Letter to Mark Sullivan Director of S.S. and Charles Edwards Inspector Homeland Security Re Todd Palin and David Chaney

Malia Litman



Director Secret Service, Mark Sullivan

U.S. Secret Service

245 Murray Drive

Building 410

Washington D.C. 20223


Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General, Charles K. Edwards

DHS Office of Inspector General

245 Murray Drive,

SW Building 410

Washington D.C. 20528


June 7, 2012


Re: David Chaney, Todd Palin, and the Culture of Corruption


To: Director Mark Sullivan and Inspector Edwards:


I have previously sent each of you e-mails regarding the urgency of the investigation of David Chaney’s involvement while on assignment to provide protection to Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign. It was reported to me that Todd Palin introduced David Chaney to a prostitute, Shailey Tripp, who worked for him. Ms. Tripp has written a book, Boys Will Be Boys, documenting her recruitment into a life of prostitution by Todd Palin. She has provided detailed information about her involvement with Todd Palin, and a description of his anatomy. It was further reported that David Chaney, the same David Chaney who was involved in the Colombia scandal, went to the site of Shailey Tripp’s business, and requested, and received services from Ms. Tripp of a sexual nature. Ms. Tripp has reported that she was paid by David Chaney an amount less than agreed upon for the services, $40.00.


I was personally contacted by Merek Schaefer on May 14th and advised that he was an Inspector with the US Secret Service, assigned to follow up on information I had provided regarding Shailey Tripp, David Chaney, and Todd Palin. That same day I responded to his request, and put him in touch directly with Shailey Tripp. It is my understanding that Ms. Tripp spoke with him on two separate occasions, and gave him details about her initial meeting with Todd Palin and David Chaney, and her subsequent sexual encounter with Mr. Chaney. She also provided a written statement to Officer Schaefer.


I personally sent this information to every member of the Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security before the May 23, 2012 Senate hearing. Yet nothing was specifically asked during that hearing about this encounter. Mr. Sullivan indicated during the hearing that the Colombia incident was an isolated occurrence. Yet both of you, Officer Schaefer, and each of the Senators on the Subcomittee, had specific information from an identified person, with personal knowledge of the facts reported, that the Colombia matter was not the first time one of the Secret Service agents involved had taken advantage of the services of a prostitute, while on assignment, and underpaid for the services provided.


On May 28th, and again on June 1st I followed up by e-mail with Officer Schaeffer to determine what was being done regarding this investigation. I have received NO response from him to either e-mail. I have received NO response from either of you regarding this information. I have received NO response from any Senator on the Homeland Security Senate Subcommittee regarding this information.


As a taxpayer, I think I am entitled to a response. As the Director of the Secret Service and the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, Americans hold you accountable for investigation of this matter and a response to the Senators who asked questions of you in the Senate hearing about a “culture of corruption” that you indicated did not exist. At a minimum a statement should be taken of David Chaney, under oath, to determine if he admits to the encounter with Shailey Tripp while on assignment in Alaska. If you are truly committed to uncovering the truth regarding allegations of a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service, then these questions MUST be asked. If you are unwilling to ask these questions, or report the answers of David Chaney, then we are left with the impression that you are part of the culture of corruption. David Chaney should be asked, under penalty of perjury:


1. Have you ever met Todd Palin?

2. Did you ever meet Shailey Tripp, or any prostitute working in Alaska?

3. How did you meet any prostitutes you met in Alaska?

4. Who introduced you to Shailey Tripp?

5. Did Todd Palin introduce you to any prostitute in Alaska?

6. Who was at the meeting when you first met Shailey Tripp?

7. What did you have to eat at the bagel shop where you met?

8. Did Todd Palin tell you anything about Shailey Tripp, or the services she could provide?

9. How long was it after your meeting at the bagel shop with Shailey Tripp before you visited her at her place of business?

10. Did you arrange a time to meet with Shailey Tripp ahead of time? If so through whom, and describe the details of making that appointment.

11. Were you naked when Shailey Tripp gave you a massage?

12. Did you indicate by words or actions that you were interested in any services from Shailey Tripp in addition to a routine massage?

13. Did the massage you received from Shailey Tripp include any type of sexual services?

14. Did you ask for sexual services from Shailey Tripp that she was not willing to provide?

15. Did you reach a climax during the services provided by Shailey Tripp?

16. How much did you pay Shailey Tripp for the services she provided?

17. How did you pay for her services; cash, credit, check, or by some other consideration?

18. How much did Shailey Tripp indicate was the cost of the services provided?

19. Did you pay Todd Palin any money for anything during the months you were assigned to protect Sarah Palin? If so, how much? What was the stated reason for the payment? Did you pay him the amount agreed upon?

20. Did Todd Palin refer you to any other prostitute besides Shailey Tripp?

21. Did Todd Palin refer you to any other person who was in a position to refer you to any person to provide sexual services?

22. Did Todd Palin ever tell you about any experience with prostitutes other than Shailey Tripp?

23. To your knowledge was anyone else aware of your experience with Shailey Tripp, and if so who?

24. To your knowledge was Shailey Tripp involved in providing sexual services of any kind to any other member of the Secret Service or to Todd Palin himself?

25. Have any other politicians, or their spouses, arranged or referred you to prostitutes? If so who was the person’ who was the prostitute; where did the encounter take place; how much was paid; how much did the prostitute expect to be paid?

26. Have you ever referred anyone to Shailey Tripp for sexual services?

27. How many times can you remember receiving services from a prostitute while employed as a Secret Service agent?

28. How many times have you used the services of a prostitute while employed as a Secret Service agent, where the was any controversy over the amount of money to be paid?

29. Were you a supervisor within the Secret Service when you used the services of Shailey Tripp?

30. Did anyone ever threaten you to keep you from disclosing the interaction you had with Todd Palin and/or Shailey Tripp?

Please report back on the answers of David Chaney, to the Senators on the Homeland Security Subcommittee. We are anxious to know what you find.



Malia Litman


cc. Senator Lieberman

Senator Collins

Senator Levin

Senator Akaka

Senator Coburn

Senator Brown

Senator Carper

Senator Pryor

Senator McCain

Senator Johnson

Senator Landrieu

Senator McCaskill

Senator Portman

Senator Paul

Senator Tester

Senator Begich

Senator Moran


Officer Schaefer










67 thoughts on “Letter to Mark Sullivan Director of S.S. and Charles Edwards Inspector Homeland Security Re Todd Palin and David Chaney

Add yours

  1. Holy shit Batman! We have a winner! OMG!!
    Malia..I would venture to guess YOU know the ANSWERS to EACH of those questions! Don’t you! You’re a lawyer..that’s how you’re trained. Right? Right?
    Ok ..SS, Homeland Security and Senators…ball’s in your court, ‘ya bastards!
    PS. Proof read line 28..for typo/misspell


    1. Salt Aire,
      Yes I know what I think the answers are, but we’ll see what chaney says…if they ask! Yes, I was a trial attorney for 12 years, and I learned when asking questions in court of an adverse witness that you never ask a question you don’t know the answer to. However in discovery you can, and then if the witness lies, you make them look really bad because no only did they do the bad thing, but they lied about it when under oath, and if you can prove that they go to jail for perjury!


  2. I wish with all my being that you will get an honest investigation from these men on the list , unfortunately, this is the good ole boy’s club and they will cover each other’s asses. Perhaps this should be sent as well to the New York Times, Nancy Pelosi, Lisa Murkowski, and keep going until someone has enough integrity and balls to do something about it. Great jo, Malia.


    1. sals,
      You are right, and I have to admit that I have no reason to think they will do the right thing, but if I complain to others, I want to say that I gave these people ample notice and time to respond.


      1. FEDUP!!!
        It is easy to say that I’m a kook, but if lots of people reading reach out to these people, it becomes harder to ignore us.


  3. Malia, if you don’t receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, maybe a “mail launch” is in order. I think many of your readers would be happy to copy/send your letter to let the recipients know there are many others waiting for them to acknowledge there is a culture of corruption in the Secret Service and the military; we would also expect them to take action and do something about it once they acknowledge the problem.


    1. gee Jay,
      Good idea! I’ll also do a separate post to send everyone the e-mails of the Senators on the committee. Thanks, Malia


  4. Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease!!!

    Ask Governor Frank Murkowski…

    He Reversed the Statute of Limitations in 2003 in Alaska…

    The Natives came forward with evidences of past crimes of the Catholic Church…then it went viral and spread to the lower 48…other Catholic Priests started getting turned in for past crimes…and then it made it’s way around the world…with the Roman Catholic Church in trouble for lack of delegations to punish those involved in crimes…

    The same can happen here…there is something wrong and something lacking…so it needs to get fixed..we will enjoy watching while you take that engine apart…of politics and those that violate it…we will send free tools…

    It needs to be re-assembled to run efficiently…and might have to drag it thru all the courts of law – won’t the judges just love that…


  5. I admire your tenacity.But I need to say that sometimes less is more.If you come off like a witch hunt for Todd Palin, while discussing David Chaney they won’t pay attention.Of course he met Todd Palin,he provided security for his wife.Less questions about Toad might get more attention,which would lead to questions about who provided the services of Ms Tripp. Oh and most people are naked for a massage.Did you reach a climax?WTF? What difference does that make?Sexual services can and do happen without “climaxes”.They are probably passing the email around and giggling about it,because,as we know,”Boys Will Be Boys”.


  6. WOW! Excellent letter Malia! If you don’t get a response we KNOW that the “culture of corruption” goes further, deeper and wider than we had ever imagined or expected. At this stage of the game, I’m not expecting a peep from any or all of them. Would a petition help to show how many citizens are aware of this and that we demand an honest answer? It seems they are more concerned about covering their asses than getting to the truth. I feel sad for our country because corruption and corporations have taken over our democracy. I also feel for Shailey who has told her story, written a book, and the media ignores her. I’m just wishing and hoping that someone with your determination and integrity is working behind the scenes to get to the truth. You are truly an inspiration for not giving up. Thank you Malia


  7. John McCain is the one keeping the investigation of Todd Palin off the table. It would really make McCain look bad — really bad — to discover the husband of his VP pick was a pimp actively pursuing his business WHILE his wife was gov and VP candidate.

    John McCain is the obstruction of justice here. HE is on the committee. His bff Lie-ber-man is the Chairman. Exposing McCain’s cover-up would be the scoop of the century, and a fitting end to this sorry saga.


    1. Sunnyskies- Not only would that be an incredible scoop to expose McCain if he knew about Todd’s pimp business, but it would bring $arah down forever, and cause a real earthquake in the Teaparty.

      She absolutely knew about the prostitution while she was standing behind a lectern with “Country First” on it. Her “boys will be boys” attitude seems like it comes from accepting the abuse she likely endured, and the crimes of her husband and family.

      Malia, you have our admiration and support for whatever next steps you might need to take to get this information out.


    2. Northern Exposure…McCain is guilty – and HE leaked the current intel leak…all smirking for the cameras pointing the finger at the White House…
      The White Wash won’t work McCain…Thank God we have a President who has a doctorate degree in Constitutional Law…and the President was a Professor…so you know when this breaks…he will be a gentleman and make this a Teachable Moment for the USA…might even spike interest in the subjects covered…there you go Mr.President…make worksheets about the US Constitution available for all Americans…
      Free of charge…at the White house website…download/print/study…
      The More You Know…


      1. FEDUP!!!
        It wouldn’t surprise me! I wouldn’t put it past mcCain, Todd, or anyone Todd wanted to control.


  8. Malia, I get email petitions daily from Progressive organizations to sign. I’m sure you must too. Is there any way to contact them to get this sent all over the country to get the message out? I can get their addresses if you don’t receive them. This will show them there are thousands of people behind this and demand them to get to the bottom of this mess! That hearing they held was a joke! No wonder nothing gets done. What a waste of time and money! One of these days old McCain will realize we know he lied to us and picked a very dangerous person for a running mate and this must stop. It will show HE did not vet her and he knew about her pallin’ around with terrorists! They sure kept the name Todd Palin out of the papers, didn’t they! His membership in the AIP was hushed up. After the fact, they denied she was a member. Hog wash! The secretary of the AIP said she was a member. I think the AIP told him to drop his membership and declare he was unaffiliated to keep a low profile so she could infiltrate the GOP! That is there goal. Look what they did with backing Paul in AK to take over control of the GOP. This is what the T-party did to take over in 2010. Declare them GOP and run their candidates!


    1. Mrs. Gunka,
      Any help you or anyone reading could give to send this out to many sources would be great! I’m having a hard time just keeping up with the research, writing, and in this case sending the letters out to all the Senators. The more we can work together, the better chance we have of getting this noticed!


    2. I just called john McCain s office to ask if he was still so proud of his pick of of sarah palin since she (or her mother is paling around with the people accursed of plotting to kill troopers/judges.


  9. Since, McCain, is involved, indirectly. Maybe send the information to the local newspapers and news channels. Especially, in Tucson. Also, sending e-mails, to all of the local AZ state Dem Senators and Representatives.. The Palins, were trying to make a big name, for themselves, in AZ. Maybe, this would help them out!


  10. Malia, I appreciate all your efforts and have great respect for your tenacity.

    I’ve done a little research and discovered that sex slavery and prostitution connected with government contracts has been around awhile. The twelve years of war have provided the military contractors with a huge opportunity to make insane profits and gain power. Fraud and egregious behavior are rampant.

    Martina Vandenberg is an attorney who testified at a Congressional subcommittee hearing in 2007 about US contractors and trafficking in Iraq. She also testified about foreign ambassadors bringing in household slaves to work for them with impunity while they live in Washington DC.

    More recently, Mr. Lieberman mentioned that a number of whistleblowers have come forward to his office and told him and his committee there was a problem with prostitution and the Secret Service prior the trip to Colombia. “We’re just at the beginning, and I’m hearing rumors. Since we announced the investigation, some whistleblower people have called the office and we’re beginning to talk to them and when we’re ready, we’ll go public,” he said.

    The Connecticut Democrat also wants to ask Pentagon officials if there was any involvement of military contractors in the scandal. Members of Congress have not brought the issue up at any briefings yet but appear eager to find out more from the defense department.

    “We’ll be looking into military contractors,” said Senator Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat and Senate Armed Services Chairman. “That next step will be taken after we get briefed,” he told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

    Other articles:

    Senator Dick Durbin worked to end some loopholes in the law. We should send information to him .http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/whistleblower-true-tale-of-sex-trafficking-modern-day-slavery-deceit/media/2011/08/05/24641

    Rep. Christopher Smith (R-N.J.) authored the U.S. anti-trafficking law that passed in 2000. We should send him information also.


    1. Red White and Blue,
      You are the best! thanks for all of this information and research! I’ll definitely add Dick Dubin and Chris Smith to m y list.


  11. Great letter, Malia!

    The fact that despite Shailey’s book and all your effort, no one has jumped on this aspect of the Palin-Chaney connection just goes to show you how the government protects itself.

    I don’t care if Chaney is a “bad apple” (although, really, what are the chances?).

    This is a case where the husband of a sitting governor and candidate for VPOTUS introduced a secret service agent to a prostitute. That is all kinds of wrong.

    You would think that SOME reporter would jump on the story. I think eventually some reporter will and it’s going to look REALLY bad for this committee.


    1. jk,
      Just imagine how many other reports they must have gotten that we don’t know about! And don’t you know that they are reports of prostitutes, so they are easily ignored. I will try to get copies of all the reports. Probably won’t be able to get it but I’ll try!


      1. I was thinking the same thing. This is a pattern of behavior, not only the use of prostitutes, but also the further exploitation from not paying the agreed upon price.


  12. Should we (if we can) copy and paste your letter into a format suitable for snail mail, with a notation that it is written by you? I’ve heard that snail mail is given more weight by politicians than emails, and my assumption would be that it is more likely to be handed around and seen by more eyes if it is a hard copy. Certainly less easily deleted by an intern in a micro-second.


    1. Ferry Fey,
      I sent the letters by snail mail yesterday, and would be thrilled for anyone else reading to do the same. I agree that e-mails are easily ignored, but when a real letter arrives it may be taken more seriously.


  13. This is very good malia. But Im wondering why you have not included the part about the “Paling around with terrorist” part. The Palins and their pals were and are dangerous. Palin clearly lied to mccain strategist with her involvement with the malitia in Alaska. She has clearly lied to many. The danger put on this country by allowing ms palin to go unvetted and allow her to dodge the laws of this land is a huge problem and threat to national security. This should be included in the demand for answers and action by sullivan and edwards. Eric Holder and Janet Napolantano should also receive copies of everything. Ms. palin, todd palin, david chaney, shailey tripp, greg west and all others involved must be brought in to testify under oath.


    1. BLM,
      I had focused on the Chaney/Tripp/Palin connection because that is the topic these people are charged to consider. The terrorist part, while apparently true isn’t something this group will probably address.


  14. Malia you are an energizer battery, you just keep going and going and going,probobly much to the dismay of a lot of people but such a delight to all of us who want the truth to come out and the people (Todd and Sarah) to be held accountable for all of their many crimes. Thank you, I can’t even imagine the time you spend to expose all of this corruption. Thank you doesn’t even come close to the appreciation I feel, but thank you for all you do.


    1. ginger50,
      Sometimes when I’m tired and my family wonders what compels me to keep going, I imagine Todd and Sarah having their morning coffee and have to realize that we come closer each day to uncovering the truth, and the truth for them hurts!


  15. Oh Malia I could just give you a big virtual hug… but please don’t ever give up, you have worked so damn hard and the corrupt wo-man behind the curtain is shaking with their coat tails showing precariously, or is that massage towel draped askew?
    Forge Ahead!


  16. Malia you are right. As a taxpayer you not only deserve a response but all of us taxpayers deserve a response as well from our government officials.

    We are paying taxes which pays the salaries of everybody in the United States government and we expect them all to act professionally and do their jobs, especially the Secret Service.

    When the Secret Service agents goes on any assignment, it is not a paid road trip for frat brothers and sorority sisters on Spring Break. With the events that happened in Columbia, Alaska and who only knows where else, an explanation and a thorough investigation is required and not that dog and pony show that happened in Congress a few weeks ago where everybody praised each other, pat each other on the back and went on their merry way.

    A prostitute who has been arrested in Alaska has revealed who her pimp is, the spouse of the Republican Party Vice President Candidate for Christ’s sake! Shailey Tripp’s personal pimp Todd Palin risked the lives of several people by interfering with the jobs the Secret Service was sent to Alaska to perform.

    Now Alaska wants to know if Todd Palin pimped out Shailey Tripp to Secret Service Agent David Chaney as part of Todd’s bigger scheme to recruit and blackmail officers of the law in order to get favors from them at a later date as it is being questioned about the cover up and protection Todd Palin has received from the Anchorage Police Dept who Shailey Tripp said were johns of hers as well?

    Malia, we do not hope you receive a response from our elected officials, but we expect that you will get a response from them.

    Malia, thank you again for your hard work in trying to end corruption in Alaska.

    Alaska and the United States taxpayers appreciates your service.


    1. Valerie,
      Thank you so much for your support! It is mind boggling how hard it is to uncover and prove the corruption. It seems everyone knows it’s there, but it’s hard for people to feel safe if they come forward. Then there are people like Shailey Tripp who does come forward, and nobody believes her! First Palin complains that reporters rely on anonymous sources and then if somebody attaches their name to a report, the police disparage the report! Just outrageous!


  17. Another Congressional subcommittee looking into sex trafficking is the Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations & Procurement Reform Subcommittee of the House Oversight Government Reform Committee. We should email members of the subcommittee demanding an accounting of government contractors abusing women.

    They are mentioned at the end of the article at

    The author of that article, has written a book, David Isenberg, wrote a book called “Private Force: Shadow Security Contractors in Iraq”


  18. It’s a dirty stinking shame that Ed Schultz or Maddow or any of the people doing news programs on Current TV aren’t going into this.


  19. Malia, I have a great deal of respect for what you are trying to do. I met my husband from Argentina while I was singing in NYC while the “Dirty war” was still raging in that country. I have a real sense of justice from that and my wonderful childhood. Is there any way we can communicate without anyone else seeing it. Let me know and I”ll send you my e-mail address.
    Jan, tampa (I’m not that good at privacy controls, but let me know and I’lll be a very strong advocate on this. I am starting to work in the Domestic Violence shelter and this really pisses me off! P.S. You can check me out so you feel safe. Jan


  20. Malia…you are one incredible woman to keep working on this! Alaskans are worn out and tired of the roadblocks in every direction.

    If Toad and the Empress are going to be brought down, it will have to be through Federal agencies. After 4 years, it is obvious she is very protected in the State of Alaska.

    Thank you……..


    1. TiredOfThe Empress,
      Thanks for your encouragement, and yes, I agree that Alaska government of too corrupt, and it will take the Federal Government’s involvement. Maybe that is why Palin disparages our federal government so forcefully!


  21. Malia, anyone can start a petition on Change.org. They receive broad coverage and have had excellent success with the petitions they’ve sent out & incredible results with injustices corrected. Possibly someone could send your letter & background information out as a petition, with the goal of sending the signatures to all those you’ve mentioned above. I’m having health issues now & face possible surgery or I’d do it.

    Thanks so much for all you do! My hero! 🙂


      1. I have put many comments at ADN with links to many of Malia’s posts, especially all of her letters to the APD, Parnell, etc. regarding the APD cover ups for the Todd’s pimping/sex trafficking business. Also sent them the initial articles on David Carney. Will be happy to post this as well, the first chance I get. I also post them at HP and several other sites. More & more readers seem to be familiar with the stories and are definitely bringing them up in discussions.


  22. Things that make you go hmmm.If they’re the secret service how can you write to them.Have to let the neocons know,another government leak.


  23. Malia,

    Your blog always gets my brain juices (neural transmitters) flowing. Thanks.

    We live in a new world wherein a single voice can be amplified thousands of times in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. It’s hard to extinguish the truth when the message remains ablaze. Stay the course.

    Like others, methinks old man McCain is the linchpin on this story.

    Cheers to all and have a great weekend.



    1. Spinner,
      Thanks for the encouragement! It is sometimes hard to “stay the course” when it often seems so futile, but the mere fact that so many people are reading, tells me that somebody needs to do it! Thanks


      1. You have so many supporters out here, Malia. For every one of us who comments, there are hundreds more who are nodding their heads in agreement with you and shaking their heads in disbelief.


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