It was January 11th of 2010 that Sarah Palin’s contract with Fox News was announced. The contract was reported to be a “multi-year” deal. Since that time we have watched as Fox News anchors have distanced themselves from Palin. Bill O’Reilly quit interviewing her. It might have been her outrageous suggestion that we should build dikes to solve the Gulf Oil spill that caused Bill to refuse to interview her.

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Next Sean Hannity began limiting his interviews, and lately it seems that Greta Van Sstern was the only anchor who would speak with her. We watched as Fox anchors were caught off air, but on camera, mocking Palin. Then there was the report as early as August 31, 2012 that her contract with Fox was in jeopardy.  Roger Ailes, her boss, explained that the only reason he hired her was that she was “hot” and “got ratings.” He has admitted that she’s an “idiot” and “stupid.”  

Palin earned those monikers when she sought Ailes’ advice about the appropriate response to the fall out after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.  Ailes advised her to “lay low.”  Palin ignored his advice and proclaimed she was the victim of a Blood Libel.

Mr. Ailes then publicly discussed his disappointment when Palin failed to announce her decision NOT to run for President on Fox.

During the RNC Sarah Palin publically declared war on Fox when interviews were cancelled. Palin took to her facebook page to admit that interviews with Fox had been cancelled by Fox.

At least three reasons have been cited as a basis for Fox not to renew Palin’s contract.

1. Palin is not the star she was when Fox hire her.

2. Palin’s ratings don’t justify her “monster” salary. Palin has been Fox’s highest paid contributor at $1,000,000.00 per year.

3. It’s personal with Roger Ailes. Ailes has said “Palin is just plain stupid.”

If you visit the Fox News web site and search for “Sarah Palin” it appears her last appearance as a commentator was on December 19th, 2012 when she shared her insightful comments on the Benghazi. While we would expect to hear an announcement if her contract had been renewed, we would not expect an announcement to the contrary. Today is January 8th, and no announcement has been made. Perhaps Roger Ailes no longer wants his news network to be associated with the “stupid” “idiot.”

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