How Do You End a Culture of Corruption in the Secret Service?

The following is being sent today to the Office of the Inspector General, the White House, Janet Napolitano, and every Senator on the Homeland Security Committee


How do you end a “Culture of Corruption” in the Secret Service? The answer is…One Case at a Time. The resignation of Mark Sullivan was a good start. He has served as the Director of the Secret Service for over 6 years.   During that time at least 119 specific complaints have been made regarding Secret Service agents that relate to alcohol abuse, domestic violence, sexual harassment, pornography, and rape! As if those reports of abuse were not sufficiently outrageous, the Office of the Inspector General who received these reports referred the complaints to the very agency involved in the misconduct and indicated “no reply” was necessary.

The inmates ARE running the asylum!

inmates running asylum

The Department of Homeland Security has a budget of roughly 68.9 Billion Dollars.Yet it seems that there is no interest in investigating these crimes against women by our own government employees, within the borders of  our own country.

At the Senate hearing regarding the Colombia scandal involving Secret Service agents, the director of the Secret Service insisted that the Colombia matter was an “isolated incident” and he didn’t think it was any basis for the conclusion of Senator Susan Collins that this was the result of a culture of corruption. Mr. Sullivan “insisted repeatedly that in his 29 years with the Secret Service he had never heard anyone say that misconduct was condoned, implicitly or otherwise.” Calling his employees “among the most dedicated, hardest working, self-sacrificing employees within the federal government” he declared that this type of behavior was not something that is “systemic within this organization.”

chaney and palin

The month was June, and the agent’s name who took two verbal and one written statement from Shailey Tripp, was Merek Shaffer. Ms. Tripp reported to this agent in two verbal statements and one written statement, that Todd Palin had worked as her pimp, and introduced her to Sarah Palin’s Secret Service agent, David Chaney, over bagels. Ms. Tripp reported that Mr. Chaney did come to her place of business, received sexual services, and then underpaid her for those services. The history of this type of behavior of David Chaney is the same as that reported by the prostitute in Colombia.

Following the Senate hearing on the Colombia scandal, when not a single question was asked regarding Mr. Chaney’s history of use of prostitutes, in the United States, I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request, asking for any statements taken from David Chaney, either confirming or denying the allegations of Ms. Tripp. That request was mailed on June 19, 2012.

Homeland Security then refused to produce the documents requested, out of concern for the privacy interests of Todd Palin and David Chaney. On July 2nd I mailed my appeal of this decision, citing the “overriding public interest” exception which requires production of the documents.  Almost seven months later, I still have no documents, and to my knowledge no independent investigation has been undertaken regarding the allegations of Shailey Tripp. To my knowledge no charges have been filed against Todd Palin or David Chaney.

Because Todd Palin is the husband of Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska, and the former Republican nominee for Vice President, he was in a position of power and influence. David Chaney, as a member of the Secret Service, was also in a position of power. When men who are in positions of power take advantage of women, it becomes extremely hard for women to come forward to report the abuse. Even though there are 119 reported incidents involving Secret Service employees, that is likely a small sample of the actual incidents of abuse. In the general population 54% of sexual assaults go unreported. In the general population 27% of victims of domestic violence go unreported.  Because of the position of power and influence of Todd Palin and David Chaney it is even more amazing that Shailey Tripp had the courage to report the meeting and later service provided to David Chaney.

It may be hard to investigate the allegations involving all 119 incidents that are on the Inspector General’s web site. However there is no excuse for the failure to investigate the claims of Shailey Tripp or to refuse to produce the documents requested. It is outrageous that so many complaints against the Secret Service have gone unnoticed. It is unforgivable that the women who reported this abuse have not been given even the courtesy of a reply. It is reprehensible that the agency accused in these cases is the agency charged with the investigation of the allegations!

The abuse must end, TODAY! Please produce the records requested in 2012-133. Please investigate the charges that should be brought against Todd Palin and David Chaney. Please stop paying retirement benefits with tax payer money to the government employees who “resigned” from their positions as a result of this abuse of power. Our tax payer dollars are ensuring they are comfortable in their retirement. Instead of spending time in a jail cell, they are able to buy a vacation home at the expense of American tax payers.

There is a culture of corruption within the Secret Service, and I am calling upon you to end that corruption today!

Sincerely ,

Malia Litman

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  1. Corruption has existed since politics began. Heck it probably began when humans were created

    MY question, a fair one, is more important to the country. WHEN is the rest of the country going to realize their president currently in office is one of the most deceptive and he hides behind his smile and other vomit-worthy propaganda. I can tell you one thing. If ANY republican said what Obama has said in speeches etc, their careers would have flatlined at that moment.

    Think about that.

    Don’t continue to call people who aren’t falling for the liberal bs racist. THAT is hurting your country and is just a stupid thing to say.

    His lies are in audio and print.

    Stop drinking the koolaid.

    It’s called priorities. When there are mysterious things happening worldwide that WE don’t know about, when there are people in the WORLD in power whom we’ve never heard of, we really have no idea what we’re talking about.


    1. Dang, you are a real nut cake. seriously, go get a life and stop lecturing people on the Internet. You are an idiot, a hypocrite, and you need a psychiatrist quite badly. Only a very mentally ill person lectures people for doing all the things they do themselves. You are sick! I don’t care if you are Kristy or a Palin, it doesn’t matter. You are obsessive, illiterate and extremely uneducated. Get help. You are alsp a nasty mean bully who thinks they can bully others into not talking about the Palin’s. Screw you nut job.
      (see some more of this deranged obsessive repetitive illiterate stalker today at the blog Sarah Palin has a serpents heart–she is a bully and out of her mind. You lecture others about drinking koolaid and lying? Look in the mirror psycho!) This post isn’t about the President and if challenged you couldn’t list five lies with real references. Get off your high horse and get yourself in therapy and on medication.


    2. Hey Reese,errr Kristy, you support the Wife of a known Pimp and Sex Trafficker. Does that not bother you? Do you believe that Sarah Palin should continue to ‘BEG’ for money from supporters even though she will not run for any public office? Your skewed view of the President is just that. Sarah Palin and Todd Palin have ‘Cheated’ the Alaskan citizens out of their hard earned Tax Dollars for personal gain through Fraud and Deception. Any person with common sense can read their SEC filings and see that they are Frauds. I will be one of the first to say: “I told you so”, when the FEDS serve the Arrest Warrants on the Palins.


    3. Reese:

      You need to go take a nice long swim in the Pee Pool. You’ll fee so much better afterward. Be sure to take along Kristi, K.B., and the rest of your imaginary friends.


  2. You know in those law and order shows when a suspect is promised immunity if they lead law enforcement to a bigger criminal? The bigger criminal in a world view of things are people who’ve never been named in the public arena. These are the people who have absolute power over even more than one country. These are the people who really are the only ones who deserve the worst consequences. Sure there are lower ones on the chain who’ve made poor decisions. We all make mistakes in the moment that we will hopefully learn from. Once those lessons are learned and acts of repenting are begun, prosecuting lower “crimes” really aren’t even worth it when the big, unnamed dogs are beyond the law.
    Every past drug dealer has the ability to turn their lives around on their own, even if they were once implicated in interstate and multi-country dealing, as the US govt is.

    It doesn’t help that ignorant voters turn a deaf ear on lies currently coming from DC, on the endless amounts of propaganda from the left to maintain control. Choosing sides/parties and ignoring the chosen side feeds more corruption and lies. There is no such thing as a selfless politician in national office. That has been proven over the last 4 years. People are jealous and have some weird desire to punish whom they’re jealous of (business owners)

    The biggest thing we must remember is, weakening the rich won’t strengthen the poor.


    1. You watch way to much television including Fox. You sound paranoid and uninformed. If anyone has been drinking koolaid, it’s you. get a life for God’s sake. You sound insane. really insane!


    2. Archimedes:

      So much for critical thinking and fact checking. All right, let’s ease into this. Name just one (1) of the “lies” by breaking it down into: (a) who made the lie; (b) what was said verbatim; (c) where it was said; (d) when it was said; and (e) why it was a lie. Forget (e) if you’d like since answers to (a) – (d) will lead to (e).

      I’m not sure whether you and “Reese” (and predecessors) are one in same.
      Why don’t you let us know? One thing is for sure: you all work out of the same paranoid wingnut playbook. Let me guess. You’re a card carrying lifetime member of “the chosen side.” Chosen by whom? From the tone and content of your comment, you would have to be chosen only by God. And you must also be a rich business owner. Remember: wealth and occupation are not shielded from mental illness.


  3. Thank you Malia! Have my fingers crossed. Will try to copy and paste and send to my representatives. Time to burst their bubble and let them know we are fed up with their culture of corruption!


  4. “Homeland Security then refused to produce the documents requested, out of concern for the privacy interests of Todd Palin and David Chaney.”

    Privacy interests?

    Am I missing something here? I understood Homeland Security was formed to protect US citizens against terrorists. Silly me, Homeland Security is protecting the privacy of Pimp Palin.


      1. Let’s not forget about this ” Homeland Predator”

        and this example of delaying an arrest that would cause embarrassment;

        Or this story where a peaceful protester was arrested for taking down a Homeland Security agents plate number. Homeland Security asks us that if we see something to report it. (Unless it is one of their agents committing illegal acts?)


      2. alan,
        Thanks for the link! The end of the story says: “Doyle, who is the fourth-ranking official in the department’s public affairs office, was expected to be placed on administrative leave Wednesday morning.” How many of these guys do you think are getting retirement checks as a result of resigning. Tragic! I guess I’ll have to file another FOIA request re retirement checks paid with out tax dollars to perverts like this!


      3. Brian Doyle retired befor he was convicted. He plea bargained and the judge sentenced him to 5 years followed by 10 years probation. He also has to register as a sex offender.


  5. What chaps my hide big time is that Todd Palin takes advantage of struggling women by pimping them out.

    Another thing that chaps my hide is that Todd Palin is bold enough to solicit his unlawful business to the Secret Service agents without any scruples.

    Add to that, Homeland Security doesn’t seem to think Todd Palin’s behavior to supply prostitutes to not only to government employees but to the United States Secret Service agents doesn’t warrant an investigation or is deemed a national security issue is bothersome to the public.

    Criminals like Todd Palin doesn’t do this type of shady business out of the kindness of their hearts. They do this in order to blackmail and to ask for favors from law enforcement agencies like the Anchorage Police Dept, the Secret Service and others.

    Something needs to be done to discourage and stop this criminal behavior.


  6. Pimping out prostitutes to the Anchorage Police Dept is Alaska’s problem.

    When Todd Palin pimps out prostitutes to the US Secret Service, well now that’s Homeland Security’s problem.


    1. Thanks for the links. I am feeling so disgusted and cynical right now. I can’t imagine my wackadoodle senators and congressman doing a damn thing. I think many men laugh at things like this. They are all too busy worrying about their next election and getting richer. It infuriates me and I feel helpless which I HATE!!!! I have McCain for Gods sake and Tea bag con artist Jeff Flake.
      I really admire your tenacity Malia.. I do wonder if a women’s group of some kind might take this on. You are doing an amazing job and there are strength in numbers. I’m not sure what group but surely they exist. It’s outrageous that this has been ignored. And your crazy troll here has the gall to make excuses for these crimes and bring up the President! This is minimized and ignored partly because of partisan nuts like this. You have approached journalists and they have ignored it too. Have you approached any who write a lot about the SS scandal or sex trafficking? Sex trafficking is a serious problem and having government employes that you are supposed to trust involved is truly sickening.


      1. Lisabeth,
        I will call upon other groups if need be, but I think this should be an issue that men and women should care about, so I’ll wait.


  7. Malia,
    On the topic of corruption, here is more from Alaska. As we predicted, Sarah Palin’s Fed’l friends have come to her rescue yet again. We told everybody that when Sarah has a problem in AK they always fun to Fed’l District Judge Timothy M Burgess. It looks like Sarah Palin, Kristan Cole, and Kris Perry will miraculously excape indictment by the FBI and the US Attorney for DairyGate. Tomorrow, Feb 21st, 2013, at 4:00 pm AK time, Kyle E Beus will be in Burgess’ courtroom for: Hearing on motion to declare case comples (Docket 18). Retta Rae Randall, AUSA will be the prosecutor. (I will include a link at the bottom, but just to warn you, it changes daily). This was the same team who handled Craig & Shawn’s case. Judge Burgess also handled the civil complaint by Chip Toma from Juneau AK by request of Palin’s attorney John Tiemessen. Toma’s case was a state case that Tiemessen took to Burgess and he accepted the case on it’s merits and then ruled that Chip Toma had no merit. Now Toma will owe Tiemessen and the AK State AG’s office $22,000 for filing a complaint against the former Governor. I wonder if Judge Burgess was on Shailey Tripp’s customer list as it seems to me that Tiemessen and the Palin’s have alot of control over this Fed’l District Judge that they always seem, by some miracle, to be able to get for every case they bring to the Feds. Burgess was also involved in a civil case brought by a black couple for the then Gov Palin not observing a certain holiday in AK. Will post that case if I can find it. Seems as if AK is doing alot of damage control for Sarah. As of today, we had it confirmed by Fed’l sources, that Sarah Palin is no longer officially a resident of Alaska. All AK has left is her dirt to deal with.


      1. Malia, The earliest I might be able to shine more light on this situation is after Shawn`s hearing tommorow 2-21-13, at 9AM, AK time. We do not know how Judge Burgess is going to handle things. Our source is extremely reliable and we only learned this information do to one of the possible outcomes of Shawn`s sentencing which if it happens will be quite a shock to everyone. As far as Todd, I do not know and there are the rumors that him and Sarah have some sort of seperation agreement so he will continue to get his share of her earnings. He could be hanging out in Reno, NV or at his dad`s place (Jim Palin) in Palm Desert, CA. I don`t know how much Todd might hang out in Scottsdale, AZ with Sarah and the kids, but probably just enough to keep grifting the Palinbots. Speaking of Scottsdale, AZ, Kristan Cole, Sarah`s BFF and partner in crime, became Regional Director for Kellar Williams Realty Southwest Region as of December 2011 in you guessed it, Scottsdale, AZ, right in Sarah`s new town. Even divorced her Alaskan husband Bradford in May 2012. My guess is she will leave her brokers office for Kellar Williams in AK and soon become the broker in their SW Regional Office in Scottsdale. You can go to Linkedin to confirm all this info on Kristan Cole. And with Sarah`s other attorney, Van Flein being the top staffer for Congressman Paul Gosar, theres a good chance Sarah is going to run for McCains seat in the Senate. This would explain why McCain still supports her and he could still benefit from his office even after he left it. Van Flein is now gathering the Washington DC experience on Capitol Hill and could assume the job of Sarah`s top staffer as soon as she is elected. We hear Van Flein is still a silent partner at Tiemessens lawfirm and I would guess this is incase this plan backfires. Cole is Sarah`s walking wallet and is an expert at money laundering. This also explains Sarah`s conversion from a Christian 1950`s hockey mom to the more moderate Flash Dance 1980`s guru health nut, a much more exceptable personality in the Scottsdale, AZ culture. WHAT A GRIFTER! Todd would never be too far from this type of action, for he has to keep his front up to make his loot. Todd might be dreaming of having Sarah open the border so he can become the head of a Mexican Cartel. Hopefully tommorow I can say more after Shawn`s hearing, if not then at least in the next two weeks. Thank you Malia for keeping up the fight, it`s never easy, but it is the right thing to do!


      2. Shawn’s mom
        I wonder if she’ll have to wait to run for McCain’s seat until it is finished. If McCain is suffering from a recurrence of his cancer, which may be the case, then she might run even sooner. Good luck in the hearing, and let us know when you can about Sarah’s residency.


      3. I know Alaska has nothing but contempt for Sarah Palin but Alaska represents about 90% of her fake image, and without that fake image she’s less than zero.


      4. thought Todd was snowmobiling in that race? far as I know it’s still going on but almost over…so Todd is in Alaska…keep sitting on your hands Eric Gonzalez at the FBI…some things never change…oh hey did you see CNN about the BAD, BAD FBI with all the elements of Todd Palin but it was the FBI doing it internally? one of them bugged their boss office and pillaged thru his briefcase…so if they will do that then I would keep reporting this stuff Malia…on the last note… need to check and the “they are lying SOB’s” the Palins said about Fish and Stream…don’t be eating or drinking anything you might spit back laughing so hard at the Alaskan comments…no we don’t like her anymore…bully and a weirdo…hanging with a dude that pimps you?


  8. How do you end a “Culture of Corruption” in the Secret Service?

    Just a thought:
    If the agent(s) are proven in a court of law to be corrupt, you don’t allow them to retire or resign with benefits, you fire them with loss of all benefits.

    As part of their job requirements, you require the Secret Service agents take annual lie detector tests like the government makes DOD employees who requires Top Security Clearance. They must pass a code of ethics questions test.


    1. Frank,
      I’m with you on that. I’m going to file another foia request regarding the extent of their benefits to reveal just how much we are paying them! I’ll keep you posted


  9. Think about this. The Secret Service agency looks more like a college frat house full of drunks and deviants than America’s top security force. They act like a college football team going out of town to a low level bowl game and allowed to party instead of representing the top level of the United States of America law enforcement agency. It’s sad that the presidential jet Air Force One is always clean and is seen as an icon representing America while the Secret Service agents are seen as party boys who accepts prostitutes from the likes of Todd Palin.

    What’s wrong with this picture?


    1. Well, a college football team (collectively) has more decency on it’s worst day, than Todd Palin and his cohorts ever had on their best day.

      Most college students would show remorse for poor choices they make.

      Todd Palin makes his criminal choices into his lifestyle.


  10. I really appreciate the informative comments of Shawn’s Mom. I have no doubt that SP and TP will continue to grift wherever and whoever they can.
    But I wonder if a serious Senate run is still within SP’s abilities.


    1. Consciousatlast:
      Thank you for appreciating the information in my comments. Unfortunatly, I only know these things from first hand experience of how Sarah ruins peoples lives.
      As for her funning for Senate, no, it is not within her capabilities of being able to win, or hold the office. Everyone knows she is not capable of those things. But, she would still throw her hat into the ring, and be allowed to do it for one simple fact. She (and she doesn’t realize this is happening to her) is being used as a tool. They are letting her get away with everything she is doing because it makes a mockery of the Republican party, Conservatives, Homeschooling families, etc. What a better way to control national politics.
      We have the same problem that Malia is having as well as Shailey Tripp, Chip Toma, and all the other folks that the Palin’s have screwed. The problem is finding out who the architects are for letting alot of innocent people get hurt for their own political gain. Someone is obstructing justice for their own political career and this has to be coming from somewhere near the top.


      1. Shawn’s MOM,
        Let us know how the hearing went, and if you can share your source for the information about Sarah renouncing her residency in Alaska, we’d love to know.



    Link to a story this morning on KTUU’s website called State Task Force Examines Prevelance of Human Trafficing in Alaska. Parnell had a 5 or 6 month study done on human and sex trafficing. I added a post to the story that read: Let me guess, Parnell’s task force failed to look at the ex Gov Sarah Palin’s husband Todd for his sex trafficing pimping business. For more info on this, check out Shailey Tripp’s book “Boys Will be Boys.” There is also a blog page by Malia Littman that also outlines some of this information.

    I am sure that by the end of the day my post, and all other posts will be removed from the story. KTUU and ADN have been removing all posts from their stories. I am not sure if it is on all of their articles, or just those about Palin’s crew and anything associated with her. I had several comments on the stories about Israel Keyes’s suicide in regards to the prison system in AK, and all the posts on those stories were taken down. And we all know who runs the prison system in AK now don’t we?


  12. Malia:
    Getting back to you and everyone else about Shawn’s hearing yesterday. As usual, it turned into a circus and the gov’t is trying to set different standards in a deal they already made with him. The reason this is happening is because Tiemessen’s law firm and all the attorney’s involved are upset because his deal includes him staying in Alaska due to the judge not wanting to turn the jurisdiction of the case over to PA. The deal was struck between Asst. US Atty Retta Rae Randall and Fed’l Chief Public Defender Rich Curtner, due to the fact that Sarah Palin is no longer living in AK and is now residing in Arizona. This was confirmed in a conversation between my husband Craig and Rich Curtner. Tiemessen’s law firm is upset because they have to deal with the damage in AK that Sarah Palin caused them while she sits in the sunny desert of Scottsdale. Shawn was to plead guilty to being discharged from the half way house in PA (even though he was being eaten alive day and night by bed bugs) and also plead to a misdemeanor of impeding the US Marshals (only because he did not want to go back to a half way house that was unsafe and inhumane). The deal would have Shawn going to the Cordova half way house in Anchorage AK for a few months while he got settled in AK. Shawn agreed to this because if he would have stayed in PA every time they wanted to violate his probation he would be flown back to AK (over 4000 miles) and put in multiple jails in the con-air system. A trip that takes at least a month by itself. This is amazing considering most people who are charged with telephone harassment on the fed’l level only get 6 months probation. Judge Burgess is pushing for more charges against Shawn. (we have a feeling that Burgess is on Todd Palin’s customer list). But the US Gov’t does not want to bring any charges that will put Sarah Palin on the stand. This would bring out all of what happened between Sarah and Shawn in 2009. Of course, Tiemessen and Burgess do not care if the US Gov’t incriminates itself because Palin on the stand would just say that all she did was what the Gov asked her to do thus putting the US Gov in a spot. So the circus continues with Shawn looking at serving 4 months in jail already for this supposed probation violation. On the average, a violation is usually taken care of within less than 2 months. But because Burgess likes to play games and keep Shawn in jail hoping something will happen that will deteriorate his case, Burgess keeps finding ways to stall the sentencing to have him endure more punishment. Shawn has become a political prisoner. So now, even the Fed’l Gov admits Sarah Palin is no longer living in AK. Sarah will run for John McCain’s seat, not just for power and money, but in her vindictive mind, a way to make McCain submit to her authority after being told what to do during the ’08 Presidential campaign. And they sent Craig & Shawn for BOP psych evals yet Sarah still walks the streets! This is your Gov’t working for you. Shawn’s next hearing is scheduled for March 21st and he is considering nullifying the deal and taking it to the bench. All Shawn wants is to get on with his lfe, find a good job, and settle down with a place of his own. All this, because of a few weeks of texting in ’09 with Willow Palin. Our question is, was it really Willow, or was it Sarah? Our 4 year nightmare continues.

    A couple of links to what is going on with the half way house where Shawn was for 5 months:,0,1784438.story

    Bad day yesterday. Shawn’s hearing was not supposed to be drug out another month. He was expected to be released some time next week. In addition to that, we had to have Shawn’s 14 year old dog put down, he had kidney failure. (Have not told Shawn yet, as he is still upset from the proceedings). We had $163 in the bank and spent $159 on putting the dog down. I was laid off from my job 3 weeks ago and do not qualify for unemployment. PA no longer has cash assistance, and my husband is still waiting on being approved for disability. At the moment, we do not have any money other than food stamps coming in. And to think, our Fed’l Govt has spent millions on Craig & Shawn alone trying to cover up for Sarah’s dirty little secrets.


    1. Shawn’s Mom, I’m sorry to hear about Shawn’s dog 😦 and your finances. I would write to Eric Holder and expose the corruption of the FBI and all of them up there. Your Son is political prisoner. I would also get Anonymous involved. They had a website up for Steubensville called live leaks I think? I’ve always wondered why your Son can’t be tried in PA, but we know who’s Lover runs the AK prisons. Between her and him they’ve screwed the whole state…wink-wink! I wish you the best in your fight.


    2. You said; “Judge Burgess is pushing for more charges against Shawn.”

      Who is he pushing for more charges?

      Judges are supposed to be neutral.

      Perhaps you should look into filing a complaint againstthe judge?


      1. Alan
        Judge Burgess used to be the US Attorney for the District of Alaska. He was recommended to the Senate Judiciary Committee for the bench by Senator Ted Stevens. Uncle Ted, as he is known in AK was hand-grooming Sarah all the way back to when Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla. Sarah was involved with much of Ted Stevens’ campaign fund raising. Stevens’ top aide, Jonathon Lack, is now a Superior Court Judge in Anchorage for the State of AK. Lack was also our judge in the 2011 State Protective Order hearings. All these individuals are also high-ranking members of the AK Republican party. This is just the tip of the iceberg of corruption that my family has suffered from Palin and her powerful elite.

        He is pushing the Asst. US Attorney, Retta Rae Randall, who works in his old office. Burgess is on the side of Palin and if more charges were made, it would bring out everything that the gov’t was involved with concerning Shawn in 2009. Sarah would say that the FBI and US Atty. forced her to do all the things she did against Shawn in ’09. That is why the gov’t is hesitating and does not want to charge neither Craig or Shawn with anything else. While Shawn suffers in jail and our lives are being ruined, the US Gov’t is caught between a rock and a hard place. My family has become a hockey puck in a game of blame between the gov’t elite. Pretty sick, isn’t it?


      2. It is disturbing that the judge is pressuring the prosecuting attorney to add more charges. How can a judge be considered impartial if he is engaging in such conduct? Do you have any evidence that shows the judge doing this?

        I understand and sympathize with what your family has endured. I think you should do as someone else suggested and write to Eric Holder about the misconduct of the judge
        There is apparently something fishy going on there…


  13. Malia, my Son told me to contact Larry Flynt about this! He says the only one with the ballz (outside of you) to publish this! Shawn’s Mom he will also see about Your Son, when he reads the comments. Only someone who is not afraid with lots of money can expose this rats nest! Lets the chips fall! Thank you Malia!


    1. crystalwolf,
      I don’t know if anyone will really care, but I do and I’m going to do my best to make sure that someone is paying attention.


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