Ignorance is not bliss. Failure to respond to a Freedom of Information Act request for five months is evidence that the Federal Government is in favor of full disclosure, unless it might embarrass someone. On June 18th, 2012, I requested documents regarding a statement taken of David Chaney regarding Todd Palin’s activities as a pimp. Shailey Tripp, a convicted prostitute, alleged that Todd Palin, her pimp introduced her to David Chaney, the Secret Service agent assigned to guard Sarah during the 2008 campaign. David Chaney is also one of the agents who resigned as a result of the scandal in Colombia with a prostitute there. Shailey Tripp alleged that she received a visit from Mr. Chaney and provided sexual services to him, for which he underpaid her.

Shailey Tripp gave two verbal statements and one written statement to Merek Shaffer of Homeland Security before the Senate Subcomittee Hearing regarding the scandal in Colombia involving David Chaney and at least 11 other agents. Nothing was asked during that hearing about the use of prostitutes by agents on assignment in the United States. Mark Sullivan, the director of the Secret Service was clear that the Colombia scandal was an isolated event and that there was not a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service.


Three months has passed since my appeal of the denial of my request for a copy of any statement taken of David Chaney regarding his introduction to a prostitute by Todd Paliln. After two months I was informed that my request “continues to be under review”. Now, three months later, I have still not received any response. Perhaps it is taking Homeland Security this amount of time, as it’s really hard to figure out how there is not an “overriding public interest” in production of these documents.


This is the e-mail sent yesterday regarding yet another reminder that we are still waiting.






Dear Ms. Teal,


It has been a month since I last asked about a response to my FOIA appeal in case No. 2012-A13. At that time you indicated my case “continues to be under review.” It has now been THREE MONTHS since my original appeal was filed and yet no response has been forthcoming. Please consider this as an additional supplement to the request.


Since the original request was made, Todd Palin has appeared on behalf of Ted Cruz, to support him for Senator from Texas. Todd’s trip was paid for by people donating money to SarahPAC. I think that people paying for his expenses might be interested in knowing if Shailey Tripp’s claim that Todd was a pimp were true. Ted Cruz has now been elected Senator of the United States. I bet people who voted for him would have like to know if one of his most famous supporters was a pimp.



More allegations have surfaced regarding a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service. ABC news reports that the investigation by the Department of Homeland Security contradicts the testimony of Director Mark Sullivan when he denied that there was a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service. That article referenced :

1. One of the agents who was in Cartagena also admitted to soliciting a prostitute on two previous occasions, in El Salvador in 2008, and in Panama in 2009.

2. Other allegations of similar misconduct were reported by Secret Service agents on trips to Romania and China.

3. Allegations that Mr. Sullivan knew of the history of use by agents of prostitutes have also been made.

4. ABC reported that in the three and one half years prior to the Cartagena scandal, there were only a report of 105 contacts with foreign nationals when in fact it was 423 additional contacts that were reported.



In the last few days there has been a report of a Secret Service agent who was involved in a “long term affair” with a Mexican woman. Rafael Prieto reportedly committed suicide after failing a national security polygraph. It was also reported that Mr. Prieto brought this Mexican woman to Secret Service functions attended by Secret Service Supervisors, including the head of the Orlando field office. The affair of many years of Mr. Prieto was described as being “well known” within the Secret Service. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/02/service-agent-on-obama-detail-commits-suicide-after-probe-into-affair-sources/#ixzz2BkNEgs60


There has also been the report of a Secret Service agent who has been charged with sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl. That agent, Hector Cuellar was reported to have previously worked as part of President Obama’s detail.



Additionally there is an investigation underway in Alaska of a special task force headed by the Attorney General of Alaska regarding sex trafficking in Alaska. http://www.akronlegalnews.com/editorial/5321


Each of these reports further reinforces the compelling and overriding public interest in disclosing any documents requested in the original FOIA request. If a statement was taken of David Chaney, and if he confirmed that Todd Palin introduced him to Shailey Tripp, that would be some evidence of a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service, and would additionally confirm the allegations by Shailey Tripp that Todd Palin was her pimp, which has been denied by Sarah Palin. If a statement of David Chaney was not taken, that would be evidence of a lack of good faith on the part of the investigators.


The longer these documents are withheld, the longer the damage to the public. People continue to give money to the SarahPAC thereby supporting the campaigning of Todd Palin for candidates including Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich. The President of the United States continues to be guarded by Secret Service agents who may be involved with foreign nationals. Certainly this is the most compelling example of an “overriding public interest” in the production of these documents. A majority of the electorate in the United States has re-elected President Obama as our President, and it is in the best interest of the American people that we ensure his safety. If there is a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service, it must be uncovered, and remedied.

If these documents requested are not produced, and a lawsuit is necessary, please be advised that I will ask that the Court award attorney fees for the necessity of obtaining these documents through litigation. There is legal precedent for being reimbursed for attorneys feels



Please produce the documents requested immediately.


Malia Litman



Make us believe that our government stands for justice and equality. If there is a statement by David Chaney, we are entitled to see it. We now have Senator Ted Cruz as a member of the United States Senate, in part because of the fact that Todd Palin appeared at a rally for him. The American people are entitled to know the character of the people endorsing and campaigning for our elected officials. As referenced in the above e-mail, it is clear that there is a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service. The only remaining question is whether there is a “culture of corruption” within Homeland Security as well. Please produce the records!