Palin’s ACES Predicted to be a Disaster

In 2011 ACES was predicted to be a disaster, and the only thing the Democrats would advocate

palin aces

9 thoughts on “Palin’s ACES Predicted to be a Disaster

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  1. Mother Sarah Palin screwed up her kids.
    Mayor Sarah Palin screwed up Wasilla.
    Governor Sarah Palin screwed up Alaska.
    Todd Palin screwed Shailey Tripp.
    Underage Bristol Palin screwed Levi in a canvas tent.
    Track Palin screwed the pastor’s unmarried virgin daughter.
    Sarah Heath screwed Glen Rice in her sister’s Alaska college dorm room, according to the Michigan baller.

    Wake up Alaska

    Alaska should be advocating Palin abstinence instead of paying those fools with the Alaska Film Tax Credit money for embarrassing the good people of Alaska.


      1. Malia, regarding Track and the pastor’s daughter…that was who Track supposedly married and divorced and they have a daughter together,


      2. ginger50,
        Sorry I misunderstood! I thought you were talking about Todd. I know about Track and Britta.


      3. That would be Brita Hanson. Track’s baby’s mama. Then they had a rush marriage on the side of the road with only Pastor and Mrs. Hanson along with Sarah and Todd. There was a picture of that.


  2. John McCain you liking your Wasilla Energy Expert now?

    Sarah Palin brought down the Alaska agriculture business with her crony Best Friends Forever from Wasilla High School and now Alaska is in trouble from McCain’s prized energy expert.

    Thank God the mavericks lost the election.


  3. That Sarah Palin Curse is nothing to mess with.
    Can’t wait till Sarah sees the light that nobody likes her in Alaska and gets the hell out of here and takes her freeloading family with her to Arizonnnna.


  4. Malia do you know anything about the dairygate issues with Palin and Bussey? Also do yo uknow what is going on with the trial against the Christy family? What I am most interested in is all the Palin phone records going to be exposed in either case? It seems they would be crucial to a courtroom.


    1. Continuum,
      The Christy case is history, and you can find the story on line. I know about dairy gate generally but not about Bussey in particular. As for phone records, my impression, based on what I know about the Tripp matter, is that the Palin’s have a history of causing phone records to literally disappear. It’s hard to believe, and maybe they still exist, but an outsider can’t access them!


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