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Sarah Palin is spiraling downward in a total free fall. It’s amazing to reflect on the difference in her popularity and star power just a few years ago, and her desperate search now for any publicity, and her willingness to speak to anyone who will listen.


Remember when she was considered for the Iowa Republican Convention but she

wouldn’t appear without payment of her $100,000.00 speaking fee.

 Remember when she spoke at the West Hills College in Lemoore, California and she charged them $115,000.00. At that appearance they sold tickets to pay for the appearance for up to $5000.00, per ticket.

Remember when she was invited to speak at CSU Stanislaus college in California. You remember, that’s the one where she required bendable straws, two bottles of water, and a speaking fee of $75,000.00 for her appearance. That appearance was paid for by the 370 people who attended, paying $500.00 a plate for dinner. You might remember that event because 150 students appeared to protest her appearance, 


or you might simply remember that appearance because of her foolish comment during the speech that Ronald Reagan went to college in California,  when in fact he went to Eureka College in Illinois. 

It appears Sarah has become so desperate for anyone to listen to her that she has accepted an invitation to speak at the graduation exercises for a high school graduation in a town of 1073 people where 27 kids will be graduating. They invited her to speak because they think they can relate to her because she was born 145 miles away,  and because she “ loves to hunt.” The graduates of Republic High School probably can’t imagine the possibility that the Vice Presidential Candidate that sold herself as a hunter, doesn’t hunt. 

palin republic high school

This morning I confirmed with Kyle Rydell of the Republic School District that Sarah Palin is coming to give the address to the 27 graduates of their high school, and she will be paid nothing for the appearance.  “Dorothy” of the same school district confirmed that they will NOT even be reimbursing Palin for her travel expenses. Thus, Sarah Palin will be paying for the privilege of speaking to a group of 27 high school seniors.

Normally we might recognize Palin’s altruistic spirit in volunteering her time to speak to these kids. However because Palin has a history of charging charitable organizations her standard $100,000.00 exorbitant fee, including those charities raising money for special needs children, we know this is a desperate effort to gain publicity rather than an altruistic endeavor. Sarah Palin is experiencing her worst nightmare. Not only is nobody willing to pay her speaking fees any longer, but she is having to pay for her own travel expenses in order to go somewhere that they will listen to her speak. Instead of charging people in the audience $500.00 per person, they come to see the famous Sarah for free. It’s like having the circus come to town, and admission is free.

Sarah Palin (R-Buffoon):: Obstructionist Republican Clown