Zimmerman’s New Bond: One Million Dollars

The Judge in the Zimmerman case has set his new bond at $1,000,000.  For details, see this article.  

11 thoughts on “Zimmerman’s New Bond: One Million Dollars

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  1. Too bad the judge didn’t set bail even higher since we know Zimmerman has the donated money to cover his bail. I would rather that he sit in jail. His wife too for that matter!

    Hopefully, the deceitful actions of both Zimmerman and his wife in trying to hide their financial resources will come back to haunt them in the trials. You know, once proven to be a liar, always a liar type argument.


  2. Oh? So $100,000 is needed. Hear that everyone? Send money to zimmy so he can get out and go into hiding. You have all been happy to pay off his debts and medications. Why not allow this piece of shit out of jail? So he and his ugly wife can sit on their dead azz and collect your money to support them. And then? he will need money for the mouth piece


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  4. It is plus, one million dollars collateral. Which is why his ass is still in jail.

    A fool and his money are soon parted..truth in that has never been clearer.


  5. In his nine-page order, the judge accused Zimmerman of committing a new felony – lying while providing evidence about bail – and hinted that he might be the subject of “future contempt proceedings.”

    Lester was troubled, he wrote, that Zimmerman and his wife hid the money and that George Zimmerman had, until recently, a second, undisclosed passport.



  6. Along with the million dollar bail, he can’t leave the county he live in, must wear angle monitor and curfew from 6pm to 6am…


    1. That’s far less freedom than he had with his first bond. He was flying in and out of the state and mentioned it during the calls w/his wife. It’s still not enough $$$ as far as I’m concerned but the Judge is trying to be fair despite GZ’s possible new charges. This all works for the prosecution, although it may not seem like it at first. We don’t want to see any conviction overturned on a possible technicality and Judge Lester appears to be doing everything he can to remain impartial without being a patsy for the defense. GZ is going to be pissed off by this latest “infringement on his freedom” as O’Mara dared to refer to it in a statement he gave. His anger issues have led to trouble before and I have no doubt they’ll do so again if he’s given enough rope to hang himself.

      As far as O’Mara goes, it appears that he’s forgotten his client killed an innocent young man who had turned 17 only 3 weeks prior to GZ gunning him down. The records from GZ’s physician, his statements to the police, his re-enactment of the crime and how it allegedly happened are filled with numerous inconsistencies and outright LIES. He did all of the above without the advice of counsel and he won’t be able to use that as a defense because he was asked each time he gave a statement if he would like an attorney present, reminded of his Miranda rights, etc. The problem is that GZ thought he was smarter than everyone else, that he was going to prove what he did was within the law. He never even showed an ounce of remorse when informed during the 3rd interview about Trayvon Martin’s family life, his loving and concerned parents, his lack of criminal history, etc. NOT A WORD was said by GZ. Was it shock? It sure as hell didn’t appear to be because he continued with his story as if he had learned nothing of consequence.

      GZ belongs in jail for a few decades, let’s hope justice is truly served in this case.


  7. Did he post the bond? Did the judge have any searing remarks to him? Is his wife still in jail or did they release her?

    I know, I know, Google is my friend, but you do such a good job of writing it up. ;-}


    1. WakeUpAmerica,
      I think his wife is out. She posted bail, but as of yesterday I don’t think Zimmerman had posted bail


      1. His lawyer is begging for money because Zimmerman and his family don’t have a million dollar worth of collateral…. so Zimmy is still sitting in jail… bondsman want to make sure he can cover the million before accepting 100,000 dollar.


  8. I say, let him sit in jail. He has already enjoyed too much benefit of the doubt for his actions, up to and including the murder of Trayvon Martin. I’m sickened by those who want to absolve him of any responsibility for this act for any reason.


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