From past experience we know that watching Bristol Palin on television can evoke enough rage to cause the viewer to resort to shooting the television with a shot gun.   Mr. Cowan, who shot his television, is home on probation.

It is unclear if he has replaced his television, but if he has, his wife would be well advised to remove all guns from the house before June 19th which is the date of the premier of Bristol’s new reality show.  If Mr. Cowan has not seen Bristol since her medically necessary re-alignment of her jaw, perhaps he won’t recognize her.

Much speculation surrounds the show. Members of the mainstream media are asking:

1. Is it true that 70.8% of people would rather watch paint dry than watch this show.(that was the report when I took the survey.)

2. Will Todd Palin’s business be a sponsor of this show?

3. Will Bristol feature a segment on her love of camping?

4. Will Bristol proclaim the importance of being a Born-Again-Virgin in a Trial Divorce?

5. What hidden meaning will be given to the selection of Juneteenth as the day of her premier?

6. Is people’s preference for watching paint dry rather than being interested in watching this show related to the color of the paint?

7. Will Bristol beat any fish with a bat on the show?

8. Will Bristol disclose the true meaning of the name selected for her second child?

9. Does Bristol’s house have a separate room or building  for the “trial-husbands” to experience “trial marriage” to Bristol?

10. Will Bristol have the Anchorage Police issue a press release announcing the debut of her new show?

11. In an effort to foster the importance of family, will Bristol make sure that Tripp spends some quality time with his little half-sister, Breeze Beretta?

12. Will Bristol be filmed teaching Tripp the importance of living up to your word, and paying what you promised to pay for services rendered?

13. If we opt for watching paint drying, do we get to select the color?

14. How much will this show cost the taxpayers in Alaska? Will Dianna Pree  of the Film Tax Division of the Department of Economic Development in Alaska return my call? The current public disclosures do not list the Helping Hand Production Company which was the company previously reported as producing this show. How much of the cost of production of this show will be paid by the Alaskan taxpayers?