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The day was January 19, 2011. The National Enquirer broke the story of Shailey Tripp, a prostitute, and her Pimp, Todd Palin.  In the two years that has passed Todd Palin has never denied the story. In fact, even though I asked “Hey Todd, You Been Hanging Out With Hookers Lately?” in February of 2011, Todd has never responded to bloggers or to the National Enquirer.

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On Feb. 16, 2012 Shailey Tripp published the book Boys Will Be Boys,

boys will be boys

providing specific, graphic, and intimate details about her recruitment into a life of prostitution by Todd Palin. The book has been out a few days under one year, and the Palins have not filed suit.  They have not threatened suit.  They have been conspicuously silent about the allegations in the book. It certainly seems that given their familiarity with the court house, and the fact that they have Mr. Tiemessen on retainer, and given his friendly relationship with the Anchorage Police Department, a defamation suit would have been filed if such disparaging reports were untrue. Perhaps filing suit against Shailey Tripp wouldn’t be worthwhile as the Palins couldn’t recover any money from her. However the National Enquirer is not only solvent, but probably has insurance to protect it in the even of such a suit. The more likely reason is that truth is a defense to a defamation suit, and Todd and Sarah would be required to testify in such a case. The truth hurts, and Todd is suffering mightily.

As we turned on our computers over the last year, we have seen multiple stories about pimps and their prostitutes. Of course there was the scandal that broke last May relating to the Secret Service Agents and the prostitutes in Colombia.The next month the FBI was involved in a “Task Force Crack Down on Pimps, Prostitutes.  In fact there was a three-day law enforcement sweep targeting the problem of teenage prostitution in which the FBI rescued 79 children and arrested 104 alleged pimps. 

Todd Palin was not one of the pimps arrested.

This week the FBI has targeted Senator Robert Menendez and one of his supporters Dr. Salomon-Melgan. The allegation is that Dr. Melgan accompanied Senator Menendez to the Dominican Republic for “illicit trysts” with prostitutes.  Prostitution in the Dominican Republic is legal.

Last summer Shailey Tripp reported to Merek Shaffer of Homeland Security that she had been introduced to David Chaney, the Secret Service agent assigned to guard Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign, by Todd Palin.

david chaney and palin

She reported that the First Dude introduced her to Mr. Chaney for the purpose of providing sexual services, which were in fact provided by Ms. Tripp. When the Senate Subcommittee announced it was going to conduct a hearing on whether there is a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service, I brought these allegations to the attention of each Senator in hopes that they would ask questions. When questions were not asked during the hearing, I filed a FOIA request asking for the statement of David Chaney, in an attempt to determine whether he verified the allegations of Ms. Tripp regarding Todd Palin. That request for documents was made in June of 2012. In spite of repeated requests, and many cited reasons that the information should be produced, not one document has been produced.  Homeland Security has disclosed the same amount of information about David Chaney’s involvement with Shailey Tripp as Todd Palin has.  That would be NOTHING!

It seems rather curious that the FBI has been charged with the task of bring pimps to justice during this last year, and rescuing young women and children from predators, but nothing has been done to bring charges against, or to investigate, Todd Palin. Normally the FBI doesn’t see prostitutes give lie detector tests implicating their pimps, or publishing  books providing graphic details of their pimp’s anatomy. So why is Todd Palin still riding his snowmobile across Alaska, and basking in the sun in Arizona?

Unable to answer these questions, I returned to Shailey Tripp’s book to determine if any answers might be provided that I just didn’t remember since it has been a year since I read her book. Therein was the answer.

At pg, 16 of the book, where she was describing her arrest by the APD she reported:

“ Finally, they took me inside around 4:00 p.m. Things kept getting more and more bizarre. While going through booking, I saw an officer who had been a legitimate massage client of mine and two uniformed men present had been sexual clients.  Add to this the two F.B.I. agents who were sexual clients, and two other people who were my friends, all in the booking area.”

At page 156 of the book, in the Chapter  entitled “Anchorage Police” Ms. Tripp reports:

“ Kashawn Thomas and I were arrested March 4, 2010 at my place of business…This was a large raid with fourteen or fifteen officers participating. There were two men wearing jackets with FBI patches. I believe there were also representatives from Homeland Security present. I was told it was some kind of joint task force …The officer claimed that the police had my office under video surveillance for the past two months.”

Of course we can’t know if Ms. Tripp’s report is accurate because Homeland Security won’t produce documents that might confirm Ms. Tripp’s story. Of course we know that the police might have made video of the office and had footage of a variety of men coming and going, but we have never seen such a video, and it seems likely that if it ever existed, it does no longer. However the most offensive thing about this entire saga is that it seems that the very law enforcement agents, who purport to be fighting to protect prostitutes from their predators, have ignored the assertions of the most outspoken prostitute in the country. What other prostitute has published a book and named a Secret Service Agent as a customer? What other prostitute has documented her recruitment into a life of prostitution in a nationally published book, by the spouse of a Vice Presidential Candidate, and the only person reporting on it is a blogger in Dallas Texas? Why isn’t the Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security demanding answers? Why won’t Homeland Security respond to a simple FOIA request? If the FBI is so concerned with a single Senator taking advantage of prostitution services in a country where such services are legal, why isn’t the FBI questioning Todd Palin about prostitution services his prostitutes provided within the United States while his wife was running for Vice President, What secret services did Todd Palin arrange for the Secret Service agent assigned to guard Sarah?