Declaring the need for “dignity” in our politics, Bristol Palin has asked the age-old question, “Do people actually wonder why democrats have problems attracting Christian voters?”  What Bristol really meant was not “Christian voters’ but ‘white Christian evangelical” voters? Bristol was probably straddling a bull at a bar

when Sister Simone was touring the country on her bus trying to raise awareness of Christians across the country of the anti-Christian views of Paul Ryan as evidenced in his budget.

Bristol was probably trying on her sexier costumes for Dancing with the Stars

when Sister Simone was speaking at the DNC.

Bristol was probably filming her reality show with her illegitimate son saying he hated her, and calling her a faggot

while Sandra Fluke was being called a “slut,”

so Bristol probably didn’t understand this button.

Bristol probably was still recovering from her jaw re-alignment procedure when Joe McGinnis’s book came out,


so she didn’t understand why this button is funny.

God bless her, I haven’t seen any pictures of Bristol at church, but I have seen these:

Those pictures didn’t reveal the “dignified” image of Bristol Palin.  The really helpful part of Bristol’s post is that she understands the need for “dignity”. She lost hers when she drank too many wine coolers and went camping, when she appeared on the cover of a magazine declaring that she and Levi had gotten re-engaged, when her reality show with the Massey brothers was cancelled, when Not Afraid of Life was so unpopular that even people at Wal-mart weren’t interested, when she declared herself to be a “Born-Again-Virgin” and then declared that she would have a “Trial-marriage” when she decided to live with her boyfriend.