Yesterday, February 18th, I posted excerpts from the FOIA report pertaining to the Secret Service. This document was found here.  That document was created by the Office of Inspector General, which is a division of Homeland Security. It appears that if the Office of Inspector General receives a FIOA request for documents regarding corruption, or a report of corruption, the Office of Inspector General files a report, and usually refers that request to the agency involved. To further understand, and ensure accuracy in my reporting, I contacted the Inspector General directly. Nikki Grammian is the representative in the FOIA office who provided the information reported herein.


When a FOIA request is received by the Inspector General’s Office there are various matters that are reported. They include:

1. “Opened” –This is the date the FOIA request is received by their office.

2. “Closed” – This is the date the Office of the Inspector General closes their investigation, and is no longer involved.

3. “Action Desc” – This stands for “Action Description”. Most of the hundreds of items contained in this report show a notation of “Referred-No Reply.” This means that the Office of the Inspector General has referred to the agency involved and that “no reply” is requested. While it is possible to see a “Reply Requested”, it is a rare entry. The Colombia prostitution scandal appears to be C-12-USSS HQ 10553, opened 4-17-22 and closed 4-17-22, with a notation that the matter was referred, and a reply WAS requested.


It appears that my FOIA request regarding Todd Palin, David Chaney, and Shailey Tripp  is listed as C-12- USSS – HQ -10916, which was opened on 4-25-12 and closed the next day on 4-26-12. Under the “Action Description” for my request regarding Todd Palin, Shailey Tripp, and David Chaney,  there is a notation of “Referred-No Reply.” That means that this request was sent to the Secret Service and no reply was requested.


Thus the Secret Service was charged with investigating itself regarding the Secret Service Agent’s meeting with Todd Palin and Shailey Tripp, and no report was requested. More importantly the vast majority of complaints filed against the Secret Service were referred to the Secret Service with “No Reply Requested.”


Not surprisingly, because the Secret Service is itself responsible for investigating itself, virtually no action is, or has been taken regarding the various claims of DUI, Alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, rape, and various reports of pornography. Upon reviewing the form the Inspector General has created, it is obvious that the Inspector General has been satisfied with a “Disposition Type” or “Action Description”  for the majority of complaints to remain blank. In other words, the Inspector General is only concerned with a report if the Inspector General expects to have to reply to public outcry, as in the Colombia scandal. In the absence of a public outcry regarding Todd Palin, and the allegations that he was Shailey Tripp’s pimp, the Inspector General is satisfied to leave the “Disposition” blank.  This matter was referred to the Secret Service who was allegedly involved with the use of prostitutes made available by Todd Palin.  No wonder no response has been made to my request!  No wonder there is no accountability within the Secret Service when they are the perpetrators and they investigate themselves.  No wonder Mark Sullivan testified that there was no “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service.  If it was up to him to investigate these claims involving over 100 instances of alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, pornography and use of prostitutes, and he never investigated these claims, then how could there ever be any PROOF of a culture of corruption.  It was only a culture of ignoring claims of alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence  rape, pornography, and the use of prostitutes.

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“No Reply” is unacceptable! We must let our Congressmen and women know that a “reply” is not only necessary, but imperative.