Why Didn’t Palin Go To Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral?

palin arizona home and pool

As Sarah Palin basks in the sun at her extravagant home in Arizona, trying to recover from the grueling 1 mile walk last weekend, and her exhausting attendance at Willow’s beauty school graduation, she has posted a 371 word attack on facebook of President Obama. The basis of the attack is his decision not to attend the funeral service of Margaret Thatcher. It stands in stark contrast to her post on Monday of seven words when she said A prayer on that day for the victims of the bombings in Boston. We waited anxiously for a response to my post pointing out how heartless her 7 word remark was to remember and honor those killed and maimed in the worst attack on American soil since 9-11.  Three people have died including an eight year old boy and 176 people were wounded, some losing both legs.

boston bombing victims

As I write this post, President Obama is attending a service in Boston to attempt to bring some comfort to the citizens of Boston who were victims of this terrorist attack.

boston bombing boy with sign for peace

The service will he held in a church about one mile from the site of the attack . John Snyder was one of the many who stood in line to attend the service. He commented that

“President Obama knows how important the city of Boston is to the nation and the world,”

“He is bringing his light to us for much-needed healing.”

Mary Fitzgerald, another person waiting in line, expressed her appreciation for the appearance of the President as she explained:

“The president being here shows a sign of unity,”

“It makes me feel like he cares what happens to us.”

boston bombing four

Like Mary, I’m glad President Obama is totally focused on the crisis in Boston. I’m glad he’s directing the effort to bring these terrorists to justice. I’m glad he’s at the service this morning giving comfort to the victims and their families. I’m glad he wasn’t traveling for hours to attend the funeral yesterday of Margaret Thatcher. If he had nothing to do yesterday, and was working on his tan in Arizona, then it would have been a nice gesture.

palin trig reading arizona

However given the priorities of the national security of our country, I’m glad he was here. Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger attended. George Bush did not. Sarah Palin did not.

Why didn’t Sarah Palin herself attend the funeral? Perhaps they don’t pay people to attend funerals? Perhaps she had nothing conservative to wear?

palin dancing

If Sarah Palin felt like it was an important event to attend to celebrate the achievement of women, why didn’t she go? She doesn’t have a job. She doesn’t have to stay at home with Trig. Todd surely wouldn’t have missed her.

Sarah Palin you are despicable to criticize President Obama for his efforts to focus on the country’s greatest, most pressing crisis. There is never a more important time than now for our President to be home. At a time when our country is mourning an attack within our borders resulting in loss of life and limb, at a time when the entire country feels a threat to our safety and security , at a critical time when law enforcement needs a Commander in Chief to lead our effort to locate and arrest the culprits, Barack Obama is where he should be.

Sarah Palin wanted to see Margaret Thatcher before she died, supposedly because Thatcher was such a hero of Palin. Why wouldn’t Sarah Palin herself honor her hero by attending her funeral?  At the time I thought Palin only wanted a photo with Thatcher.  Maybe she didn’t go because she couldn’t get a photo since it was a closed casket.

thatcher casket

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  1. For the same reason she hasn’t said one word about 20 children dying behind assault weapons. Or not saying a single coherent compassionate word about the tragedy in Boston. SHE DOES NOT CARE!!! she cares ONLY FOR CRANK! This woman is a complete empty vessel of lies and hate and I really wish we didn’ have to mention her name anymore. The more you mention the more her dung smear lingers. reporting on sarah is like reporting on someone who knows nothing and is common street thug. sarah is nothing but a self made rich STUPID IGNORANT beotch and its just shocking that anyone listens or repeats what she says. Please don’t waste our oxygen and insult our intelligence by mentioning anything this vile piece of nothing has to say.


  2. May I add one more question to your list? Where are the pictures and birthday wishes from the grizzled mama to her precious son, Trig? Isn’t he the light of her life, her precious treasure, etc.


  3. I always try to find something positive in people. Then there’s $carah Failin’ Whatever this witch says, does, thinks, believes, wears, eats, and drinks, and however she acts and looks, are all pure shit! As for the Thatcher funeral, world leaders attended. Barbie Big Gulp clearly isn’t part of that group.


  4. On her facebook Sarah Palin also said:

    “Salt in the wound is learning that Senator Menendez, who was recently in the news because of allegations of corruption and even possibly a prostitution scandal, gutted the Senate Resolution honoring Mrs. Thatcher’s world changing achievements. So very sad. Not only is this an insult to our British allies, it’s an insult to women.”


    ●This is the same woman who is married to a pimp who took advantage of a single struggling mother of a handicap child.
    ●This is the same woman who as mayor forced the woman of her little town to pay for their own rape kits after a traumatic experience.




  5. When reading more of Sarah’s FB rant, she says this: “Salt in the wound is learning that Senator Menendez, who was recently in the news because of allegations of corruption and even possibly a prostitution scandal, gutted the Senate Resolution honoring Mrs. Thatcher’s world changing achievements. So very sad. Not only is this an insult to our British allies, it’s an insult to women.”

    It’s amazing how Sarah can bring to light “corruption” and a “prostitution scandal” on someone else when she and her husband are guilty of the same thing! I guess she conveniently “forgot” about the corruption in Alaska that she is involved in with Shawn among other things, and she conveniently “forgot” about Todd’s prostitution ring! She must have also ‘forgot” about the salt in the wounds of Shailey Tripp who was prostituted by Todd. Short term memory maybe?

    At least she knew that the British are our “allies”!


    1. It’s a standard Phalin tactic. Point out the faults of others in a loud screeching tone; it diverts attention from the sins of $arah and Toad.

      And remember,… even a broken clock is right twice a day.


    2. She also completely forgot that Senator Menendez was completely exonerated in that Dominican Republic scandal. There are probably investigations to find out who it was who tried to smear him, and influence an election.

      Just keep talking, Quitter. All the mud you sling will eventually find it’s way onto your own face.


  6. Nobody would pay her to show up and give a speech, so she didn’t go because she would have had to pay her own way.

    Not only that, but the British government denied her demand for new clothes and a really big diamond-studded belt buckle in the shape of the Queen’s crown for the occasion.

    Then there’s the matter of her herpes flare-up; those sores are hard to hide under makeup.

    Not to mention that it is imperative she stay here because she is a critical part of the process in her endless drive to fleece the gullible of their paychecks.

    OT, but I have to comment on the picture of the three women, above: it looks like an ad welcoming customers to the neighborhood massage parlor. All it needs is an enticing headline.


    1. If $carah had gone through channels and asked about attending the funeral, the Brits probably would have declared “undesirable alien” status and insisted that she stay home as pre-emptive deportation. Besides, why would she even want to go to that nasty socialist country anyway? She’s sorely needed here where it counts the most. The Murican people would all be lost in space without Grislymama’s razor-sharp intellect and sage commentary.


  7. What do you expect from someone with the intellect of a box of hair and the compassion of a snake? She’s an effin’ idiot and only posts this shit to try to draw attention to herself. As was reported, before the onset of dementia, Thatcher said palin had a shred of potential but that she at least needed to be able to speak properly before she would have any credibility.
    Thatcher had probably entered that dark place by the time the world realized not only could palin not speak properly but that she was on par with most fifth graders when it came to her knowledge of history, geography and government. The woman, without a doubt, has some sort of learning disability and is also a sociopath who is blind to her shortcomings.


  8. Did Sarah go to Tucson, Boston or any other memorials to show her support for America?
    No? But she did go to a car auction and some car races.

    Not a presidential image of a person who wanted to be president.


  9. At the Sea of Pee after the previous disaster her people counted the minutes between the time that she posted or tweeted and the time that the President did. They said he was a traitor for not responding sooner.

    It was hours after the bomb in boston before Palin tweeted a brief comment.


  10. Because she is a pathetic witch and liar. Look at what the sarah supporters bought for sarah. A nice home to run away from those in Alaska THAT HATE HER AND WANT HER TO BE CHARGED AND JAILED. Hear that sarah? enjoy that home for a short while longer. Because your assets will freeze as you go to hell.


  11. Malia, no one is mentioning scarah payme on twitter, or paying any attn. to her. thank goodness. I always read hear & IM as these are among the very few sights now that discuss the mean critter. She’s now officially a has been!


  12. Minnie mouse (willmont) and Jodi are riding their broomsticks around the courthouse today. There was a sighting of sarah on her broomstick in AZ too? the plan is that sarah, Jodi and Zimmerman are all in the same jail cell because all 3 are swimming in the same sewer pond.


  13. Malia

    I guess she was waiting for an invite?

    Speaking of Trig’s B’day she must have read your post and she has posted pic few mts ago:


  14. Lol Finally
    Guess who just wished Todd or Bristol’s son a Happy Birthday on her Facebook from Wasilla?

    Great job Sarah, how long did it take you to do this little task?

    After Thatcher, after Rand Paul…. after…..


  15. Are we sure the child is not willows after wallowing with the boyz and doing meth and alcohol? This mix is known to cause health defects


    1. Correct, Sarah avoids all negative things about Willow. Willow was Pregnant and the Baby is hidden from the Press. Willow may have Birthed more than one baby. Bristol and Willow were quite Sexually active while in High School. I believe that Sarah ‘removed’ them from High School because of their Frequent Sexual activity, not ‘MONO’. Sarah Palin adopted her “MY LITTLE PUPPY” in April, 2008. Sarah did not give Birth to Trig ‘VAN’ flein lowell bud ‘PAXSON’ todd ‘PALIN. A ‘FUNDIE’ setup to get votes after Paxson ‘Blackmailed’ John McCain with the Vicki Iseman McCain Affair.


      1. Gene: I have heard the same things from former school officials of the Juneau School District. Both Bristol and Willow were asked to leave school because of their drug and sexual activities on school property.


  16. Trig is an afterthought, just like her “pregnancy.”

    Out of sight out of mind.

    I hope Trig is actually getting all the services he needs and deserves to reach his full potential. That means consistency and stability, including quality preschool with lots of loving teachers, specialists, and therapists that he attends on a regular basis.

    It doesn’t appear that way from what Sarah has revealed and from what we’ve seen.


  17. Maggie Thatcher thought that Palin was an absolute nutter, she couldn’t stand her! There’s no way she would ever have wanted Palin to attend her funeral, nor even be in London at the moment! This is also the reason Palin never had a chance of seeing Mrs. T, she utterly refused!


    1. why, god, why? You died for sins on a cross, but did you???? Or did you just morph them all into this one evil piece of shit paljn??? She IS THE ANTICHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Notice how willow turns in her leg.like her alleged part time failed former pseudo evening returned BoGo past-due trashcan mother sharah? Sarah seeks attwntion even just standing there, she must hack everyone down, even just breathing she seeks attention.


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