What’s false about anything in my post? Explain yourself. We all want the truth; not your version of the truth.


    1. truth wants to fight. (probably georgie or his wife) How about it truth? Reach down and slowly pull your head out of the rear end and quit fighting for air.


    2. Just waking you guys up from the deception you’ve been duped with. I provide proof for all of my comments when asked. You all provide NONE, ZIPPO, NADA. I’m just helping you all see the light of truth. You all seem lost, brainwashed, completely deceived by absolute nonsense. In other words, helpless. I’m here to help. I know you don’t want my help cuz you’re in denial, but I will provide it anyway because it is the right thing to do. Go ahead, question any of my claims and I will provide proof, because once again, I’m here to help.


      1. You never acknowledge when you’ve been proven wrong. That strips you if any believability. You also have no clue what the word “lie” means.


      2. and another babble by Robert Zimmerman. The truth in his shallow willow mind. Hispanic KKK meeting——————> over there.


      3. It’s funny, but after one of “truth’s” arrogant babble, I found myself wondering if it’s really Robert Jr, himself.


      4. Considering the amount of time Malia spends actually writing actual blog posts about this case, well… I’ll let you decide what she is (since she deletes half my posts)


      5. LMAO @ alan, that’s not proof. Do yourself a favor and look up proof in a dictionary so you can stop looking so foolish. Wow, seriously??


      6. Don’t worry about me hurting myself. I’m in a lot better shape than your “Zero Hero”.

        Why did you not address the issues in my post? The sad reality is that Zimmerman sentenced himself to death when he shot an unarmed Martin. Georgie may think his new gun is going to keep him safe, but it won’t….


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