The Corrupt Bastards of Alaska

If you haven’t visited this site you should.  I know a lot of readers of this blog are from Alaska, and everyone should be aware of the allegations here.

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  1. The cops all over Alaska are corrupt and destroy evidence. I had them destroy some pictures I needed to cover their butts and they constantly lie all the way to the top. I don’t see any links to anything on that page, just the allegations. Rick Svobodney once told me no one would every do anything about a corrupt prosecutor just before he hung up on me.


  2. OT… this is from a huge post on Sarah’s Facebook today. Now we know where all that postage money went… to her sister? She does her mail…..
    It would be interesting to know how much she has benefited from Pac money. Does Sarah’s mother help with the mail too?

    I love inspirational people like my sister Heather! For her 50th birthday she just decided she’d up and run a marathon thousands of miles away in New Orleans after such limited time and even more limited training opportunities in freezing cold snow-covered Alaska all this long, long winter. Heather works full-time with children with special needs in the Anchorage School District, plus she works weekends in a dental office and conducts tours for Alaska Wildberry Tours, in addition to helping at the family-owned business, Bruce’s Muldoon Chevron gas station. And she and her husband raise three busy kids! Heather helps out with all the nieces and nephews (thank you for stepping in so often for Todd and me, Heather!), too. She helps answer my mail and fends off pesky reporters who unfortunately bug her to try to get to me to do more of their bugging.


    1. Sounds like Heather is fed up with covering for her sister. This post from Sarah sounds like she is in trouble with Heather. Grovel much, Sarah?

      And Heather is the one who is fending off the pesky people that want to bug Sarah? And they’re reporters? O-kay.

      And just how much “mail” does Sarah get? No one sends letters anymore, except Malia…


    2. Has anyone else thought that the “postage” expenses being claimed by $arah are actually slush money funds being given to her family for “opening postage items”? That is a scheme the grifter would try to pull.


  3. There is a lot of speculation around Wasilla and Palmer that these same corrupt cops are linked to and possibly behind the unsolved shooting of APD officer Jason Allen.

    Anchorage has many unsolved homicides;

    Of course the APD is aware that their involvement with Toad’s prostitution ring has placed them in a bad light. Local citizens who would like to come forward and give information that might help solve crimes are worried that they will be harassed.

    With all the unsolved homicides why are APD officers raping women while on duty and reading blogs instead of trying to solve crimes? Does the “protection money” that is being paid cover up all the misconduct?


      1. I know it’s hard for people who are skeptical of what is said and written about the corruption in Alaska to believe such stories. However as you have experienced and written about, it is true. And the evidence is overwhelmingly against it being a few isolated incidents.


    1. Alan that is why I’m telling everyone to contact Interpol. Shay said that FBI agents and APD were HER clients! Also the FBI knows how SOA IT dept DDoSs’d a blog at least 3x yet nothing was ever done. I bet the Toad is involved with alot of them. Everytime I see something like that (your link) I think “Who in the palin mafia did he/she piss off”? Interpol. Not saying all FBI everywhere are corrupt but in AK, pretty much.


      1. Have you told Interpol that APD has a history of tolerating crimes against women that is as recent as the Rollins Case and extends back to at least as far as the serial murderer Robert Hanson?

        I guess a barefoot, handcuffed 17 year old girl trying to escape from a 44 year old man is or was nothing for the APD to get involved in.


  4. Thank you Ms.Litman for finding my site and for blogging about it. It is much worse then I have explained. I have had recent threats from Anchorage Police but I do not fear those I don’t respect.All I have tried to do was to get the truth to be told. It’s very unfortunate when the ones we have in Authority to protect us and to serve are the same ones harming us.
    A big part of the problem is the Feds. D.O.J. public integrity section continues for years to classify Alaska as one of the most corrupt states of public officials.Yet in the history of the FBI and US Attorneys Office in Alaska they have prosecuted not one law enforcement Officer . Not one in the history of Alaska. Is it because we have just incredible honest Law enforcement, or is it that the feds want Alaska to be the rogue?
    From the MURDER of Casey Porter (Search for shooting victim by Alaska State Troopers)in 2003 to the shooting of 8 Alaskan Citizens in under a year. Alaska State Troopers have been involved in three and the Anchorage Police Dept has had 5 resulting in numerous deaths. All of the cops were doing their best to KILL the susects. Yet Mark Mew Chief of the police for Anchorage said to the media recently that A.P.D. does not have a shoot to kill policy. Of course they do. That was a clear LIe to the Polynesian communityand all citizens here in Anchorage after a Police Officer shot and killed a local man last yeatr who had a broom handle. No pepper spray or tazer. Just shoot and kill him. The problem is the same ones who investigated that shooting are the same players in other cover up that I have proof of.
    The evidence I have shows that they would rather threaten, intimidate, coerce,cover-up and conspire rather than be honest men and women with morals and integrity with any respect to the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Alaska. They create their own rules of fair play of which are dishonest for all to see. I for one will fight to make sure my children, granchildren, family, friends and citizens of Alaska are treated with fairness and Justice, something Alaska is lacking.


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