Four Years Later Palin Remains An Embarrassment

The date was August 28, 2008. By selecting Sarah Palin as his V.P. pick John McCain did more damage to the women of this country than any other tragedy that has occurred in my 54 years of life.

My reaction to this assault on women was so violent, that I have written two books since then, and devoted my professional life to writing this blog. In two and ½ years this blog has reached beyond the 2,000,000 mark, and is still growing. The web site created almost a year ago, provides an immediately available summary of all-things Palin. The books, the blog, and the web site were created with the hope that people would never forget all that Palin has done and said to make her the most dangerous obstacle in the attempt by women to earn respect in America. Palin has proved herself to be neither a dedicated mother, or an accomplished professional. She abandons her children unless she needs them with her to sell herself as a good mother. She quit her job as Governor, so she is no longer a politician. The only thing she does consistently now is disparage the President, and embarrass herself, so she doesn’t qualify as a distinguished professional. Who could forget the Couric interviews, building dikes, the trooper gate findings of unethical conduct, Paul Revere, writing on her hand, talking about Ronald Reagan going to school in California, the blood libel comment after the Arizona Shooting, Refudiate, Misunderestimate, our North Korean Allies, “all of them” when asked about her favorite founding father, demanding bendable straws, charging Alaska Tax payers for the making of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, after signing the tax credit into law, selling herself as a hunter when she didn’t own a license in 2008, selling herself as a marksman and not being able to load or aim her own gun, the claim that Family is so important to her but being married to a Pimp who sleeps in a bedroom different than her own, building a hockey center and home at the same time with the same construction materials, building a road to Nowhere, leading to the edge of a cliff, even after learning that the bridge would never be built, touting herself as a Governor against earmarks when she requested them as a Governor, and hired a lobbyist as a mayor to obtain earmarks for Wasilla, claiming to be Undefeated when she was defeated, claiming to be a “common sense conservative” when she has no common sense, advocating a balanced budget when she, as Governor, was heavily dependent on Federal contributions, claiming to be an advocate of abstinence before marriage when she was pregnant before marriage, suggesting that she is an advocate for special needs children when she has never volunteered to donate her time for any cause that provides for Special needs children, proclaiming the importance of education when Todd and her kids all lack a college degree, and the book and movie Game Change which documented that Palin was not properly vetted. These are just a few of the more memorable moments from the last four years.

Today John Hawkins, a writer who was published in Huffington Post,  was so outrageous in his remarks about Palin, that I had to look him up to make sure the article was not a satirical piece on Palin. It was not. Hawkins is associated with the Right Wing News and is known for his conservative views. His article included the following excerpts that may one day be known as literary masterpiece: 

1. “… Sarah Palin is also the most prominent woman in the Republican Party and the finest feminist role model currently walking on terra firma.”

2. “After all, is there anybody who comes closer to realizing that feminist maxim “You can have it all” than Sarah Palin?”

3. “She’s a former beauty queen who has a successful marriage and a big family; she worked her way up to governor of Alaska, became our VP candidate, was a MVP player in the 2010 elections, and did more to help women get elected during that cycle than anyone else alive, became a TV star, wrote best-selling books, has gotten wealthy, and she’s considered to be a great leader by conservative men across the country.”

4. “Getting beyond her almost superhuman resume, Sarah Palin has earned her right to speak at the Republican National Convention.”

5. “She’s also a wildly successful woman who understands how to articulate conservative values, which might be helpful given that the Democrats have falsely claimed that the GOP is waging a “war on women.”

6. “Last but not least, Palin is such an electrifying speaker that some Republicans oppose inviting her because they fear she might overshadow Romney and Ryan.”

I could write an entire chapter refuting each of these 6 statements. Suffice it to say that Sarah Palin is none of these things. It would be laughable that she is identified this way when it is totally opposite from the truth. By way of example, to say that she has a successful marriage, demonstrates that Mr. Hawkins is clueless about the many affairs of both Todd and Sarah, Todd’s business, the fact that the couple doesn’t sleep together, and the need to replace the front of the refrigerator after so many thrown cans hit the front panel, so many times. Maybe Mr. Hawkins simply assumes that a couple who does cocaine on a barrel in the wilderness is a couple who must be happily married. Maybe he thinks that Sarah knows she has a one-in-a-million husband because his skin color is diverse, and she is proud that everyone in America knows it. Mr. Hawkins doesn’t mention Palin’s endorsements of Star Parker, Sharon Angle, and Christine O’Donnell. When he says that she is an “electrifying speaker” maybe Mr. Hawkins is focusing on the attention of the crowd since you never know what Sarah Palin might say next, such as Trig was born in Anchorage. When Mr. Hawkins recognizes Palin’s ability to “articulate conservative values,” do you think he is referring to her word choice of refudiate, misunderestimate, wee-wee-up, or do you think he is making reference to that thing she does with her tongue?

Perhaps the most disconcerting thing is that it has been four years of documented failings and disasters for Sarah Palin, and some people still think of her as being the “finest feminine role-model”on earth. People who think that must be evaluating her appearance and unable or unwilling to consider her substance, her intellect, and they must evaluate success as a mother by the number of children to whom you give birth, rather than evaluating whether you actually raised good kids.

As if the article weren’t sufficiently offensive, the comments left are illustrative that some people actually agree with the author.  For example the comment of “bubbagray” stated: “Alasks’s astute, articulate, adorable Gov. Sarah Palin is the personification of principled patriotism & common-sense conservatism. Woe be unto the GOP if they alienate her faithful followers.”

John Hawkins is a fool. Sarah Palin is a fool. We are tired of reading the comments of a fool, about a fool.

62 thoughts on “Four Years Later Palin Remains An Embarrassment

Add yours

    1. That was always her strategy. Palin has sold sex from day one. She is the proverbial tease. The flirty winks, the references to lipstick, stripper poles, Obama’s cajones, etc. Who else incorporates such imagery into their political speeches? Sex appeal is all she’s got but the illusion is getting harder to maintain as menopause sets in.


  1. And, she is still referred to as ‘Governor’ when in fact she was a quitter during her term. Does anyone know if they have her picture up, as the ‘quitter gov’, in the Alaska Legislature building, along with all the other former governors that completed their terms? I certainly hope not!!!

    I really don’t think she should be able to continue carrying that title. Does anyone know the legailty of her doing so? What would we have to do to stop her from using it?


  2. Thats nothing. They are comparing Todd Palin to Rambo and to Hercules on his show.


    What a family!!! Superwoman! superman, and Bristol and Willow must be supergirls. While Tripp and Piper are superkids.

    What a load of hooey.


    1. Welcome to Orwell’s world where reality shows are contrived, arranged and manipulated and are the total opposite of real…. just like Sarah Palin, a manufactured image that has nothing to do with reality.


  3. I’m sickened by the article. Something is really, really wrong when all the erudite Republican women who have tirelessly served this country for years, who hold advanced degrees and maintain a family, are thrown asunder for this shill of a politician. SP has dumbed down the R party and the country, she has made one’s appearance far more important than substance.
    Malia, keep up the job of outing Toad.


    1. Jan,
      I too respect most other female Republican politicians, but just disagree. For anyone to “respect” Palin is clearly a person who is just impressed with her looks and nothing else.


    1. mitch,
      I would if I could but I’ve been blocked from Huffington Post. If you can comment there, I’d love for you to send him a link!


      1. What?! Why would huff post block you? Your writings could be an asset to any discussion of SP there, among other topics. That’s very disturbing, Malia. Your writing skills are good enough to be a contributor IMHO.


      2. elj,
        Thanks for the vote of confidence. I actually was published on Huffington Post for about 10 weeks, and they published everything I sent, but then they mysteriously stopped accepting my articles or comments. Over time I think back now and I think the article that got me banned was something I wrote about the Trig birth story, and I think they have never been willing to print any story questioning who his real mother might be. They never gave me an explanation. Who knows?


      3. Very dissapponting, but unfortunately not surprising that you were blocked after opening that particular topic. With all the whining about the “lame stream media”, we must really question why none of them have allowed even basic discussion of this unresolved topic. Heck, the wild ride story alone is enough to make anyone paying attention question the shocking nature of what was presented as truth to put a mother and child at such risk. It’s what makes it so important that people of good conscience continue to question those who would presume to be above questioning. Please keep up the essential work of discussing and exposing what’s not being covered out there.


      4. elj,
        i will and it was the wild ride story that first got my attention, and I wasn’t saying that trig was NOT Palin’s baby, but only raising the point that the wild ride was too unbelievable. for the flight attendants to not know she was pregnant, much less in labor was too unbelievable.


  4. The entire Republican Party is an embarrassment. Our European friends simply cannot believe many of the positions that Republicans espouse.


    1. Beaglemom,
      I think you are right. It seems that Bush and Cheney were such a disaster, that it will be a long time before they can hold their heads up. With people like Bachmann, Cain, and Perry in the mix, it will take a lot to gain respect from most of America, and that doesn’t even factor in the effect of Palin.


    1. Don’t be surprised if Palin or Palin’s ghost writers wrote it for him. She’s one ticked off mama grissley for not being invited to the convention. Hell hath no fury like Sarah Palin scorned.


    1. pollytickleparty,
      Thanks for this! It is just amazing to me that Todd is a pimp and they would have him on the reality show!


  5. Agree with JK here.. in fact, if you could get most politically conservative males to be honest, they would tell you it’s her sex appeal that drives the interest in her. I have a friend who is a staunchly conservative Republican who thinks Sarah is as dumb as a box of rocks, and he told me recently in jest that the only way he would ever vote for her for any position within the party would be if she pulled a “Kardashian” and leaked a sex film or a couple of nude photos.


    1. The funniest part about them finding Sarah to be “sexy” is that she’s a cold, bitter woman. Todd asked friends of theirs to leave their home, they had been invited to visit for a few days, after Sarah saw a bottle of baby oil next to the bed. She was upset, according to Todd, at the idea that they were having sex with baby oil and “rubbing up against each other”! The real reason it was there was due to the woman’s dry skin and she used it after taking a shower. But why would a married woman find it wrong for another married couple to be having sex, with or without baby oil?!

      Sarah uses her so-called sexuality but in reality, she’s what most guys would have called a “tease” many years ago. She’s proven, repeatedly, that she’s never grown up.


      1. Kate,
        It seems you know details, that I don’t. If you ever have personal stories like this one, we’d love to hear them. Any woman who is shunned by her husband like Todd does Sarah, is bound to be miserable. Regardless of whether he is homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual, or just a pimp, imagine living a life abandoned by the person you are perceived by the world to be intimate with…!


  6. I’d love to see a collage of Sarah’s sexy pics – the soft porn she exhibits – as if she ever thought her exhibitionism was so presidential…..


  7. The comment you quoted by bubbagray sounds like a Palin sycophant I have seen all over the blogosphere. He posts using different sock puppets on many sites. He used to post (I believe as CarltonWest or StoneyJack) on the Anchorage Daily News and (oops) his profile included his twitter account. He hails from South Carolina and is a Nikki Haley adorer. Alliteration is his style. He comes off is a real nutcase. Of course, it may not be the same person but the style is very similar.


  8. Sarah Palin was the go to woman to push along the policies we see the Republicans implementing the past four years. By having her as VP, she would have gone on the record to tell the women of the US to be obedient and take the screwing McCain and the Republican legislators were going to do.


  9. This man is more than a fool.

    My immediate reaction is to try and understand, to put myself into that place that we all have, that place behind our eyes, where we carry on a stream of consciousness with ourselves as we look out and perceive the world.

    I am trying to imagine what thoughts go through his head, what is the content of that conversation he is having with himself as he thinks about, considers, and also “feels” about as he perceives Sarah Palin and all that he knows about her.

    It is obvious no critical thinking skills are being utilized but can I assume he has these skills —at least to some extent— because he has managed to get published in Huffington Post at some point in time? I am going to assume he does and that he has some level of intelligence, again, tho others may not agree with his conservative views, that does not preclude him being a “thinker” and an intelligent one.

    But here, his thinking is so obviously outside the factual world that we assume is reality—“we” being all of us who legitimately disagree about much of what we perceive but also base our perceptions on commonly understand facts of reality tho we may interpret those facts differently—this man is missing something –DUH ! OBVIOUSLY—-but what he is missing is so large a chunk of what ANY NORMAL HUMAN would not be missing AND in addition to him, there are her many “bots” who are also missing this same something.

    Forgive my long comment, but WHATEVER IT IS THAT IS MISSING IN THIS MAN who I am going to give credit to as standing above the really screwed “palinbots” who we normally think of as her supporters, IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT IS EITHER A FORM OF MENTAL INSTABILITY –mental illness, or some other phenomena that really needs to be considered and addressed.

    I know I have not supplied an answer for my initial question but this man’s assertions in the face of all reality that has NOW BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED BY PALIN’S PREVIOUS SUPPORTERS , stands as an isolated phenomena that appears to be similar to the mass phenomena that became Hitler’s followers.

    I cannot wrap my mind around how this man can LITERALLY be lying to himself inside his head, behind his own eye, in that stream of consciousness we call “ourselves.”

    To say he is in “denial’ is too simplistic. Why is he in denial? What is it about his mental state that needs to be in denial and HOW is he mentally able to carry on his denial to this extreme extent.

    I have not clearly defined my quandry and I apologize, but I am awe struck at the ability of any human to be able to have –for lack of better words–such a mind set.


    1. Dobie Tracker,
      I am just as amazed! As I wrote this post I went back to the original article about five times thinking that I was missing something to give a clue that he was being sarcastic! It just wasn’t there. When he made reference to her “superhuman” resume, I thought that had to be a joke! I am unable to comprehend that with all we know about Palin that anyone, conservative or liberal, could still be this much is awe of this person!


      1. The only explanation that comes to my mind is he believes every word Palin says about her self and only sees what fits what she says.

        Scott Peck, author of People of the Lie, described “being in their thrall”.

        I suspect he believes Palin built the largest gas pipeline and the media lies it does not exist:)


      2. Rene,
        What amazes me is that Palin seems to have no accountability when she lies. She knows that what she is saying is not the truth, and she just doesn’t care!


  10. Perhaps we’re all part of a scientific test. Hawkins and Palin are testing exactly how much they can get over on people. It’s an old, effective tactic of the conservatives. They make insane claims and the lucid listener immediately goes into defensive mode with lengthy explanations to prove them wrong. I think Palin is mentally ill. Don’t know if it’s narcissism, delusions of grandeur, borderline personality or something else. But there’s something about the way she tightens her upper lip right after she spews a zinger. Just my observation…..mental illness always shows up in the mouth region. Something weird happens around the mouth in unbalanced people. There’s also the obvious pleasure she feels when trashing Obama or Michelle. Really ugly, really sick. Her lack of knowledge goes without saying. She is a disgrace and the sooner the media stops covering her, the better.


    1. Steve,
      I thought they had and between not being invited to speak at the RNC, and Dick Cheney saying she was a mistake, I thought we were finished with articles like this! Go figure!


      1. Well, a normal, well adjusted individual would exit gracefully. That’s not going to happen with Palin. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if Palin is behind this article. When she was running for office in Alaska, she wrote fan letters to the local papers raving about “our gal, Sarah.” If the media ignores her, she’ll just up the ante to get attention. You know, the first time she was introduced by McCain, my immediate thought was “John, don’t accept any food or drink from this woman.” It was so clear to me that she craved that limelight and that it was all about her, forget about McCain. Did you see or read Game Change? Palin is for Palin. For her, nobody else matters.


      2. Steve,
        When I see her recent endorsements, it seems that it is still all about her, as she endorses people other than the candidates endorsed by the GOP.


  11. When SP claimed there was “no hint of unethical” behavior in her involvement in Troopergate in October of 2008 I walked around the house stunned for two days. I could not wrap my head around her obvious lie.

    I am just not the same women that I was before Sarah Palin. I have become more cynical; I no longer finch when I hear the latest lie from the Romney camp. I am less innocent because of the way she campaigned.

    I had the belief that our politicians, even if they disagreed on policies, were united in wanting what was best for America.

    Now I see that some politicians, as long as their own wealth and power is increased, could care less if other citizens of our country are suffering.

    Malia, do not let this article rattle you. Look at the childish face of the young man who MAY have written this ode to SP.

    I would not put it past her to put together a flattering article and have an easily manipulated fan publish it under his name. She has done this trick before. (Perhaps RaM is trying to claw her way back into SP’s good graces. That article has a familiar tone to it.)

    If SP had any REAL standing with the GOP, of course they would trot her out for a false show of respect for women.

    Along with a multitude of other things she has done, burning her first patron (who generously lent her a credit card to buy five or six nice suits for the convention – they expected no more than $25,000 including accessories) and cancelling her appearance for the prestigious 50th anniversary of the Reagan Library hosted by the Simi Republican Ladies must have left many of the old money rank and file with a bad taste for all events featuring SP.

    Now she showing up on their doorstop, expecting to be forgiven. I don’t know what stunt she will pull to get noticed.

    I put NOTHING beyond this woman – she has no shame.

    I expect a big tantrum afterwards, if she doesn’t get her way.


    1. Miss Sunshine,
      Sadly I have become a cynic too, and while I hate that, it seems that we have to be realistic to understand what is happening all around us, every day.


      1. I endured hell on earth some years ago from a similar personality who admitted it “felt good to hurt people”.
        This person lied to even nearest and dearest orchestrating a reign of terror then playing the victim via projecting his cruelty.

        Honestly, the most difficult lesson I faced was how people who are not evil at heart do not want to check out facts and do not want to know they have actually been victimized, played, used by a con artist master of smoke and mirrors.

        Each time Palin claims everyone else is a liar, all the media lies I get that chill down my spine hearing that red flag of a chronic practiced liar again.

        One night at work three adults shared their terror of the death panels. One person related to past imprisonment of a parent tortured and starved in anither country for speaking up. She said Saint Sarah will save us and the two other suckers agreed. It takes a sicko to lie then posture she is your savior from nonexistant threats.

        Seeing people who feared for their lives deceived about death panels was horrifying. Palin terrorized people with her lies. I hated her that day.


      2. Rene,
        I am so sorry to hear about this experience! At a time when the country needs so badly to heel, it seems SP is bound to terrorize just as long as she can. The problem is that most people don’t have the time to spend learning the truth about her, so they just continue believing the lies of Sarah Palin.


      1. Actually, I’ve been subscribed for years. I usually don’t comment because, well, there’s not much to say. I mean, I usually agree with you, and I don’t spend much time researching this airhead. Fortunately, the media seems to be ignoring her more and more. Not the right wing media, but I generally avoid that for intestinal reasons. Hopefully, she’ll just fade away. Someday, she’ll be nothing more than a historical footnote, a dark ugly stain reduced to a faded smear. Would McCain have won the election if he’d acted more responsibly in his selection of a running mate? This is a question we’ll never know the answer to. But without Palin highlighting the foolishness of that selection by exposing her ignorance to the public, Obama may have lost the election. Probably not, but it is without a doubt a factor. Delegating responsibility is one of a president’s key roles. McCain illustrated his lack of capacity in that area when he selected Palin.

        In any case, I often read your blog simply because you’re willing to do research into areas that make me sick. Thank you for that service.


      2. writerdood,
        I greatly appreciate your willingness to explain. Given the number of people who read each day, the number of people who comment are a small fraction of the people reading. While I would never have time in the day to respond to thousands of comments, I am grateful to get some perspective from people like you who read often, but rarely comment. When I started this blog, I didn’t feel like I was providing a necessary service, but today my perception has changed. I realize just how limited our media is. They report what happens, but often don’t put it in context, or provide the commentary that seems to be needed. Even the people who comment here and are very critical of what I’ve said serve a valuable purpose. They remind me, and all of us, just how extreme people are on the other side of the conversation, and how dangerous it could be if they ever became the majority in the country. Thank you for reading and for this comment. Malia


  12. I find that I’ve become very ‘jaded’ over the past few years about politics and I blame a lot of it on Palin! She is such an evil woman and has been an embarrassment to women across the nation.

    Think of the few women that we currently have serving in D.C. in Congress that have worked their butts off to be where they are. Nancy Pelosi immediately comes to mind and is an outstanding woman that Sarah has tried to discredit on many occasions over the past four years.

    John McCain put Sarah Palin on his ticket and she single handidly made things MORE difficult for women in government and for those that might want to attain a position in government on the local, state and national levels.

    Sarah spews nothing but lies and has been very instrumental in the unrest and hate that has permiated the United States of America since having been introduced to the nation.

    Just look at the Republican party!! We now have Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who do nothing but lie and deceive. Paul Ryan built this facade in Congress and now it’s been proven he isn’t what he projected himself to be. Ayn Rand follower and passed ONLY two Bills (that he introduced) throughout all the years he has been in the House?!!! (One to rename a Post Office Branch in the state he serves!) It is just unbelievable and I have friends that are going to vote for them because they are Republicans!!! My heart is broken!

    But, I am very happy that Sarah Palin was ‘shut out’ of the Republican Convention. You’d think it would embarrass the hell out of her, but I truthfully think she’ll pull something in Tampa since she has had reservations there for a few months.


  13. …and here you go promiscuous Malia. I call you promiscuous for a reason: one more woman in the deck of bashers who prostitute for money in exchange of bashing a wonderful, real woman: Sarah Palin. You actually should thank her for giving you a job. Come on, now!


  14. …and yea, sure. My comment is awaiting moderation. So, “Even the people who comment here and are very critical of what I’ve said serve a valuable purpose. They remind me, and all of us, just how extreme people are on the other side of the conversation, and how dangerous it could be if they ever became the majority in the country.”..and you consider yourself the majority in the country? You’re delusional!


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