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As Sarah Palin basks in the sun at her extravagant home in Arizona, trying to recover from the grueling 1 mile walk last weekend, and her exhausting attendance at Willow’s beauty school graduation, she has posted a 371 word attack on facebook of President Obama. The basis of the attack is his decision not to attend the funeral service of Margaret Thatcher. It stands in stark contrast to her post on Monday of seven words when she said A prayer on that day for the victims of the bombings in Boston. We waited anxiously for a response to my post pointing out how heartless her 7 word remark was to remember and honor those killed and maimed in the worst attack on American soil since 9-11.  Three people have died including an eight year old boy and 176 people were wounded, some losing both legs.

boston bombing victims

As I write this post, President Obama is attending a service in Boston to attempt to bring some comfort to the citizens of Boston who were victims of this terrorist attack.

boston bombing boy with sign for peace

The service will he held in a church about one mile from the site of the attack . John Snyder was one of the many who stood in line to attend the service. He commented that

“President Obama knows how important the city of Boston is to the nation and the world,”

“He is bringing his light to us for much-needed healing.”

Mary Fitzgerald, another person waiting in line, expressed her appreciation for the appearance of the President as she explained:

“The president being here shows a sign of unity,”

“It makes me feel like he cares what happens to us.”

boston bombing four

Like Mary, I’m glad President Obama is totally focused on the crisis in Boston. I’m glad he’s directing the effort to bring these terrorists to justice. I’m glad he’s at the service this morning giving comfort to the victims and their families. I’m glad he wasn’t traveling for hours to attend the funeral yesterday of Margaret Thatcher. If he had nothing to do yesterday, and was working on his tan in Arizona, then it would have been a nice gesture.

palin trig reading arizona

However given the priorities of the national security of our country, I’m glad he was here. Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger attended. George Bush did not. Sarah Palin did not.

Why didn’t Sarah Palin herself attend the funeral? Perhaps they don’t pay people to attend funerals? Perhaps she had nothing conservative to wear?

palin dancing

If Sarah Palin felt like it was an important event to attend to celebrate the achievement of women, why didn’t she go? She doesn’t have a job. She doesn’t have to stay at home with Trig. Todd surely wouldn’t have missed her.

Sarah Palin you are despicable to criticize President Obama for his efforts to focus on the country’s greatest, most pressing crisis. There is never a more important time than now for our President to be home. At a time when our country is mourning an attack within our borders resulting in loss of life and limb, at a time when the entire country feels a threat to our safety and security , at a critical time when law enforcement needs a Commander in Chief to lead our effort to locate and arrest the culprits, Barack Obama is where he should be.

Sarah Palin wanted to see Margaret Thatcher before she died, supposedly because Thatcher was such a hero of Palin. Why wouldn’t Sarah Palin herself honor her hero by attending her funeral?  At the time I thought Palin only wanted a photo with Thatcher.  Maybe she didn’t go because she couldn’t get a photo since it was a closed casket.

thatcher casket