George Zimmerman Forgets His Lie

One of my favorite lawyer jokes is, “How can you tell a lawyer is lying?” The answer of course is “His lips are moving.” It seems the same could be said of George Zimmerman. The judge in the criminal case found him to be a liar as a result of actual recordings of his phone calls with his wife. The phone calls established not only that Zimmerman lied about being broke to obtain the lowest bail possible, but they also established that he conspired with his wife in an effort to hide the truth from the judge. The problem was that he wasn’t too bright. He conspired with his wife on a recorded phone call from the jail in which the message at the beginning of the call contained a warning that the call might be recorded. He and his wife talked in code, but the code could have been understood by a 1st grader. For example, “10” referred to “10,000.” Anyone listening to those phone calls would immediately question Zimmerman’s credibility on any matter, especially his account of a shooting that could result in life in prison.

In an effort to bolster the innocence of Zimmerman, Zimmerman’s attorney has released a video, made the day after the shooting, of Zimmerman purportedly describing the events that preceded the shooting. This video  was made at the scene of the killing, so that the investigators could see first hand about what Zimmerman was speaking. The first time you watch the video it might make sense and you might be persuaded that Zimmerman was actually the victim. However on closer examination you will see that Zimmerman repeatedly lied in his account. In fact he may have been foolish enough to repeat not what Trayvon Martin said, but what HE said shortly before shooting Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman says that Trayvon Martin said “You are going to die tonight, you mother fucker.” After considering this evidence, I would suggest that it was in fact Zimmerman who put his hand over the mouth and nose of Trayvon Martin, and told him “You are going to die tonight, you mother fucker.”

The 9-11 Call 

In the video, Zimmerman recounts the 9-11 operator asking him if he was following Martin. When Zimmerman responds “Yes,” Zimmerman says that he said “OK” and walked back towards his car. However the actual recording of the 9-11 call is quite different. Zimmerman never says “OK” when told not to follow Martin. Instead you hear heavy breathing consistent with Zimmerman continuing to run. It is during that heavy breathing that you hear:

“These assholes, they always get away.”

–more heavy breathing—

“Fucking Coons”

–more heavy breathing—

“crap, I don’t know where this kid is”

It is unmistakable from the 9-11 call that Zimmerman continued to run after Martin even though told “we don’t need you to do that.”

The police dispatcher indicates that the police are on their way, and tries to determine where the police should meet Zimmerman. The first time I heard the audio, it seemed that there was some confusion about the directions Zimmerman was giving of the exact place he would meet the officer. Zimmerman resolves the problem by asking that the police to simply call him on his cell phone when they arrive.  Instead of finding it difficult to describe how to find his car, it appears Zimmerman decides that a call would be better because he doesn’t know where he will be when the police arrive, and thus Zimmerman asks the police to call him when they arrive. If Zimmerman planned to return to his car, which was parked, it would have been easy to give directions. It is because Zimmerman doesn’t know “where this kid is” that he can’t give a location of where he will be when the officers arrive.

The Cries for Help

In the video account by Zimmerman, he says that he called for help. However the voice analysis of the actual recorded event compared the voice of Zimmerman to the voice calling for help.  Experts who analyzed the recordings reached the clear conclusion that the voice calling for help was NOT the voice of Zimmerman.  The experts did not have a recording of Trayvon Martin’s voice so they had nothing to compare the cries of help in the recording to determine if the cries came from of Trayvon Martin, but they were sure they were not made by George Zimmerman.

You Are Going to Die Tonight

In Zimmerman’s account of the events that led up to the shooting of Martin, he says that Trayvon put his hands over Zimmerman’s nose and mouth to try to stop him from calling for help, and that Trayvon said “You’re going to die tonight, mother fucker.”  Obviously if Zimmerman wasn’t the one calling for help then Martin didn’t put his hands over the nose and mouth of Zimmerman. If Martin wasn’t the aggressor, he was not the one predicting the death of anyone. At first glance, the account of Zimmerman is inconsistent with the image of a teenager taking Skittles to his brother. If Martin had been scarred he might have attacked Zimmerman, but it seems that if anyone was going to declare that “You are going to die tonight.” it would have been the aggressor. Zimmerman was the one on the lookout that night for criminals. Zimmerman was the person carrying a gun. Martin was carrying Skittles.

When he first spotted Martin he said “He looks like he’s up to no good.” When Martin paid for his Skittles he said “Thank you” to the clerk. When Trayvon Martin told his girl friend that this guy is chasing me he said he would walk away fast, but not run. Zimmerman said he was chasing Trayvon, and didn’t know where he went. This video of Zimmerman may have provided a glimpse of the exchange between Zimmerman and Martin seconds before Martin was shot. Instead of a statement by Martin, it was likely the aggressor, Zimmerman, who said you are going to die tonight. Trayvon Martin died. Zimmerman is alive to collect money and become a celebrity because he killed an innocent, unarmed teenager. If there was any doubt in my mind about whether this was a hate crime, Zimmerman has himself provided the proof that I need. I don’t believe that Trayvon Martin said “You are going to Fucking die tonight.” That was Zimmerman. We know from the 9-11 call that it was Zimmerman who used the word “fucking” when he made reference to “coons.” It was Zimmerman who called Martin the “ass hole.”

Zimmerman Forgets to Lie

Having listened to the video of Zimmerman several times, I realize that I missed perhaps the most important part of the story. At 2:30 in the video Zimmerman is describing the events immediately before the shooting. If you listen closely he slips up and says that he put his hand over Trayvon’s nose and mouth. Realizing that he admitted who the aggressor was he changes the account and says that it was Martin who put his hand over Zimmerman’s nose. Remember, that was the nose that was reportedly broken, yet no comment is made by Zimmerman about how painful that contact was. According to Zimmerman the shooting occurred immediately thereafter. Thus Zimmerman, by his own words, tells us what Trayvon can’t. That’s the problem with lying. You have to remember what the story was that you told before. If he had told the truth we probably wouldn’t have been so confused!  The problem with dying is that you can’t tell anyone that you were trying to call for help when an assailant put his hand over your mouth and declared before he shot you that you were going to die.

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  1. I question why this video was allowed by the Court to be released. Doesn’t it compromise potential jurors who might see it?

    My own impression is that Zimmerman is lying through his teeth and that the whole thing is a set-up to make the event look like what it wasn’t. I think that Zimmerman was looking for a confrontation and Trayvon Martin simply happened to be in the very worst place possible when Zimmerman noticed him. It seems to me that Trayvon Martin was targeted by Zimmerman because of his race and that there was no way that the confrontation was going to end without violence.

    This is one of the problems with our very lax attitude towards guns. Had Zimmerman been unarmed, Trayvon Martin would most probably still be alive, joking with his friends about the idiot who chased him all the way to his father’s house thinking he was a hooligan intent on burglary.


    1. Beaglemom,
      I think it was Zimmerman’s attorney who released it, and I think he did it so that the majority of people on the jury panel would have heard Zimmerman’s side of the story before the trial. That way a potential juror might mention something during jury selection about seeing the video and thinking that Zimmerman was not guilty, and even though that juror would be excused by the judge, it would help set the stage for the other jurors.


  2. Zimmerman will get off with a slap on the wrist because his father is a retired court judge and his mother is a court clerk.

    If anything, there will be a mistrial to minimize the risk of riots.

    Our judicial system only works for the rich and the privileged. Zimmerman is privileged.


    1. Dis Gusted,
      I actually agree that our system is corrupt, but in this case I think he will be convicted. Not only do I think the prosecutor is truly interested in a conviction, but the attitude of the judge regarding the bond and lying, tells me that he is interested in justice.


      1. I agree Malia. The defense is trying to sway any potential jury pool but I don’t think it will work in this case. There are so many things the prosecution can point to to deconstruct Zimmerman’s claims. The fallacies abound.


      2. Just_a_Mote,
        I think at this rate by the time Zimmerman gets to trial he might enter into a plea bargain regarding his sentence.


  3. I just want to know where Trayvon’s blood was.

    Zimmerman says the teen was straddling him, both slamming his head against the sidewalk AND covering his mouth (amazing dexterity, that kid), so he had no choice but to shoot him.

    That means Trayvon’s chest wound occurred while he was straddling Zimmerman’s body from above.

    Zimmerman claims Trayvon sat up (which would still position him above Zimmerman) and that he was able to then reverse their positions.

    How does someone take a bullet to the chest over the top of someone and not get a drop of blood on them?


    1. Darklady,
      GREAT observation! Gosh, it must have been that Zimmerman was on top and the blood went into the grass. I wonder why the police couldn’t figure that out?!


  4. I, too, wonder about the blood. If Zimmerman was beaten up so badly, wouldn’t the cement sidewalk show signs of his blood? There was none to be seen. If there had been, it could have been tested.

    Also, the maze of that housing development! For someone like Martin, a visitor, it must have been incredibly confusing in the dark, especially when he felt someone was following him. There was no reason for him to want to kill Zimmerman — he just wanted to get away and get home.

    Zimmerman’s calm, having just killed a boy less than 24 hours before, and walking through the scene of the crime, is chilling.


  5. Zimmerman’s calm after the murder and during the jailhouse conversation with his wife are chilling evidence of a remorseless sociopath who has been trying to beat the system from day one. I never bought his story about being beaten within an inch of his life, because he showed no visible injuries the night of the murder when he was at police headquarters, because if Trayvon had been on top of him when he shot the kid, there would have been blowback of blood on Zimmerman’s clothing, and because someone beaten that badly wouldn’t have had the presence of mind to shoot.


  6. Zimmerman and his entire family have lied about everything since day one. George assumed he was untouchable. He’s now finding out otherwise. In the past his daddy or mommy or Officer Friendly could always run interference so George could continue to play out his sick fantasy of “I’m almost a cop.” I agree with Beaglemom that the ready availability of guns in our society turned this story into a tragedy. And his parents have blood on their hands for allowing this sick, twisted little freak to purchase a gun.They belong in prison too.


  7. The worst part about the re-enactment and the interviews with the police is that GZ never once admits any remorse, even when Detective Serino tells him this whole thing could have been avoided if he had told TM that he was with the Neighborhood Watch program. GZ was looking for trouble, wanted to be a “hero” and ended up shooting an innocent kid. Lock him up!!


    1. Kate,
      The same thing stuck me. I would expect that even if Zimmerman had been in fear for his life, he would NOW express remorse, but I have heard any and I’ve followed the story carefully!


    2. My understanding is that GZ was not part of the neighborhood watch program. I do not think that any of those programs advocate carrying loaded weapons around. i think he was a “wanna be” participant in the neighborhood watch but I think everyone was aware of his instability.


      1. Yes, he was a member of an official Neighborhood Watch group of some sort.

        No, Neighborhood Watch members are NOT supposed to carry a firearm. They are also not supposed to pursue or confront “suspects.”

        They are supposed to … watch. Then call for police, then provide information to the officers.


  8. Why in the world would a kid walking home to his dad’s house after buying some skittles tell a guy “You are going to die tonight.” It doesn’t make any sense.

    It does, however, make sense that a guy with a loaded gun and a chip on his shoulder would say that to his “target.”

    Personally, I don’t think Zimmerman planned on killing someone that night, but he was looking looking for a fight. He wanted to be a big man. And a kid lost his life because of it.


    1. jk,
      I totally agree, and I think that is exactly why the prosecutor charged his with second degree murder instead of 1st degree. He didn’t set out that night to kill Trayvon Martin in particular, but any young black male would do. He was looking to feel powerful, and he did.


    2. It’s really upsetting reading some of the comments from people on Zimmerman’s side. “He would have been dead if he hadn’t had that gun” is a common claim.

      Yeah, because black kids who pick up Skittles for their little brothers are always looking for a way to kill somebody with their bare hands. (sigh)

      So many people have decided that Trayvon got what he deserved because… he was black and wore a hoodie? Makes my heart sick.


      1. Darklady,
        Me too! The really amazing thing to me is that if Trayvon Martin had carried a gun he would have been justified in shooting Zimmerman as he was in fear for his life because some strange man was following him, and carrying a gun!


  9. After this video came out my Son-in-law and I acted out the scenerio using a dismantled .45 and .25 to see if it is even possible to do what Zimmerman claims, My SIL outweighs me by 40lbs so he played the part of Zimmerman, First I straddled him with his arms pinned by his sides, Then with his arms pinned by my knees with his hands towards his face, Even struggling my SIL could not reach the weapon that was holstered on his side under a windbreaker jacket or without the jacket I hope they play this out this way in court, The story is not plausible


    1. OverMountainMan,
      I don’t think most people would act this out, and would just assume that it was either true or not depending on who they believed. Good for you for testing this scenario, and reporting to us. I appreciate both!


  10. In the video, Zimmerman recounts the 9-11 operator asking him if he was following Martin. When Zimmerman responds “Yes,” Zimmerman says that he said “OK” and walked back towards his car. However the actual recording of the 9-11 call is quite different. Zimmerman never says “OK” when told not to follow Martin. Instead you hear heavy breathing consistent with Zimmerman continuing to run. It is during that heavy breathing that you hear:

    “These assholes, they always get away.”

    –more heavy breathing—

    “Fucking Coons”

    –more heavy breathing—

    “crap, I don’t know where this kid is”
    Nobody pointed it out but you were incorrect in your blog. He did reply ok and a few seconds later the sounds of movement stops and Zimmerman carries on a conversation with the dispatch and his breathing settles down.

    Dispatcher: Are you following him?

    Zimmerman: Yeah.

    Dispatcher: Okay, we don’t need you to do that.

    Zimmerman: Okay.

    Dispatcher: Alright, sir, what is your name?

    Zimmerman: George. He ran.

    Dispatcher: All right, George. What’s your last name?

    Zimmerman: Zimmerman.

    Dispatcher: And George what’s the phone number you’re calling from?

    Zimmerman: [redacted]

    Dispatcher: All right, George. We do have them on the way. Do you want to meet with the officer when they get out there?

    Zimmerman: Yeah.

    Dispatcher: All right, where you going to meet with them at?

    Zimmerman: If they come in through the gate, tell them to go straight past the clubhouse. And uh, straight past the clubhouse, and make a left. And then they go past the mailboxes, that’s my truck… [unintelligible]

    Dispatcher: What address are you parked in front of?

    Zimmerman: I don’t know. It’s a cut through, so I don’t know the address.

    Dispatcher: Okay, do you live in the area?

    Zimmerman: Yeah, I… [unintelligible]

    Dispatcher: What’s your apartment number?

    Zimmerman: It’s a home. It’s 1950– Oh, crap. I don’t want to give it all out, I don’t know where this kid is.

    Dispatcher: Okay, do you want to just meet with them right near the mailboxes then?

    Zimmerman: Yeah, that’s fine.

    Dispatcher: All right, George. I’ll let them know to meet you around there okay?

    Zimmerman: Actually could you have them call me and I’ll tell them where I’m at?

    Dispatcher: Okay, yeah, that’s no problem.

    Zimmerman: Should I give you my number or you got it?

    Dispatcher: Yeah, I got it. [redacted]?

    Zimmerman: Yeah, you got it.

    Dispatcher: Okay, no problem, I’ll let them know to call you when you’re in the area.

    Zimmerman: Thanks.

    Dispatcher: You’re welcome.


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