The date was August 28, 2008. By selecting Sarah Palin as his V.P. pick John McCain did more damage to the women of this country than any other tragedy that has occurred in my 54 years of life.

My reaction to this assault on women was so violent, that I have written two books since then, and devoted my professional life to writing this blog. In two and ½ years this blog has reached beyond the 2,000,000 mark, and is still growing. The web site created almost a year ago, provides an immediately available summary of all-things Palin. The books, the blog, and the web site were created with the hope that people would never forget all that Palin has done and said to make her the most dangerous obstacle in the attempt by women to earn respect in America. Palin has proved herself to be neither a dedicated mother, or an accomplished professional. She abandons her children unless she needs them with her to sell herself as a good mother. She quit her job as Governor, so she is no longer a politician. The only thing she does consistently now is disparage the President, and embarrass herself, so she doesn’t qualify as a distinguished professional. Who could forget the Couric interviews, building dikes, the trooper gate findings of unethical conduct, Paul Revere, writing on her hand, talking about Ronald Reagan going to school in California, the blood libel comment after the Arizona Shooting, Refudiate, Misunderestimate, our North Korean Allies, “all of them” when asked about her favorite founding father, demanding bendable straws, charging Alaska Tax payers for the making of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, after signing the tax credit into law, selling herself as a hunter when she didn’t own a license in 2008, selling herself as a marksman and not being able to load or aim her own gun, the claim that Family is so important to her but being married to a Pimp who sleeps in a bedroom different than her own, building a hockey center and home at the same time with the same construction materials, building a road to Nowhere, leading to the edge of a cliff, even after learning that the bridge would never be built, touting herself as a Governor against earmarks when she requested them as a Governor, and hired a lobbyist as a mayor to obtain earmarks for Wasilla, claiming to be Undefeated when she was defeated, claiming to be a “common sense conservative” when she has no common sense, advocating a balanced budget when she, as Governor, was heavily dependent on Federal contributions, claiming to be an advocate of abstinence before marriage when she was pregnant before marriage, suggesting that she is an advocate for special needs children when she has never volunteered to donate her time for any cause that provides for Special needs children, proclaiming the importance of education when Todd and her kids all lack a college degree, and the book and movie Game Change which documented that Palin was not properly vetted. These are just a few of the more memorable moments from the last four years.

Today John Hawkins, a writer who was published in Huffington Post,  was so outrageous in his remarks about Palin, that I had to look him up to make sure the article was not a satirical piece on Palin. It was not. Hawkins is associated with the Right Wing News and is known for his conservative views. His article included the following excerpts that may one day be known as literary masterpiece: 

1. “… Sarah Palin is also the most prominent woman in the Republican Party and the finest feminist role model currently walking on terra firma.”

2. “After all, is there anybody who comes closer to realizing that feminist maxim “You can have it all” than Sarah Palin?”

3. “She’s a former beauty queen who has a successful marriage and a big family; she worked her way up to governor of Alaska, became our VP candidate, was a MVP player in the 2010 elections, and did more to help women get elected during that cycle than anyone else alive, became a TV star, wrote best-selling books, has gotten wealthy, and she’s considered to be a great leader by conservative men across the country.”

4. “Getting beyond her almost superhuman resume, Sarah Palin has earned her right to speak at the Republican National Convention.”

5. “She’s also a wildly successful woman who understands how to articulate conservative values, which might be helpful given that the Democrats have falsely claimed that the GOP is waging a “war on women.”

6. “Last but not least, Palin is such an electrifying speaker that some Republicans oppose inviting her because they fear she might overshadow Romney and Ryan.”

I could write an entire chapter refuting each of these 6 statements. Suffice it to say that Sarah Palin is none of these things. It would be laughable that she is identified this way when it is totally opposite from the truth. By way of example, to say that she has a successful marriage, demonstrates that Mr. Hawkins is clueless about the many affairs of both Todd and Sarah, Todd’s business, the fact that the couple doesn’t sleep together, and the need to replace the front of the refrigerator after so many thrown cans hit the front panel, so many times. Maybe Mr. Hawkins simply assumes that a couple who does cocaine on a barrel in the wilderness is a couple who must be happily married. Maybe he thinks that Sarah knows she has a one-in-a-million husband because his skin color is diverse, and she is proud that everyone in America knows it. Mr. Hawkins doesn’t mention Palin’s endorsements of Star Parker, Sharon Angle, and Christine O’Donnell. When he says that she is an “electrifying speaker” maybe Mr. Hawkins is focusing on the attention of the crowd since you never know what Sarah Palin might say next, such as Trig was born in Anchorage. When Mr. Hawkins recognizes Palin’s ability to “articulate conservative values,” do you think he is referring to her word choice of refudiate, misunderestimate, wee-wee-up, or do you think he is making reference to that thing she does with her tongue?

Perhaps the most disconcerting thing is that it has been four years of documented failings and disasters for Sarah Palin, and some people still think of her as being the “finest feminine role-model”on earth. People who think that must be evaluating her appearance and unable or unwilling to consider her substance, her intellect, and they must evaluate success as a mother by the number of children to whom you give birth, rather than evaluating whether you actually raised good kids.

As if the article weren’t sufficiently offensive, the comments left are illustrative that some people actually agree with the author.  For example the comment of “bubbagray” stated: “Alasks’s astute, articulate, adorable Gov. Sarah Palin is the personification of principled patriotism & common-sense conservatism. Woe be unto the GOP if they alienate her faithful followers.”

John Hawkins is a fool. Sarah Palin is a fool. We are tired of reading the comments of a fool, about a fool.