Republicans Ironically Advocate Moving to Canada

Republicans are once again showing just how clueless they are. After the election of Barack Obama on Tuesday, Republicans began proposing a move to Canada. Some Republicans have proclaimed the virtues of a Canadian government to that of the United States, under the leadership of Barack Obama.

Ironically, Republicans who view Canada as a more desirable place to live than America, seem to have no real knowledge about the country that borders the United States, to the North. It is true that the average Canadian is richer than the average American. It is true that unemployment in Canada of 7.2% is lower than America’s unemployment rate of 8.2%.

The laughable thing is that the social and economic policies of Canada more closely resemble Barack’s policies than those of Republicans. Consider these characteristics about Canada:

1. Canada is officially bilingual and multicultural.

2. Canada refused to send troops to Iraq.

3. Canada has enacted socially democratic programs such as Medicare, the Canada Pension Plan, and Canada Student Loans.

4. The global financial crisis of 2008 caused a major recession, which led to a significant rise in unemployment in Canada, and has only realized a “modest” rebound. As of mid-2012 most of the Canadian economy had stabilized, but the country remains troubled by sensitivity to the European crisis, and the unusually high unemployment rates.

5. Canadian forces participated in the NATO led intervention into the Libyan Civil War.

6. In 2011, Canada spent approximately C$29.9 billion on domestic research and development.   The country was ranked fourth worldwide for scientific research quality in a major 2012 survey of international scientists

7. Not only does Canada recognize the right of people to choose their spouse in marriage, but three of the four states in the United States that recognize same-sex marriage border Canada.

8. Taxes in Canada may be substantially higher than in the United States. The highest federal rate in Canada is 29%, which is applicable to anyone making more than $132,000. However for a similar income in the United States the rate is actually lower, 28%. In Canada, there is the additional provincial taxes, which may be as high as 21% in Nova Scotia. Unlike nine states in the United States, that have NO individual state income tax,  there is NO province in Canada that does not tax its residents with a personal income tax.

If some Republicans are unhappy with the policies of Barack Obama, moving to Canada won’t solve the problem for them. In fact,  their problems might be intensified as Canadians overwhelmingly preferred Obama to Romney.

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  1. In Canada, you don’t have the benefit of claiming mortgage interest nor are they able to claim for donating ‘stuff’ – only monetary donations are claimable to registered charities. There is also the issue of restrictions on guns. They might also find a problem with the ‘hate’ laws. Canadians also pay more for gas than Americans.

    These are a few things I remember discussing with a Canadian friend.

    It’s hard to see any of the Republicans ‘running for the border’!! LOL


    1. de,
      I have a good friend, lesbian, who went to Canada to get married, and she has now moved there and is living happily ever after with her spouse, who runs a small business in Canada. I’m sure they’d laugh if the Republicans fled to Canada, thinking that it would be better for them in Canada. Ha!


  2. Hello Malia! Our way of life here in Canada is something everyone here cherishes, myself included! Sure, gas is more expensive here, the cost of living is higher, tobacco and beer are taxed heavily, sales tax and income tax is higher. But, our universal healthcare and income security for seniors is something that was fought for, and is the envy of most nations, including the U.S. Republican ideals would not cut it here; we would boot them out fast! And yes, most Canadians have a deep respect for President Obama!


      1. Actually, some of them are living in Canada. Last numbers I was aware of in 2010 was about 80,000 Americans living in Alberta, mostly working in the oil fields — some of them Baggers — some trying to inject themselves and people are not ‘taking it’

        Ann Coulter (2010)and Sarah Palin were both ‘welcomed’ to speak in Calgary, Alberta I believe, whereas Coulter’s speech was protested and cancelled in Ottawa, Ontario after she told a female student at a venue the night before to “take a camel” as an alternative to flying. A number of students then walked out.

        Prior to the Ottawa cancellation, she was sent an email advising her of free speech limitations which she didn’t take kindly to. From a Canadian media site: “The private email, which was leaked to conservative news organizations, noted that Canada Charter of Rights meant that “promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges.” (That would have been excellent — Coulter cooling her a$$ in a Canadian jail!!) Coulter, in typical Bagger fashion, played victim of a ‘hate crime’ and threatened to file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

        Knock yourself out Ann as I believe she was basically told to suck eggs by most Canadians!!


  3. It certainly would be a dream come true if the Repubs would leave the country! Then maybe we could return to civility and getting the job done.


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