Medical Report of Zimmerman’s Family Physician is Only One Piece of the Puzzle

Evidence made available to the public today in the Trayvon Martin case includes a medical report from George Zimmerman’s family physician. To my surprise this family doctor reports “lacerations” to the back of his head, a “closed fracture” of his nose, a pair of black eyes, and a “minor back injury, all reported the day after the shooting of Trayvon Martin.  Luckily for Zimmerman the “closed fracture” of his nose seems to have healed without any permanent disfigurement.

Obviously this medical report would tend to substantiate Zimmerman’s account of the incident. It would seem contrary to the images contained in the video in the police station.  Fortunately for Zimmerman the EMT’s didn’t make him wear any of those annoying bandages or tape on his nose immediately after the incident.

Fortunately Zimmerman didn’t experience the “immediate nasal bleeding and bruising around the eyes that usually results from traumatic injuries to the “rich network” of blood vessels around and within the nasal passages that typically result from a broken nose, whether an open or closed fracture.

It is also curious that the District Attorney saw this evidence and still charged Zimmerman with second degree murder. Maybe she knows the answers to these questions:

1. How does the family physician know about the “closed fracture” of his nose. Were there x-rays taken and if not why not?

2. Zimmerman clearly doesn’t have black eyes in the police video, so the family physician must have seen him the next day. Why didn’t the police notice that his eyes were swollen and contused if he had been hit in the face? Even if he had “black eyes” the next day, why didn’t anyone take pictures of them?

3. There has also been produced a video from the clubhouse in the neighborhood where Trayvon was shot. That video may confirm what actually happened, and whether Martin or Zimmerman was actually the aggressor.

There is still no public information from the autopsy.  For example we don’t know whether the bullet entered Trayvon Martin’s chest from the front or back of his body.  We haven’t seen or heard about any records from a hospital regarding any medical treatment of Zimmerman.  There has also been a report regarding 911 calls, non-emergency calls, photos, video, medical records and a number of hardcopy documents.  Thus there is a significant amount of evidence the public has not seen.

Given the fact that all the evidence has not been made public, there is still a substantial question as to the identity of the aggressor the night of the death of Trayvon Martin. Especially because the report that has been provided was given by the “family” physician, there is the implication of bias. If it had been the report of an E.R. doctor the night of the shooting, there would be more credibility attached to the report. Even if these injuries were documented by an E.R. doctor the night of the shooting, it would not justify Zimmerman’s pursuit of Trayvon Martin the night of his death. However if an independent doctor had documented these injuries, there would be more credibility associated with the report of the injuries, and the story of Zimmerman. Because this information is from the “family physician” it is simply one piece of a very complicated puzzle. The puzzle is a long way from complete, and the jury that will ultimately hear this case will have to make all the pieces fit together. This may require the determination of which pieces legitimately belong to their puzzle, and which pieces were erroneously mixed into their box in an attempt to thwart the completion of the puzzle.

23 thoughts on “Medical Report of Zimmerman’s Family Physician is Only One Piece of the Puzzle

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  1. excellent questions and they immediately came to my mind too.

    why would the charge be 2nd degree if these injuries substantiate zimmermans story?

    a charge btw that if i was being cynical would suggest it being intentional impossible to meet.(I admit no knowledge of florida or criminal law)

    it is possible that black eyes show up the next day.
    happened to me after a nasty fall on the ice.

    but it appears to me that there are only 2 explanations for what is going on in this case.

    the first i suggested above, and the second that there is indisputable evidence of zimmermans guilt.

    based on the usual media suspects retreating from zimmermans defense, I believe such evidence exists and the “insiders’ are well aware of it.


    1. jadez,
      I know that black eyes may not appear until the next day, and I have a rather personal funny story to confirm that. However as I researched broken noses, I found that there is often the appearance of trauma sooner if the black eyes relate to the breaking of the nose. It makes sense as the nasal area is so vascular that if a broken nose is the result of trauma, you would tend to see immediate swelling, and probably a darkening of the skin very soon after. Maybe Zimmerman’s eyes would have been darker the day after, but it is hard for me to believe that we see no swelling or discoloration in Zimmerman’s face and nose in the police video taken upon his arrival at the police station.


      1. I agree with the black eyes showing up the next day, but also agree that what we have seen on the published police video, that Zimmerman did NOT have lacerations, and also did NOT have a broken nose (no swollen nose/eyes visible).
        In my conspiracy theory, I wonder if the cops took him ‘out back’ and roughed him up at the suggestion of his dad, a former (?) judge, so that it WOULD look like self defense…


      2. FEDUP!!!
        I have wondered the same thing! Or maybe they just got a doctor to say such things, but there is only the dr’s word.


    1. A Reader,
      I have to tell you that I didn’t find the name of his family physician, but had to wonder if the last name wasn’t Johnson?!


  2. There sure are alot of professional people ready and willing to go down for Zimmerman in this case. They would do this for him? Everyone lies to protect a nothing-nobody-wanna be a-cop-one-day-so-I-can-kill-a-innocent-african-american-kid? Our society and representative organizations are becoming so fricken awful. Our congress is corrupted. Our police chiefs and departments are corrupted. Our news media is bought and paid for. Everyone lies and covers everyonds backs. Alaska police lie and have covered the palins for years! They can get away with anything those low life thugs. No one says or does anything..they keep lying for them. They should all go to jail with Zimmerman. INCLUDING THE PALINS IN THE CELL WITH HIM! They deserve each other. They deserve the oscar for their fabulous lies and how they get away with them. The media covers Murdoch! its so awful..what we allow ..just plain awful all these people lying. Mitt Romney the biggest liar of all. Running for president and lying every day! Every single day that man lies. HOW THE HELL ARE PEOPLE VOTING FOR THIS MAN??


    1. Green Tiger,
      It is quite disconcerting, and I find it challenging to fight the extent of the corruption on a daily basis. However the fact that independent people are blogging, and people like you are reading, makes it harder and harder for the corruption to remain unexposed!


  3. Thanks for this. Still, the fact that Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher not to leave his vehicle, and did so anyway, pursuing Martin with no reason to do so but simply because he “thought” Martin was up to no good, will work against his claim of self-defense, I think. The recent break-ins I’ve seen cited and the claim that Zimmerman was “on the alert” for “black males” who had been seen leaving a house that had been broken into, still did not give him reason to stop Martin. Martin, who had every right to be in the vicinity, had no idea that Zimmerman, dressed in civilian clothes, wasn’t a criminal intent on doing him harm.

    We still don’t even know if Zimmerman had already pulled his weapon, before the alleged assault, do we? Did Zimmerman say anything to Martin in his pursuit? If so, what? I really think anyone in the position Martin was in would have been the person on the defensive, given that Zimmerman was not a uniformed officer and actually presented the real threat–one “civilian” chasing another, with the other person not knowing his real intent. Wouldn’t most people have fought back, given those circumstances? And, of course, we don’t know if those injuries were a result of a tussle (no blood was found on Martin, not even a spray pattern) or if they were the result of some type of accident or fall taken by Zimmerman.


    1. Older_Wiser,
      There is so much we don’t know, and may never know. However the only reason that this is even a question is that Florida’s “stand you ground” is too broad. It makes sense to have such a law that applies to a person defending their home. If a person breaks in, it is reasonable to assume the homeowner is fearful and that if the intruder gets shot we should give the benefit of the doubt to the homeowner. However the stand your ground law in Florida goes much further and encourages violence everywhere. If Trayvon Martin had a gun it seems he could have shot Zimmerman for following him, because the mere fact that he was following him could make him fearful. Thus the Florida law encourages more gun violence, by encouraging everyone to carry guns, and to kill anyone who you suspect may be a threat to you.


      1. Oh, I agree about those laws completely. And it’s quite easy to invent a “defense” after the fact of the killing. However, simply feeling “threatened” is far different than feeling threatened for your life–which I doubt Zimmerman felt at all (he had the gun), even if he felt “threatened” by every Black male in the complex.


  4. OMG Malia, what a great sentence: “This may require the determination of which pieces legitimately belong to their puzzle, and which pieces were erroneously mixed into their box in an attempt to thwart the completion of the puzzle.” I would just add that “erroneously” should be followed by “or deliberately.”

    Of course this is such an apt summary of the Trayvon Martin data, and it also applies just so perfectly to the Palin Baby Hoax data. Congratulations on a sentence that crystallizes it all, Malia!

    Yes, usually there are a few stray pieces that don’t belong, but in the case of the Baby Hoax, there are SO MANY STRAY PIECES! We have known that all along, but your sentence really puts it into focus for me. And just as we go for the corner pieces and outside pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, my tiresome emphasis on the Mar 14 photo (and other photos) is because it is impossible for me to think of that photo as anything other than a true piece of the Hoax puzzle. No one has ever explained how the Mar 14 photo could show anything other than a hoax or a miracle. No one has even tried.

    So among the many obviously fake pieces of the Hoax puzzle, and the additionally many pieces we don’t know what to do with, there is the photo proof, which cannot be false. The photos that show the various add-on pregnancy bellies are not proof, because anyone can put a pillow in her pants (or his!), but no one in the history of human beans has been able to have a flat profile 5 weeks before delivering a 6+ pound baby.


    1. Ottoline,
      The more I learn about the influence of the Palins in Alaska, the more that I realize they can insert pieces that don’t belong in the box and people keep trying to find a place for them. The public needs to recognize that those pieces will never fit because they don’t belong in that puzzle.


      1. Yes, and re “influence of the Palins in AK” I am coming to think it’s way more than the expected influence of a governor — that it’s based on collaboration in various crimes, so no one can tell on each other without unleashing other criminals upon them, those who prefer to keep the lid on in their own crooked self-interest. The prostitution business is sure likely to have lots of people connected in its web, whether minimally (like a John) or as a full profiting participant in the business.


  5. Ever notice how many criminals have close set, beady eyes! Look at a picture of Charles Manson! Been looking at this for many years. May be something about the formation in the skull that makes people mean. I’m joking, of course, but it’s ironic how many heinous murderers have this trait.

    A broken nose will usually swell immediately as all those tiny blood vessels start bleeding from the contusion. The cuts on the back of his head should have bled all over the place and they found no blood on either of them, right? Maybe the cuts on the head were from an earlier altercation from his Neighborhood Watch work! This is really a messed up puzzle.

    I think his eyes look very shifty! If I was a child, I would run and hide from him! Children can judge people by looking at them!


  6. Could the injuries have been inflicted after Zimmerman left the police station?. Of course, the police would have carefully photographed any injuries at the station after Zimmerman killed Travon. Photos must exist. The doctor visit the next day would be inadmissible due to a broken chain of custody. So had Zimmerman been arrested the night of the murder, he’s have a chance of being acquitted. Thanks, Dad!


  7. I saw the headlines about Zimmerman’s “injuries” on the googlenews site. As soon as I saw them and noticed that none of the headlines attributed the information to anyone, I thought “hmm, where did this suddenly come from?” Sure enough, not from a hospital emergency room – but from a family doctor. That crime scene was so tainted by the time that Zimmerman was finally taken to the police station that it will be a wonder if the truth will ever be known. I think Zimmerman killed the boy in cold blood. Remember that there were no signs of a struggle on the hands of the victim. And the victim was not Zimmerman.


  8. I think it’s very unlikely (although not impossible!) that Zimmerman’s family doctor lied about the injuries he diagnosed.

    To me, the issue that arises in this regard is: When and how were Zimmerman’s injuries sustained?

    If the injuries reported by the doctor were NOT logged by the police at the scene of the homicide, it’s possible that the lacerations/bruises/etc. were self-inflicted. I can imagine a killer causing injuries to himself after the fact in order to bolster a claim of self-defense.

    Certainly, the video we saw showed little if any blood on Zimmerman, which seems impossible with a broken nose. (Note, however, that the diagnosis — without an X-ray! — was of a “closed fracture”; I don’t know whether or not a closed fracture bleeds much.)

    In the video, it did appear that Zimmerman had a cut on the back of his head. Again: Who knows when or how that was sustained? Perhaps he injured himself the afternoon of the homicide. Perhaps after shooting Martin, Zimmerman lost his balance, fell backward, and hit his head on the sidewalk.

    So many questions. I sure hope the prosecution is especially diligent in this terrible case.


  9. Wrong folks, the prosecution is now in trouble because they kept evidence out of the trial that showed how bad Zimmerman’s lacerations really were. Everyone saw them after they had been treated. His doctor wouldn’t lie especially when they would be introduced into a trial. People get real. People are simply making up things here. Are any of you doctors? It was explained by a doctor and why. Do a little research. The case is over now anyway. Zimmerman had injury but other than the gunshot, Trayvon had very little. So if Zimmerman was so big and hit him and all the made up other stuff people are saying, why didn’t he have anything more than broken skin on his knuckles more or less. Why because he hit him in the nose knocking him onto the pavement, straddled him and pinned him to the ground. Zimmerman had a back injury too. He was in shock and I wouldn’t have gone to the ER either unless I was unable to walk. You know how much that costs? It’s not free guys. When someone does something like that and then threatens you with your own gun and tries to grab it. I would fear for my life and get it first and shoot. The expert stated he was on top of Zimmerman when he shot from the trajectory. Certain people lied on the prosecution side because of details that can be shown to disprove what they said. Real trials are not like Perry Mason or Matlock. Sometimes lies do not come out in court. Zimmerman took two lie detector tests; computerized voice stress tests, both said he was not lying. The officer stated he was a mild mannered type of man and almost timid (meek, don’t remember exact word) in manner. Trayvon Martin was not. Read his texts and all the other stuff they have that they couldn’t bring into court. He was five foot eleven inches tall and 158 pounds. Zimmerman was only five foot seven and 185 pounds and taken by surprise when Trayvon confronted him. If Zimmerman had hit him first there would have been some type of injury but there was not. You can rationalize it all you want but if he would have hit first, Trayvon would not have been able to do the particular type of injury that happened to Zimmerman. This has been about race by the other families side and nothing more even though Zimmerman is part black and was helping the black community in Sanford. Mrs. Fulton opened her mouth and made the comments before she ever saw his photo, knew anything about him, so therefore she thought it was really easy to profile him as a racist when he was NOT. A year study by the FBI confirmed that. Watching the trial and listening to his parents, I could see why Trayvon had problems. As for Zimmerman it is sad so many people made up facts about Zimmerman that were not even true and spread them all over the net. Shame on you people.


    1. Veronica,
      Even if everything you said is true, it doesn’t explain the bullet trajectory which was strait through the heart. I think Martin was backing away when Zimmerman shot him, and if you can retreat, under the self defense rules, you have to retreat!


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