We’ve Got Your Back!

“We will always have your back!” That was the beginning of Michelle Obama’s awe inspiring speech last night during the first night of the DNC. Here is her actual speech.

Here is the transcript of the powerful words she shared with the country.

While there were many powerful messages conveyed during the speech, the most important message was “Trust’ . As we reflect over this election season, “trust,’ or the lack thereof, separates these candidates. If civil rights for women, minorities, and the GLBT rights are primary issues for any particular voter, the choice of Obama is clear. If foreign policy, the environment, or the threat of another war are the critical issues, the choice of Obama is equally clear. However for many voters the economy is the critical issue. The question then becomes whether Romney would do a better job than Obama. While we wish the economic recovery had been better over the past four years, the critical questions are whether it would have been worse if McCain had been elected (or God forbid, that he’d been elected and died, and Palin was at the helm); and whether Romney would do a better job going forward.

While Obama and Romney have different plans to fix the economy it is unclear what would actually solve the financial crisis. If that was known, it would have already been done. Romney’s plan is to follow the lead of George W. Bush, and many predict that would only result in greater economic turmoil and irreversible disaster. President Obama has shown his leadership with each of the economic problems with which he has been confronted. Even in the face of many outspoken opponents he approved the automobile bailout, which has proved to be not only successful, but essential to job growth. His decision in that case was typical of the thoughtful and pensive President that he has become.

With Mitt Romney the critical question is not what he says he would do to fix the economy. We have learned from his repeated waffling that what he says today may be different tomorrow.  He might lie, and think that he was “Lying for the Lord.”We know he has been motivated in the past to help the upper class at the expense of the middle and lower class. 

His solution to the deficit is to tax the middle class at a higher rate and give tax cuts to the wealthy. While he promises not to raise taxes on the middle class, he has also promised to raise enough revenue to maintain the current revenue levels in America. That means he promises not to raise taxes on anyone but maintain the current level of the deficit. Romney’s plan will “either add to the deficit or raise middle-class taxes.”  Romney makes promises he can’t, and knows he can’t,  keep. His comfort with lying to the American people can best be illustrated by his choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate.

The critical question in the 2012 election is “Who can we trust?” Who’s got our backs? Romney has proved that he is not to be trusted. Obama has proved that he can. Perhaps Obama is not a miracle worker, but the miracle of President Obama is that we can trust him to make the best decisions for the majority of people in the country. He has earned our trust. In the end the most we can actually vote for is a President who shares our point of view and is trustworthy and motivated  to make the best decisions for the majority of the people in the country. Obama can’t walk on water, but he won’t tell us he can. Obama can be trusted to row the life boat toward us as we flail in the water. Romney can be trusted to row away from us as we drown, for fear that we might tip over his life boat. Michelle Obama has traversed the dangerous oceans with Barack Obama for 20 years. She trusts him. We trust him. We know he’s “got our back.”

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  1. Like I said under the Condi Rice thread, how about Michelle Obama’s OUTSTANDING speech tonight! See Sarah, that’s how an intelligent, thoughtful, moral and sincere woman sounds. Just a few reactions:

    CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “The First Lady not hitting a home run, but probably a Grand Slam.”

    MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt said the speech was “brilliantly written and brilliantly delivered.”

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper tweeted that he has “never heard such a well delivered speech by a first lady ever.”

    NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Michelle Obama owned this convention in a way that no speaker owned the convention in Tampa.”

    CNN analyst David Gergen: “If they have two more nights like this, they can probably break this race open.”

    Fox News’s Martha McCallum: “Very positive response here from the floor, and very enthusiastic from people listening to this.”

    Fox News’ Brit Hume: “Extremely impressive woman.”

    MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: “Oh my god.”

    MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: “Tonight we were reintroduced to a star.”

    CNN analyst Donna Brazille: “Love is in the air.”

    She made Ann Romney look like the plasticized Stepford Wife she is, and Michelle looked so beautiful! No fakery, no botox, just being herself. And her dress, by Tracy Reese (I think), was gorgeous.

    I’d be willing to bet Mitt Romney’s $10,000 that Sarah Palin is like a raging bull right now, smashing up every breakable in her immediate vicinity. Get the chewable Valium, quickly!


  2. Thank you Malia. He truly does care about America and not just himself and what we can do to pad his wallet. President Obama doesn’t have a Prophet Complex! He does have our back!


  3. What an impressive speech! It was sincere and heartfelt, Michelle didn’t have to yell the fake Ann Romney words, “I love you women!”…we all FELT that. She is a great First Lady and I’m proud of the way her family has represented themselves in the White House. The rest of the speakers were awesome as well; they put the RNC speakers to shame.


  4. I’d love for some brave soul to ask a person of political importance (preferably the President since it directly relates to his statements the following:

    Sir, If everyone should be supportive of their fellow neighbor and help pul them through doors to where success lies, as your wife has said, WHY have you demeaned entrepreneurs, good people who struggled to start their small business and struggle daily to keep those businesses afloat despite a variety of potential detrimental factors?”


    1. You are a liar, Ames. That’s right, a liar. Our President has never once demeaned entrepreneurs. You are repeating a Fox News lie which makes you as big a liar as Ryan, Romney, Limbaugh and the rest of the right-wing noise machine.

      Another lie of your is that the Democratic National Committee stated that “government owns people”. (your nonsensical words) I have no idea what you are talking about.

      In many Buddhist centers and homes the following prayer is said at mealtimes:

      “Innumerable labors brought us this food, may we know how it comes to us. Let us receive this as a blessing. Let us consider whether our life and efforts honor it. Let us aspire to a calm mind and heart and be free from greed, hate and delusion.”

      This is what President Obama was talking about, the inumerable labors of the people surrounding us every single day. The trouble with people like you is that you go to the grocery, pay for food, come home and make a sandwich and say to yourself, (in all caps, as you like to talk) “I BUILT THIS SANDWICH!”

      But did you? What about the farmer who grew the wheat for your bread? The people who plowed and watered and harvested the wheat? What about the trucker who drove that wheat to the market? The people who put gas in that truck and maintained it? The people who milled the grain? Baked the bread? Brought it to your grocery store? The checker who took your money, gave you change, bagged your bread?

      Ames, you didn’t build that sandwich without the innumerable labors of other people. Democrats understand this, you selfish republicans act as if you make the sun rise in the east all by yourselves. You didn’t build that business or that sandwich, we did.


      1. Ames has swallowed the Fox Noise kool-aid and doesn’t bother to think for herself. Obama never demeaned entrepreneurs. As I write this, on the television a small business owner is praising Obama for the financial help this administration has given and allowed people like him to get his business off the ground.

        Instead, it’s Romney who dismisses entire industries. “Let Detroit go bankrupt”…think of all the small business owners who supply the auto industry who would have gone bankrupt if Romney were president.


  5. Who I am:
    a 33 year old woman
    blue collar roots
    most of my extended family did not attend college or found other, more
    lucrative ways of being successful
    Despite a college fund my parents scrounged together, I said “no thanks, you put me through private school to give me a great foundation.”

    I put myself through undergrad, took out no loans and graduated in 4 years with 0 debt.

    I also helped 4 friends out with some college-related expenses (one tuition, one books, 1 an internship fee) These were LOANS. Why loans and not acts of charity? Because there are things WORTH earning. A gift is something that sits under a xmas tree awaiting an ecstatic toddler to rip it open. If people go through life receiving large sums of money and incredible items as gifts regularly, they will become accustomed to this. But if someone is of the mentality that most things are WORTH earning, that sets up a lovely future. ANd contrary to the DNC ad, GOVERNMENT (ie a bunch of rich, selfish men in DC) DO NOT OWN ANY ONE PERSON.
    But way to devalue humans democrats.


    I got married a month after graduation to my childhood best friend.

    I had my first baby 1 year later.

    We opened out business 1 year after than.

    We’ve seen family members die from old age and prematurely. We’ve seen friends’ businesses fail and pray daily for our continued success because like with everything, nothing is guaranteed.

    Our kids have decent sized college funds, which they will receive when they prove they’re mature enough to realize the importance or learning and personal growth. Though I expect them to work at least parttime throughout their teens and college years.

    There are millions of ways to achieve a great life and build a lovely future. None of these should start with the notion that a distant governing body of cowards in the District of Columbia deeming themselves worthy of spending YOUR money better than you do, or knowing what’s best for a supersized country of millions.

    Government should be to maintain the physical country, which is why we AND businesses pay taxes – or 50% of us (namely the wealthy and middle class)


    1. Your story is lovely. You came from a two parent family who sent you to private school and you turned down your college fund because you were brave and strong and could do it all yourself. Now you are married, with children, a business and are living the dream. Fantastic.

      Honey—not everyone starts with even a tenth of what you had. So pat yourself on the back and love yourself a little bit more about it all. And as far as the physical country goes—the republican party doesn’t even want to take care of that. Some of us believe government is more than a libertarian

      And frankly–you must have gone to some inexpensive college I’ve never heard of to get through it without help, just working and graduating on time in this day and age. I was able to do that in 1979 when tuition was
      $457 a semester at my state school.

      My niece’s tuition room and board at the same state school now comes to about twenty- four thousand a year. Try going to school and working a job to make that kind of money and see if you could graduate on time now.

      What burns me about people like you is when you are finally in need–
      all that libertarian garbage disappears. Watch two jobless people whose jobs have gone overseas listen to a hungry child cry and see if you sign up for food stamps. We are not all born equal. Some of the world needs a little help. Your disdain for the less fortunate makes you a real modern day republican. Namaste.


    2. “…the notion that a distant governing body of cowards in the District of Columbia deeming themselves worthy of spending YOUR money better than you do, or knowing what’s best for a supersized country of millions.”

      But yet you want that same “governing body of cowards” free to make laws requiring unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds? Don’t you see the ridiculousness of your position? You republicans claim you want government of your backs yet each and every day they pass new laws violating the most personal business of women.

      As for knowing what’s best for this country, bridges that won’t collapse, roads that aren’t buckled and potholed, clean water, clean air and safe food are desirable for all people in this country and they can only be accomplished through group effort. That’s what government is for, not for poking things into women’s bodies or deciding who’s eligible for marriage.


  6. Michelle’s speech was amazing last night!
    I have to say though as an aside— Did anyone hear Chuck Todd sounding bewildered that democrats actually LIKE President Obama? He went on to say in Tampa there was just anti-Obama but no real love for Mitt. I guess this is what the conservative echo chamber gets you if you don’t watch out.


  7. I was extremely excited by Ms. Obama’s speech, but I think I got a glimpse of the future when I heard Tammy Duckworth. I think she has the right credentials and age to get very close to the top.


  8. I’ve just heard Michelle Obama speak and I’m impressed.Congratulation to all Americans for a wonderful First Lady. Malia,I used to comment under the name “Pjevs”
    but have chosen to use my real name,so now I will comment under the name Robert,a very common name in Denmark and in US I understand,with just one difference:In US you call Robert “BOB”and in Denmark we call Robert ,yes Robert.


  9. It is interesting that, when most of us were so moved by Michelle Obama’s speech on Tuesday night, there are always one or two (fortunately in this case, one) whiner commenters who misstate and misunderstand the simple facts of what has been happening in the US. Poor “Ames” – perhaps she doesn’t know how hard President Obama has been working for her and the rest of us. I, for one, am very grateful that we elected Barack Obama in 2008 and I’ll work to re-elect him this November. Can you imagine what a mess this country would be in if John McCain had won in 2008? If the tenor of the Republicans in Congress is any indication, not one step would have been taken to improve the economy, the federal agencies that protect all Americans with regard to the food we eat, the air we breath, the water we drink, the natural disasters we endure would have been ended, the rich would have been further enriched on the backs of everyone else, Social Security and Medicare would have been gutted, and we would probably have become mired in even more war in the Middle East. “Ames” should stop watching Fox News.


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