From One Republican to Another: You Are “Disappointing and Disgusting!”


Chris Christie, the Republican Governor from New Jersey, has a reputation for “calling it like he sees it.”

christie pointing

He was the Republican Governor chosen to give the keynote address at the Republican National Convention.



For the first 16 minutes of that speech he didn’t mention the name “Mitt Romney”. Needless to say, he drew sharp criticism from Republicans for his failure to focus on Romney, rather than the multitude of problems facing the country.

Christie has been vocally critical of President Obama on many previous occasions, including the moment when he asked the question “What the hell are we paying you for?” .


However in the same breath, Christie was directly critical of both political parties for not working together.

With the crisis in New Jersey caused by Hurrican Sandy, Christie has been complimentary of President Obama for his attention to the devastation suffered by the people of his state. Christie was criticized by Republicans for saying anything so complimentary of the President, immediately before the election.

Chris Christie has spoken out once again in a way that was not supportive of a fellow Republican. Christie has slammed John Boehner, Speaker of the House, for his failure to come to the aid of New Jersey residents after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Christie called Boehner’s failure “disappointing and disgusting.”  “Disaster relief is something you don’t play games with.” Christie was asked about his criticism of fellow Republicans, and he explained that he wasn’t a “subtle personality.” He considers it part of his job to call it like he sees it, even if that means slamming a Republican or embracing a Democrat.

What a welcome relief to see a politician who is more focused on his constituents than the people in his political party! If the Republican Party is to have a chance to redeem itself in 2016, Chris Christie will be their nominee for President.

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  1. Malia —
    Much as I agree that Christie’s “directness” is welcome in the GOP/TP, I dislike his bellicose crudeness and would NEVER want him in the White House. What works at the state level — in a state like NJ — does not transfer well to the national and international stage where we need statesmanship if we are to lead morally as well as economically..

    On a different topic, Margaret and Helen have published a WordPress review of their site in 2012. They got 1.5MM views in the past year: I’m betting you have impressive results too that you could share. 🙂


  2. Don’t think for one second Christie does anything that will hurt himself in the long run. He has deftly positioned himself to be the front runner for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016 and will sweep up some not-too-bright Democrats with his “charm”. He’s nothing more than a smart Luca Brasi, with all the ham handed tactics that go along with that persona.
    While he made a big splash supporting President Obama, all he did was give himself some wiggle room and sway some on the fence DEMs and independents. Look for him to revert to type as soon as he has the check from Sandy in his pocket.


  3. Malia —
    I had forgotten that I had kept this posting by someone, I think on Huffington Post (sorry for not having the source) about Christie. In here are several accusations that you should investigate before proposing him as a credible presidential candidate, because if they are true, these things will bite him:

    * And when it was discovered that Chris Christie violated the Hatch Act by discussing running for Governor while still a US Attorney, that was “an attempt to smear him”.

    * When Chris Christie also gave a multi-million no bid deal to buddies Herb Stern and John Inglesino and then Inglesino raised tens of thousands for his campaign, there was no “quid pro quo”.

    * When Assemblyman Richard Merkt said that same John Inglesino tried to bribe Merkt to drop out of the Governor’s race with a “major position”, it was denied, and Christie knew nothing about it anyway.

    * And when Chris Christie went the wrong way down a one way street, causing an accident, sending the biker he hit to a trauma center – then didn’t get a ticket when he identified himself as US Attorney – he did nothing wrong.

    * And when Christie was caught in an apparent lie about being sued by that biker, that was just a misunderstanding and he had forgot.

    * And when Chris Christie was stopped for speeding in an unregistered and uninsured vehicle, only to pull rank and not get a ticket, his position as US Attorney had nothing to do with him being able to leave without his car being towed.

    * When Christie hijacked the Race to the Top application process, only to lose $400 million for the state’s students and then get caught in at least two apparent lies, that wasn’t his fault – it was Obama’s and Bret Schundler’s.

    * When it was discovered that criminal-turned-informant Solomon Dwek, the man who Christie turned from bank fraudster to briber-of-elected-Democrats, donated to Bush directly through Chris Christie, the two were in no way connected.

    * And when Michele Brown pushed to have the Dwek bribery arrests of elected Democrats announced at an opportune time during the campaign, there was nothing wrong with that. The same Michele Brown that had the $46,000 unreported loan from her boss Chris Christie.

    * When Chris Christie gave his former boss John Ashcroft a no bid deal worth at least $30 million, despite Ashcroft having no experience for this work, he demanded that he be given the benefit of the doubt.

    * When Christie’s brother was not indicted, despite being found by the SEC to have made 1,600 illegal trades, bilking investors out of almost $1.5 million and netting himself $1.5 million, it was just a coincidence.

    * When the US Attorney from NY didn’t prosecute his brother for securities fraud and then got a multi million no bid deal from Christie himself, it was just a coincidence.


    1. BW,
      Thanks for this, and understand, I wasn’t proposing him for the presidency, but only indicating that if the Republican Party wanted to get someone elected, they should consider someone like him.


      1. I don’t think he is remotely presidential material. He is nasty and only stood up for the citizens of New Jersey because he had no choice.


  4. Malia it would be nice to know that His persona was real and not a facade to insure his election in whatever race he chooses to run ! Right now he is embroiled in controversy over his Lt Gov.and Pension double dipping .It appears there has been a coverup of what really happened ?I think it’s a little early to praise him for what he says. Lets judge him on performance and integrity both of which remain to be seen.


  5. Unfortunately for Christie, sure seems the GOP is grooming Jeb. Hasn’t this country suffered enough Bushes already? God help us all if so.


    1. CIP,
      I think that they are unhappy with Christie for his praise of Obama. What they don’t realize is that if they continue to advocate such hatred for our elected leaders, they will never get another person elected.


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