The Votes Are In–70.8% of Viewers Would Rather Watch Paint Dry than Bristol’s New Show

From past experience we know that watching Bristol Palin on television can evoke enough rage to cause the viewer to resort to shooting the television with a shot gun.   Mr. Cowan, who shot his television, is home on probation.

It is unclear if he has replaced his television, but if he has, his wife would be well advised to remove all guns from the house before June 19th which is the date of the premier of Bristol’s new reality show.  If Mr. Cowan has not seen Bristol since her medically necessary re-alignment of her jaw, perhaps he won’t recognize her.

Much speculation surrounds the show. Members of the mainstream media are asking:

1. Is it true that 70.8% of people would rather watch paint dry than watch this show.(that was the report when I took the survey.)

2. Will Todd Palin’s business be a sponsor of this show?

3. Will Bristol feature a segment on her love of camping?

4. Will Bristol proclaim the importance of being a Born-Again-Virgin in a Trial Divorce?

5. What hidden meaning will be given to the selection of Juneteenth as the day of her premier?

6. Is people’s preference for watching paint dry rather than being interested in watching this show related to the color of the paint?

7. Will Bristol beat any fish with a bat on the show?

8. Will Bristol disclose the true meaning of the name selected for her second child?

9. Does Bristol’s house have a separate room or building  for the “trial-husbands” to experience “trial marriage” to Bristol?

10. Will Bristol have the Anchorage Police issue a press release announcing the debut of her new show?

11. In an effort to foster the importance of family, will Bristol make sure that Tripp spends some quality time with his little half-sister, Breeze Beretta?

12. Will Bristol be filmed teaching Tripp the importance of living up to your word, and paying what you promised to pay for services rendered?

13. If we opt for watching paint drying, do we get to select the color?

14. How much will this show cost the taxpayers in Alaska? Will Dianna Pree  of the Film Tax Division of the Department of Economic Development in Alaska return my call? The current public disclosures do not list the Helping Hand Production Company which was the company previously reported as producing this show. How much of the cost of production of this show will be paid by the Alaskan taxpayers?

46 thoughts on “The Votes Are In–70.8% of Viewers Would Rather Watch Paint Dry than Bristol’s New Show

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  1. How does Palin keep getting away with ripping off Alaskan citizens? Can someone please tell me? Do they not have mouths to yell and scream how their loser EX LYING GUBNR is still LYING and taking THEIR TAX DOLLARS when she is NOTHING/NOBODY???? And THEN the money is taken from the poor only TO MAKE her non-virgin daughter who had wild sex and wine in a tent with whats his name… and ALL MOTHERS AND THEIR DAUGHTERS ARE SUPPOSED TO FIND THIS THEE MODEL EXAMPLE of a good Christian girl? We’re supposed to be impressed by this how? And this is to be an example for all our ACTUAL VIRGIN daughters how? I have never in my life seen anyone like palin get away with so much! UNLESS of course the reason no one touches BECAUSE MOST OF THE GOP IS ON TODD’S LIST of CUSTOMERS?????? That’s it! And you know King the head of the SS is also telling his men to go ahead and party..let our President get hurt. THEY HATE THIS PRESIDENT. I put nothing past them. Look how they’re denying peoples right to vote THEY HAVE TO STEAL YOUR VOTE SO THEY CAN WIN..nothing has changed with the GOP. Thats how BUSH won! and look at the mess he left us all.


  2. 71.3 when I voted. Her face is so unnatural now. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her natural appearance. Internally, she has to be a mess… another Sarah Palin legacy.


    1. rf,
      They aren’t listed on the Film Office web site, so I assume it is a different company. I’ve called to try to find out, but so far they haven’t returned my call.


  3. Well, there will be those who tune in to watch Bristol for the laugh factor. I couldn’t of course—but I heard that Sarah drops by to probably gnaw on a producer and bash the President while dubbing her daughter and herself mothers of the year. It should be a hoot, but I have some socks I’ve been needing to hand wash for some time now. Busy, busy, busy.


  4. I read it’s a 1/2 hour show which means there will be 15 minutes of commercials and 15 minutes of Bristol. Not much to see, as far as I’m concerned and NO, I won’t be watching.


    1. NJfan,
      I am sorry to report that I won’t either. I don’t want my television to be counted as part of the viewership.


  5. I say email, protest the production of Bristol paymes fake lying production to lifetime. Who on earth would watch her garbage? Who cares? What example is she? She is the product of sarah palins nightmare. Lies lies lies.


  6. Just curious, how many times will Alaskans pay for the same footage to be retooled from the past flops?? Isn’t the film footage taken for various other flops the property of the company that actually paid for the film??? How can it just be recycled and renamed??? Just curious


  7. Whenever I see the before and after pictures of Bristol I am always shocked because she was so beautiful before the plastic surgery.


    1. PollyinAK,
      The educated “elite” prefer paint drying because of the complexity of it! So many questions and so few answers…like does it dry outside – in or inside -out, do different brands dry faster than others, do different colors dry at variable rates, if you touch it too soon do you have to re-paint the entire wall or just the spot you messed up? with Bristol’s show the only lingering questions are who is her camping companion this week, and which part of her body got out of alignment this week, and those questions could be answered in the first five minutes of any episode. Paint drying is suspenseful, Bristol is not.


    1. Another clue as to Trig’s origins. See, if Trig and Sarah both have wonky eyes, but Sarah never had a baby bump until April 13, 2008, that’s one thing.

      But if Bristol and Trig both have wonky eyes (and similar ears, also, too, BTW), and rumors of Bristol being pregnant first arose in mid-2007 (and she disappeared for months, just like Willow has now), then one might surmise….it’s possible they’re related closer than reported.


  8. Sad. There is nothing original about Bri$tol anymore. Maybe her personality, but not her looks.
    She looks like she has been used up and thrown out.
    I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. She had a real chance of breaking away from her dysfunctional family when she first went to L.A.
    She blew it.
    Now, she is just another $arah, only younger.


    1. “Now, she is just another $arah, only younger.”

      For Bristol’s sake I hope Bristol makes a lot of money for future cosmetic surgeries because Bristol has Sarah Palin’s genes which appears not to age gracefully.

      Those two are superficial and worry more about their faces than they do their families.


  9. Wow, in that first picture of Bristol, she looks so fresh faced and pretty..the second one she looks like a wanna be 30 yr old Kardashian..truly sad for a young girl to do that to her face.! Wonder if Willow will follow the same path?


  10. There’s so little interest in the Lifetime Bristol show, that at the Wall Street Journal story (see Malia’s link in the sentence, “remove all guns from the house before JUNE 19TH which is the date of the premier of Bristol’s new reality show”) there are only 3 Tweets of the story and NO COMMENTS.

    The article has been posted for 3 days. Amazing. If that’s the overall level of interest, Lifetime is going to take a bath on this wheezy about-to-expire venture.


  11. Bristol got that new rearranged face for nothing, she does not look any better, in fact she looks worse. And her reality show might not air. Nobody wants to see that BS.


  12. Featuring Bristol as a struggling single mother is an insult to all hard-working, honest, financially and time strapped mothers out there. Lifetime should be ashamed.


  13. Amazing how many people despise this young woman.


    Such a good and chaste christian role model.

    Slutty: check.

    Obvious liar: check.

    Grifting off anything that moves, like mama: check.

    Hypocrite? Ya Betcha bippy.


  14. Also she is a revirginated celebrity. Who cares.

    Sure Tripp is cute, so what. I see cute kids coming and going every single day, AS CUTE or CUTER thanTRIPP. And some more charming

    He is also older than stated..


  15. Huffington just this hour added Levi Johnston Broke living with his mother, to their front POLITAL page.

    Now how is this political news? Up there with Obama and Romney.

    A small time former hockey player without a high school diploma, who is now broke and isn’t??? paying support to his baby mama? POLITICAL noteworthy news?

    No comments yet.

    Why are they pushing the Palin daughters show, because that is all it is, pushing Bristols show. Three degrees of Separation. Sarah Palin is a celebrity, why should her daughters ex boyfriend rate a thread at all?.


    1. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I really worry about the future of our country with ignorance like this.


  16. I’m a participant in a ratings company. If I ever happened by Bristol’s show, I’d go hide my monitor somewhere so I wouldn’t giver her any ratings. I guess the narcissistic witch of a mother is using Brisdull as long as she can grift more money from stupid people. Next, she’ll be trying to get a reality show for Willow as she goes to beauty school. After that I guess Piper gets a show, then she’ll push for a show for Trig. This is one pitiful, ridiculous bunch of low life uneducated grifters.


    1. duchess,
      You can bet that as soon as trig is old enough to father a child there will be a reality show about that!


      1. What kind of person watches this crap? And it is crap! I guess it’s Sarah’s supporters. I mean they are so brilliant.


  17. I have found Bristol Palin to be one of the most uninteresting and untalented figures who love being in the limelight. She has endlessly touted the virtues of the very abstinence that she has not practiced, and the way she has carried on about being a teen mom got old a long time ago. She will be 22 in October, and she is just another young woman who became a mother in her teens. If she had any sense, she would be getting some additional education or job training since she has opted to be a single mom. As time goes by, her age at her son’s birth will matter less and less while it will matter more and more about how she stepped up to the plate of parental responsibilities.


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