The Ghost of W’s Past

How quickly we forget! Many Americans don’t pay attention to politics, and those who do, often forget. The best example of our short term memory would be Sarah Palin. By quitting her job as Governor, and by not running for President, we forget just how horrible she was as Alaska’s Governor, and as Wasilla’s mayor.   Sarah Palin left both her town, and her state, further in debt than when she took office. It is clear why the Tea party, and the GOP did not want Palin to speak at their convention.  They hoped Palin would stay on her Road to Nowhere.

The GOP also did not ask George Bush or Dick Cheney to even appear at the convention. It might have had something to do with the fact that George Bush is viewed as the worst living president, with 54% of people viewing him unfavorably.  Or it could be simply that they were afraid that he would spend his time on stage stuttering due to his brain impediment.

Dick Cheney probably wasn’t invited because the GOP was unable to find anyone who would get close enough to him to introduce him.

The truth is that regardless of the damage done by George W. Bush during his eight years in office, American voters who voted for Obama in 2008 wanted dramatic change and wanted to see the results immediately.  It took George eight years to dig the hole we found ourselves in, but voters expected Obama to be able to fix the disastrous economy within one term.   Time magazine identified the specific mistakes of the Bush policies  that got us into this economic disaster:

  Bush’s Budget Blunders

  The Return to Deficits

  Iraq

  Tax Cuts for the Rich

  Financial Regulation

  Telling Us to Go Shopping

  Energy Policy

  A State of Denial

  The Muddled Bailout

The really frightening thing is that Romney intends to repeat these mistakes of Bush, if elected in November.  Romney favors deregulation, which was a core philosophy of Bush.  Yet, if the W years taught us anything, it is that deregulation is probably the single most important reason for so many bank failures.  Romney would make the Bush tax-cuts permanent.    But the cost of the Bush tax cuts exceeded ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. Bush took us to war in Iraq, which was a mistake that cost America over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.   If Romney were elected he would INCREASE military spending.    Listening to McCain and Condoleezza Rice, we should declare war on Syria and Iran.    Since they WERE invited to speak at the RNC, and because they both advocated additional wars, we can only assume Romney would agree with them if elected.

 Forbes features an article today, the first day of the Democratic convention, reporting that our president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States President since Dwight Eisenhower.   

It is hard for any American to be pleased with the economy.  It is easy for people to blame Obama, and simply think that any alternative must be better.  However we forget that it’s not the policies of President Obama that got us into this mess.  It was the disastrous policies of George W. that resulted in the catastrophic failures in the American economy.    Even a cursory examination of the policies of Romney reveal that he would repeat the mistakes of George W. Bush, and we would likely find ourselves worse economically in four years than we are right now.  Most Americans agree that President Obama has done an outstanding job on everything from military matters to civil rights issues.  Those decisions were not dictated by the policies of George W.    Before it’s too late, America must realize that we could be worse off if Romney is allowed to return our economy to the policies of George W.    America can ill afford to bury our heads in the sand.  We had mammoth economic problems when Obama took office.  Mitt Romney has warned the electorate that he would return us to the policies that got us into this economic disaster, lower taxes and deregulation.  Those were the policies of George W.  Even the Republicans don’t want to remind us about the disaster of W.    AMERICA, PAY ATTENTION!

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    1. n,
      Thanks for sharing this information, and while i am sorry it cost Anchorage so much money, i am hopeful that this might result in a new police chief.


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