Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent are Connected to Pimps


Todd Palin has never denied being a pimp, as Shailey Tripp asserted in her book, Boys Will Be Boys.

Ted Nugent, that role model for young patriots everywhere, soiled his pants avoiding the draft, He’s the one that dressed in camouflage hunting gear, wielding two machine guns during a 2007 concert, and then declared that “Obama, he’s a piece of sh-t. I told him to suck on my machine gun.” He then attacked Hillary Clinton saying: “Hey Hillary. You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless b-tch.”

Now that the 2012 election is over, Nugent has renewed his hate-filled rants against the President. He used Twitter to attack the people who voted for Obama as “pimps” “whores” and “welfare brats.”

Not surprisingly this is the same man who said he “loves” Sarah Palin  and authored the segment on Palin in Time Magazines’ tribute to the 100 most influential leaders.

Not surprisingly Nugent’s top choice for President was that eloquent speaker Rick Perry.

However when Perry lost to Romney, Nugent endorsed the candidate who was willing to Lie for the Lord, Mitt Romney.

The most offensive thing Nugent has said about our President was his declaration that:

“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

It’s a little ironic that Nugent calls the supporters of President Obama “pimps” when it’s Nugent’s own friend, Todd Palin, is the pimp. It is offensive and actionable to make such a statement, suggesting that you would do something to the President that would result in either death or going to jail.

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  1. Nugent is a loudmouth and a coward. He doesn’t have the sack to attempt to harm the President. He’s an old, has-been punk. I see why the Palins like him.. Obviously, I’m not a fan of any of these idiots.


  2. Malia, the November issue of the Texas Bar Journal is devoted to human trafficking. The headline is “Slavery Out of the Shadows.” Have you received your copy yet?

    I am frustrated that nothing is happening regarding Todd’s criminal activities. That is sad for Alaska and for our country.


  3. Nugent is the subhuman,one of his many insults to people who voted for the president. I wish this cretin would be sued or put into jail for life. He is a dangerous bigot. Palin needs to go with him for all her crimes and take her pimp daddy husband with her. These people are the lowest common denominator in our country and they do nothing but destroy with their divisive, lying rhetoric.


  4. Lol…Todd has that smile of “and she will cost you $$$ to fock her” smile…

    Oh I wouldn’t worry too much…the feel of the nation with HALF the population is clean up time…the economy…corruptions…and justice…
    The whining crew can bellow in their bourbon as long as they clean up after they leave…

    I am sensing the USA will evolve and instead of this doom and gloom forecast they like to try scare tactics on…now remember half the people are in a pissy mood…but embarrass them by working anyways… make them think twice about those shopping days to helping a veteran family out instead…remind them that the 47% was their grandparents wages then.. the mood of giving will change and the END DAYS will never come to pass…it’s all in the powers of the peoples…

    Not these bozo’s…those militias will come to be exposed and irradiated…

    America has had enough and is done fooling around with this nonsense!!!

    And not a moment to late…just sayin’


  5. Ted danced around on stage with skin tight pants and a cat tail hanging off the back, shaking his tail at the audience. Sarah dresses like a drunk teenage hooker and shakes her wigs at the audience. I’m thinking Ted and Sarah are the real twins. They just say whatever rolls out of their heads. Sarah wishes she had the nerve to really be an outdoor person like Ted. I think Todd and his side businesses just got stuck in the middle, never expecting the national spotlight. Alaska is a great state to hide criminal activity. Just ask a meth dealer.


    1. aj,
      Todd may not have anticipated the national attention for his business, but obviously he was quick to take advantage of his connection to many potential customers.


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