Amid all the pictures and stories that have come out regarding the night of the shooting of Trayvon Martin, we have perhaps lost sight of the most compelling evidence about what actually happened that night. Remember Trayvon’s girlfriend was on the phone with him at the exact time of the confrontation between Martin and Zimmerman. The girlfriend’s account tells the story of what happened as if she is standing there watching the events unfold. She describes what was said, she overheard Zimmerman asking Trayvon what he is doing around the neighborhood, and she hears Travon fall into the grass. SHE HEARS THE SOUND OF THE GRASS, and then the phone goes dead. During her phone call she doesn’t hear the gunshot. Hence we know that Trayvon was in the grass before the gun was fired. We know from other 9-11 calls that someone was calling for help. Then there is a gun shot.

According to Zimmerman’s account, Martin hit him and it was Zimmerman who was in the grass before the shooting. According to Zimmerman, Martin was sitting on top of Zimmerman before the shooting. If that were true, the girlfriend would have heard the gunshot before she heard the sound of the grass, as Trayvon fell over after Zimmerman shot him. Instead she hears the sound of the grass, and the phone goes dead. We know from the neighbors calls that Trayvon screamed for help and then the gun was fired.

Forget the photos, the stories of Zimmerman, and remember the report of the girlfriend who was the only “witness” left alive, other than the shooter. The girlfriend’s account is critical to understanding what actually happened that night. We know that Zimmerman is a liar, so anything he says is tainted.   Listen for yourself, and make up your own mind about what happened that night, and who is most believable about the events.

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Here are all the 9-11 calls from Zimmerman and the neighbors. 

Here is the police interview of the girlfriend.