The Undefeated is Defeated Once Again



The name of “Sarah Palin” is synonymous with “Undefeated.” By her own definition, and that of Stephen Bannon, when talking about Sarah Palin “Undefeated” ironically means “Defeated.” Even the movie “The Undefeated” was defeated.  Sarah Palin has been called the “Undefeated” even though she quit her position on the Oil & Gas board after less than one year, she quit her elected position as Governor of Alaska after only serving half her term, and lost the 2008 race. She also lost in the race for Lt. Governor of Alaska.


Palin’s history of endorsing candidates who were defeated is long and colorful. Sarah Steelman is now among those memorable defeated, undefeated candidates. In spite of Sarah’s appearance with Papa-pimp in Missouri, this past weekend, Steelman lost in the primary race.

Steelman lost by a lot!  Akin won with 36% of the vote, Brunner received 30% of the vote, and Steelman only earned 29% of the vote.  Given the fact that the race was so lop-sided we can conclude that a Sarah Palin Endorsement is not the reason candidates win or lose.  It  only determines whether  Palin claims she was responsible for the win.

The explanation for Steelman’s loss, in spite of Palin’s endorsement, is the million dollar question. Did Missouri voters think that Steelman wasn’t as “hot” as Palin did.

Palin explained that Steelman would be a “nice face there in that Senate.

What happened?  Couldn’t Missouri appreciate that Steelman was prettier than Akin?

Maybe the voters in Missouri are just ugly people and they didn’t like comparing themselves to Palin and Steelman? If not appearance it was surely jealousy that motivated people to refuse to vote for Palin’s candidate. People at the rally were obviously envious that they didn’t have five-inch platform shoes, tight capris, and a superman t-shirt like Palin did. Nobody in the state had over-sized sunglasses, like Palin did.




None of the pimps in Missouri are married.  The other explanation could be the food that was being served by Palin and Steelman.  Maybe the people who attended were unable to go to the polls to cast their vote as they had food poisoning?


The tragic thing is that Sarah failed to pass on her condolences to Steelman in her Facebook notes.  Palin congratulated Ted Cruz, but didn’t even mention Sarah Steelman. I’m sure that was simply an oversight, and Steelman will be getting a personalized card from Trig in the mail.


24 thoughts on “The Undefeated is Defeated Once Again

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  1. A Sarah Palin Endorsement is…..

    a curse!
    a plague!
    a death sentence!
    a quick trip to the unemployment line for the candidate!
    about Sarah Palin!

    A Sarah Palin Endorsement is no better than chewing on aluminum foil with a mouth full of cavities and fillings!


  2. Truthfully folks, Sarah Steelman lost on her own merits. She’s dumber than a box of rocks. All the chest flopping and tight pants in the world couldn’t have gotten her elected over a genuine [though wrong-headed] conservative like Todd Akin.


    1. Gee that does sound alot like sarah palin? Chest flopping and all. Could it be that certain Americans are waking up? Even as you say as dumb dumb this steelman woman is? How could she possibly want a unprofessional trashy dressing 2 bit skank like sarah palin on stage with her. Did sarah just show up or was she invited?


      1. You DO see the picture of Steelman in the white get-up, complete with goofy rolled up cowboy hat above, don’t you, BLM? She wanted to be associated with Sarah Palin. She’s been playing this wanna-be part for two years now.

        I am so glad that this Republican primary is finally over. Those three stooges are finally off my teevee for a while. I didn’t think Akin would win, he was polling quite a bit behind Brunner the leprechaun. But I do believe Akin is the candidate favored by Ham Rove, who is all in to defeat our incumbent Senator.

        Go, Claire!


      2. I haven’t heard the word skank in a long time and I kinda like it. Thanks. Palin’s shoes looked like something a “ho” would wear. If the shoe fits…….
        Her outfit was unprofessional and immature.


      3. Carolnc,
        The really frightening thing to me is that she has many pair of shoes that convey the same message.


  3. Speaking along the undefeated thread. Has everyone kept up on the HP mitt romney articles? Good gosh Willard Mitt Romney is one very Evil person dressed in sheep clothing draped with the American Flag. And we have not lifted the lid off the septic tank yet !!!!!!!!!!! and it turns out that papa pizza is a good pal of mitts donated 10 million and held a fund raiser at his house for mitt. Then came on the HP media to complain about raising the cost of a pizza 15cents to provide OBAMA CARE for his employees. Im making my Boycott list and its growing daily. Also Check out the HMM Romney Ship on wikipedia. hmmmmmmm?? interesting.


  4. I voted for the first time as a resident in Mo. Steelman did not get my vote.
    I hope the wenches are not too disappointed! Didn’t much appreciate the circus.


  5. Alaskans got fooled by the pretty face of Sarah Palin but now seriously regret being sucked in by her fake charisma and personality. When Sarah threw in an extra $1200 in their Permanent Fund Dividend checks (for one year only), they thought she was the greatest governor EVER. Then they got the bills for anything from ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’ to the still undeveloped Trans Canadian pipeline. Throw in the ongoing debt from Wasilla’s Sports Arena… of which she and Todd built their home on Lake Lucille from its ‘leftovers’. You get the picture. Talk about the good ol’ boys club – Sarah Palin NEVER went ‘rogue’ from this group.

    If anything, the people from Missouri are apparently down-home folks and see substance over fluff. Alaskans, however, wanted a fresh face over then-govenor Murkowski in 2006. Again, a hard lesson and they are disgusted with her (except for those few wealthy and white die-hard Republicans aka known as ‘creepy old men’). Today Sarah would not be elected head dog-catcher – in any state. As Judge Judy said, ‘Beauty fades but dumb is forever’. Ouch.


  6. Malia,
    Discovery thenetwork is the current publicist of Sarah Palin. I suggest you take the letter to Todd palin’s lawyer and rewrite ot for comment of the Queen’s publicist and you just may get an answer of some kind!


    1. Fresh Air,
      For the FOIA response I have to get a release from Todd and David Chaney, or then it puts us in a different category of consideration. I don’t think a release from the Empress would suffice.


  7. Outstanding to see that the electorate in Missouri didn’t do as Alaska did and vote on looks!!!

    There is a good article about Mitt Romney and his being raised a Mormon that people might be interested in reading. Go to The article is written by a descendant of Smith (Mormon church founder) that has fallen away from the Mormon church. It concerns lying and how the men are educated as to their church.


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