RUN Travon, RUN!

Amid all the pictures and stories that have come out regarding the night of the shooting of Trayvon Martin, we have perhaps lost sight of the most compelling evidence about what actually happened that night. Remember Trayvon’s girlfriend was on the phone with him at the exact time of the confrontation between Martin and Zimmerman. The girlfriend’s account tells the story of what happened as if she is standing there watching the events unfold. She describes what was said, she overheard Zimmerman asking Trayvon what he is doing around the neighborhood, and she hears Travon fall into the grass. SHE HEARS THE SOUND OF THE GRASS, and then the phone goes dead. During her phone call she doesn’t hear the gunshot. Hence we know that Trayvon was in the grass before the gun was fired. We know from other 9-11 calls that someone was calling for help. Then there is a gun shot.

According to Zimmerman’s account, Martin hit him and it was Zimmerman who was in the grass before the shooting. According to Zimmerman, Martin was sitting on top of Zimmerman before the shooting. If that were true, the girlfriend would have heard the gunshot before she heard the sound of the grass, as Trayvon fell over after Zimmerman shot him. Instead she hears the sound of the grass, and the phone goes dead. We know from the neighbors calls that Trayvon screamed for help and then the gun was fired.

Forget the photos, the stories of Zimmerman, and remember the report of the girlfriend who was the only “witness” left alive, other than the shooter. The girlfriend’s account is critical to understanding what actually happened that night. We know that Zimmerman is a liar, so anything he says is tainted.   Listen for yourself, and make up your own mind about what happened that night, and who is most believable about the events.

trayvon martin football

Here are all the 9-11 calls from Zimmerman and the neighbors. 

Here is the police interview of the girlfriend.

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  1. You have to wonder why DeeDee didn’t notify someone immediately when she heard this and couldn’t reach Trayvon again. If they were such good lifelong friends, why didn’t she call his parents or his brother to find out if he was okay?


      1. jk,
        not at all, and I think she is the only one who can really refute Zimmerman’s version of what happened, except that Zimmerman contradicts himself. See post in the am.


      2. That is a possibility. She was apparently coached before the interview. I don’t think we should just accept it as truth because she says it is.


      3. eclecticsandra,
        I don’t accept anything anyone says in this case as true. Obviously the girlfriend was biased since she was Martin’s girlfriend, but with my post tomorrow, I think you’ll see that Zimmerman is not credible, if you just listen to Zimmerman


  2. Zimmerman is such a liar. I have been looking at the photos of his bloody nose that you have posted, Malia, and I have a question. Perhaps it has already been answered, but I just didn’t see it.

    If Zimmerman had been lying on his back on the ground when his nose was injured, wouldn’t the blood leaving his nose have run back from his nose downward toward his ears? The blood in the picture of him with a bloody nose appears to have run straight down from his nose onto his lips, as though his injury happened when he was in an upright position, perhaps when he was sitting on top of Travon. Also, having been unlucky enough to have seen a few people get their nose broken, or just injured (mostly from watching/playing sports); almost all the nose injuries that I have seen involved quite of bit of blood flow, and some of those people had blood all over their clothing, face, hands, in their ears, on their teammates, opponents, etc.

    Just wondering if you had seen any discussion of this.


    1. Cracklin Charlie,
      I have asked myself the same questions. I’m going t o post another video I found that is even more problematic. I think his story is a crock of it!


      1. I realize the news casters reported this as a police tape, but I think the testimony was taken by an attorney. There was concern that she was unaccompanied when the testimony was taken, but it was later realized that she was of majority age when it was recorded.

        Isn’t it possible that the cell phone was dropped before the physical altercation and that is why she didn’t hear a shot? Remember, this was not a recording of their conversation but DeeDee’s memory of it.


      2. eclecticsandra,
        I’ve found a statement by Zimmerman that I’ll be posting tomorrow that shows just what a bunch of crap his story really is.


    2. Zimmerman was standing when the police came on the scene. The blood would have dripped straight down at that point. Also, he may have wiped blood off before he was handcuffed.


  3. Just wonder if Travon’s cell phone was finger printed for zimmermans prints. I certain hope that this trial is televised. And I hope that his brother, his dad and best friend is called to the stand under oath and questioned whether they obstructed justice.


  4. A really good source for lots of information regarding this case is (pro-Trayvon) Scroll down to the second section and click to go to the discussion.

    Here’s a picture of what Zimmerman really looked like 5 hours after he shot Trayvon (NOT the fake/photoshopped bloody picture, is it?!)


  5. Malialitman,
    I have lurked on your blog for months now and appreciate your well-written posts. Forgive me for not commenting sooner. After several months of sharing elsewhere, I have been war-weary hearing the same arguments from those supporting Zimmerman.

    The Zimmerman supporters posted a petition to the White House asking that it investigate his “malicious prosecution.” In response, a blogger named Lonnie Starr posted a petition to the White House asking for investigation into the violation of Trayvon Martin’s civil rights.

    A Press Release for the petition is here:

    It contains a link to the petition and signatures are appreciated.

    I look forward to your post of Zimmerman’s statement and am “clicking” to follow your blog via email.


    1. Xena,
      Thanks for the link and all your help. I found a long video of Zimmerman when he was being interrogated, and it’s revealing!


      1. @malialitman. LLMPapa has posted over 300 videos on his Youtube channel, many in which he points out inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s statements in addition to his Freudian slips. As others analyze his statements, there is confirmation and at times, things are picked up that others missed. I look forward to what you hear/see.

        IMO, Zimmerman should have been arrested right after his re-enactment because compared to his NEN call, the lies are obvious.


    1. I agree with this. He was “brave” enough to patrol his neighborhood with a gun “brave” enough to follow and confront a teenager, but not equipped to de-escalate the situation.

      Police officers are trained to de-escalate situations. They also wear a uniform and a badge, which makes their stopping and questioning legitimate. Zimmerman was a wannabe with a chip on his shoulder.

      It drives me crazy when people wonder why Martin didn’t run away or act more deferential as if he should put his hands on his head because a stranger stalked and confronted him.

      Martin was doing nothing wrong and the only reason he is dead today is because Zimmerman made a series of horribly bad decisions.


      1. jk,
        I agree! Even if Martin hit Zimmerman he was allowed to do that under the Stand Your Ground Law. He tried to get away and Zimmerman just pursued him. It is outrageous to me that anyone, especially law enforcement, believed him!


    1. Jane,
      Of course it’s not the grass standing by itself, but if you move through grass or brush against it there is a sound. It’s what poets call “rustling”.


    2. I understand your questioning DeeDee saying she heard “grass” but in Florida, St. Augustine-type grass is used, aka as “Zoysia” grass. It is crunchy all year round, that’s the best way to explain it for me. It’s also very thick and almost prickly. It’s not soft to walk on. You’ll hear someone walking on it quite easily due to the “crunchiness”.


  6. The evidence is clear. Zimmerman is guilty. He is a racist and liar. The only reason he is not in prison right now is because of his daddy and/or that police dept. I cannot wait till this case is over and that POS gets what is lawfully due to him. LIFE in prison in the general population of that PRISON.


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