If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Your Intelligence, Baffle Them With Your Bullshit

Thanks “idcsys” for this link.   As we watched the debate between Obama and Romney, many of us found ourselves  amazed that Romney was saying so many things that were simply not true.  This article helps us understand that this was a technique of debating.  While some might call this technique “spreading” debate, most of us know it by its more common name…”bullshit.”

13 thoughts on “If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Your Intelligence, Baffle Them With Your Bullshit

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  1. Think about this.

    When Romney got the GOP nomination a lot of Republicans weren’t too happy. Whenever Mitt made speeches and talked to the public he would flip flop his positions and there were times he would sound like a babbling idiot. So now in one night he impressed more of the Republicans because of his bull shit.

    Mitt Romney can’t be trusted and neither can the Republicans when it comes to women, health care, and helping the middle and below class.

    Mitt cheated at the first presidential debate.


    1. Betty,
      I totally agree, and if I were one of his supporters, I’d be very worried I would have no idea what he’d really do while in office


  2. If someone can’t see anything wrong with such pathological and pointless lying–pointless, because it’s easily disproven–then something is very wrong with that person. There are folks who probably are unaware of Willard’s well-documented habit of lying, so they were most likely taken in by his ridiculous theatrics. Of course, others ARE aware he is lying, but they see only what they want to see, because defeating President Obama takes precedence over everything else. That’s why they’re willing to overlook Willard’s painfully obvious flaws, both as a man and as a candidate. It is highly disturbing that anyone anywhere would consider voting for someone whose mendacious character and overbearing temperament plainly disqualify him from any political office.


    1. Anne,
      There are people who believe anything they hear that promotes the image of Romney and disparages Obama. I know from my mother that facts don’t seem to matter!


  3. This explains the paper Romney snuck into the debate. He had a list of “Gish” points. What we need is a true college debate moderator who will cut off the BS and keep them on point.

    SNL definitely picked up on the Gish technique and used it to open the show last night. It was hilarious. Romney babbling in the background while Obama was trying to think of a gift for the First Lady.


  4. Romney’s performance last Wednesday night reminded me of the snake oil salesman character in Clint Eastwood’s THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES. Saying anything, everything and nothing while your opponent conducts himself with reason, thoughtulfness, specifics and maturity scores points with too many members of the media. I am disillusioned by the media’s (majority) assessment of Romney’s successful performance.


    1. Pat,
      Iam learning that we can’t rely on the press to cover the real stories, as they are more interested in headlines than in the real facts. If the headline is that Romney is a liar,that’s old news but if he “won” the debate then that is sensational news.


  5. The media should be ashamed..they help direct the people to their own slaughter when they FAIL to point out ROMNEY’S blatant lies and 180 degree turnaround platform. See how the GOP does that? They accuse the media of being biased when it comes to Pres OBama..BIG FAV GOP LIE ….while the RW has been the one getting favorable coverage no matter what they say or do!!! The media’s not pointing out Romney’s lies. They do not like the truth anymore than the GOP. Except MSNBC. At least they have intelligent truth tellers. The media is supposed to inform the public. You should hear what they’ve been saying on fox. It would not surprise you..but make you incredibly sick. I’m mad at Obama my self for such a terrible debate. I understand from the start Romney lied and while on the one hand I say to myself why didn’t you call him out on each lie? Why wait till the next day which made you look like a coward? You can face us but not Romney? WHY DID YOU SPARE ROMNEY SO MUCH? Then again…Obama realized..hey, wait..those are my policies you’re talking about! AFTER ALL THESE MONTHS YOUR WERE THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING I PROPOSED!!! But Romney THE SNAKE saw the people liked Obama’s politices better AND OBAMA himself, so he shakes his ETCH-A-SKETCH for the 100,000,000 time and POOF! he becomes the GREAT WHITE HOPE ..Obama in white format!!! He’s now telling real personal stories to show how much he is like OBama ..real human and how much HE REALLY DOES CARE FOR THE 47%! Obama acted like he wanted to spare Romney’s / GOP’s feelings..no matter how much they lie about him?? Why???? And as they continue to lie every single day about him being lazy..incompetent! Very stereotypical african GOP opinion of every African American. Anyway. Had Obama called Romeny out on every lie? The GOP/media would have played Obama as having nothing to offer but call Romeny a liar. I don’t know what was wrong with Pres Obama that nite..but I pray to God it was another ..”oh, that’s-because-I-was-busy-taking-Osama-bin-Laden-out moment” …then it will all make sense to me. I still plan to vote for Pres Obama no matter what..but wth was that all about on one of thee most important debates of this potential presidency. WTH? You’re all we’ve got that’s sane and that can turn this country around because YOU ARE DOING IT!…please remember that AND ALL OF US FIGHTING FOR YOU instead of the GOP’s feelings next time.


    1. Green Tiger 17,
      I sat at home yelling at Mitt during the debate and wished that Obama would have pointed out how much he changed from his stated positions.


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