Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

This selection of epic failures is sad, funny a troubling as there are more women participating than ever!

17 thoughts on “Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

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  1. What a perfect way to end the day, Malia, stupid is the word of the day indeed. I just want to THANK you for your persistence. I was watching the timeline and you blew Fox this wide open. How can any of us possibly thank you enough?

    Your unanswered e-mails hopefully contributed to this. Nothing like investigative journalism and knowing law! All I can say is The First Amendent is ahead of the Second for a reason!


    1. CIP,
      Thanks for your support, and I continue to be amazed that I sit here in my home blogging, and there are so many “reporters” in paid positions who don’t do their jobs! There is so much out there to be investigated, and I have only a computer and telephone, but these media sources have so much more. Sarah complains all the time about the “main stream media” but if there were real investigative reporters, I think there would have been so much more reported about her.


  2. O/T I want to congratulate you on breaking the news of Sarah’s contract not being renewed at Fox…also, everything you and others said of having a switchboard operator give you the information is hilarious.


    1. NJfan,
      Thanks for your support! It’s nice to be able to show that something I’ve reported is true, and others just come around later. For example, I’m still trying to get attention to the Chavis Carter execution, and it seems the mainstream reporters have just lost interest. I’m convinced it was an execution and it should be obvious to anyone who cared!


      1. You do excellent work Malia and with your tenacity and persistence I know you’ll get the truth eventually. The journalists should be ashamed of themselves that an independent blogger scoops them on the getting the facts out there.


      2. NJfan,
        It just seems to me that the reporters are unable to think for themselves. How many times do I read a story where they report the facts that have been given to them but there is no synthesis or thought put into what they report!


  3. I don’t know what you are seeing in the video, Malia, but a few seconds in and I get an opaque green over the video asking me to subscribe. It won’t go away.


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