Assault Weapons: The Most Popular Gift of the Season !

scottsdale gun club christmas

Give the gift of death this season. It’s by far the most popular gift for the man in your life. An assault weapon offers just the right amount of power, defiance, and control! Imagine the fun your grandfather, father, brother, husband or son could have destroying targets, animals, and people if they pose a threat. Think outside the box, and give one to the woman in your life. After all it is the 21st century and if women are to be truly liberated, they have to be willing to compete on all levels with men…and that includes shooting guns.

santa poster more than coal

These are real people at a real gun shop.

santa assault weapons gun club two

Given the tragedy at Sandy Hook, gun dealers around the country were overwhelmed with buyers of assault weapons who feared that a ban on such weapons was in the future.Reuters sent reporters to gun shows in Pennsylvania, Missouri and Texas, and found long lines to get in the door, crowds around the dealer booths, a rush to buy assault weapons even at higher prices and some dealers selling out. One of the popular weapons was the AR-15, which some dealers couldn’t keep in stock. The AR-15 was one of the weapons police believe Adam Lanza used to kill the 20 6 and 7 year old children.

santa at gun club

It is the loss of these 20 precious lives that makes these pictures from the gun shop even more offensive. To take children to a shop like this, and have them pose with Santa with their assault weapons isn’t funny, it isn’t entertaining, and it isn’t acceptable. If people want to buy guns to shoot animals, our constitution gives them that right. It is irresponsible for the parents and the gun shop to allow children to pose with Santa for these pictures. Part of the bill to be considered by Congress should include a provision that people under age 18 should not be allowed in a gun shop. Many states prevent kids from even being allowed in liquor stores. Most countries around the world don’t allow kids to buy alcohol until they are at least 18. Guns are much more dangerous than liquor, and yet we don’t see Santa in liquor stores, posing for pictures with kids holding quart bottles of Jack Daniels. Why do we allow them to pose with assault weapons?

Surely even gun enthusiasts see these pictures as insensitive and irresponsible!?

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  1. Gawd bless Amerika! This caring, sensitive display makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A tear of joy even filled my eye. Many thanks for sharing this reaffirmation of family values and the holiday season on your blog.

    I don’t celebrate Xmas, but I might do some re-thinking on the subject thanks to the SGC. If I’m nice (or at least if I’m not naughty), will Santa leave a Walther in my stocking? An AR-15 wouldn’t fit, even if Santa could find one left in any of the gun stores. Perhaps Santa’s elves could could start building assault rifles in their toy shop during the off-season. The first model could be called the NP (North Pole) – 15.

    And it’s always touching when involved, concerned parents share experiences like this with their kids. I wonder: is there still time for somebody to set up a heavily armed manger scene? Could Jesus be born in a bunker instead? The Three Wise Guys could bring gifts of gunpowder, firearms, and murder.

    Scary Xmas to all and to all a far right. . . .


    1. Steve,

      It never occurred to me that Mary and Joseph needed to get a baby-sized bullet proof vest, and that they should get away from the manger because the star was giving away their location!


      1. Malia:

        Me neither. But I’ll bet that a properly deranged right-thinking evangelist could find an obscure biblical passage supporting that thought. That’s the kind of thing they seem to do best.


      2. Steve,
        You know that’s right, and if someone shot the baby they’d say it was some liberal elite, or member of the lame-stream media who was responsible, and it was God’s Plan that the baby Jesus should die to mobilize God’s warriors to fight!


    2. Awesome, Malia,: in the words of the great prophet…”Bugs Bunny” you are a “maroooon”.
      Quit whining…

      Arm and train …all the teachers, Period.

      And Lo….there was peace and safety in the land and in the schools, and there were,….target rich defenceless, innocents no more in all the land.

      And the Evil INSANE MENTALLY DEFICIENT, NASTY, ENTITALED TEENAGER, BAD MAN, ……. went looking for new defenceless targets
      AND HE FOUND…SO MANY!!!!…..

      He found them richly abundent,………………. in the homes of the disarmed, and in the homes, of those who cannot any more protect themselves, or their loved ones. He wiped his TEARS OF JOY, and thanksgiving, at the newly found bounty, ………and he gave thanks to the gun control lobbies,
      And he also gave thanks…to ignorant, OSTRICHES….. everywhere!!!!.


  2. The best soldiers in the world belong to God not your flavor of it…so get a clue…and we don’t need guns to take people down…Merry Christmas clueless…


  3. Fear is the enemy. The great parable here is, the gunman’s mother bought the guns to feel safe because she was “scared” of the bad economy. She was shot in the face with her own gun. If you live out of fear, you are not living. IF people spent the time and money teaching kids, that they spend on guns, MAYBE things would be better. Adults need to quit playing John Wayne and act like adults. I do not get the Republican/gun/religon deal. My direct forefathers fought in every war back to 1777. They had guns, but their lives did not revolve around them. Raising their FAMILY was their priority. They knew the horrors of war, and they knew it wasn’t some pretend dress-up game these gun nuts think it is. We need REAL men like those who founded the country…not camo wearing wanna-be’s.


    1. sage,
      I am fighting but it seems like the government is on the other side. I’ll keep you posted on any response to my letter that I posted this morning.


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