Arson in Alaska–A Palin “Pattern”?


There is an old saying that “Once is chance; Twice is Coincidence; the Third Time is a Pattern.  It was probably “chance” when the Wasilla Bible Church was burned, and arson was suspected.

It was determined that an acelerant was placed around the perimeter of the church. No arrests were made in that fire.

The interesting part of that blaze reported that it didn’t harm the larger areas of the church where worship services were held. Instead it was, according to Sarah Palin, the offices where church records were stored, that was destroyed.  If there were church records that would reveal something Sarah Palin didn’t want uncovered, the destruction of those records by fire would solve that problem.

When arson was suspected in the burning of the house of Dar Miller it was probably just coincidence. It was probably just coincidence that Sarah Palin is not supportive of people who are homosexual, and it appears Dar was lesbian, and lived with her “partner.”  Of course it was not coincidence that Dar Miller was in her home when the fire broke out and was burned so badly she died the next day. It was not coincidence that her dogs died in the fire as they lived with her. It was unusual that the dogs died at the foot of her bed, instead of by the door, trying to get out of the house.  It was probably just coincidence that Dar Miller had previously worked at the Mat-Su Regional Hospital as a neo-natal nurse, which is the same hospital where Trig was purportedly born. The curious thing is that there was never an arrest made in that fire either. The suggesting was that Dar Miller had probably been smoking in bed and caught herself and the bed on fire. Who made that suggestion? Did they know that Dar didn’t smoke? (according to ottoline commenting in this blog). The fire that burned so hot that it “charred beams and melted pictures on the wall” doesn’t sound like a fire caused by a cigarette in bed.

The troubling “pattern” emerges as there is report of yet another fire in the small community of Palmer Alaska. This time the fire occurred at the Matanuska Maid Creamery. You remember. that dairy was the subject of a thorough investigation by Andrew Halcro. Andrew’s suggestion was that Sarah Palin had fraudulently diverted large sums of money to friends and high school buddies. Within a week of the dissolution of the last entity to run the Matanuska Maid Creamery, its building burned to the ground. Arson is likely, given the fact that the building was without electrical or gas connections and the fire broke out at 3:30 AM.

All three fires appear to be the result of arson. All three fires occurred in or around the small town of Alaska where Sarah Palin lives. All three fires may have conferred some benefit on Sarah Palin. When the church fire destroyed church records, I suspected foul play, but knew that it was probably just chance. When Dar Miller’s home was burned and she was killed by the blaze, I suspected foul play, but knew that it could be merely coincidence. Now that the Dairy has burned, and foul play seems clear, there is an unmistakable pattern. Given the fact that none of these crimes has been “solved,”  a pattern is emerging.  I wonder how long it will be before the Anchorage Police Department will issue a press release stating that there is not one scintilla of evidence connecting any of the members of the Palin family with these cases of arson?


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  1. The same thing happened in regards to the guy who built our neighborhood’s houses. He used to own a furniture store in Kansas, it burned to the ground along with all the records of his business. He had a bunch of older furniture but claimed it was all new stuff and since the records were gone the insurance company had to pay up. Flash forward ten years and the same thing happened to his records in regards to the equipment he used to build the homes. All the records were gone as was the equipment so he got all new stuff from his insurance pay out. He did it again several yeas later with regards to more furniture. This guy was smarter in that he did it in different states under different jurisdictions with different police and insurance companies each time.
    It sounds to me like there is one big, nasty pile of shit stinking up Alaska especially the valley area. I suspect the cops are in on it as well as the Palin pals.


  2. I was wondering about the Monday Dairy Gate teaser that Halcro put out there and other Alaska bloggers picked up. It’s Tuesday and yesterday there was nothing in the news or the blogs. Somehow I think we are being strung along. I do think those fires are suspicious. It is pretty obvious the MatMaid building fire is arson. Yet, I’m not going to hold my breath, but will breathe so much better anyway when I see Palin(s) being led off under indictment.


    1. I wrote too soon I see there are a few blog posts up about the FBI investigation – but nothing concrete happening. At least though we have the hope that an investigation is actually going on there.


    2. hedgewytch,
      I think that only a federal investigation will reveal the real culprit, as we know what the local police think of the Palins.


  3. I have to say Malia, as a rule I do not believe in conspiracies. I know they happen but I think they happen rarely. I think humans are just too untrustworthy to handle most conspiracies. But I, like millions of people, watched Karl Rove have a breakdown on election night when Fox called the election for President Obama. I like many people heard Anonymous warn Rove about jacking the election. I like many people watched the Ohio Sec of State website go down in 2000 and 2004 the same as it did in 2012. Then watched the votes flip when they came online again. I heard Karl parrot the exact same things as he did in 2004 about three distinct counties in Ohio in 2012. But this time he was in sputtering shock (he’d been thwarted in his hijack of the vote). I truly believe this. I live in Ohio and know 2004 was stolen.

    So what did 2000, 2004 and 2012 have in common? Karl Rove.

    I am a fifty something year old woman and have traveled the world and know many people. I have never been connected–even by six degrees of separation–to any arson fires. So you are correct that a church fire, a home arson fire killing a woman under extremely strange conditions and a building fire would seem strange because they have one person in common. Sarah Palin.

    Also, I’d like to know why Palin apologized for the church fire. She claimed it must have been someone who hated her when she was chosen to run as vp by McCain. I thought that insane. Why her church? Why not her property. As always–she projected a bit too much there.


    1. dragonpuff,
      I am the same age, and I too have a hard time buying into the conspiracy theories. However this is too “coincidental” and it defies logic to think that they aRe unrelated. There is one thing I know, and that is that people in Alaska are really scarred of the Palins, and I can see why. If my home is torched you will have confirmation of my theory.


    2. Dragonpuff, I share a lot of your opinions and demographics, especially the Ohio connections & observations.

      Let me also add that I’ve been through a house fire and know from hard experience…animals don’t just lay down & die, they try to get OUT.


      1. I have suspected that the dogs were drugged or that the house might have been filled with carbon monoxide to start. My understanding of dogs from (reading and from experience with dogs+fire) makes the dog isse stick out like a sore thumb.


      2. Ottoline,
        My experience with dogs is that if there was a fire, they’d be barking and trying to get out of the door, not laying by the bed burning up!


    3. It was because of a pastor from Palmer bringing in someone to “pray” for that must have had some evil in them…well when that blew up in their faces and reported back to Palin that “that person is a treasure not evil dear” made her wig out and commit more crimes…another day in Palindise..

      You forgot to mention the elderly woman’s house getting jolted by MEA in coordination with Roger Purcell and the local fire department…ironically was named after the widows husband…last on the scene of course…neighbors watched this unfold as Roger delegated the photographer to take a pic…that never later surfaced in newspapers…it didn’t even make the news…

      Or the other crimes committed…like the dead girl found Rogers property?


  4. Malia –
    The Alaska Dispatch is running Andrew Halcro’s article about the dairy scandal. It will be interesting to see if any other paper picks it up.


    1. The first sentence in the Dispatch:

      “The Palin-era dairy bailout seemed like such a bad idea back in 2007. Bailing out an industry that couldn’t stand on its own two feet.”

      Excuse me, didn’t Sarah Palin knock President Obama for saving the car industry which saved numerous American jobs?

      What did Sarah’s expensive milk bailout save besides a few fireman jobs that had to put out the dairy fire?


      1. It saved Sarah having to declare more money – it is highly doubtful she would declare any/all kickbacks she received from the farmers she steered these contracts to after destroying the original Matanuska Maid dairy.


  5. Does anybody know anything about a boat or yacht that the Palin kids were supposedly drinking and partying on and the boat caught on fire too and sunk?


    1. yes … they sunk while tied to a pier .. there had been a comment that Bristol was on board prior to the sinking (???) – one of the boats was the Pacifica. After extensive investigation, the Coast Guard released a report that was totally redacted.
      READ Malia’s column of 6/22/2011 where this whole subject was discussed. You can google it!!


      1. Will Sarah cooperate or will she do what Todd did when he was called in to testify about his knowledge about Troopergate?

        Todd did not cooperate! Did he have something to hide?


    1. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…or No Child Left Behind…lol…well it appears the UN courts will hear the case before the US courts do…shrug..sounds to me like it will be international news…too bad for Sarah and the USA government…


  6. Thanks for doing this Malia. I have always hoped that Dar Miller would receive justice. The Palins have “ways” to make people disappear. Todd’s close ties to AIP and the militia may even be tied into the prostitute murders. The Cold Case files are filled with murdered prostitutes in the Wasilla Palmer area … my suspicion has been tweaked for years.
    I also want to see frog marched into a Federal Prison. Halcro’s article was written a specific way for a reason. His sources are people who have been contacted by the FBI.
    It was known years ago that the BAC was giving “non repayment” loans to the 4 farmers in Mat-Su and Francie Havemeister (the Head of Sarah’s Ag – cow lover extraordinaire) was handing out the bucks at the BAC meetings (they took minutes which were posted online…smart huh?)
    There is so much everywhere you look. From drugs, prostitution, prostitutes being beaten and murdered, arson, boats sinking … not paying taxes …
    All roads I believe lead to the Palins. And I want Chuckles gone too!


    1. Seeing Dar Miller’s photograph always inspires a very strong reaction in me. She looked like such a nice, caring lady; with a great smile. Tragic!


      1. Cracklin Charlie,
        Me too! The thought that she lived for 24 hours means that she suffered the most horrific pain imaginable for 24 hours!


  7. I may be missing a significant piece of info, but it’s my understanding that the building that burned down wasn’t the building that housed the failed dairy whose owner/s are being investigated. Apparently, the fire was an actual coincidence, without connection to the Palins or her dairy cronies (unless there’s some relationship to the property owners).

    “Only about a week after Alaska officials formally moved to dissolve the last entity to run the historic Matanuska Maid Creamery, the historic structure which ONCE housed part of that historic business burned to the ground in Palmer. Arson is suspected.”

    Jan. 4, 2001: “But the store closed in 1985. Since then, the former town hub has become an eyesore — a vacant and deteriorating structure on an untended plot in the heart of downtown Palmer.”

    I have similar questions with the suggestions of a Palin connection to the other two fires but don’t have time to elaborate. Just frustrated.


    1. curiouser,
      I have no information about a direct connection between the Palins and the building that burned, but only the connection between their buddies and the business. I am assuming that there was insurance on the building that will have to pay unless they can prove that the owners committed the arson. It also seems that some form of corruption was involved as I suspect that if the business was closing, that they would shortly b e losing their insurance, as most insurance
      companies own’t insure a vacant building.


      1. Why would an empty building burn down? Oh wait … it’s INSURED. And who needs money more than the farmers?
        Arson is never a coincidence – and anything connected with Kyle Beus and Francie Havemeister that results in money being paid out to them is not a coincidence either.
        Fires seem to follow the Palins. As does having your dog shot if you question them. Or if you happen to be a hooker in Todd’s stable maybe? And you end up buried on Knik Goose Road?

        Everything about the Palins smells. I don’t think they have done one honest thing in their entire lives.


      2. It could also have something to do with the land the building was on (?). Some places you can’t just tear down an ‘historical’ building, so if you want to build something else on that plot or sell said plot, you might not be able to.
        Just a thought…


      3. What I was trying to say is that I don’t think her buddies had anything to do with the building–the operation had changed location (1985?) and the building was purchased by an unrelated party years before the dairy was privatized. My understanding of the Alaska Dispatch article was that it merely pointed out a symbolic coincidence.


      4. You mean the native prostitute found on Knik-Goose Bay? got intel on that…but the Alaska legal system is bought and sold so they don’t care!
        That is why I recommend to anyone to file FEDERAL charges instead…


  8. In her book, ‘Going Rogue’, Sarah Palin wrote that she doesn’t believe in coincidences. She repeated those words in her speech at College of the Ozarks in Missouri. Those are 2 of the only times I can say that Sarah was right.


  9. Thanks for another excellent article, Malia.

    I did some Googling about the church fire a while ago and found the report below but because it appeared on a super right-wing, Palin-worshipping blog there’s no telling how much of it is true:

    By Coach Collins, on January 28th, 2009

    An exclusive interview with a church Elder has provided The Collins Report with sobering new facts about the arson fire at Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s home church, the Wasilla Bible Church (WBC).

    WBC Elder Tom Ryan revealed never before reported facts about this vicious crime.

    FACT: The crime was a six count attempted Murder 1, not a simple arson of a coincidently occupied building. There were 5 adult women and a 17 year old girl in the church during the arson. The old media never reported this crime as attempted murders. Instead they have smothered the truth of this story.

    FACT: The phone wires and those controlling both the fire alarm and water sprinkler systems were cut by the arsonist(s). This was not reported.

    FACT: The wires were cut from the inside of the building as clearly indicated by footprints found inside the control room. Clearly the arson(s) knew the victims were present.

    The WBC cosponsored a conference for “Ex Gays” that doubtlessly infuriated the Gay Community which is still smarting over California’s Prop 8. Would this be enough motive for some people? Of course it would, but the old media will never mention that possibility. It won’t touch the obvious conclusion that this was an attack caused by Governor Palin’s connection with the WBC either.

    The facts speak clearly. This attempted murder was perpetrated by someone from outside of the Wasilla area, a hired assassin who went there to kill people because of what they believe.

    The slovenly old media ignored reports of fire accelerant being spread across every one of the exits in order to place a deadly wall of flames between the victims and their lives. By the grace of God they were able to get out. The WBC sustained 1 million dollars in damages.

    FBI, ATF and Alaska State Police are actively investigating this attempted murder of churchwomen peacefully and innocently working in their house of worship. The insurance company involved has deemed this a suspicious fire.

    The new and established facts of this case scream that this was a concerted effort to kill people by use of fire, a crime that could have led to the arsonist(s) being shot on sight by a Wasilla police officer.

    These facts change the entire story. They make it very clear this was an attempt to murder anyone who was inside the WBC without regard for age or innocence. The vicious animal(s) that did this came to Wasilla from outside the area specifically to kill members of the Church.

    Clearly this was an attack caused by Governor Palin’s connection to this little Christian church.

    While Alaska is our largest state in land area, it is a small town in everyday life. If a local Alaskan arson/murderer had perpetrated this crime the authorities would have made an arrest already. If a Wasillian had done this everyone would have point to the likely suspect on day one.

    That leaves an outsider. That means an arsonist who came to Wasilla to kill people in a church no one ever heard of a few months ago. Why would a trained professional arsonist pick a church at random and torch it knowing there were people inside?

    There are two obvious answers and neither has been explored by the lazy bias media who had no trouble finding Wasilla when they needed to go there to try to dig up dirt on Palin. Ockham’s razor, which says: “ All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best” and it serves well in this case. It points to the fire being ordered by leftwing savages trying to strike a blow at Sarah Palin or Christian beliefs.


  10. I did comment that Dar Miller was not a smoker, but this was not first-hand info. I read it several times in the blogs, as well as the assertion that Alaska had laws requiring cigarettes to be of the “no burn” type. Of course, one can imagine scenarios where Dar was, contrary to her habits, smoking, and that she was smoking cigarettes bought elsewhere that did not have the “no burn” feature (which prevents a dropped cigarette from burning long enough it ignite a mattress or upholstery).

    But the simplest explanation remains that cigarettes did not play a role: they did not cause a fire that was initially so hot that it melted picture frames, and later was smoldering — 30 min later, when the fire folks arrived. That delay in firefighter arrival is yet one more odd feature that turns one’s thoughts to arson. At least that is what I have read.


    1. Ottoline,
      Thanks for the clarification. It was interesting to me that I had to find out she wasn’t a smoker from you, commenting on this blog, instead of it being reported! That was a critical fact. If she was a smoker, it doesn’t prove that was the cause, but if she wasn’t a smoker, we should be able to rule that out!


  11. Malia Malia Malia.

    You are so much smarter than this.

    I hardly know where to begin. I have responded to the Dar Miller fire so many times on your blog and others that I am just tired — But—

    Re: charred beams and melted pictures. My neighbor left a dog bed next to her fireplace, went to bed and nearly burned down the 6 plex in our condos. I was in the unit after the fire. CHARRED BEAMS AND A PICTURE FRAME MELTED SO BADLY IT LOOKED LIKE MOLASSES.


    These toxic gases are odorless, colorless and deadly. These gases are also heavier than the air we breath and SINK TO THE FLOOR KILLING PETS —AND THE SMALLER THE BODY, THE QUICKER IT IS DEADLY—
    on the floor OR on the bed with the owner.

    I put NOTHING past Palin, strongly believe she is involved in the church and dairy fires but NO ONE, NO ONE has come up with ANY reasonable, critically thought out reason to connect Palin to Dar Miller.

    IF this fire can be linked to Palin, I am all for it, but it is just counter productive to try and blame Palin for every wrong imaginable. Surely, we have enough to already correctly blame her for.

    People please do NOT rely on your pets to awake you in case of a fire. Change the batteries in smoke and CO2 alarms ! ! ! ! !

    Call your local fire department or google and find all this out for yourself.
    Ask ANY fireman and they will tell you how pets and people die of “smoke inhalation” prior to burning. The gases are found in their lungs !

    I dislike Palin intensely and put NONE of this beyond her, but please be more critical in your thinking about this Dar Miller Fire. NOTHING SAID IN THIS ARTICLE, MALIA, –AND YOU BEING AN ATTORNEY KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING HERE– IN ANY WAY, NOT EVEN CIRCUMSTANTIAL–WOULD BE ALLOWED IN COURT.

    This article by you is disappointing and irresponsible.

    I truly regret having to say that as I do respect the work and care you usually, put into your articles.


    1. Dobie Tracker,
      I don’t have any facts to indicate that the palins were directly involved, but it was clear that these were the result of arson, and that one or more benefited palin or her buddies and given what we know about the APD, I don’t trust any law enforcement efforts to uncover the real criminals in each of these cases. The fact that no arrests have been made is also very troubling.


    2. Dobie, there is more than what Malia has said as well.

      Have you tried to access the supposedly PUBLIC RECORDS related to this fire? If you have, you were met with completely stonewalling to the point of utter ridiculousness. And if it’s “just” a little “secret smoker’s habit bites her in the ass” issue then WHY the oppressively inappropriate obfuscation?

      MALIA- re the info regarding Dar’s being a non smoker: In the initial articles, her partner was quoted as derisively saying something to the effect of “Dar wouldn’t smoke, hated the habit, and she was extremely punctual in maintaining her smoke detectors”. I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist of what Dar’s partner said.

      The partner (whose name I wish I could recall) was sneered at by the “investigators” who basically told her she needed to accept that she didn’t know everything about her “lover”.


      1. Nyah,
        Thank you for this information! It all stinks to me, and obviously there is no evidence to implicate anyone, because there was never any real investigation,…which makes me wonder even more about foul play! It especially stinks as this is one of three fires now that have something to do with the Palins, and even if they just have someone they refer to their friends who is an arsonist, it makes me sick! I worked in a burn unit one summer and it was horrific watching the people suffer who had been burned!


  12. Dobie — You are right, we do not have proof. But as with the PalinPregnancyHoax, there are so many circumstantial red flags.

    Here are some more:
    — With Dar a former NICU nurse in a small community, I am certain Dar knew the whole hoax story via closely-held professional gossip.
    — Not only no arrests, but no routine police reports available to the public either.
    — Dar’s partner has never commented on the fire. I can understand if she feels too threatened to do so. Ditto re Dar’s relatives or close friends.
    — Why did it take 30 minutes for firefighters to arrive?


    1. Ottoline,
      The other thought I had is how and why did Dar remain in bed if her bed were on fire? If she was burned badly enough to cause her to die the next day, you’d think she would have awakened and tried to get out of the house. If however she was drugged, she’d still be in bed.


  13. One more thing. The Palin insurance paperwork shows a number of entries for SDC (Stepped-Down Care or a similar term) for early 2008, which could be consistent with an earlier birth date for Trig or Tripp, Trig’s prematurity, and this being a transition from NICU to home care. Not proof at all, but another odd data point. Dar would be a person qualified to be involved in such care.


  14. You folks have it all wrong. The folks in Alaska are just a bit backward. Send them some copies of The Wizard of Oz, so they learn how to get rid of witches. You have to pour water on her.

    All kidding aside, there must be a larger entity directing all of this crime. Palin is not that smart and way too emotional to properly execute these crimes. Like the situation with the FOIA, hookers, and Secret Service, Malia seems to have grabbed the tip of a criminal iceberg. Palin seems to be a George Bush, a distraction who allowed Rove and Cheney freedom to run the country. Like a magician, a successful criminal directs attention away from himself or herself.


  15. It would be good to put all of what we know about Dar’s death into one post. I cannot do it at present. In the comments to this post, we have added new questions, and I just want to note a few other things.

    — At the time, I seem to recall reading that Dar died not in a sleeping type of bed but in a chair or perhaps a bed used as a couch near the front of her house. Not upstairs in a 2-story house. The time of day — early evening — was not the typical time people sleep. (Although the nature of Dar’s work might explain odd hours.)

    — If the authorities said to Dar’s partner that she did not know everything about Dar, it suggests that Dar had done something that alarmed someone, something no one was willing to explain. My thoughts of course turn to the idea that Dar knew about a travesty (the Trig hoax? the circumstances of Trig’s birth? something else?) and had started taking steps to do something about it.

    — When first reading about the Dar fire, I recall thinking how easy it would be to tweak the furnace so that it filled the house with CO (carbon monoxide), which sometimes happens by accident, killing the sleeping inhabitants (incl pets) and sometimes exploding in a fire. The idea that Dar’s smoke detector was reported to be not working struck me 9in the initial reports), and the comment above that other wiring was cut would certainly lend weight to the arson charge. But, as the commenter above suggests, considering the source of this info makes it possible that it is not true.

    — Another case of cutting wires or cables comes up for me: the disabling of brakes on the many school buses, done by a group of teen boys, who may or may not have included Track Palin, who was shortly thereafter shipped off to war, and who has uttered no public statement except to call his sister Bristol a c**t at one point.

    — I recall asking a blog commenter about the sinking boats (and lack of follow-up reporting on them). This commenter implied s/he knew more about it. The commenter said that set of events was not related to the Palins or the hoax. That response could be true or false, of course.

    — I am so aware of the human mind being hard-wired to try to see connections and patterns even when there are none. Meaningless coincidences abound in this world, notwithstanding Sarah Palins thoughts on the matter. In all this big jumble of facts and factoids and non-facts, it has not been so far possible to identify what is actually true.

    — Calling ProChoiceGrandma! PCG had a terrific grasp of this subject. I would love to hear where she thinks the data point at this time.


  16. That’s actually not the only case of arson. Remember the family who had a sign “Impeach Palin” on their property, just where Todd had to see it when he landed his plane on the lake? They got home one day to find an outbuilding burned down and two people spreading accelerant around their house- and they found the body of their dog, who had been shot, in the field out back. I understand they were sent to jail, and the family put up a sign that said, “Thank God She Quit.” It’s just odd that there’s so many cases of arson around one family. I don’t know anyone IRL who has been the victim of arson. Why are there so many clustered around the Palin family?


      1. Malia & Ivyfree,
        I had not heard about that story, so I did some googling and found the comment on Progressive Alaska. I deleted a lot of the “Annoy mouse” comment that didn’t relate to the situation but you can read her whole comment at:

        “Hello Phill,
        annoy-mouse here.

        And for a bit of perspective, Phill gave me the name annoy-mouse a while back because I hounded him about the use of poster that involved McCain and Bristol. As a teen mother myself, I felt Bristols situation should be off limits. So I hounded Phill over the his posts that involved her. I believe a politician’s children should be off limits, no matter how many times the kids are dragged around to political rallys. As a teen mother, now reaching 52 yrs. old, adding more of a spot light, such as Phill did with the satire poster, is not advancing anyones peticular cause.

        As for damaged caused to my personal property… I believe such happened because of my sign “Impeach Palin”. Carefully placed on top of the woodshed so Todd would see it when he was approaching Lake Lucille for landing. I am a licensed seaplane rated pilot and a Bristol Bay fisherwomen, Todd and my vendettas go waaaaay back. I hope he has been able to view my current sign, “Thank God She Quit”. As well as get rated for seaplane landings. Safety First! Insurance costs later!

        Like the woodshed states, “Thank God She Quit”.

        Yeah, my wonderful dog has been shot. We will never know by whom. I am grateful for those who showed alittle love about her being gone. Everybody in my neiborhood just loved her. She never chased the moose off, she just held vigil around everyones garden plot. That in itself was highly appreciated. So the loss will be felt more come gardening time.”

        Very interesting! I don’t need anymore proof that there is indeed a connection to the Palin’s.


      2. Alicat,
        Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and I wish I were in a position to put such a sign up! I am soooo sorry about your dog, as we have had dogs and every time one dies, from natural causes it is a major event in the lives of all of the family. I can’t imagine the sense of loss if the death was the result of a vicious attack.


      3. Hi Malia,
        It was NOT me that put up the sign or had my dog die…I just found the comment from “annoy-mouse” about the incident that Ivyfree had referenced in her comment. Sorry about the confusion.


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