Is Fox News Finished with Sarah Palin, the “Stupid” “Idiot”?

It was January 11th of 2010 that Sarah Palin’s contract with Fox News was announced. The contract was reported to be a “multi-year” deal. Since that time we have watched as Fox News anchors have distanced themselves from Palin. Bill O’Reilly quit interviewing her. It might have been her outrageous suggestion that we should build dikes to solve the Gulf Oil spill that caused Bill to refuse to interview her.

palin fox news

Next Sean Hannity began limiting his interviews, and lately it seems that Greta Van Sstern was the only anchor who would speak with her. We watched as Fox anchors were caught off air, but on camera, mocking Palin. Then there was the report as early as August 31, 2012 that her contract with Fox was in jeopardy.  Roger Ailes, her boss, explained that the only reason he hired her was that she was “hot” and “got ratings.” He has admitted that she’s an “idiot” and “stupid.”  

Palin earned those monikers when she sought Ailes’ advice about the appropriate response to the fall out after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.  Ailes advised her to “lay low.”  Palin ignored his advice and proclaimed she was the victim of a Blood Libel.

Mr. Ailes then publicly discussed his disappointment when Palin failed to announce her decision NOT to run for President on Fox.

During the RNC Sarah Palin publically declared war on Fox when interviews were cancelled. Palin took to her facebook page to admit that interviews with Fox had been cancelled by Fox.

At least three reasons have been cited as a basis for Fox not to renew Palin’s contract.

1. Palin is not the star she was when Fox hire her.

2. Palin’s ratings don’t justify her “monster” salary. Palin has been Fox’s highest paid contributor at $1,000,000.00 per year.

3. It’s personal with Roger Ailes. Ailes has said “Palin is just plain stupid.”

If you visit the Fox News web site and search for “Sarah Palin” it appears her last appearance as a commentator was on December 19th, 2012 when she shared her insightful comments on the Benghazi. While we would expect to hear an announcement if her contract had been renewed, we would not expect an announcement to the contrary. Today is January 8th, and no announcement has been made. Perhaps Roger Ailes no longer wants his news network to be associated with the “stupid” “idiot.”

palin batshit crazy

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    1. It’s really saying something when Faux Ooze calls Scarah an “idiot” and “stupid.” Does that mean she’s a “superidiot” and “megadumb?” But you’re right: Scarah’s departure from Faux won’t solve the problem. There must be an equally batshit crazy “commentator” just yearning to enter stage right and fill the void. Maybe Glenn Beck can return to the show. Or how about Ted Nugent? Contrary to his promise, he isn’t dead or in jail (yet). There’s a synergy between the Goebbels-inspired propaganda media and its wingnut moron fan base. The’ll never disappear. The most we can hope for is to contain them like the toxic waste they are.


  2. Ahhhh, my heart bleeds for the nasty piece of work. I could have predicted this four years ago. When you constantly demean and defame everyone who disagrees with you, eventually people just decide you are not worth listening to.

    Every time she spoke, she had to slam Obama with the same old bull over and over and over again. Never anything new, just the same old crap.

    You get what you give. All she gave was “high school mean” and no redeeming qualities.


  3. I agree. GreenTiger, but I guess we have to be patient. Letting go Sarah sends a big message to a lot of loonies, and may make the rest of the Fox crew somewhat scared about their futures. Just the thought of that Wasilla TV studio getting dustier than it already is, Fox coming to reclaim its cameras and sound equipment, the empty echoing of her voice, broadcasting to no where.
    The rest will follow. If Ailes thinks a more balanced network would bring in more money, he’ll change the entire roster.


  4. I eagerly anticipate Mrs. Palin being let go from Fox News. This will free her up to appear on other news shows and networks. She’d be able to give viewers her intelligent, in-depth knowledge of current domestic and foreign issues/affairs. She’d be able to appear on Meet The Press, Face The Nation, George Stephanopolus’ show, The Rachel Maddow Show, Ed Schultz, The War Room with Jennifer Granholm, Piers Morgan — why, even Jon Stewart’s show.

    (Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Palin has neither the intelligence or guts to appear on a show where she would be asked serious, pointed questions that were not emailed to her ahead of time, or where the interviewer completely set up a presidential put-down scenario and had her just agree with it.)


  5. Hired Sarah because she was hot and got ratings?

    LOL I guess those days are gone!

    It’s either the water or the Heaths don’t age well?


  6. I’ve noticed that it’s not only FOX who abandoned Sarah but it appears that she doesn’t have any friends. She shops by herself or with one child. She never goes out and eats with her girlfriends. Sarah has no connection with Todd’s family. Has no relationship with past co-workers. No ties with McCain or the campaign staff. No bond with any churches or pastors in Alaska. I think Sarah might be a lonely frustrated person and rightfully so.


    1. Debra,
      You obviously have knowledge of her activities that I do not. Thanks for sharing them! I’d feel sorry for her if she hadn’t damaged or harmed so many people along the way, and abused Alaska!


      1. NJfan,
        I predict they won’t want to have anything to do with her if HOmeland Security produces the documents we are waiting for.


      2. what is really sad is how she has favored one daughter over all the others. Bristol and Tripp are favored–obviously Britta and their daughter are not. Britta’s Dad is a minister and I am sure his entire congregation believes that the Palins are not Christians, based on her constant criticizing those who she feels that she needs to get even with. Palin has not stepped inside any church for about ten years….she spends no time with her special needs child–but Todd does, which raises a lot of questions about who his mother really is. Sarah is a money making machine and on her TV interviews with FOX, there is a big picture of Bristol and Tripp for the cameras to show–but none of the other children. Kind of how Daddy Heath makes such a big deal over Sarah but none of his other kids. The favorites in the Palin/Heath family are Trigg and Sally Heath–because they are the only ones who don’t think they are part of the royal family and aren’t flapping their lips constantly acting like what they are saying is important. Look at me! Look at me! and It’s all Obama’s fault! or Bristol has another stalker–please send us some money! seems to be the only thing that this family of grifters cares about.


      3. Lottie,
        I don’t think there is anything more damaging to a child than to be treated differently from the other kids!


  7. Poor Sarah. What’s left? When one is as good a liar as she is and even FOX doesn’t want you, where do you turn? I think she burned her bridges with Beck, and Rush is a solo act, plus he’d probably insult the youngest and try to molest the daughters. Come on, PeePund, YOU must have some ideas for the Queen of Idiots. What should Sarah try next after failing at politics, reality TV (How does one fail at their own life..hmmm?) and being an attack dog for Fox Noise? Even the RNC refused to invite her to their own little hatefest. I think she may, at last, be finished.


    1. sally in MI,
      I think she is too! If she’d played her cards right she could still be on Fox, but she wasn’t smart enough to suck up to Ailes.


  8. Joe McGinniss May 25, 2012:
    I can guarantee you that Roger’s not going to renew her contract at Fox News. It runs through this presidential campaign, but Roger told me two years ago – we had lunch and I was just starting my work on Sarah Palin – and he said, “Joe, why are you writing about her? She’s so stupid, she’s such a nitwit and she’s never going to be anything in American politics. Her time is already over. In 2012 she’s not going to be the candidate, she couldn’t possibly be the candidate – too many people are getting to know her, and what they see terrifies them.”


    1. Sarah built the bridge to nowhere as a testament to her career,to represent all the bridges she has burned. This list would include Ted Stevens, John McCain, Fox News Roger Ailes and the support of her own Alaskan People just to name a few. Her new bridge project is her own brother Chuckie Jr. and having him lay the groundwork for Sarah`s new political party, The American Party, which Sarah will by a miracle be the one chosen to run for President. .God help us, not again. What a scam to replace the lost funds from losing her job at Fox. Could not Sarah come up with a scam to make her own country and leave the rest of us alone?


  9. Malia —
    When IS her contract over? I thought it was December 2012. However your reference to “several years” frightens me into thinking that her whinin’, twangin’ shrillness might still be on the airwaves. Let’s hope Ailes has another wingnut to replace her. Heaven knows I don’t believe his so-called intention to make the station more moderate.


    1. BW,
      I haven’t seen any reference to the actual number of years, but I assume it was through Dec. of 2012, as the original article said “multiple years” and I would think Fox wouldn’t commit itself beyond the 2012 election.


    1. steve,
      good point! The only real comments she has made are so stupid that you know they were hers…like the dike building comment!


  10. Malia wrote:

    “At least three reasons have been cited as a basis for Fox not to renew Palin’s contract …”

    Au contraire, ma petit chere !

    Surely, readers here can identify LOTS more than just three if we just put our minds to it … ?

    4. Her appearance can no longer conceal — and now even sadly suggests — that Palin is suffering from some slowly-progressing, extremely depleting health issue such as drug addiction, eating disorders or even perhaps the recently-identified TCHS or Tin Can Hurling Syndrome.

    5. After filing a union grievance that Palin’s voice was responsible for their irreparable hearing loss, Fox News’ transcribers are now refusing to take the extensive care and extra time necessary to determine whether Palin’s pronounciation of “dill,” “rill,” and “repill” are, in fact, 1) the words (respectively) “deal,” “real” and “repeal” 2) references to (respectively) an aromatic Eurasion herb, a small brook or rivulet and a demand for more medication, or 3) evidence that she’s begun fashioning her own, personalized language which some have dubbed “Palish” and others are calling “Wordsaladian.”

    6. (Anyone else …?)


    1. pollytickleparty,
      Thanks for the others! I bet our readers can add a lot more! I would add my own…6. That Fox would be embarrassed of the spouse of one of their commentators was found to be a pimp!


    2. It sounds like Scarah and TV sports commentators have a commonality of parlance. We’ve all heard sportscasters talk about how the “corderback” takes the snap from the “sinner” in the “rid zone,” and then throws the ball into the “inn zone.” The difference? The sportscasters don’t speak full “Palish” with that shrill nasality that sounds like it’s time to have your brake pads replaced.


  11. I’ll do a happy dance on January 11, 2013 if Fox does not renew the dumb ass’s contract. I certainly respect folks whose opinions are different than mine, but I cannot tolerate stupid. And Sarah Palin is the dumbest pol I have ever encountered.

    The woman actually though Africa was a country. She did not know why WWI and WWII were fought. She did not know Korea was two countries. But the most pitiful thing was her take on the ride of Paul Revere. I won’t even get started on that. Second graders know more than Sarah Palin.


    1. Carol this explains why Sarah Palin’s uneducated adult children are not qualified for college. They are products of a dumbas ass!


    2. I agree with your assessment carollt, wholeheartedly! Right now, $arah is curled up in a dark room by the dead lake, scared shitless! The AIP criminals have been convicted, and given lengthy prison sentences. She is deathly afraid that someone will rat her and Toad out, for a more lenient sentence. The stars are aligning just right – no Faux deal, no paid screeches, the grifted money teat is drying up fast! It looks like 2013 will go down in Palin history as “annus horribilis”!!! GOOD!


  12. Maybe Toad can pimp his wife out to the highest bidding old white guys, who all resemble Rush Limbaugh, and watch Fox 24/7. He could then use her like he used Shailey Tripp and others to make money for himself in the most abusive way. This family of criminals needs to face justice at some point in time.


  13. Malia do you or anybody knows why we never see Sarah Palin alone with supposedly her DS child?

    Sarah is not seen at a store with only Trig.

    Sarah is not seen at a restaurant with only Trig.

    Sarah is not seen at a playground with only Trig.

    Trig is seen with his normal handlers Todd, Willow and Piper but not Sarah.

    How does Sarah expect to bond with Trig?

    We never see Sarah holding Trig in her arms with Trig smiling at her.

    I’m starting to think that Trig is not Sarah’s birth child.


    1. Rangel,
      It’s hard to pretend so long! I think that it would be much easier for Sarah to pretend if Trig was not Down’s Syndrome.


      1. Sarah never knew what it meant to have a child with Down syndrome. Remember the person from the local parent’s support group delivered an information packet and encouraged the Palins to ask questions, and the only question they had was whether Trig would be able to play sport.

        So she saw a special needs infant and had no idea of what that meant, and lacked the intelligence and perception to look ahead and speculate on what pretending he was hers would actually mean. She was eager to proclaim that she “chose life” but all that meant to her was the potential for votes: she wouldn’t have the intelligence to wonder about his likely development, how long it would take to toilet-train Trig- or what it’s like to change a soiled diaper on a four or five year old, or how to deal with that four or five year old when he’s acting out. Supposedly he’s hearing-impaired (widely referred to, but I don’t think ever confirmed by the Palins) and visually impaired- at least, at one point he was prescribed eyeglasses- but she wouldn’t stop to think how this might impact his interactions with the world.

        At this point, I’m betting Sarah regrets claiming Trig, because of her lie, these are now her problems. He was a good little vote-getter, she thought, but now he’s not the adorable infant but a self-willed independent little guy who needs therapy and structure in his life and ongoing work to maximize his potential. And Sarah is incapable of doing anything consistently. Her M. O. is always to quit when it’s hard. So I suspect she’s “quit” Trig- turning him over to Todd and to caregivers. What will happen when they blow through the money she’s earned and can’t get any more?

        Again- I’m convinced that someday we’ll hear that Trig has been placed in a “residential educational facility with trained therapists and a 24/7 staff of caregivers who have received extensive training in providing a safe and supportive learning environment” aka a “home.”


      2. ivyfree,
        I’m betting that will be sooner than later. Sarah used Trig for political purposes, but didn’t consider the fact that after she was “done” with him, he would need care for a life-time.


    2. What reason would she have for bonding with a Rent-a-Downs-Baby? When he got bigger, he was no longer the cutie pie he was held up in 2008. He obviously doesn’t live with Palin – he isn’t hers, so why would she be seen with him?
      Hopefully he is happily with his REAL family –


      1. He’s not a rental, shondi99…do you really think this woman would voluntarily raise any child she didn’t have to?

        Trig’s conception was a story as old as time; boy meets girl, they fall in love, and soon a child is on the way. Sarah just tried to manipulate the situation to her own benefit. Selfish bitch.


  14. Longest 15 minutes EVER! To watch this tribe attempt to remain relevant the past 4-1/2 years has been pathetic albeit a hoot. She’s not even mentioned as the leader of the Tea Party any more. That’s was I call “over!” So much for plowing through those open doors God had. He’s never been much for hypocrites.


  15. I’m happy to see her leave, but I’m even more excited to for 2015. That’s when The Empress will start teasing her minions again about running for office. And that’s when the the Pit Bull will have to tangle with a New Jersey dog catcher named Christie.


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