Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including the Aryan Brotherhood

aryan brotherhood

Texas is experiencing incredible economic success. Texas leads the United States in oil and gas production and job growth.    In February alone Texas employers added over 80,000 jobs. The unemployment rate in Texas hovers aroung 6.3% as compared to the national average of 7.7%. Texas also is proud to have the fastest growing cities in the country. The top three growth cities in the country are Austin #1, Houston #2, and Dallas #3. While Rick Perry would like to take credit for the economic success of the state, it is more likely attributable to the lack of state income tax, which is made possible by the presence of such large oil & gas reserves.

rick perry gun

While the country identifies Texas as a leader in economic growth, it is also a leader in the Aryan Brotherhood.

aryan bortherhood two

The Life Expectancy for a District Attorney in Texas must be the shortest in the country. Last Saturday District attorney Mike McLelland and his wife were found dead in their home. It was just two months ago that Mr. McLelland had vowed to put away the “scum” who had killed one of his deputies. The county sheriffs have brought in the FBI to help with the investigation. Thank heavens we didn’t secede from the United States, as our Governor had suggested!

aryan brotherhood four

Mr. Hasse, the district attorney who was shot on his way to work outside the county court house two months ago, had carried a gun for protection, and even changed the exit he took every day from the Court House, for security reasons.

While no charges have been filed, there is great speculation that the Aryan brotherhood of Texas is involved. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is at the center of a large federal case that involves racketeering, murder, kidnapping and other various crimes. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is described as a “whites only” prison based gang in operation since the 80’s. They are arguably the most violent white supremacist prison gang in the United States. The group has been credited with more than 100 murders, and at least 10 kidnappings. Their code is blood-in, blood-out meaning that you can only get into ABT by carrying out some kind of attack,” and … you can only leave in a body bag.

These killings come on the heels of a grand jury indictment of 34 members of the Aryan Brotherhood, ten of whom are eligible for the death penalty. The other 24 face life in prison. Life in prison is ironic as prison seems to be the location that the Brotherhood originated. The gang that was formed in the 1980’s has over 2000 members and is ruled by five generals. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas promises to protect its white inmates who join the gang. Once released from prison members are expected to help with the criminal enterprise and recruit new members. The ABT has funded their operations through the trafficking of meth and cocaine.

The group operates under a blind-faith commitment to its leaders, meaning no orders are to be questioned. Members of the ABT sport the tattoo “God Forgives. Brother’s Don’t.” Kills and hits are ordered by the leaders which are then carried out by the members of the gang. Members who do not carry out orders will find themselves subject to painful and violent retribution.

Terry Sillers is a general in the ABT who was captured in 2011. He has agreed to cooperate, so of course the Brotherhood is determined to find and kill him. Stillers is hidden in a place that not even his attorney knows and she doesn’t want to know.

The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is associated with extreme violence and threats of seeking retribution.  Leaders of the ABT have been reported to have ordered killings and instructed that they should be as “messy as possible,” and that severed fingers would be appropriate trophies Another example of the violence of this group is reminiscent of something out of a horror movie. Three members took a blow torch to remove another gang member’s tattoo bearing that name of the brotherhood when her refused to take an order. The brotherhood has 10 rules and if you break any rule, the punishment is death.

aryan brother five

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  1. Thank you for the overview of this hate group. I only knew of it superficially, i.e., through traditional media outlets.


  2. Very very frightening. It isn’t my favorite state, but I sure loved Austin when I visited… Our prison system is a night mare too. I don’t know the answers but somehow our culture and prison system is creating more of these people.


      1. More than just “scary” Attorney Litman, but a serious danger to the nation as well, since they are a “revolutionary” group, seeking to make changes to how America is governed. Advocacy of direct overthrow of the U.S. gov’t., is, of course, treason, but since this is advocacy for change, there’s nothing illegal about it. However, I sincerely doubt that most people don’t recognize the danger if this ideology takes power.

        On Professor Leatherman’s Law blog I speculate that the AB may have had a hand in the Trayvon murder, as it has the earmarks of an initiation of some type. Perhaps GZ was trying to join? Could Lee and Wolfinger be members already? At the Southern Poverty Law Center, these groups brag about having LEO members and members in high places in gov’t. Who or which gov’t organization do we turn to thwart the takeover of the nation by this kind subterfuge? Sovereign Citizens indeed!

        Well, we were warned that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.


      2. Lonnie Starr,
        I don’t know how you could compare the acts of these criminals to “advocacy for change” or how you could say that there is “nothing illegal about it! These guys weren’t members of this brotherhood until they entered jail as a criminal. They support their positions by selling illegaldrugs. They are not advocating change, but assert their control over law enforcement by killing and intimidation. They don’t advocate any particular political ideology but instead are motivated by the desire for money and control of our society


      3. All of which I’ll agree is true, but I doubt the Justice department will be making a case for Treason based on it. The gov’t is going after them for their statutory crimes against state, local and even federal criminal practice codes, but not for political crimes as they are unwilling to see sporadic attempts to alter government as more than localized crimes of influence peddling, coercion, extortion and/or bribery. But not as an over arching scheme to undo our national government.

        However, I am glad that I was able to provoke you to outline the situation better for us all. At least we both agree that this is America’s next great danger.


  3. Thanks for this, Malia! I just can’t imagine what it must be like having to always look over one’s shoulder. I hope they are brought to justice and NEVER see the light of day again….but there will be plenty ready to step in to take their place. Utterly vile and despicable.


    1. CIP,
      There are some things that are great about living in Texas, but there are some people who are vile, bigoted, and very frightening. The even more frightening thing is that these type of people seem to have no respect for human life….even their own! I’ve been writing about corruption for years, but this is violence in its worst form. I can take no comfort in living in Texas until this type of people are gone for our society.


  4. And no one smells a Palin in the mix…with the Idaho Aryan Nations and the Alaska Militia? Really? I mean didn’t Mother Bush tell Sarah she should “go home to Alaska” a long time back…not mad much are you Palin?


  5. YOU CAN THANK THE GOP FOR THESE GUYS…they brought them out of the wooodwork like they brought out the abortion doctor killers. The rapists since they protect them. THE GOP is going full board on trying to get Obama out at any cost and in any way they can. They’re loving their WS groups coming out. They created them.


  6. Fuck you Jennifer you would not know a penis if you were hit in the face with it, your most likely a fat ass possibly a homeosexual


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