It’s Lonely At the Bottom for Sarah Palin

palin sad


Sarah Palin is spiraling downward in a total free fall. It’s amazing to reflect on the difference in her popularity and star power just a few years ago, and her desperate search now for any publicity, and her willingness to speak to anyone who will listen.


Remember when she was considered for the Iowa Republican Convention but she

wouldn’t appear without payment of her $100,000.00 speaking fee.

 Remember when she spoke at the West Hills College in Lemoore, California and she charged them $115,000.00. At that appearance they sold tickets to pay for the appearance for up to $5000.00, per ticket.

Remember when she was invited to speak at CSU Stanislaus college in California. You remember, that’s the one where she required bendable straws, two bottles of water, and a speaking fee of $75,000.00 for her appearance. That appearance was paid for by the 370 people who attended, paying $500.00 a plate for dinner. You might remember that event because 150 students appeared to protest her appearance, 


or you might simply remember that appearance because of her foolish comment during the speech that Ronald Reagan went to college in California,  when in fact he went to Eureka College in Illinois. 

It appears Sarah has become so desperate for anyone to listen to her that she has accepted an invitation to speak at the graduation exercises for a high school graduation in a town of 1073 people where 27 kids will be graduating. They invited her to speak because they think they can relate to her because she was born 145 miles away,  and because she “ loves to hunt.” The graduates of Republic High School probably can’t imagine the possibility that the Vice Presidential Candidate that sold herself as a hunter, doesn’t hunt. 

palin republic high school

This morning I confirmed with Kyle Rydell of the Republic School District that Sarah Palin is coming to give the address to the 27 graduates of their high school, and she will be paid nothing for the appearance.  “Dorothy” of the same school district confirmed that they will NOT even be reimbursing Palin for her travel expenses. Thus, Sarah Palin will be paying for the privilege of speaking to a group of 27 high school seniors.

Normally we might recognize Palin’s altruistic spirit in volunteering her time to speak to these kids. However because Palin has a history of charging charitable organizations her standard $100,000.00 exorbitant fee, including those charities raising money for special needs children, we know this is a desperate effort to gain publicity rather than an altruistic endeavor. Sarah Palin is experiencing her worst nightmare. Not only is nobody willing to pay her speaking fees any longer, but she is having to pay for her own travel expenses in order to go somewhere that they will listen to her speak. Instead of charging people in the audience $500.00 per person, they come to see the famous Sarah for free. It’s like having the circus come to town, and admission is free.

Sarah Palin (R-Buffoon):: Obstructionist Republican Clown

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    1. Just Lil Ol’ Me,
      Certainly she has done that before, but after I wrote this article I bet she’ll be embarrassed to back out! If she does, you can guess that I’ll be writing about that!


    2. $carah is never embarrassed by anything. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word. She’s immune.

      Batshit Barbie should arrive at the school gymnasium a little early and mingle with the folks. She could start by passing out Big Gulps to all present. Then she could distribute autographed tins of Skoal to the graduating seniors as her special personal gifts. Have a great chew!.

      What attire would be appropriate for the occasion? A Chick-fil-A tee shirt is both understated and elegant. Skinny jeans are a no-brainer. A necklace of red, white, and blue golf balls and a wide studded belt would be the perfect accessories. Finally, black and white cowboy boots would add just the right panache. Is Wallow going to be there for hair and makeup?

      Snowdrift Snooki’s speech should focus on her time honored concepts of freedum and liburty, smaller govurmunt, gawd, and less education. A trend has developed in her last “appearances.” So the question is: what consumer product will she proudly hold up and endorse at this event? McDonald’s? Jim Beam? Marlboros? Crystal Meth? Will she “electrify” the crowd to the point where they tear down the building in a unified showing of wild, patriotic enthusiasm?

      Let’s hope the news media doesn’t make the trip. If a bear shits in Republic and nobody sees it, did it really happen?


      1. – They don’t teach “shame” in the trailer park. – !

        Well, it will be interesting if she shows up, or cancels at the last minute.

        The ONLY events she has any consistency of attending were the paid gigs.

        I still remember the giddy feeling I had when she stiffed the Simi Valley Republican Women’s Association event for the Reagan Library 50th anniversary. Perhaps they were too lady-like to resort to bribery.

        Maybe the young males in the audience, and the chance of someone snapping her picture is enough of a thrill to motivate her at this time.


      2. Miss Sunshine,
        when your last fans are 27 high school seniors , she’d better show up, or she’ll have no fans left!


  1. How can a woman whose children never completed school, never taught to appreciate education, are as uninformed and uneducated as they are…give a commencement speech to 27 children who are graduating because EDUCATION MEANS SOMETHING TO THEM? And then have her actually give a speech with her word salad language that makes no sense whatsoever and has not one ounce of inspiration in anything she says because its so filled with HATE THE BLACK PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR WHATEVER REASON and LIE about everything. Especially the fact that she is no doubt the MADAM in Todd’s prostitution ring. You think not? Remember how much sarah loves money. Remember how she made women pay for their own rape kits! its shocking she’s giving any kind of speech while on SPEED in front of kids! YOU BETCHA!


    1. Posted on IM: “Hi all! My name is Zach Brown and guess what! I am part of this class of 27 graduates from Republic. You all think this is a joke, but its not. She is 100% like the people from Ferry County. We are a tight knit community that loves guns, hunting and the great outdoors. You might not like her for that, but we love her for that. So, excuse my language but mind your own fucking business!”

      Nice, huh?


      1. CIP,
        Poor Zach! He is too young, and probably just doesn’t know any better. I wish I could tell him to go to and see what the fact are re Palin.


      2. Our mailman, our chief of police, and many residents of my small town like to hunt and love the great outdoors. Heck, I regularly take long hikes in the mountains surrounding our town. I’ll bet many other Americans are the same. So why pick Sarah, Zack? She’s no one special, and the attributes you give to her are shared by hundreds of thousands of people.


  2. The clown photo is the equivalent of Sarah Palin. The majority of us regard her in that manner.

    I feel for those poor kids having to listen to her as I”m sure she’ll have zero intelligence to share w/them!


  3. The Anchorage Daily News – under Alaska Digest – ran a small piece on Palin’s speaking engagement – noting 27 students. Items rarely appear in the paper about Palin anymore, so find it interesting that this bit made it.


  4. What new and inspirational ideas will she impart to the graduates?
    She’s already told anyone who’d listen that you should follow your dream and go to technical school. No higher larnin’ is necessary in our modern world. Heck, you don’t even have to finish high school — none of her children bothered to do so.

    Or, she’ll talk about herself (do you think?) and tell the well-worn tale of how she worked her way through a handful of community colleges and one real University. She never says why she didn’t get financial aid, take out a few small loans, or, even better, get some assistance from her parents, both of whom were in secure sinecures, and thus had combined incomes that could support her modest needs. Perhaps the real story is that Sarah had to fight against the anti-intellectualism and Know-Nothing tendencies of her parents to even dream about getting a B.A.

    Her father has a two-year degree, and I’ve often wondered if their move from Idaho to Alaska was partially prompted by the fact that he could get a teaching job with just two years of college up in the 49tj state, while the more stringent Idaho was starting to demand that even their elementary school teachers possess at least a B.A. and maybe even, gasp, some work on a Master’s.


    1. My dad, who is now in his later 70s, is a retired teacher. He got his BA in the early 60s and almost immediately set out to earn his Masters (which he did, while teaching). It’s a sad commentary on Alaska at that time, when their teachers were barely more educated than the kids they taught. But it certainly explains why Sarah Palin put such little emphasis on her children’s education.

      From what I’ve heard, Chuck’s idea of teaching was grossing out the kids with animal body parts and writing a phony note so his daughter could get out of her obligations (a story that Sarah relays with a sense of something like pride).

      My father would NEVER had done anything like that for me.

      But it sure explains why Sarah feels entitled to lie and cheat to get what she wants.


  5. Sarah won’t have to pay for her own travel expenses – she’ll find a way to have them billed to her PAC. Guaranteed!


    1. I do not for one single second believe that $he is not getting paid, and that she actually would foot the bill out of her own pocket. Either she has another gig closeby, or she will simply not show up, or else someone with deep pockets who wants to stay anonymous IS paying her for everything.
      That grifter WILL NOT pay ANYTHING with her own money, and we all know it!


  6. ”It’s Lonely At the Bottom for Sarah Palin”

    Not really. Although it was lonely when the GOP threw Sarah under the bus initially, she solved the problem by throwing her supporters under the bus.


  7. Somebody’s bound to record the event. Also… it just makes me speculate…. just a random memory…. of the time somebody let loose two mice at the high school graduation when I was on the school board.

    Not that I’d ever condone that, naturally.


    1. She has been instructed by Sean to get as much “dirt” on the Kid as she can…well gosh Sarah – tell Jody hello…he’s probably retired by now…or is it Black Dog you seek…go pet that pitpull and see what happens to you…lol..
      Next will be the stage of enlightenment…from Sparrow to Eagle we evolve…


  8. I really suspect that this graduation will be a circus. Sarah is doing this for publicity and she will have media there to take lots of pictures. Can’t wait to see what she wears. What props will she use this time? All the fatherless babies? Will her two “sucessful” daughters be there as proof that you too graduates can be a celebrity (with no talent) or go to hair school for 20K plus room and board? Will Pimp Daddy Todd be there to hold her up?

    I feel so sorry for those kids. Their BIG day has been stolen from them.


  9. Did you see the CNN and FOX and MSNBC reports?
    Evidently a military official in charge of overseeing the division that deals with service men and women and the sexual assault program was a PIMP!
    Not only was he arrested for domestic-violence but also for making one of the victims go into prostitution…RED FLAG…reminds me of Todd Palin…
    Congressmen both women and men are fed up with the “sweep it under the rug” so now might be the time to get some air time to know this happens!


    1. I can’t help but think that the more these “outrageous” stories are exposed, the less surprised the public will be to hear that the husband of a former governor and candidate for VPOTUS was a pimp. I kind of feel like there’s a critical mass forming of recent sex crimes associated with government and military personnel. Maybe there will be a news organization with the guts to go after the Palin story.


      1. jk,
        I hope you are right! When people used to say “so what” now they are saying, “no more!”


  10. This is finger licking GOOD! Here she is the queen of the long con and come to this. The phrase “how the mighty have fallen” doesn’t even come close to underlining her plummet! The well is dry. The tents are being dismantled. The veil is slowly being pulled away (criminal exposure should be coming next). Her desperation is near feral. God, how I wish Hunter S. Thompson were still alive! He could desecrate this idiot in his sleep – on a bad night.

    There isn’t enough popcorn on the face of the earth to devour when her day of reckoning is upon her. This is just a preview of better things ahead. HUZZAH!


  11. “Sarah Palin will be paying for the privilege of speaking to a group of 27 high school seniors.”


    You can bet your knickers that SarahPac is paying which means SarahPac donors are paying.

    Why would Sarah Palin pay out of her own pocket to speak at a gigantic high school graduation of 27 when the cheapwad won’t even pay for Willow to go to a four-year college? According to Sarah, her daughter chose hair school and is debt free.

    Multimillionaire Sarah Palin’s facebook announcement emphasized Willow is debt free so if Sarah is not paying for any of her three adult children to better themselves, you can bet somebody else is paying for this trip.


  12. I think $arah has agreed to do this because none of her children graduated and she wants to experience what she missed.

    Does anyone else find it odd that Wasilla High School has never asked her to speak at their commencement ceremonies?


    1. alan,
      I thought about that too, but they are probably thinking it would look bad since none of her kids graduated within the normal time, with their normal class.


  13. This is a very big event in hobo Washington. Sarah Palin coming to town for graduation is like the second coming of the Lord.

    It’s like Elvis raising from his tomb to inspire those 27 kids.


      1. You know if she could, she would charge every one of those kids an admission fee to attend their own graduation!


  14. Looking at the top picture and wondering if Sarah’s mother Sally ever told Sarah when she was a little girl to stop making faces or she will gow old looking like that?


  15. LOL!! Friends of mine in Seattle may just treck on over to Republic to meet and greet ya Sarah!! I just got off the phone with them. And even better – THEY have friends in Republic and it isn’t all “Sarah friendly” there apparently.
    This could be mighty interesting.


    1. Where they may…it is too coo-inky-dink to be a paid or unpaid event…I don’t think folks will take to kindly to her bad-mouthing a certain someone…
      This just tells me Sarah is definitely desperate for information…good luck!


  16. See anything peculiar about the Republic High School class picture? Notice that the students have their hands in both pockets? Are they protecting their lunch money? Maybe they’ve heard of Sarah Palin’s reputation?


    1. I notice they have a “governor” referenced… they must not know the current designations for $arah are “quitter” and “half-termer”. as well as other disreputable descriptions…


  17. All in all it’s just another meme folks and I think that it was likely set up by the SarahPac folks planting the initial idea in the first place. Manufactured publicity for a dried up nobody desperate for attention.

    The school is named “Republic High School”, that is the draw for Palin. She will definitely mention the facts that Republic itself is a small town and the “pro America” aspects that she loves to get off on. Remember her “these small towns” speech? Something along that vein.

    It’s also my view that Palin will also have her photographer Shelagh along to officially take photos and record the event and that that media will be incorporated into one of her infamous videos. That way she will be able to claim the expenses for the trip from SarahPac.


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