Timing is Everything. Palin Didn’t “leak” the Story

On Thursday, Jan. 24th I posted the notice that Fox had not renewed Sarah Palin’s contract. I explained how and from whom I confirmed the fact that she was no longer employed by Fox.

palin rages

People commenting on the post confirmed that there were people talking about the post at Conservatives4Palin. When someone comes to my blog, and reads a particular article, I can tell from the information provided by WordPress, where the person came from. If it is a blog, like Conservatives4Palin , I can tell that they are coming from that blog. Not only did I get confirmation from readers like “Star” “Njfan” and “jinky”, but I could tell from the referral information that people from conservatives4palin were coming to my site. I had about 30 people reading from that blog.  Thus it was a matter of time before Sarah Palin would try to do damage control.  We predicted she would try to pretend that this was her decision.   We were not disappointed.

Yesterday, Friday, the Daily Beast reported on the departure of Palin from Fox. I was glad the news got out and the Daily Beast was one of the sources I had previously sent a link to,… on Thursday. I was disappointed that they didn’t report the original source of the information, but I was glad they were getting the word out. The funny thing is that in their report they explained:

“A friendly announcement was planned for Friday, but a source close to Palin leaked the news in the afternoon to Real Clear Politics, saying the former Alaska governor “decided not to renew the arrangement” and “remains focused on broadening her message of common-sense conservatism”

Real Clear Politics made this report:

“…Sarah Palin and FOX News have cut ties, according to a source close to the former Alaska governor.

“It’s my understanding that Gov. Palin was offered a contract by FOX, and she decided not to renew the arrangement,” the source close to Palin told RCP. “She remains focused on broadening her message of common-sense conservatism across the country and will be expanding her voice in the national discussion.”

Bill Shine, Executive Vice President at FOX, subsequently issued a statement to the New York Times confirming the news, saying, “We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

The reason timing, and method of the announcement is important is that it tells us that it was not really Palin’s decision. To suggest that a “source close to Palin leaked the news” is incorrect. The “news” was provided initially by the Fox switchboard operator, simply saying that Palin was no longer at Fox. It was AFTER that the a Palin aide “leaked” the information that Palin was not going to renew her contract. Nothing has been “leaked” about the terms of any contract she was supposedly offered at Fox. For example the alleged contract could have been that:

1. Sarah could appear on the News if she paid Fox $1,000,000 per year.

palin fox news

2. Sarah could continue to work for Fox, if Todd provided entertainment for Roger Ailies every Sat. night for the next year.

todd palin pimp hat

3. Sarah could continue to work for Fox if she wouldn’t speak, and if she promised never to wear wigs again.

palin wig

4. Sarah could continue to work for Fox so long as the Alaska Film Office subsidized the show.

5. Sarah could continue to work at Fox so long as the Anchorage Police Department issued press releases before every show.

anchorage police

6. Sarah could continue to work for Fox so long as she let Trig do the talking.

7. Sarah could continue to work for Fox provided that she doesn’t talk about:

a. The American Revolution

b. Newt Gingrich

c. Building Dikes


d. Anybody’s balls

e. Any bastards, corrupt or otherwise

f. Waving at anybody

g. Russia

h. North Korea

i. South Korea

j. Anywhere is the Koreas

k. Anywhere is Africa

l. Anybody’s big stick

m. Prostitutes

n. Pimps

o. Teen Pregnancy

bristol people baby graduation

p. Corruption

q. The Anchorage Police

r. David Chaney

david chaney and palin

s. The Secret Service

t. Homeland Security

u. Bloggers

v. “mainstream media’

w. Blood libel

x. Reloading

y. Assault weapons

palin gun shop

z. Grandchildren

aa. Anybody who is limp or impotent

bb. Any family vacations

palin bus

cc. Any motorcycle rides

bristol with parents at rolling thunder

dd. Moose

ee. Caribou

ff. Hunting

gg. Wolves

palin wolves

hh. Special needs children

ii. Taco Bell

taco bell

jj. Diet Dr. Pepper

kk. Tanning beds

ll. Dancing with the Stars

mm. Snowmobiles

todd snowmobile

nn. E-mails

oo. Time magazine

pp. Rick Perry

qq. The Bridge to Nowhere

rr. Elites

ss. Common sense or Ronald Reagan and where he went to school.

palin csu

88 thoughts on “Timing is Everything. Palin Didn’t “leak” the Story

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  1. OMG! You’ve outdone yourself! ROFLMAO

    so glad she is done. Next will be an announcement from People or US magazine proclaiming her brilliance. They print anything that pays well.


    1. Dis gusted,
      I am sure there will be a story coming of the new Palin “thing”. Maybe she’ll announce Willow’s getting married, just to grab headlines, and then have Willow stood up at the church by her fiancee.?


  2. She’s trying to save face.
    Sarah doesn’t want it to look like she got fired before she had a chance to quit.
    Her fans hang on every word she says, so naturally they’ll believe her lies


  3. Congratulations on the scoop. That’s quite a feat. I read your post on the 24th, and like you anticipated that SP would try to make it appear to be her idea.
    Under (f.), did you mean “waving” at anybody? 🙂


  4. This is classic.
    You should get the credit for beating everyone to the story, but aggregators like The Daily Beast don’t pay for what they pick up from others, nor do they credit them.
    Your work has been diligent and unyielding. Thank you.


  5. Pretty amusing to see this all come out immediately after your dogged pursuit led to the nutty switchboard operator confirmation. Hilarious even.

    Way to go Malia!

    I did find it a little disappointing that I didn’t see any reference to you in any of the other Fox/Palin articles I read, except Gryph @ IM.
    Well . … it’s the mission that matters, eh?

    Thank you for all you’ve done w/ this blog. 😉


    1. tmm,
      If I wrote for the publicity, I would have quit long ago, however it is interesting that a Palin insider mysteriously slipped this information out.


    2. PoG reported that Malia had the story up yesterday – we also gave her credit in our new story on the career-ending flop. We all recognize that Malia got it right and she got it before anyone else did!!!

      H/T from PoliticalGates!


  6. Malia,
    I was checking out all the other news articles coming out about this last night, shaking my head at what I was reading. You have been on this story for so long and first brought it out. Your loyal fans give you all the credit, to hell with the rest of them! As for the statement from FOX, of course they are going to say what they did, only to cover their own tracks. They don’t have the guts to come out and make a true statement so you have to take their words with a grain of salt. As for the Palin insider, anyone can clearly see that statement was made as not to make her look bad. Once again Sarah is trying to take all the credit for doing something. The rest of the world knows what a piece of crap she is, the only ones that don’t are the Palinbots, and who needs them anyway?
    Good job with all that you have been doing, and especially for making us laugh. I especially loved the “alleged” contract. That was the best as always!


    1. Shawn’s MOM,
      It’s just funny to me that Palin tries to act like she quit, when we knew she wouldn’t be working for Fox weeks ago! Ailes knew last Aug. that her future a t Fox was finished. Palin thinks that if she says anything people will believe her. Some will, but most are too smart!


      1. Hello Malia! I totally concur with Shawn’s MOM ; her post speaks volumes! Once again, I admire your dogged determination and persistence in seeking out the truth; the truth always prevails! Except for Gryphen at IM, and the gang at Po’Gates, no one else will give you credit for your hard work! Besides, I don’t think ANY media outlet would admit that a blogger had out”FOX”ed them (I know – bad “pundint”ry)!! {{couldn’t resist!}}


      2. Anyone who believes Sarah quit a job, paying $1,000,000 per year for doing nothing, had better run, not walk, to the Dr. quick!
        all of us who have followed her antics,schemes,illusions know full well she would rather die, then do real work.


      3. gsb,
        Yea, just imagine being paid $1,000,000 just to show up in your own home to say that whatever the Fox anchors said was right. The only time she added anything, she made a fool of herself…like building dikes, and Paul Revere.


      4. Malia, It`s just like when Palin was forced out of office 7-3 09 when she made an emergency press statement that she would resign as of 7-26-09. This was one hour after Shawn had his Psych evaluation in New Hope, PA by Dr. Virginia Sherr as requested by the US Secret Service. Shawn would have a clean bill of health to testify and Sarah would have been charged with filing false reports with 3 Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, along with her family, Kristan Cole, Kris Perry, Wasilla Police Investigator RuthAnn Jostin, Claude Kilpatrick of the AST GOV Security and David Takach, PA State Trooper and FBI liason with the Allentown FBI Resident Office. Sarah`s just like any other hustler, always quitting and trying to find a new victim. Sarah and her wife Todd will not be able to quit PRISON!


      5. Shawn’s Mom,
        That is very interesting timing! I there something you c ould share with us to show that Palin knew about the psych evaluation?


      6. Malia, in answer to your question, I do not have anything in writing unfortunatly. What I do know is that Sarah knew about everything that was going on with Shawn. This was told to us by the US Capitol Police (Commander Eric Waldro & Investigators Steve Van Holstein & Matt Zimmerman). Also, we heard the news about her announcement on July 4th when we were walking out of K-Mart and seen the headlines in the newspaper. My husband called David Tacach (PA State Police liason to the FBI) at home and talked to him about it and it was confirmed by him that this was the reason. We also had conversations with the Secret Service (Joseph Conlin, 30-yr SS Vet & SA Kenneth Beauchamp) this regard. I can guarantee that in the e-mails that haven’t been released from when she was Gov, contain e-mails concerning this. In there you will also find the “missing” e-mails from Shawn that never made it through to the White House. Both Agt Conlin & Dave Tacach had spoken to AST Gov’s Security Claude Kilpatrick before Sarah left office because my husband Craig called and spoke to Kilpatrick and he was scared to death saying you have to talk to Tacach or Conlin because that is what they told him to say. On 6-26-09 Tacach visited us after dinner (he actually made an appointment first), and brought with him the e-mails that Shawn had sent to Palin’s office. The e-mails were cut and pasted and he would not give us a copy. When Shawn went to Washington DC the 2nd time and surrendered himself at the US Capitol Police headquarters, we went down and picked him up. That was the night we met the big brass as they had the entire investigative division there to meet us. (At 1:00 in the morning). They told us about the e-mails we would later see from Tacach, but they did not show them to us at that time. They told us that Shawn would not be arrested and that AZ was activated for 1 day, but decided not to charge Shawn with anything. They also told us we would be meeting the Secret Service probably in a week or two but they were not going to be charging Shawn either. They did not know what AK was going to do. The Secret Service told us when we met them that they had convinced the US Atty in AK, that it would not be in their best interest to charge Shawn. You have to love Fed’l inter-agency wars! Interesting about the psych report, there were recommendations by Dr Sherr including for Shawn to have an ankle monitor and for him to never own a gun again. Dr Sherr said that the ankle monitor was a recommendation by Agt Conlin of the Secret Service. After Sarah announced she was leaving office on 7-3-09, the Secret Service was no longer interested in Shawn following any of the recommendations. We believe, but do not have the proof yet, that his psych eval would have cleared him to testify against any charges they would have brought against SP or anyone else involved with him in ’09. In our last meeting with Agt Conlin at our house on 7-9-09, he told us the 20 threats Shawn had been coerced into making never made it to the White House. 8 were found e-mailed from our Tamaqua Library, but were re-directed, possibly by Elizabeth (Betsy) Bartko of the Anchorage FBI. She had been down at our library since March of ’09 watching Shawn while she was reporting that he was running around in Alaska per reports from Sarah and family and friends and the Wasilla Police Dept including Inv. RuthAnn Jostin. Agt Conlin told us to put in incident reports with the Tamaqua Police because Agt Bartko apparently in her reports was saying that she was in AK following Shawn. The incident report with the Tamaqua PD, is docket # 09-2314. I can send you Shawn’s psych report from his PSR and some business cards from the officials we dealt with.


    2. July 3rd seems to be a day that was not good for Sarah Palin…I am gonna fry them in court with all their negligence…now I just got word my homeland might be Russia…that explains a lot…and Palin can have fun telling
      President Putin why she committed “domestic-terrorism” on me…and why she took the money that was left for me? “missed opportunities” well that will cost the State of Alaska HUGE…as Levi quoted in a interview…may be you can just email Malia the intel on what you all got put through and when the incompetent state attorneys try to say mine is an isolated case…I can retort with REALLY…and present your circumstances…we have to stand up to this corruption and crime spree they think they can get away with…oh did you hear Dimeitri of Russia talking about adoptions to CNN this AM?


  7. Poor Sarah just talked her way out of some money! Had she been fired, she could have filed for unemployment. Don’t get it if you quit! Of course she quits everything so she didn’t know. Lots of things she doesn’t know! 🙂


    1. Mrs. Gunka,
      The funny thing is that Palin probably wanted some offer so she could quit,, but you’re right, by quitting, she can’t collect unemployment.


      1. it’s not black and white at unemployment. It varies by state. Although she quit, she could still collect if UE decides there were extenuating circumstances. Sarah has played the victim for profit her entire life. This is just another paragraph in her story. I would bet $ that she WILL collect unemployment. Hell, Bristol probably collects as well as the rest of the family members.


  8. “remains focused on broadening her message of common-sense conservatism”

    HAHAHA. We’re expected to believe that Palin would give up the ONLY tv channel that has tolerated her screech so she can “broaden” her message?

    Palins are a dime a dozen to Faux Nooz: they just need someone shrill and dumb enough to fit the demographics of their viewers. Plenty of those in the TP.


    1. BW,
      I blame McCain for picking her because she is a woman, and I blame Fox for hiring her because she is a woman. When will they learn?


  9. What bullshit – I just read the Anchorage Daily News of today and there is an article w/Palin’s photo – “Palin, Fox News part ways in amicable fashion”
    and the last paragraph of the article states “A spokeswoman for Palin referred a reporter to an article by Real Clear Politics, the website that broke the news of the split on Friday. The article quoted an anonymous source as saying that Palin had decided not to renew w/Fox, but ‘will be expanding her voice in the national discussion”.

    I’ve never in my life seen anyone lie like this bitch does…of course, Palin didn’t say it herself, so the lie cannot go directly to her.

    Think that I’ll write a “Letter to the Editor” and state that you disclosed it on Thursday and Palin did nothing more than come out and cover her ass. I wish someone from Fox would put out the real story of it being Fox that chose not to renew her contract.


    1. Millie,
      If they publish your letter, please, please, let me know. Funny thing that the best information the Anchorage Daily News relates to something anyone said on Friday. It’s especially funny that so many people from Alaska read this blog,and know the real story.!


      1. Will do, Malia. They might not publish my letter – I’ve experienced that before when being somewhat confrontational or countering Palin’s position. We’ll see!


  10. She is one of the reasons Bobby Jindal of Louisiana tars his own party of Republicans as the stupid party.

    Stupid woman, stupidity walking on two feet..


  11. We know you broke the story FiRST, Malia. I only read about it on other blogs AFTER reading it here. Way to go! I read on another blog yesterday that maybe Palin will get an offer from CNN. Gosh, I certainly hope not. Having Erick Erickson, Wolf Blitzer, and Dana Loesch has already harmed the network’s credibility. CNN has been losing viewers and revenue, and if it wants to lose more, it will hire Palin! She’s great at turning viewers off with her word salad combinations.


    1. majiir – NO WAY IN HELL will CNN hire the retarded idiot – Jack Cafferty ripped her a new arse back in ’08 whilst Wolfie kissed it. I would pay BIG MONEY to see her at the anchor desk with Soledad O’Brien; her pants will brown up with fear faster than her buddy, the “Nuge”! There will be NO pre-approved softball questions with Soledad; she cuts to the quick and dispenses with idiots very fast!


  12. Malia,
    Congrats on breaking the story and forcing Mooselini to try and spin it that she did the quitting…. surely no one in America has ever heard the “we wish him/her well in their future endeavors” spiel before. Only thing more definitely corporate speak for “fired” is “so-and-so has decided to pursue other career options.”
    Thank you for all your hard work!


  13. Oh my. This is quite a list!
    Congratulations on breaking this story and forcing Palin’s hand. May a much bigger story be credited to your persistence in the near future.


  14. THE Idiot Party has moved on to dreaming about Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, and Marco Rubio, Palin is still stuck in 2008.
    She still thinks she is some kind of a superstar.


  15. Thank you for your astounding persistence and sharp mind, Malia.

    I think we also shld give Joe McGinniss Original Leak credit. Last May he stated with “absolute certainty”, probably from chatting w/ his best bud Ailes, that Sarah would not be continuing with Fox past the elections.


    1. Melly,
      I had forgotten about that! Thank you for reminding us! I understand Joe is sick, so he probably can’t write about it, but this link should speak for him!


  16. Thank you for saying snowmobile. In the land of Frostbite Falls, you know… where they were invented, NOBODY calls them snow machines. Of course, thanks for your reporting work too. Cheers.


  17. Not that it will change a thing, but I wrote an email and sent it to the author of the Slate article stating that Malia (Rebuttal to the Rogue) broke this story on January 24 (Thursday) – NOT RealClearPolitics – and I sent him the link.
    Let’s see how honest they are!


    1. shondi99,
      Thank you for spending your time doing that. I doubt they will write about it, but they should realize what Palin did, and how the truth was once again distorted by Palin.


    1. Michelle,
      Thanks for coming to the site, and if you are new to our “family” be sure to read about the pending FOIA request to Homeland Security regarding a statement taken of David Chaney. I expect to have to file suit to get the documents, and I expect that when they are made available, we will have proof of the validity of the account by Shailey Tripp that Todd was her pimp!


  18. Congratulations on your scoop. I am hoping that upon your next scoop this one, too, will be recognized belatedly. Exposing the PalinPregHoax (my favorite among the Palingates), eventually, will surely lead to a good look at MSM and their failures — incl not crediting you for being first with this info. Once again, kudos and thanks.


    1. Ottoline,
      Good to hear from you, and thanks for the support! I don’t know if I can get the scoop on Trig, but it’s fun to think about that. I do think that I’ll get the statement of Chaney, sooner or later, and we’ll finally have the proof we have been looking for that Shailey Tripp’s story is true.


  19. Malia: I think I’m being blocked at ADN. I mentioned your name and blog and said your announcement appeared on THURSDAY which made Sarah make her announcement on FRIDAY due to the national attention your comments were getting. I also indicated to them that most felt FOX had no desire in renewing her contract due to her drastic drop in her popularity.


    1. Millie,
      I’m so sorry they blocked your comment, but unfortunately it seems the ADN is also careful not to disclose the real Sarah Palin either!


  20. Commonsense conservatism?” “Expanding her voice in the national discussion?” Really??? With “conservatism” in its present form, “commonsense conservatiism” is an oxymoron. The “national discussion” left Mrs. Failin’ in a basket in front of an abandoned orphanage sometime before the RNC. This just means she’ll have to work harder.

    Sorry to say, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Batshit Barbie.
    Scarah will always have her uber loyal trog fans at the Pee Pad no matter what happens. But she can also mutate into a more virulent form and expand her appeal to a wider base of wingnut fringe types. She’s already confirmed that she’s a racist. Check. And she passes the “dumb” test with flying colors. Check. Arizona probably has more crazy rednecks per capita than Alaska. Check. Maybe she can work as a mouthpiece for the KKK, just for starters.


    1. mermaid michele,
      Thanks for supporting me and the blog! I think a lawsuit is going to have to be filed against Homeland Security, and I’ll need all the support I can get then!


  21. You and all your fans (me too, me too) KNOW you were the first to post anything. They should have given you credit, but hey, we know the truth. Well done, AGAIN.


  22. Looking on her FB page, Any dissenting opinion is met with remarks from her fans that the person with an opposite opinion of Sarah is called “Marxist” “Communist”, “Troll”, or other such tripe.


    1. whisperingstar,
      don’t forget, ugly and in need of sex, jealous, and a liar! I have yet to have anyone with a different opinion send me a link to any contrary information than what I reported, but instead I’ve had all these things said of me.


      1. Don’t feel bad Malia about having been called all those names. Whenever I post somewhere the Palinbots call me libel and slanderous. But it’s ok for them to do it. For example Sarah’s Daddy came out on an interview with the BBC News and blatently lied about my son! I have the proof that what he said was a lie, but like I said, it’s ok for them to do it, but God forbid if anybody says anything bad about them, look out. I would have one hell of a lawsuit against both Chuckie baby and the BBC for slander if I had the $ for a lawsuit. The BBC for their role in not verifying any of the information.


  23. Paul Ryan is super scary. He is currently fighting for the rights of rapists to have custody of children produced as a result of the rape.


  24. It’s WONDERFUL to see comments on these articles correcting this bald-faced LIE of who broke the story. providing a link to this blog, Malia.

    Keep these ID-10-Ts scrambling in fear of the truth being outed because it will. Truth ALWAYS wins in the end and, as for Palin, she’s going the way of Elvis and Michael Jackson except they had REAL talent. Hers only exists in her head. I’d almost feel sorry for her but the damage she’s caused by her own misguided hubris negated that ever happening. You reap what you sow.


      1. Hey Malia, austinisafecker is my blog and I am paying attention and linking to you. You deserve the credit for breaking the story. Ha…gotta love the fact that Palin tried to get out ahead of you. Fox dumped her and she doesn’t want anyone else to know. The hilarious thing about all this is that if she keeps with this story, then it just looks like she QUIT again! 🙂


  25. I’m guessing that Palin’s notable weight loss is due, not to healthy eating and other myths from the Palin household, but from the stress of losing her Fox meal ticket. A grifter in search of her next mark…


  26. Thrilled to find your blog! Having lived in Alaska during Palin’s reign of terror, I am more than gratified to see her running back to Lake Lucille and saying pretty much nothing! I knew when she was picked for VP by McCain, that ultimately this would backfire due to her rampant narcissism; however, it has taken longer than I thought! We that lived there know a lot about her tantrums, inadequate governance and family problems. Unfortunately, no one else knew. In any event. Thank you for your diligence on this issue.


    1. mollymac,
      Welcome to the blog, and thanks for reading. Hopefully we can soon stop reading and writing about Palin, but I have one major thing left to complete and that relates to the FOIA request I made of Homeland Security re David Chaney’s statement regarding Todd Palin introducing him to Shailey Tripp. I’ll still be following up on that, and may have to file suit to get the documents, but we should have them!


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