The name of “Sarah Palin” is synonymous with “Undefeated.” By her own definition, and that of Stephen Bannon, when talking about Sarah Palin “Undefeated” ironically means “Defeated.” Even the movie “The Undefeated” was defeated.  Sarah Palin has been called the “Undefeated” even though she quit her position on the Oil & Gas board after less than one year, she quit her elected position as Governor of Alaska after only serving half her term, and lost the 2008 race. She also lost in the race for Lt. Governor of Alaska.


Palin’s history of endorsing candidates who were defeated is long and colorful. Sarah Steelman is now among those memorable defeated, undefeated candidates. In spite of Sarah’s appearance with Papa-pimp in Missouri, this past weekend, Steelman lost in the primary race.

Steelman lost by a lot!  Akin won with 36% of the vote, Brunner received 30% of the vote, and Steelman only earned 29% of the vote.  Given the fact that the race was so lop-sided we can conclude that a Sarah Palin Endorsement is not the reason candidates win or lose.  It  only determines whether  Palin claims she was responsible for the win.

The explanation for Steelman’s loss, in spite of Palin’s endorsement, is the million dollar question. Did Missouri voters think that Steelman wasn’t as “hot” as Palin did.

Palin explained that Steelman would be a “nice face there in that Senate.

What happened?  Couldn’t Missouri appreciate that Steelman was prettier than Akin?

Maybe the voters in Missouri are just ugly people and they didn’t like comparing themselves to Palin and Steelman? If not appearance it was surely jealousy that motivated people to refuse to vote for Palin’s candidate. People at the rally were obviously envious that they didn’t have five-inch platform shoes, tight capris, and a superman t-shirt like Palin did. Nobody in the state had over-sized sunglasses, like Palin did.




None of the pimps in Missouri are married.  The other explanation could be the food that was being served by Palin and Steelman.  Maybe the people who attended were unable to go to the polls to cast their vote as they had food poisoning?


The tragic thing is that Sarah failed to pass on her condolences to Steelman in her Facebook notes.  Palin congratulated Ted Cruz, but didn’t even mention Sarah Steelman. I’m sure that was simply an oversight, and Steelman will be getting a personalized card from Trig in the mail.