Whatever you know about the Palin family, it is that college is not a priority. It took Sarah Palin five years to earn a four year degree. Perhaps the extended time was necessary due to the travel time she was required to spend traveling from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, to Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, to the North Idaho College Community College, to the University of Idaho in Moscow, to the Matanuska Susitna College in Alaska, back to the University of Idaho.    Papa-pimp-Palin doesn’t have a college degree after dropping out of college. Track has a child but no degree. Bristol has at least one child but no college degree. Willow has no children yet, but she has a hot new truck,

and she knows how to drive really fast. More importantly, it seems that she is knowledgeable about how to avoid getting caught speeding, as she has only one ticket for speeding that has been reported.  She hasn’t learned how to disguise a busted tail light. Willow has recently appeared on Bristol’s reality show, in which it was reported that she moved from Alaska to California, and back again.

Piper has missed so much school that she probably couldn’t pass a college admission exam. Yet Sarah Palin stated in her Face book post from July 3rd, that Bristol and Willow were flying with Todd to Bristol Bay to fish, in hopes that they would catch a lot of fish because this “young crew that needs to make some money for school tuition.”

This Face book post is only a few lines long, but it tells us much about the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin.

1. The fact that Bristol is flying with her Dad to go fishing is a clear indication that “Life’s a Tripp” doesn’t mean that she is staying home to raise her son, but going off on a trip with her pimp-daddy,  to fish.

2. To suggest that the girls need to make money for college tuition suggests that:

a. Bristol is going to college. We’ve heard that before when she “told all her friends” she would go to college in Arizona. Later she reported that the Arizona home was intended to be an “investment property.”  By May of 2012 she had sold that “investment.” Thus to suggest that she ever intended to go to college in Arizona was clearly a fabrication.

3. Track has re-enlisted and is reported to be back in Afghanistan. Unless he plans on pursuing a degree at the Kabul Polytechnical University it seems unlikely that college is in his future.

4. Palin must recognize the importance of a college education for her kids or she wouldn’t be making references like this to college tuition.

In the same Face book post Sarah Palin makes reference to Bristol’s reality show, and Track’s deployment to Afghanistan. By suggesting that her children are trying to earn money for gas, and college tuition, Sarah Palin attempts to market her children as “normal” kids who are worried about paying for gas and college tuition. However she forgets that we know Sarah Palin make one million dollars per year and has a net worth estimated to be $12,000,000.00.  Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy. The problem is that Palin acts like her kids are worried about paying for gas for their new truck, or finding a way to pay for college tuition. Palin mentions that the girls attended the CPAC conference with her, but nothing about paying the cost of the airfare, their hotels, or gas for the rental car.

This Face book post is just one more example of Sarah Palin saying something that leaves one impression when the truth is directly opposite. She hasn’t announced that any of her children are enrolled in, or accepted by, any college. She hasn’t announced that she has cut off her children from any financial assistance. The truth is that none of the Palin kids intend to even enroll in college for fear they might quit. When confronted with the story that Todd was a pimp, after a long silence, and having her attorney ask the Anchorage Police to issue a press release, Palin didn’t say Todd wasn’t a pimp. She said ask Todd, “Hey Todd, You Been Hanging Out With Hookers ?” Now that it is obvious Willow is not going to college, Sarah Palin suggests that she is working towards saving for college tuition.

Willow has missed the deadline for taking standardized college admission tests, she missed the deadlines for applying to colleges, the colleges have already sent out their decisions for admission for the Fall of 2012, and they have already made their decisions about those students who qualify for financial aid. Willow was not on any of those lists. What is Willow doing? Does she have a job? Where does she live? Does she pay rent? If she gets another speeding ticket, who will pay it?