Bristol Palin, Champion of Dignity!

Declaring the need for “dignity” in our politics, Bristol Palin has asked the age-old question, “Do people actually wonder why democrats have problems attracting Christian voters?”  What Bristol really meant was not “Christian voters’ but ‘white Christian evangelical” voters? Bristol was probably straddling a bull at a bar

when Sister Simone was touring the country on her bus trying to raise awareness of Christians across the country of the anti-Christian views of Paul Ryan as evidenced in his budget.

Bristol was probably trying on her sexier costumes for Dancing with the Stars

when Sister Simone was speaking at the DNC.

Bristol was probably filming her reality show with her illegitimate son saying he hated her, and calling her a faggot

while Sandra Fluke was being called a “slut,”

so Bristol probably didn’t understand this button.

Bristol probably was still recovering from her jaw re-alignment procedure when Joe McGinnis’s book came out,


so she didn’t understand why this button is funny.

God bless her, I haven’t seen any pictures of Bristol at church, but I have seen these:

Those pictures didn’t reveal the “dignified” image of Bristol Palin.  The really helpful part of Bristol’s post is that she understands the need for “dignity”. She lost hers when she drank too many wine coolers and went camping, when she appeared on the cover of a magazine declaring that she and Levi had gotten re-engaged, when her reality show with the Massey brothers was cancelled, when Not Afraid of Life was so unpopular that even people at Wal-mart weren’t interested, when she declared herself to be a “Born-Again-Virgin” and then declared that she would have a “Trial-marriage” when she decided to live with her boyfriend.

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  1. The Palin clan is the furthest away from being ‘christian’ or even living the life of ‘christians’! They are full of hate and ugliness which they’ve projected on Americans for the past recent years. They are known NOT to attend church in the area in which they live in Alaska..

    Poor Bristol has learned all of her actions from her mother, which has been a disaster for her. Who on this earth would ever want to walk in any of their shoes?


  2. She is so gross. Her son will end up with a dozen half siblings, she said so herself. Hey, Bristol, between you and Sandra Fluke, she ain’t the slut! You are, you irresponsible hypocrite!


  3. Brisdull l talking about “dignity”? What a CROCK! I was reminded of the day she spoke so dignified to the teacher in Homer. The dignified way she speaks to and about her second son….the dignified way she acts like a so called Christian. Brisdull, honey….you have no place declaring who and who is not dignified. Your family is a complete sham. Go away.


    1. TiredOfTheEmpress,
      If you look up the word “dignity” in the thesaurus, there is a picture of the Palin family next to the word “lowliness” which is the antonym for “dignity”.


  4. Why do you continue to spread lies? Bristol never lived with Gino when they were a couple. And I love how you ignore the crassness of those DNC buttons yet try to manipulate other events (that involve a republican) to mirror that.

    Oh, and I love how you ignore Glen Rice’s statement that his memory of Sarah Heath was respectful and fondly remembered, while trying to portray it as pure sleeze.

    Praying for you Malia. You’re an adult who’s a decade old than I and think like a 12 yr old girl.


    1. Ha! His memory of Sarah was respectful?! You must be joking!

      IF he remembered her at all, which I doubt, it was probably only as the wall-eyed Alaskan girl so desperate to fuck that she had to throw herself at visiting athletes. You had one thing right though, pure sleaze, that’s Sarah and her trashy daughter Bristol in a nutshell.


      1. Barbara,
        At first i thought he might remember her as the girl with the wonkey eye, but then I realized he might not have been looking at her eyes.


      1. It’s more than that. I think Blake and all her online aliases have a raging case of Celebrity Worship Syndrome. She has latched onto the Palins, especially Sarah and Bristol.

        Thanks for that link. It’s fascinating.


  5. Well done Malia! The once you go black, you never go back button was sorta ho hum for me until Sarah brought it brought it back into the context of herself. You’d think these idiots would keep clear of these buttons rather than drawing the attention on themselves for this truly funny comparisons.


  6. Bristol, please go to church, or, better yet, take some religion classes at the University of Alaska, and learn about the history of Christianity, all its various permutations, and why what you think of as “Christian” is a tiny sliver of the world of Christians everywhere.
    Then read the Beatitudes and go out and help the underprivileged at least once a day. After a year or so of study and reflection, you may humbly call yourself a “Christian.” But you have to do the good works every day to stay in the flock. Otherwise, you’re an imposter, like your mother and so many other angry, uneducated, jealous Americans who’ve had every advantage known to man and still pretend they’re victims, because they threw it all away.


    1. rumsey10,
      it just amazes me that she can act like god is so important to her, but you never see or hear about her going to church or working for any charity, unless it is one that will pay her.


  7. God bless her, I haven’t seen any pictures of Bristol at church, but I have seen these:

    Malia, have you seen the dignified picture of Christian Bristol wearing her modest Sunday best dignified mini Daisy Duke shorts while almost showing her hoo haa standing next to her trial husband Gino who was wearing his Brokeback cowboy get up with his 20 gallon black hat for his 5 gallon head? Sarah must of been very proud of her?


      1. Dignified picture of my sister, Christian Bristol Palin wearing her Sunday best booty shorts with trial husband Broke Back Cowpoke Gino.


  8. Malia I apologize for my “Willow on September 8, 2012 at 2:41 pm ” comment. Sometimes I act up. Maybe my parents should of left me in school. The last time I interfaced with other students and teacher was in my Sophomore year in high school. I guess being home schooled in my Junior year and missing my Senior year in high school with no public interaction with others or authorities in high school will affect how I interface with others as I get older.


      1. She learned that one from Toad.
        If you do it interface there might be evidence left behind.
        That’s what the washcloth and rubber is for.


  9. Hypocrisy, they name is Palin! The umbrage that members of this family take with everyone else is just astounding. As if Bristol showed any dignity when she was tramping across the dance floor on DWTS or when she taught her little son to stick out his tongue at photographers. There is absolutely no dignity whatsoever in the Palin household. And that is simply pathetic.


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