Malia Litman



Director Secret Service, Mark Sullivan

U.S. Secret Service

245 Murray Drive

Building 410

Washington D.C. 20223


Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General, Charles K. Edwards

DHS Office of Inspector General

245 Murray Drive,

SW Building 410

Washington D.C. 20528


June 7, 2012


Re: David Chaney, Todd Palin, and the Culture of Corruption


To: Director Mark Sullivan and Inspector Edwards:


I have previously sent each of you e-mails regarding the urgency of the investigation of David Chaney’s involvement while on assignment to provide protection to Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign. It was reported to me that Todd Palin introduced David Chaney to a prostitute, Shailey Tripp, who worked for him. Ms. Tripp has written a book, Boys Will Be Boys, documenting her recruitment into a life of prostitution by Todd Palin. She has provided detailed information about her involvement with Todd Palin, and a description of his anatomy. It was further reported that David Chaney, the same David Chaney who was involved in the Colombia scandal, went to the site of Shailey Tripp’s business, and requested, and received services from Ms. Tripp of a sexual nature. Ms. Tripp has reported that she was paid by David Chaney an amount less than agreed upon for the services, $40.00.


I was personally contacted by Merek Schaefer on May 14th and advised that he was an Inspector with the US Secret Service, assigned to follow up on information I had provided regarding Shailey Tripp, David Chaney, and Todd Palin. That same day I responded to his request, and put him in touch directly with Shailey Tripp. It is my understanding that Ms. Tripp spoke with him on two separate occasions, and gave him details about her initial meeting with Todd Palin and David Chaney, and her subsequent sexual encounter with Mr. Chaney. She also provided a written statement to Officer Schaefer.


I personally sent this information to every member of the Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security before the May 23, 2012 Senate hearing. Yet nothing was specifically asked during that hearing about this encounter. Mr. Sullivan indicated during the hearing that the Colombia incident was an isolated occurrence. Yet both of you, Officer Schaefer, and each of the Senators on the Subcomittee, had specific information from an identified person, with personal knowledge of the facts reported, that the Colombia matter was not the first time one of the Secret Service agents involved had taken advantage of the services of a prostitute, while on assignment, and underpaid for the services provided.


On May 28th, and again on June 1st I followed up by e-mail with Officer Schaeffer to determine what was being done regarding this investigation. I have received NO response from him to either e-mail. I have received NO response from either of you regarding this information. I have received NO response from any Senator on the Homeland Security Senate Subcommittee regarding this information.


As a taxpayer, I think I am entitled to a response. As the Director of the Secret Service and the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, Americans hold you accountable for investigation of this matter and a response to the Senators who asked questions of you in the Senate hearing about a “culture of corruption” that you indicated did not exist. At a minimum a statement should be taken of David Chaney, under oath, to determine if he admits to the encounter with Shailey Tripp while on assignment in Alaska. If you are truly committed to uncovering the truth regarding allegations of a “culture of corruption” within the Secret Service, then these questions MUST be asked. If you are unwilling to ask these questions, or report the answers of David Chaney, then we are left with the impression that you are part of the culture of corruption. David Chaney should be asked, under penalty of perjury:


1. Have you ever met Todd Palin?

2. Did you ever meet Shailey Tripp, or any prostitute working in Alaska?

3. How did you meet any prostitutes you met in Alaska?

4. Who introduced you to Shailey Tripp?

5. Did Todd Palin introduce you to any prostitute in Alaska?

6. Who was at the meeting when you first met Shailey Tripp?

7. What did you have to eat at the bagel shop where you met?

8. Did Todd Palin tell you anything about Shailey Tripp, or the services she could provide?

9. How long was it after your meeting at the bagel shop with Shailey Tripp before you visited her at her place of business?

10. Did you arrange a time to meet with Shailey Tripp ahead of time? If so through whom, and describe the details of making that appointment.

11. Were you naked when Shailey Tripp gave you a massage?

12. Did you indicate by words or actions that you were interested in any services from Shailey Tripp in addition to a routine massage?

13. Did the massage you received from Shailey Tripp include any type of sexual services?

14. Did you ask for sexual services from Shailey Tripp that she was not willing to provide?

15. Did you reach a climax during the services provided by Shailey Tripp?

16. How much did you pay Shailey Tripp for the services she provided?

17. How did you pay for her services; cash, credit, check, or by some other consideration?

18. How much did Shailey Tripp indicate was the cost of the services provided?

19. Did you pay Todd Palin any money for anything during the months you were assigned to protect Sarah Palin? If so, how much? What was the stated reason for the payment? Did you pay him the amount agreed upon?

20. Did Todd Palin refer you to any other prostitute besides Shailey Tripp?

21. Did Todd Palin refer you to any other person who was in a position to refer you to any person to provide sexual services?

22. Did Todd Palin ever tell you about any experience with prostitutes other than Shailey Tripp?

23. To your knowledge was anyone else aware of your experience with Shailey Tripp, and if so who?

24. To your knowledge was Shailey Tripp involved in providing sexual services of any kind to any other member of the Secret Service or to Todd Palin himself?

25. Have any other politicians, or their spouses, arranged or referred you to prostitutes? If so who was the person’ who was the prostitute; where did the encounter take place; how much was paid; how much did the prostitute expect to be paid?

26. Have you ever referred anyone to Shailey Tripp for sexual services?

27. How many times can you remember receiving services from a prostitute while employed as a Secret Service agent?

28. How many times have you used the services of a prostitute while employed as a Secret Service agent, where the was any controversy over the amount of money to be paid?

29. Were you a supervisor within the Secret Service when you used the services of Shailey Tripp?

30. Did anyone ever threaten you to keep you from disclosing the interaction you had with Todd Palin and/or Shailey Tripp?

Please report back on the answers of David Chaney, to the Senators on the Homeland Security Subcommittee. We are anxious to know what you find.



Malia Litman


cc. Senator Lieberman

Senator Collins

Senator Levin

Senator Akaka

Senator Coburn

Senator Brown

Senator Carper

Senator Pryor

Senator McCain

Senator Johnson

Senator Landrieu

Senator McCaskill

Senator Portman

Senator Paul

Senator Tester

Senator Begich

Senator Moran


Officer Schaefer