The Most Racist Moment on Live Television!

17 thoughts on “The Most Racist Moment on Live Television!

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  1. What show was that? That guy is so far off base that it isn’t even funny. It’s amazing that he is so stupid to say all that on TV for the whole world to see no matter how he feels.

    I am just glad I don’t know him.


  2. He needs to go visit Mississippi for a Reality check. There he will find out that he is a Minority and not respected. He must be a Relative to Michelle Malkin, who needs the same Reality check.


  3. Well, I’m not surprised. This has been building ever since Barack Obama ran in 2008 and people like Palin thought it was just fine to question every associate, every college class, every roommmate, every neighborhood. And now we have the NRA, which has always been a bunch of white supremists anyway, saying basically the same thing. I mean, what if blacks were the ones stocking up on assault weapons and ammo at gun shows? Would the NRA be even MORE off the wall then?


  4. This guy needs to get out more. There are people in every racial, religious, ethnic, age, etc. group that differ from each other. No one individual, or small group of individuals, is representative of all members of the group. The Polynesian islands have many races of people, just as we do here on mainland America. This guy may have come from a Polynesian island, but he must NOT have visited Papua New Guinea, one of the most heterogeneous islands in the Pacific, where many of the inhabitants can trace their origins back to Africa. It would probably shock this guy to know that there are black people in Papua New Guinea and in the Solomon Islands with blond hair.
    “May 3, 2012 — Researchers studying pigmentation in the South Pacific have uncovered a key genetic contribution to hair colour. The findings, published in Science, reveal a functional genetic variant which has led the islanders to have simultaneously the darkest skin pigmentation outside of Africa and the highest prevalence of blonde hair outside of Europe.”

    The prejudice and bigotry of this guy is a major reason I was a high school social studies teacher for 33 years. I did NOT want our kids growing up and being as ignorant as he appears to be.


  5. I’m beyond offended. He needs to go back to the island with his racist and hateful mind. He’s the type a certain wasillabilly wannabe would love to spend time with. What a lowlife meathead.


  6. Wow. Just wow. Sad that a person is so consumed with that kind of irrelevant hatred. How can you hate someone for a cosmetic feature, an accident of birth? What an arrogant, ignorant ass, and I don’t mean the good kind of ass (democrat).


  7. O, man… Man, O, man… As a kama’ina, born on Oahu, raised in Lanikai, I’m particularly crushed… O, man… Such damaged, dangerous goods!

    I tell you what, though, as astonishing as it is that people actually admit to such putrid thinking & express it so openly w/such skewed conviction, I, for one, prefer that they speak right up. Identify yourself, brother!… So that there’s no confusion re: motive up the line, when you explode all over unwitting victims.

    As of today, this scary dude would pass the firearm background test. Excellent. Aloha! Wonder which Neighborhood Watch he commandeers? Somebody ought to post this video, where his neighbors can view it and take appropriate precautions.


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