The Truth Hurts; The Republican Party Tries to Eliminate the Pain


It’s not rocket science. It’s not complicated. The explanation for the results of the 2012 presidential campaign are clear, decisive, and tell a story that is unmistakable in its message. Republicans seem to differ in their analysis of the reason for Romney’s catastrophic loss. Debate moderators, Obama “gifts”, and Chris Christie have all been blamed by Romney or his camp for the loss. Karl Rove explained that the reason for the loss was the failure of the Republican Party to get their message out about the economy. Ann Coulter predicted in February of 2011 that if the GOP didn’t nominate Chris Christie, Romney would be the candidate, and he would lose.  After Romney’s loss, on November 7th, Coulter explained that Romney was a “magnificent” candidate and he lost only because the President was the incumbent.

As a recap of the outcome of the election, remember than Obama won 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206. Obama won the popular vote by roughly 3,500,000 votes.

Given the overwhelming victory of Obama, it is hard to understand why the GOP continues to deny the obvious. It is just math, and it’s not complicated. The gender gap in the election of 2012 was the largest since Gallup has been measuring those number since 1952. The gender gap in the 2012 election was 20 POINTS. Obama prevailed among female voters by a 12 point margin, and Romney won with male voters by an 8 point margin. Many Republicans are making excuses for the loss of Romney because he wasn’t conservative enough. It’s like saying that the reason the amputee lost the race is that he still had one leg, and if he’d just cut off the other, he could have won. In addition to the many failings of Romney in the 2012 election campaign, there were some glaring deficiencies in his popularity that were specific to women:

1. Had he been in a position to vote for it initially, he would have opposed it. Later it was unclear what his position on it was. Finally the best that he could say was that he CURRENTLY has no plans to repeal it.

2. Romney said he was in touch with the economic challenges facing women because he talked with his wife about it. The first problem with that approach was that Ann Romney was never employed to earn any money.

3. Romney said he supported the Personhood laws, but demonstrated his ignorance regarding the way birth control worked.


4. Romney selected Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate, who co-authored the forcible rape bill. 


5. When asked during the debate about equal pay for women, Romney claimed that he was proactive in finding women to work in his cabinet.


Yet even his “binders” comment was not truthful. The truth is that women, on their own initiative, brought binders of resumes of women to Romney in an attempt to encourage his hiring of women. Over the last two years of his term, women made up only 25 percent of the 64 new appointments Romney made. By the end of his term, the number of women in high-ranking positions was actually lower than it was before Romney took office.


Thus, the vote of women in 2012 was outcome determinable  Millions of dollars has been spent on political campaigns to try to court potential supporters. However until the GOP changes its approach to women, they will continue to lose every election. Even the men who are donating millions of dollars to Republican campaigns, are smart enough to realize that they are wasting their money if it is used to better publicize their misogynistic attitudes. Who could forget Todd Akin’s explanation about a woman who was “legitimately” raped could shut that whole thing down so that she wouldn’t get pregnant?”

Initially the Republican National Committee and other top GOP officials vowed to withhold money. However before the 2012 election the Missouri Republican Party spent at least $386,000 to help Akin get elected.


Thus the clear message is that the the Republican Party has had a long and colorful history of having candidates who alienate both men and women, who respect women. By supporting Akin, the GOP has demonstrated that they are more committed to winning a majority in the Senate than to having the majority of their Senators respectful and sensitive to issues that directly affect women, and the men who love them. Perhaps the next time somebody like Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock makes an outrageously offensive statement toward women, the GOP will realize that as painful as it may be to give up one or two seats in the Senate, they might gain more in the future by refusing to support men who view women with so much disrespect. Perhaps the GOP needs to realize that the notion that government should “get out of the way” with regard to jobs, employment, and taxes, applies equally to the notion the government should stay out of our bedrooms. It is hypocritical to suggest that the same government that should NOT enact regulations to promote safety and protect the environment, SHOULD enact regulations to determine who people can have sex with in the privacy of their homes, and what should be done with the products of conception. If the government should not be allowed to regulate the production of goods and services in commerce, they sure as hell shouldn’t be allowed to regulate the production of a fertilized egg within a woman’s abdomen.

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  1. What I keep hearing from the GOP (gross oligarchical plutocrats) is the “we ran a bad campaign and the voters didn’t get our message” lament. Au contraire. I got their message lout and clear, and so did a whole lot of other voters. The GOP was on life support during this election. Unless they start listening to people like Jindal, they’re going to be DOA in 2014.


    1. steve,
      I am amazed that they think that their message is “right” and they just didn’t convey it clearly. I agree, we got it, and understood what they were saying, and rejected it!


  2. They will continue to live in a bubble. Sure they were freaked out and confused the first few days after the election but you can count on them to meander back to their clueless ways. They think they were just overpowered. It does not occur to them that their message SUCKED. They let conservative media lead the way and never stop to think that all of those people have a vested interest in keeping them in the bubble of stupidity. Money.

    I think it will be too late for the GOP until they throw their “base” over the wall. They are too reactionary and crazy. Their party will never be allowed to have a sane candidate that can be elected in the general with the dogmatic loonies having a say.


    1. dragonpuff,
      It just amazes me that after such a dramatic loss, they still suggest that people will agree with them, if we just knew what they stood for. We do, and we don’t!


    1. Moles,
      The amazing thing to me is that now, after a dramatic loss, they are still ignoring the reality of this election. The MAJORITY of Americans don’t agree with Republican positions, so they will either moderate their positions, or they will keep losing!


  3. Ah, but MEN did not reject them. Until white men understand that women are equal and intelligent and responsible, the mostly white male GOP will never get it. They think it is 1860, and that women an minorities are still able to be pushed around and told what to do. If they could figure out how to do it, they would take away our vote. We must be diligent and keep electing progressives. I read comments from men who are certain Obama has taken away their rights. When I press for ‘which ones?’ I get no answer.
    My guess is, their right to be racist sexist fools is what they are missing. Too bad, boys. Time to grow up.


    1. sally in MI,
      You are right, but there are a lot of men who already get it. I think women are energized, and now, after two elections, women have proved the power of our voices!


    2. Yes but these are mostly elderly white males – males of all races do support Mr. Obama particularly if they realize the importance and positive to being married to an educated hard working woman. And let’s face it, there are still men who want their children educated. The GOP doesn’t want women/girls educated.
      It’s because the smarter we are, the worse the GOP is.


    3. I totally agree with you, but “stupid” isn’t gender-specific. Read “Surrounded by liberals, tea-party group isolated” (Seattle Times 11/12/12).
      After going into a grocery store in the “liberal” University District, a female Teabagger activist stated: “I kept thinking I was surrounded by people who are destroying our freedom. . .It’s starting to make me angry, not wanting to be around these people.” Paranoia isn’t gender-specific either.


  4. I am amazed by the women in my life (wife, step-daughters, sisters-in-law) who voted Republican although each have at one point or another in their lives have had, or funded, at least one abortion. The reasons vary from financial concerns to embarrassing church situations. Now, beyond child-bearing years, they preach to other women about the sanctity of life from inside a double insulated bubble. They also condemn relying on the government, which makes sense to them because most of them believe I am their God-given bank…no repayment required. Yet in real life they do some very liberal things. I have a granddaughter in prison for armed robbery who has two children by two different men, yet my step-daughters each took one of the children to raise for the next seven years, along with whatever government assistance is available, and to hear them tell it it’s not nearly enough. Every one of them voted a complete Republican ticket. Go figure!


    1. Ray,
      That makes me soooo sad! I’m sorry for our country when I hear about things like this, and I’m particularly sorry for the two kids. My only hope for addressing all these problems is education. Surely if more people were better educated, they’d realize how to address some of the problems. It seems to me that there is an increasing incidence of people voting by party, without really knowing anything about the specific candidates. It takes too much time, it’s too hard, and it’s not fun to learn about the politicians for whom we vote. If Americans don’t start paying attention, it’s going to get worse!


      1. I agree that education is the key. I also believe in a distinct difference between misinformation and disinformation. I southern red states like Tennessee, disinformation via Fox, Rush, Hannity, et al, has found a way to be “news for the intelligent”. My wife really liked Rachel Maddow until she found out she was a (gasp) lezbo. Now Rachel is the voice of the devil. Where does one start educating? What pin can burst the bubble?


  5. OT Malia, but has anyone ever written an article about the nature of Bristol’s celebrity status? Her mother was selected as the VP candidate on the Repub ticket. She was knocked up at the time. Mom lost. Bristol had the baby. Bristol becomes a highly paid celebrity for having a child out of wedlock, i.e., she was knocked up. Bristol then becomes the highly paid spokesperson for abstinence, a practice with which she was unfamiliar ( I know, she was date-raped–as if). There’s a sickness in this series of events and the sickness belongs to the American public. WTF is wrong with us, Malia?

    Equally as bad is that the Palin clan is aware of this American sickness and uses it repeatedly for cash, plenty of cash. They must think it’s hysterical.


    1. Tom
      I ask myself the same questions! It seems that politics has turned into “entertainment” instead of the factual stuff! It’s not fun to read about the new economic bills argued on the floor of the House, but if a picture of a Congressman without a shirt goes on the internet, the American people go nuts.


    2. Here’s a question for you, Tom. If Bristol was date-raped, why didn’t her system shut that whole thing down, or was that not a “legitimate” rape?


    3. Let’s be honest – not everyone thinks that Bristol is worth watching on any TV reality show or not. And no she wasn’t date raped – I seriously doubt if that was her first time falling off of her particular turnip truck – she sure climbed back on fast.

      Everything about the Palins is a lie. Their whole “family” is a lie. They stand for nothing and they represent nothing in today’s America.


  6. That was the ONE CLEAR MESSAGE THEY CONVEYED CRYSTAL CLEAR TO ME EVERY DAY..and I voted Obama because of it. They are a very dishonest bunch while they call this president corrupt. Let us not forget the MAIN REASON GOP LOST..they blatantly in your face without any regard for you as a human being..tried to DENY YOU YOUR VOTE…especially if you were black, mexican, gay, or anything but a WHITE GOP. So tell me again GOP (you lying sacks of dung) how you lost because you didn’t get YOUR MESSAGE OUT TO THE PEOPLE. Tell me again PLEASE. NOBODY BUT NOBODY except your FOX brainwashed uneducated bigoted listeners..would follow such a vile PATHETICALLY GREEDY HATEFUL PARTY LIKE THE GOP. You are a cancer we cannot seem to find a cure for and can’t get rid of for some reason. And you keep killing people with your policies. You are a walking infesting disease that kills Americans spirit every single day.


  7. Check out Frontiersman…The FBI and the milkman – Got Fraud? OUCH!!!
    Little Miss Sarah Palin is going to go down in flames…The Truth Hurts…


  8. The GOP has yet to come to terms as to exactly why they lost this presidential election. For a party that claims to be about “personal responsibility,” they are still failing to own responsibility for the fact that their message was a negative one that appealed to hatred, fear, and bigotry against those of us they consider “others,” especially President Obama. They have alienated women, Latinos, African-Americans, gays, and even some veterans with their fact-free, regressive agenda, bu they seem determined to double down on all they did wrong–especially on the state and local levels. As a black woman, I have been subjected to hatred from what I call self-anointed arbiters of whom we black Americans should have voted for. They love to invoke the GOP as the party of Lincoln, totally disregarding the fact that the party has devolved into one of misogyny, racism, religious bigotry, xenophobia, jingoism, and contempt for the poor. The ethically challenged, empathy-free, and completely dishonest Willard Romney was the perfect candidate for the intellectually and morally bankrupt GOP, along with his equally horrible sidekick, aka Paul Ryan.


    1. Anne,
      Thanks for sharing. I am hopeful that because Barack Obama energized African American voters, that in all future elections, the “black vote” will be one every candidate will have to court, and that Black Americans will always make their voices heard at their polling places. We celebrate the accomplishments of Barack Obama, but we forget that his influence may impact future elections for years to come, simply because he made African Americans aware of the power of their voices.


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