A Retired Police Officer’s Perspective on the Killing of Trayvon Martin

The following is an account prepared for this blog from a friend who is a Retired Police Officer. I share her account with you, as she has been trained and is experienced with assailants in a professional way. It’s good to get an independent  police officer’s perspective.

The following is a reflection on George Zimmerman’s own account of the events that led up to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Here are the video exerpts that the retired police officer is reacting to:


Here is the Officer’s statement:

From Zimmerman’s own account, he was laying on his back, shoulders pinned down and head against the concrete, at the time he pulled the trigger on Martin. He even describes trying to lower his position to the grass some, to prevent his head from being on the concrete, by “squirming”. He then explains that as he squirmed, his jacket rose up, and his firearm was exposed. Zimmerman said that Trayvon saw, or Zimmerman “felt” like Martin saw it, but further states, in almost the same breath, that Martin reached for the gun. He sounds very conflicted about whether or not Trayvon knew that there was a gun on his waistband. Nevertheless, he contradicts his statement of opinion to confirm that Martin grabbed for his sidearm. This is at the same time that Martin supposedly has one hand on Zimmerman’s mouth, and one on his nose. This is where Zimmerman re-enacts the motions he took in response for the investigating officers.

He raised his elbow back and clinched his arm toward his own body, representing that he pinched Martin’s arm against his torso. After Trayvon reaches for Zimmerman’s  weapon unsuccessfully, Zimmerman pulls it out, with no recollection of resistance from Martin. It is unimaginable why Zimmerman, in the name of self defense and firearms training, would any person introduce a firearm in the midst of a close counter ground fight, in which you are not in a dominant position? One would assume that keeping a gun out of the fight for as long as possible would be key to self preservation. As Zimmerman explains, he is the one on the ground, pinned down and being knocked around. If this is the way things actually happened, he is either extremely lucky or well trained in close combat firearms. It takes repetitive training just to learn how to draw from a side holster when the person in possession of the firearm is in a ground position. Any firearms instructor will tell you that it is virtually impossible to draw while laying flat on your back. Because the withdrawal of a gun from a holster requires a backward motion of the arm, and the ground prevents that, it seems unlikely that Zimmerman could draw his weapon while pinned to the ground. You have to roll over to the side, creating enough distance from the ground and your hips to draw your arm back and reach your weapon. Even after reaching a gun, there is an additional requirement of additional space in which to withdraw the firearm out of its holster. Even if you can manage doing this while someone is overpowering you, as Zimmerman explains was the case, it would not be wise to pull out a weapon without creating ample distance between you and your attacker. If you have the ability to freely draw a weapon, you might have the ability to control the situation without deadly force. Zimmerman said he had a flashlight with him, but there is no mention of any attempt to hit Martin with the flashlight.

After Zimmerman pulled the trigger he said that he managed to trade positions with Martin. He rolled on top and Martin was now on the ground. Zimmerman was adamant about spreading Martin’s hands and arms to width. He clearly displays this on the video. Between the close contact shooting from below Martin, the changing of positions, and the pressing against Martin’s body to spread his hands out, how did Zimmerman escape getting any blood on him? Here is a picture of Zimmerman from the night of the shooting, and there is no evidence of powder burns or blood.

All in all, the details of his story do not sound physically possibly. There seems to be much missing here.


From my own review of the story told by Zimmerman it is clear that he did not fire upon Martin while Martin was sitting on Zimmerman. If Martin were sitting on Zimmerman, Martin’s long legs would be at each side of Zimmerman and would inevitably prevent Zimmerman or Martin from pulling a gun out of his holster. Zimmerman says that Martin “sat up” AFTER the shot was fired, suggesting that he was closer than that when the shot was fired. Here is the picture of Trayvon’s shirt which does not evidence the type of damage expected to the fabric by a shot fired from point blank range.

If Zimmerman and Martin were chest to chest, how would Zimmerman be in a position to maneuver his gun in between Martin and Zimmerman to position the gun in a perpendicular position to shoot Martin directly through the heart. It seems much more likely that the shot would have been at an angle and along the left side of Martin’s body if they had actually been chest to chest. If Martin was in a position to put his hands over Zimmerman’s mouth and nose, why wouldn’t Martin have been in a position to at least re-direct the gun as Zimmerman pulled it?  Why would Martin use his hands to cover the nose of Zimmerman leaving Zimmerman’s hands free to hit, restrain, or pull a gun on Martin?

Additionally, it seems hard to imagine how Martin landed on the ground, face down if he was sitting on Zimmerman when shot, and then pushed off. It seems likely that, given the position of Martin’s legs at the side of Zimmerman, that if Martin was shot while sitting on Zimmerman, that he would roll off onto his back or perhaps his side, but not face down. Conversely, if Martin was shot standing, facing Zimmerman, we would expect a bullet hole over the heart, relatively little shredding of the shirt of Martin, no blood on Zimmerman from the shooting, and Martin might fall forward onto his stomach and face.  Isn’t that the place people practice trying to hit on the target at the shooting range?

If Zimmerman’s account is correct, Zimmerman and Martin must have been chest to chest when the gun fired, as Zimmerman recalls that Martin “sat up” after the gun fired. If this were true it is hard to imagine how Zimmerman was able to position the gun in between the two and fire a direct shot into Martin’s chest. It would seem more likely that the bullet would enter Martin’s body from the side or at least at an angle, instead of straight into his heart. More significantly, it seems that it is highly unlikely that the bullet could be fired at such close range without resulting in blood on Zimmerman’s clothing, and without more damage to Martin’s shirt. Here are pictures of  guns firing.

Guns can’t be shot without gunshot residue. GSR is composed of burnt and unburnt particles from the explosive primer, the propellant, as well as components from the bullet, the cartridge case and the firearm used. Gunshot residue can travel out from the gun to distances of 3–5 feet (0.3–1.5 meters) or even farther. At the farthest distance, only a few trace particles may be present. This information can be useful in determining if someone was involved in the firing of the gun. Close to the gun barrel, the residue deposits more heavily on surfaces like skin and clothing, to the point of being visible as a dark stain. Detection of a significant amount of residue, therefore, is a powerful piece of forensic evidence that the particular person was very near to, or even holding, the gun when it discharged.

Four tiny bullet fragments were found on on Trayvon Martin’s clothing, also suggesting that he was some distance from Zimmerman at the time of the shooting.  ( Note the picture taken of these fragments depicts both sides of 4 fragments, not 8 separate fragments)

George Zimmerman’s account of the events leading up to the shooting of Trayvon Martin lack credibility.  It is simply unbelievable that  Zimmerman was pinned by Martin, was able to draw his weapon, shoot Martin at point blank range without any blood on his shirt or jacket, and for Martin to have so few bullet fragments on his shirt.  Moreover, even if you question the voice analysis of the screams for help that have definitely been identified as NOT Zimmerman’s cries for help, given what we know about Zimmerman’s personality and tendency to be violent, and given the fact that he was armed with a loaded gun, it defies imagination that Zimmerman would plead for help when he possessed the means to take the life of the teen armed with Skittles.

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  1. I keep reading all these accounts and the one question that keeps nagging me is this: was he walking around in public with a gun with the safety off? I mean how did Zimmerman manage, in close quarters, to pull the gun from his side holster, unlock the safety, chamber the round and shoot Martin directly through the heart all the while struggling in a close quarters fight?


    1. Kerry,
      It defies imagination! It’s as if Zimmerman thinks the police and attorneys are as dumb as he thought the judge was to believe him when he said he had no money. Zimmerman seems to have no respect for the truth, and thinks people will believe him when he lies, even if it doesn’t make sense!


    2. As a firearm owner let me explain how concealed carry usually works.

      Zimmerman was carrying a Kel-Tec PF-9 which does not have a manual safety. In fact, many concealed carry semi-automatic handguns do not have a manual safety but instead have internal safeties which prevent the gun from firing if dropped for example. Glock is probably the most well known firearm that does not have a manual safety.

      As any properly trained firearm owner will tell you it’s the operator who is the ultimate ‘safety’ by always following proper safety precautions – keeping your finger off the trigger until the sights are on target, for example.

      Concealed carry is also about getting to the firearm as quickly as possible and most who carry want it to be in a ready-to-fire condition. That means a round in the chamber and in a proper holster which covers the trigger (that’s a safety device right there). As soon as you draw the handgun from the holster the gun is ready to fire.

      Fumbling around with a manual safety is something many people who carry concealed do not want to mess with. It takes extra training to learn how to use a manual safety while drawing. Even if the gun has a manual safety many elect not to use it at all because it slows things down and is a possible failure point if you do not activate the safety correctly.


    3. I think Zimmerman loaded his gun during the moment he gave non-emergency his last name on the call. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound.


  2. It burns me to know that the police who let Zimmerman get away with this had to have known, beyond a doubt, exactly what your retired police officer said. I know you have many readers, but I don’t understand how the MSM hasn’t interviewed a retired police officer, or anyone who has had that much training.

    The interview that Zimmerman recently did with Hannity is DISGUSTING…saying it was “God’s plan!” Didn’t he apologize in court to Martin’s parents? I thought I read that he did. Then to go on Fox News and say he has no regrets because it was God’s plan!!! It doesn’t get more disgusting than that.


    1. Cincy,
      ABSOLUTELY! It disgusts me that this is happening, and it is totally NOT in the best interest of Zimmerman to allow him to be interviewed by a reporter for national television for any reason. Zimmerman’s lawyer is either crazy to let him do this, or he is going to go for a plea bargain, and he feels that influencing the public may make a plea bargain more likely.


      1. Appearing on Hannity may also result in people donating to GZ’s defense fund. I read on PoliticusUSA last week that GZ’s lawyer, O’Mara, is soliciting funds for his defense. I found this strange. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a lawyer collecting money for a client’s defense fund. It may not be illegal for O’Mara to do this, but something about it doesn’t seem quite right to me.


      2. majiir,
        i think there are ethical rules prohibiting an attorney from soliciting funds, so there may be an ethical complaint against O’Mara.


      3. Having Zimmerman on Fox guarantees more donations to his ‘legal fund’. Gotta pay that legal bill! If they can taint the jury pool along the way, all the better for claiming a mistrial down the line.


    2. it was a cover up by the police.”a conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a number of man for the pursuance of policies which they dare not admil in public this is a quotes from mark twain.and so for zimmerman lying here another quotes from the same man “if you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.why he get caught in so many lies he can’t remember all of them


  3. Malia, thank you and your friend for this post. I, too, have wondered why there has not been more forensic analysis by experts offered in the media. Last night when I heard Zimmerman say it was “god’s plan”, I literally had to throw up. How dare he say such a thing. What a horrible, horrible person. I wonder who else god has planned for him to kill? This has to be one of the most horrendous things I have ever heard someone say. I agree, they are trying to “poison the well” and go for a plea bargain, or make it incredibly difficult to seat a jury. I don’t think he did this against his attorney’s advice; I think it is part of a planned strategy.


    1. 2leftfeet,
      I didn’t literally get sick, but I am still in shock that he would say that he doesn’t even regret carrying the gun that night. Zimmerman probably talked to Sarah Palin to find out that this was God’s Plan.


      1. And you know the worst part? He was coached to say that because it will bring out the wallets of the right wing lunatics that think their God is infallible and if he’s using Zimmerman for the common good, and to rid the world of “thugs”, they’ll send him loads of cash.

        Now, THAT’s blood money.


      2. Ripley in CT,
        That seems to be the MO of everyone wanting money,…for any purpose…to say that it was God’s Plan.


  4. I know little about guns, but looking at this gun, doesn’t one have to pull back on the top to fire the gun? Is this picture showing the gun before or after shooting it? Don’t you slide it back (cock the gun) then pull the trigger? How does he do this while spreading Trayvon’s arms out and holding him down?….with one hand and shooting him straight on? Maybe he cocked it with his teeth! George, you lie!


    1. Here’s an owner’s write up of the Kel-Tec PF9. According to this you do have to slide the chamber back in order to put a round in the chamber and the trigger is not light weight so not easy to shoot off a round accidentally. In Zimmerman’s story, early on, it was stated that he was on his way to the grocery store, do all concealed permit owners go shopping locked and loaded? I don’t mean to sound rude, I just don’t know much about firearms and I find the more I know about these concealed permits the more I just want to stay in my house and order in.


      1. The PF9 has a max ammo capacity of 7 + 1 … that is, 7 rounds in the magazine plus 1 round chambered. Zimmerman’s gun was surrendered to law enforcement with 6 rounds in the magazine and 1 round chambered. Therefore, Zimmerman carried the weapon with a chambered round. He didn’t need to rack the slide.


    2. You only have to ‘rack the slide’ the first time after inserting a loaded magazine. That puts a round into the chamber.

      It’s a semi-automatic pistol, so the next round is loaded into the chamber automatically by recoil action after each trigger press when a round is fired.


    1. rayvenwolf,
      I’m far from an expert, but from talking with the police officer, she indicated to me that if you shot someone at point blank range you would see clothing that was shredded rather than a hole a you see here with some blood stain. The rest of Zimmerman’s story just doesn’t make sense to me! Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman, and Zimmerman shot him, but didn’t know if he got him or missed. Then Zimmerman says he didn’t know Martin was dead after straddling Martin on the ground after the shooting, and with his lifeless arms being pinned by Zimmerman out from the body, while Trayvon’s face was in the ground! It make so much more sense to me that Zimmerman shot Trayvon from a distance, and Martin fell to the ground on his face!


      1. Well the sweatshirt was under the hoodie. According to the report the sweatshirt had stellate tearing and the hoodie had an L shaped tearing. When she did a test fire with the clothing, the samples one on top of each other and did a contact fire she got the same results except the hoodie sample showed diagonal tearing.

        And yes GZ’s story is off, anyone really paying attention knows that. One theory from another blogger based off the FDLE report on TM’s clothing and the ME’s report says that all three holes(clothing and entrance wound) do not line up. He states in his opinion that George was holding onto to Trayvon at the time. Gun pressed against the clothing, but providing enough distance to make for an intermediate shot.

        I’d have to look but I am pretty sure GZ was still in Ofc. Smith’s vehicle and on site when Trayvon was declared dead, which means he knew he was dead.

        George is doing a very poor job of trying to cover for himself. Trayvon was found with his hands under him, he should have left that “pinned him down and spread his hands out,” nonsense out of his story.


  5. Malia,

    Thanks for this posting. Like everyone else, the “God’s plan” comment made me more than ill. Those are the words of a cold-blooded killer, no remorse, no regrets. May he get his just rewards.


    1. headset,
      It is just amazing to me that people give money to this cold blooded killer to reward such a heinous attack on an innocent young boy!


  6. Of course, the other part of it’s just “God’s plan” is that God issued a commandment very clearly forbidding murder: “Thou shalt not kill.” A lot of people seem to forget about that.

    Zimmerman’s story boggles the mind of anyone who is rational and sane and it looks like the forensics contradict him completely.

    Frankly I do not understand why someone who has been charged with killing another person is allowed to appear on television to garner sympathy. He should be in jail awaiting his “swift trial.”


  7. I think the attorney is trying to get as much money donated as possible. That is why he allowed Zimmerman to do the interview with Hannity. I remember reading, at the time GZ’s first attorneys resigned, that Zimmerman had contacted Hannity. This attorney obviously doesn’t have a problem with it. Hannity’s audience will probably come through for him, too.


  8. George Zimmerman practically begged Barbara Walter’s to interview him. Walters noted that Zimmerman “seemed desperate for money” as she rejected his “demands” for a “month’s stay in a hotel.” He wanted top dollar and a long list of perks!!

    And he has only gotten a little over a thousand dollars from “fans” overnight. Wake up, morons! Don’t pay this racist murderer!!


  9. More than likely Zimmerman will make a few more crazy statements during TV interviews so as a last resort his shyster atty can set up an insanity plea. That seems to be about the only “defense” left after all the facts have come out.

    ( What Is A Shyster? A lawyer who uses unprofessional or questionable methods. 2. a person who gets along by petty, sharp practices. Relevant Questions.)


  10. I saw the part of the interview with Sean Hannity where George Zimmerman said he had no regrets about killing Trayvon Martin and that it was part of “God’s plan.” Just when I don’t think my opinion of this worthless POS could possibly be any lower, he manages to outdo himself. He is a racist, misogynistic, self-absorbed sociopath who should never have been allowed to carry a gun or to be any part of a neighborhood watch. The people defending him by donating money and/or cheering the unjustifiable murder of a teenager who was minding his own business are just as sick and twisted as he is. However, I think the prosecution team is just biding its time and waiting for the right moments to use his own words against him. The more he talks, the deeper the hole he digs for himself.


  11. First off. Hannity is not a journalist. He is an enabler and fake news reporter. Next. Zimmerman is a desparate little man with a huge complex. He is guilty of manslaughter and cold blooded murder. For him to go on national tv and admit no remorse or regret shows what a complete idiot he is. But let the facts and truth fly. shows and confirms his mentality. Im happy that Barbara Walters gave him the boot. NO INTERVIEW ZIMMY. Why would zimmy and his wife want to be in NY city in a hotel room for 1 month? Is he planning a shooting spree? Room service for 1 month? He could not possibly leave the hotel. And what hotel would want that low life occuping and dominating the entire hotel for 1 month. Zimmy is going to be completely overwhelmed with guilty by the time this trial begins.


  12. Zimmerman’s biggest problem is not where the trial is held, who is on the jury, who presides over the trial. Science will destroy his excuses and speak for Trayvon Martin. If you injecting God into the situation, science is basically God’s way of telling us how He/She designed things. This column is the real God’s response to Zimmerman’s god.


  13. Y’all know Zimmerman was lying when he said Trayvon was beating his head on the cement for a whole minute. You getting beat like that and you don’t go to the hospital hell he went the work the next day who does that. If your head is getting bash like he say it was he would of been near death brain dead and all but hey he still got supporters that believe him and that’s sad.


    1. Jamekia Bell,
      Absolutely, there would either be a need for medical help, or he wasn’t beaten. The head and scalp are very vascular and stitches would have been required.


  14. George Zimmerman, His Mother, His brother and his attorney have tried their best to help george spin his story. George went home that night and his good friend and brother roughed him up. He is a miserable liar and he will not be able to keep his sanity for much longer. I expect him to snap soon. He will face his trial with guilt on his face, blood on his hands.


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