Thanksgiving Fun

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fun

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    1. kosenrufumom66,
      To you and your family too! We will have 17 at my house, and we are experimenting with “Brineing” a turkey! We’ll give your our thoughts on whether it is worth it!


  1. I smoked a turkey one year. The meat was so tender and delectable. The skin was awful because I put four times the amount of chips in the water. Ewwwww!


    1. WakeUp America,
      We “brined” ours yesterday, and although it was quite funny watching a women 78 years old, and one that is disabled from MS try to handle the weight of a 21 lbs turkey and 24 lbs of brine water, and the 5 lb roasting pan, the turkey turned out great!


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