Things To Know About Nausea-Funny!

It may be hard to swallow.

Home Remedies are available.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Nausea is a Bitch

2 thoughts on “Things To Know About Nausea-Funny!

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  1. Sarah Palin knows something about prostitution, aside from her husband’s proclivities, of which she is undoubtedly well aware and, perhaps, even an enabler. She sold herself to the media a long time ago, used it to her advantage, made money off of it, and then when the media called her out for screwing it around, she issued her usual ‘tell’ in the form of references to mens’ genitalia: “limp” “impotent” “little man”, etc. Her own frigidity never fails to rise to the surface whenever she’s been exposed or threatened in any way and her conversation inevitably lapses into sexual references and/or accusations. She intentionally dresses to draw attention to her body in a deliberate effort to reward herself with the justification of righteous outrage. She likely finds sexual contact distasteful, but finds it a convenient vehicle to obtain her goals. In other words, she’s a political hooker.


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