In Her Own Words…Sarah Palin Shows Us the Absurdity of the Trig Birth Story

Thousands of pages have been written about the unbelievable story of Trig’s birth.  Consider these unexplained facts:

1.  Bristol was living in Anchorage, and absent  from school for 5 months due to “mono.”

2.  Sarah didn’t look pregnant until the very end of the pregnancy.

3. There is the fact that people who worked with Palin didn’t realize she was pregnant. Typical physical changes were not seen. Nobody noticed any morning sickness. Nobody noticed Palin taking off for multiple pre-natal doctor visits. Nobody noticed enhanced appetite.

4.  There was no office baby shower. There was no attempt to decorate a nursery with items for the baby. Palin has breast fed other children, but did not breast feed Trig.

5. This was her fifth pregnancy, so you would anticipate the labor would progress faster.

6. Her water broke in Texas at 4:00 a.m. (Going Rogue at 193).

7. Supposedly Todd called CBJ at 4:00 am and she advised that it would be ok to proceed with the afternoon speech and return on an evening flight back to Alaska. (Going Rogue at 193).

8. Palin was in labor, having contractions during the speech in Texas. She said in her book: “Big Laughs. More contractions.” (Going Rogue at 194.)

9. None of the flight attendants even knew Sarah Palin was pregnant, much less in labor.

10. While in the lounge at the airport in the stop over, a man who spoke with Todd didn’t notice Sarah was in labor.

11. They landed in Anchorage, having flown for at least 10 hours, and then they drove back to the Mat Su Hospital in Palmer. That hospital is not equipped with a neonatal special care unit, as the hospital in Anchorage is.

12. CBJ was located in Anchorage so it would have been much more convenient for CBJ to deliver the baby in Anchorage.

13. The birth time was right at shift change, 6:30 am. This would maximize the likelihood that the staff would be preoccupied and not focus on the fact that the patient was not actually giving birth.

14. Palin has never produced a birth certificate confirming Trig’s birth.

15. The Mat Su Hospital where Trig was purportedly born did not have pictures of him featured with other newborns at the time.

16. Then there is the ear problem. Photos of “Trig” from the hospital show the abnormal formation of cartilage in his ear, that later is not present. Medical Doctors have confirmed that this type of deformity does not simply go away.

17. There is the speech in Waco Texas where Sarah said Trig was born in Anchorage.

Many people reading this blog could add more examples of things that don’t add up. There is the unanswered question of who delivered Trig? It was presumed from Going Rogue that “CBJ” delivered him. There is the fact that she was the “family” physician, who ordered the sonogram, the amnio, and counseled Sarah about the possibility of an abortion. (Going Rogue at 176). She was the physician who Todd called from Texas after Sarah’s water broke, and supposedly advised that it would be ok to travel back to Alaska. In Sarah’s account. She was reportedly present as Todd is reported to be talking with her. (Going Rogue at 195). However in Bristol’s book there is the reference to CBJ arriving AFTER the birth, and there is the interview by CBJ with her lawyer present where she states she is unable to confirm that Sarah Palin did in fact give birth to Trig.  There is also the e-mail of Palin stating that CBJ was the doctor who delivered Trig.

In spite of knowing all of this information it was still hard to believe that any Governor would fabricate such an absurd lie. It seemed that if anyone wanted to stage a birth, they would be able to do it more convincingly than this. While I have personally given birth to three children, and it is hard to imagine being in labor and people not noticing that I was in excruciating pain, I know that some women are different. Although I have personally witnessed patients in the labor and delivery room screaming with the pain of labor, I know some women tolerate the labor experience differently. I know some women labor without the benefit of medication or anesthetics like epidurals. Yet when reading Going Rogue again yesterday, I realized that Sarah Palin provided the most persuasive proof of just how foolish anyone would be to believe the Trig story.

It was the description of the labor process with the birth of Track that I had not previously focused on. In her words, Sarah Palin described the experience of labor with Track.

She said:

“ Oh.My. Gosh. I thought was going to die. In fact, I began to pray that I would die.

A laserlike searing rolled through me in waves, from my knees fo my belly button. Had any woman ever hurt this much? I didn’t think so. I gritted my teeth and willed myself not to scream.

Todd made it down from the Slope the next day. Between nuclear-level contractions, I couldn’t climb into our truck, so squeezed sideways and backward into the passenger seat of Mom’s Subaru, my belly poking out like a medicine ball, and Todd drove me to Valley Hospital….

Since I thought I was dying, I didn’t care that we were in the warehouse part of the hospital. I figured that I’d just die there near the delivery trucks. …

…I had pictured this peaceful Earth Mother birth experience,…Instead by the time the nurses got me prepped, I was sweating and panting, trying to do those infernal breathing techniques, when what I really wanted to do was scream bloody murder and beg for drugs. Blessed Mother of Jesus, I finally got them….

…Many hours later, though, chaos evaporated then Track CJ Palin was born.” (Going Rogue at 51-53).

This gripping tale of the labor Sarah experienced with Track is all too familiar to me. It is an experience to which many women can relate. What this establishes is that Sarah Palin experienced labor like the majority of women, who could never possibly hide the fact that they were in labor. When Sarah says that she thought she was going to die, that was before she arrived at the hospital. The “nuclear level contractions” came before she arrived at the hospital. If she couldn’t climb into her truck, it seems unlikely that she could fasten her seat belt on a flight without the flight attendants noticing something was a little unusual with this passenger. When her “belly was poking out like a medicine ball” when pregnant with Track, it seems unlikely that people would fail to notice that she was even a few months pregnant with Trig. “Many hours” passed after she was “sweating and panting,” and begging for drugs, before Track was born. Nobody mentioned “sweating or panting” as the plane landed in Anchorage, the second flight from Texas. Nothing was mentioned about a special vehicle required to transport Sarah from the Anchorage airport to the Mat Su Hospital which would have taken an hour, instead of the special vehicle required to transport her the relatively short distance from her home to the Hospital when she was in labor with Track.

In her own words, Sarah Palin describes the experience of labor for her. In her own words we hear the difference in her experience with the labor of Track and Trig. Some might argue that labor with a fifth child could be easier than with the first child. While that might be true, labor would be easier because it would be faster. A fifth child might be born much faster than the first. Yet, by her own account Trig wasn’t born until more than 24 hours after her water broke, and more than 12 hours after she began having contractions. We may not know who is Trig’s real birth mother, but we know who it isn’t.


For a complete discussion of the absurdity of the Trig Birth Story, see this article.

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  1. 1. She was reportedly present as Todd is reported to be talking with her. (Going Rogue at 195).

    2. However in Bristol’s book there is the reference to CBJ arriving AFTER the birth,

    3. …and there is the interview by CBJ with her lawyer present where she states she is unable to confirm that Sarah Palin did in fact give birth to Trig.

    Mamma…. WTF is going on?

    Juicey, you’ve got some ‘splainin to do!


  2. Does this mean that both the doctor, CBJ, and Palin drove from Anchorage to Mat-Su? This makes absolutely no sense at all. Why would both doctor and patient in anticipation of delivering a Down Syndrome infant drive AWAY from the safest place for such a delivery? There really are just too many inexplicable moments in this story.


    1. Since palin had no baby to deliver…it is not a problem. So did she receive the infant from Anchorage or Mat-Su? Meh.

      Morbidly Mentally ill sarah just lies, cheats, and steals whatever, whenever she feels like it…for a while. Then her lying, thieving, ignorant ways will catch up with her and surprise the heck out of her. Karma.


      1. But, for some reason, CBJ allows her good name to be dragged through the mud. Why would she do that? Fear or complicity?


  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trig was really Todd’s baby with another woman and low down Sarah is letting Bristol take the abuse.

    But how can anybody explain Bristol disappearing with mono for such a long time? It’s like in the olden days when parents would send their unmarried pregnant daughters away to live with relatives until the baby is born.

    Wait a minute… didn’t they send Bristol away to live with relatives during her 9 month mono outbreak?

    That family sure is crooked.


  4. I knew she didn’t give birth to tri-g the second I heard the tripp from Tx story. All bullshit.

    Btw, anyone know what Curtis Menard’s middle name was? Did it start with a J? I didn’t read her ghostwriter’s book, so I didn’t know track’s middle name was cj….


  5. Don’t forget, Todd was sending “great speech!” messages for everyone back home. No mention of the impending birth. No requests for someone to watch/pick up/drop off the other kids. No request that someone bring the car seat to the hospital so they could take Trig home.


  6. Malia wrote: “there is the interview by CBJ with her lawyer present where she states she is unable to confirm that Sarah Palin did in fact give birth to Trig.”
    Did this interview disappear down the rabbit hole? Where is it or does it even exist anymore?
    The video of this interview or the transcript is VERY important and needs to be scrutinized for details.
    Nice work Malia and keep digging.


    1. SaltAire,
      I only know about that interview because of comments here, but I have not yet found it. If anyone can help I would be forever grateful!


    2. This interview seemed to disappear into thin air within days of airing. It aired on a local Alaska station (KTUU?) and an extremely nervous looking CBJ stood with her lawyer about 6/8 feet behind her. Sarah had just recently been dealing with all the inquiries from media asking why she hadn’t released HER medical records when Obama, Biden, and McCain all had done so. She stated on television in her typical herky-jerky style high pitched “I hope my folksy voice covers my lies” manner that she HAD authorized CBJ to answer “any and all” questions concerning medical records. Palin said something like “they’ll see I’m just. . .healthy, happy. . . have 5 kids. . .”

      I remember thinking how ridiculous that last ditch effort to try and make people forget about her medical records was. Whose clinical medical records state they are “happy”?!

      So as soon as Sarah publicly said she released CBJ to freely speak about her medical history, CBJ was accosted by this reporter- the interview did not seem planned and CBJ seemed to truly hate the position she was in. She was wearing a pantsuit and the top of her hair was kind of feathered, maybe from the wind?
      Anyway, she was asked several questions which she hemmed and hawed at, unable or unwilling to answer satisfactorily- and then the interviewer exasperatedly asked “can you just confirm Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig Palin on April 18th?” (I’m paraphrasing but I think that’s pretty close to verbatim)

      CBJ gave a most interesting answer- she didn’t say “I can’t comment due to privacy laws” or “please direct questions about the governor’s pregnancy to her office”- no, what she said was “I AM UNABLE TO CONFIRM THAT”.

      UN ABLE. As in- I literally CANNOT.

      Naturally, this line is why the video clip disappeared SO quickly and completely.

      I saw it on you tube but at the time was only mildly invested in the Trig issue and while I did bookmark it, I didn’t save it. The link came up as invalid very shortly after the video was posted.

      I have seen numerous people on IM state they saw the video when it aired on television. Their descriptions of CBJ’s demeanor, clothing, etc were exactly what I saw.

      I implore anyone who saw that video to please describe anything you recall which I may have missed or forgotten.

      Just for the record- this is NOT the same oft mentioned interview with the ADN (it was rumored CBJ had an attorney with her at an ADN interview but I don’t believe that has ever been proven and I think has been specifically debunked. It ALSO is not the telephone interview spoken of last year when “suddenly” these reporters had reverse amnesia and remembered “seeing Sarah pregnant”- one of these so called reporters allegedly called CBJ and asked her to confirm Sarah’s version of the pregnancy and birth and all CBJ would say is “I can confirm that Trig is Sarah’s child.”
      (Which of course only ADDS to the mountain of circumstantial but convincing anecdotes supporting the fact CBJ was an unwilling pawn in Sarah’s self serving game)

      Again, anyone who saw that video- please speak up or email Malia!


      1. nYAH,
        tHANKS SOOO MUCH FOR THE DETAIL! I am still trying to locate a copy of that interview.


      2. My recollection of the ADN interview is that the editor went pissy and said, (paraphrasing here) that CBJ NEVER brought her attorney to the ADN office for an interview.

        I remember it so vividly because my recollection of the interview is that CBJ and her attorney joined a reporter for lunch. And denying that CBJ brought her attorney to the ADN office of course does not mean that CBJ didn’t bring her attorney to the interview. It was a classic non-denial denial. So far as I’m aware, that is the only “evidence” that purports to debunk the attorney/CBJ story.

        It made me think of the McAllister story, where he says Sarah phoned him in February of 08 out of the blue and told him that Bristol “is not pregnant.” Of course she wasn’t pregnant- she would have given birth by then- so Sarah could deny the pregnancy without actually lying. Sarah used to be more cautious about her lies than she has since become.


      3. Ivy,
        If you or anyone remembers the name of the reporter, I would really like to follow up on this, to get a recording or transcript of that interview. any idea?


      4. Nyah, I don’t think the attorney-with-CBJ has been debunked. As I recall what I originally read about that interview, CBJ showed up for a luncheon meeting with her attorney in tow. The “debunking” occurred when the ADN editor- Dougherty is it?- announced that CBJ had never brought an attorney to the ADN offices. He did that when Sarah rounded up those “reporters” who claimed they had seen Sarah looking pregnant.

        Of course, that is no debunking at all, if the interview occurred elsewhere. It’s a non-denial denial. It’s like McAllister saying that Bristol wasn’t pregnant, and he knew that because Sarah phoned him unexpectedly in February of 08 and said Bristol wasn’t pregnant. She wouldn’t be pregnant if she’d already given birth by then.


      5. Ivy, we’re talking about two different interviews.

        The one I’m referring to was not with the ADN, and I don’t THINK it was planned in advance. It seemed more like a reporter caught CBJ going into or coming out of her office or the hospital. But then, that doesn’t explain why her attorney was with her.

        Anyway, this interview was kind of TMZ style, like they were trying to catch CBJ off guard to possibly trip her up into actually telling the truth. CBJ was standing with her hands clasped in front, her lawyer behind her. It only lasted, or at least was only televised, for less than a minute.

        The interview you speak of was with the ADN and I believe you are correct- CBJ didn’t bring a lawyer TO the offices of the ADN but did bring one to the location where the interview was to take place.

        I really wish someone, at ANY interview, would have asked CBJ:
        “Is it normal for a 44 year old with a history of multiple pregnancy loss and a fetus with Down syndrome and cardiac deficits to be handled by a family practice doctor rather than an OB-Gyn?”

        Based on the research I have done, Sarah would have been transferred to a high risk OB the minute she peed in the cup. Virtually the only cases I could find where high risk women were treated by unqualified non-certified by ACOG “regular practice” doctors (like CBJ) occurred only because the woman lived in a very isolated or undeveloped area. Certainly not something Sarah Palin had to overcome.


  7. I have several kids and its been my experience that the more kids you have the faster the deliveries. My first one took a long time in labor and the rest were like pop tarts.

    Why would anybody that has as many kids as Sarah Palin go on a long plane ride to Texas, unless of course she was never pregnant with Trig in the first place!

    Like everybody else, I too wonder why she would pass equiped hospitals in Alaska to go back in the woods to deliver a DS baby. Didn’t that baby have heart problems?

    Then to top it off, Sarah Palin went to work as if she just had a cavity filled at the dentist.

    This is from a woman who had a reputation of not being found at work and charged per diem to live at home. Why was Sarah back at work so fast?

    Very puzzling indeed?


    1. She was back at work do fast because she knew if she took even one day “maternity” leave, when this fake pregnancy house of cards came tumbling down she would have another ethics/fraud charge against her.

      If you look at her emails in the days after Trig was “born”, Sarah freaks out because she sees that it appears she was “not at work” during the 18th, the actual day of the alleged birth. She flips her top, going on and on about how she signed some bill IN THE HOSPITAL therefore she was indeed “at work”. I am sure she had Frank bring in the papers to be signed for the express purpose of Sarah being able to say “I was TOO working that day!”

      Just as she always refers to Trig Truthers as “people who say TRIG is not MY KID” or “rumormongers who say I’M not TRIG’S MOM”- when it came to the “maternity leave” she planned in advance to be blameless when the truth finally came out. Can’t you just hear her smugly saying “I didn’t say I GAVE BIRTH to Trig, I said he was MY KID!”


  8. Malia –
    Glad you posted the article yesterday about “Tripp” and also this one today displaying Sarah’s incredible ability to lie about virtually everything. The story about Trig is such bs – and, quite literally, it seems every baby born into that strange family have questions surrounding their births.
    Has anyone in the Palin/Heath/Johnson families explained why the name Tripp was chosen for Levi and Bristol’s little guy? I don’t recall ever seeing anything about that.


    1. Pat,
      I haven’t seen it if they did, and when Levi announced he was naming his second child after a gun (Baretta) that seemed to confirm what we all thought about “Tripp.”


    2. Levi presented a story early in the book to explain the name Tripp. He said Trip was a character in a movie and supposedly Bristol liked the name but added an extra “p”.


      1. This is correct. He said the character was Trip Carlyle, I think. He went on to explain that the character was in an old motorcycle slasher film, whatever that is. I never knew there was such a film classification, and can’t imagine that Bristol and Levi would watch such a movie. When I googled the name Trip Carlyle, a young motocross rider came up.


  9. That was delightful, Malia. Of course we know that the story of Trig’s birth is nothing more than a big ole pack of lies. I think I realized this fact very shortly after looking at a map of the United States, and seeing exactly how far it was from Dallas to Anchorage. The very idea that this would be anyone’s birth story is just ludicrous.

    I have thought for long time that the details of the hoax itself seem so bungled and amateurish because they couldn’t just make up the whole thing. Because Trig had already been born. If he had not already been born, the whole thing could have been easily covered up with a good story line, and the details reported. But because the child was already there, they had to try to fit the birth story around details that already existed. It seems like Trig’s much earlier arrival complicated matters.

    But I didn’t know that Track’s middle initials (?) were CJ. Does that stand for anything?


  10. We’ve all read the story of Trig but you have to read the one linked above in the sentence,

    “For a complete discussion of the absurdity of the Trig Birth Story, see this article.”


  11. It just floors me how Sarah Palin can allow her daughter Bristol to be ridiculed with the Trig story if it is true that Sarah gave birth to Trig.

    All Sarah has to do is to release Dr. CBJ to speak to reporters about Trig’s birth and disclose Trig’s birth certificate. That would bring this story to an end and one less heartache for Bristol.

    So either Sarah is lying that she gave birth to Trig or she is very selfish and does not care that Bristol is being dragged through moose poop!

    Either way something is very wrong here that Sarah allows Bristol to be the fall guy!


    1. Bristol is collateral damage but has been compensated with some lucrative opportunities. I believe Sarah thinks the rumor about Bristol is integral to success of the hoax. The rumors that Sarah was covering for Bristol actually provided a cover for Sarah. They also reduced the possibility she would get caught by discouraging questions from anyone afraid they might harm a teen. It wouldn’t fly to fake a pregnancy purely for political gain but protecting her daughter might even evoke sympathy. Sarah’s emails provide a fascinating look at how she fostered the rumor. It’s ridiculous that she and her staff couldn’t figure out how to prove she was pregnant and stop the rumor and, instead, expanded knowledge of the rumor by contacting the media: informing Bill McAllister and the Alaska Daily News gossip columnist.

      I don’t think it’s an accident that we also question Tripp’s birth date. It’s critical for Sarah that Bristol is never ruled out as Trig’s birth mother. Hopefully, the media won’t automatically accept Bristol as an excuse for the hoax, if that time ever comes, without insisting on documentation for the birth of both boys.


    2. Great point, Jan. In the emails that were released, Sarah is asking her staff for suggestions on how to stop the rumors about Bristol being Trig’s mother. Of course nobody gave the very obvious answer, show a reporter your medical records and insurance bills. Sarah pretending she cared about Bristol’s reputation is a joke. If she cared about her daughter, she would have gladly sat down with one of the reporters they regularly fed info to and showed them any and all info that would easily clear up who gave birth to Trig, instead she whined about how they were being mean to her and to Bristol and threatened to show them her stretch marks!

      If anyone has doubts about Sarah’s giving birth to Trig, listen to the interview she gave when she went back to work to several reporters. The answers are absurd and you can catch the pauses where she has to stop and think about what to say, trying not to get caught in a lie, especially when she finds out Chuck, Sr. spilled the beans about her water breaking.

      As a nurse practitioner who has attended more deliveries than I can count, I will say that there isn’t a woman I have seen go through labor after receiving Pitocin, refer to a birth as easy, no matter the weight of the child. Sarah said Trig’s birth was easy due to his small size. An almost 7 pound baby doesn’t slide out easily, no matter how many pregnancies you’ve delivered. I wonder if Trig’s real birth mother was given Pitocin and Palin, in her ignorance, decided to use that for her story, too, not knowing how it works and how sharp and sudden the contractions become after the medication is administered. Keep lying, Sarah, you’ll only bring yourself down that much quicker.


  12. If Trig didn’t have DS nobody would of known about his birth. Dr. CBJ works with troubled pregnant teens and would of been able to adopt Trig to another family but because of his DS, Bristol’s new baby wasn’t able to be adopted. The next best thing Sarah thought of was to adopt Bristol’s baby Trig as her child.

    Bristol is a clingy needy mentally disturbed girl and the only way to get Levi was to have his baby so she went out and got pregnant again and she had Tripp.


  13. The clincher for me, that Trig wasn’t born that April 18th, was that this was preemie, Down Syndrome baby, jaundiced, with a hole in his heart, yet he was allowed to go home immediately and was in his mother’s office 3 days later, with throngs of people.
    My twins were born at 35 weeks. They were perfectly healthy with no issues other than their early birth and they were kept in the NICU for 9 days before we were allowed to take them home.
    Once home, we were told to keep their contact with strangers to a minimum, until they were a month old, and this was in California, in the Summer- not Alaska, with snow still on the ground!
    There is no way that a reputable doctor of hospital would allow this child to be born there (since it clearly was not an emergency situation), nor would they have released Trig so soon after birth.
    Sarah lies about every little detail.


    1. You are SO right! I do not have children but I have done thorough research on several aspects of Sarah’s “pregnancy”- and from what I deduce it is completely, totally, 100% asinine to expect that a 5 week premature, Down syndrome, jaundiced infant with a hole in his heart so big it later required surgery- would be released home within 18 hours after birth! Insane.

      I also SERIOUSLY doubt such a fragile and immunocompromised infant would be held by the mother’s daughter’s teenage boyfriend immediately after the birth. (a moot point, as the photos of Levi in the green shirt are of him holding TRIPP- I cannot for the life of me figure out why Levi and Mercede both insist this is Trig)


      1. I posted an email a few weeks ago from a colleague who gave birth 5 weeks early. Her baby girl was 5 pounds almost 6 i think. Healthy girl, no DS, no PDA, nothing, but she spent at least three nights in the nICU being monitored and with an NG tube……and Sarah wants us to bleive a premie DS child, who are notoriously poor feeders, went home in 18 hours.
        I guess there is a real reason why FP physicians and MATSu should not deliver high risk pregnancies becassue by all accounts they really f’ed up his care. lol!
        But of course they did not mess up his care really, becasue it NEVER HAPPENED.


      2. comeonpeople,
        It’s even more unbelievable that this child had a hole in his heart, and was jaundiced, and not only did he go home that weekend, but she took him to work on Monday!!!!!!


  14. During the McCain presidential campaign, Sarah Palin wanted the McCain staffer fired for releasing a press release about Bristol’s pregnancy which wasn’t worded the way Sarah wanted it. Sarah also complained about how Bristol is embarrassed and Sarah made a stink about it. But for some unknown reason Sarah doesn’t want to put rumors to rest by just releasing Trig’s top secret birth certificate.

    It would be so simple for Sarah to say here is Trig’s birth certificate, it shows I’m Trig’s birth mother and you can all kiss my azz and Sarah would have the last laugh but Sarah would rather have Bristol and Trig ridiculed.


  15. We all know how Bristol and Sarah loves money. I believe if Sarah did birth Trig, she would of made money from televising a tell all Pay Per View show with a DNA test for big bucks.


  16. Sarah Palin is a sociopath. There is no truth or falsehood to her. It’s all just the story she is spinning at the moment. Inconsistencies and contradictions have no meaning for her. When confronted she distracts, lies, mocks, anything to deflect detection. She will never change because she is a sociopath.

    The modern era of widely disseminated written material and search engines make a sociopath more detectable. But unless they can be charged with a crime, they are free to snake their way through life damaging as many people as possible. And when they have the support of extreme “Christian” power brokers, as Sarah does, that’s a lot of damage potential.

    The Trig story is impossible from many viewpoints. Seeing all the outright lies helps us to understand how important it is that Sarah Palin not be allowed to disrupt the political process in this country. But even if there was a video interview by three mutually unknown nuns in a Starbucks the night of Trig’s supposed birth of a leotard clad slim Sarah Palin, it would NOT help. Because unless a journalist sees more gain than loss for exposing Sarah Palin, the story will remain a “conspiracy theory”.

    Attacking “motherhood” in this country has never been popular. Sex is what sells newspapers, media and web clicks.

    However, I do think the Trig story will eventually come out. Sarah Palin has done a lot of damage to a lot of people. And vengeance may triumph in the end.


  17. I’m 100% sure Trig belongs to Sarah Palin.

    “Heck, all you have to do was ask
    Sarah or ask Todd himself, ‘Hey Sarah and Todd can we see Trig’s adoption papers?”


    1. Rod,
      I think that you are exactly right. If you look closely, they always say Trig is Sarah’s son, but don’t usually mention who gave birth to him.


  18. Thanks Malia,
    As you know, this is my favorite subject! Keep on keeping it in the forefront. The more people who learn about the absurd tale, the closer it comes to being exposed.
    Sarah thinks all of the world is like little Wasilly, Alaska and that she can do what she wants until the courts tell her she can’t. Problem is, there are too many smart critical thinkers who know she is a lying sack of S%^&.


  19. Some of the commenters here seem on the fence re whether SP was or was not pregnant as stated. I was too, for a long time. The Mar 14 photo (above, with the Track giant-pregnancy photo) did it for me: if anyone can make a case that this flat-profile woman delivered a 6+ baby 5 weeks later, I will be amazed and change my mind. To me, this photo, alone, says it all: miracle or hoax? No other possibility. Plus the other photos show the same thing, although less clearly.

    There is nothing puzzling or odd about the Wild Ride, because she was not pregnant. The lie itself has its puzzling aspects, but who cares at this point? The other lies re when/where/how/etc.? We all know it’s hard to keep lies cohesive. No surprise or puzzlement there.

    SP hoaxed us, and she was enabled by VIPs. That is our only concern IMHO. Not where did Trig come from, where was he born, the false official birthdays for all, what family members were involved and why, multiple babies, deformed ear, poor parenting, etc. For the sake of the coming election, which will be as dirty as they come, I’d like the wider public to realize the nature of this hoax: (1) way worse than the Edwards’ problem and cover-up and (2) the complicity and continued (continuing!) lies from McCain et al. about it..

    I have been as interested as anyone in the details discussed above, but I no longer believe it serves any purpose to rehash them or care about them, incomplete and contradictory as they are. Because there is an element of lying in everything SP, starting with the 100% lie of the pregnancy hoax.

    A second reason to forget about the details (now) is that it seems clear there is a blackout on MSM reporting on any aspect of this hoax. Malia, your HuffPo experience is one example. If we discovered the most amazing piece of proof tomorrow, there would still remain the MSM blackout for any or all of it. Papa Joe Kennedy held that any scurrilous (and true) item, if kept out of the MSM, didn’t exist for practical purposes, like getting elected, reputation. Seems he is still right.

    If someone with proof (proof in addition to the photos) started to disclose, I am now sure s/he would be surrounded like a virus by white cells: giant book advances to NOT tell it, threats, offers that can’t be refused. Whatever it takes to contain it.

    Edwards is protected by no one any more, and his confessions are dragging no one else down. Palin still is being protected and will be so long as McCain et al. are to be protected. The leadership and sr staffs of both parties know. They know all we know (and more, surely): I’m sure it’s all common knowledge. We and our 99%er peers are the goats who are being kept in the dark by the MSM, hoping that blogs won’t count for some time to come..


    1. Time to alter the experiment Ottoline. We 99.9% need a lab rat revolt

      (hat tip to The Right Stuff book and movie)


  20. Sarah do you know you’ve taken your dysfunctional lifestyle and have passed it onto your kids? You’ve faked your knowledge of being a mayor, governor and an energy expert all in the name of making money. Its one thing to be a person of limited knowledge that wants to make a difference to others but you are a person of limited ability and knowledge who is only out for Sarah Palin. Now look at your kids and you will see Sarah Palin 2.0 and that is nothing to be proud of.


  21. She had many hours of chaos AFTER she got drugs? What fresh horse crap is this? And who starts sweating if they’re not in active transitional labor? I mean, that’s how the doctor’s knew I needed to get out of the waiting room and into an actual birthing room (true story). No drugs for poor little me.
    I’m not going to say she DIDN’T give birth to Track, cuz I’m sure she did. I’m just saying, she is extremely poor at recounting stories. It’s like she retells them while trying to make them as dramatic as possible. How was labor chaotic for her? Seriously?


  22. Very good post Malia. I do remember seeing the interview of Dr. CBJ but it is foggy now. I just remember it was short, her attorney was with her, looked like an office setting, she was nervous and she sounded like she had memorized her speech. They turned and left and I don’t think the reporter was able to even ask a question.I think we were all in a state of shock and couldn’t believe what we had witnessed since that baby was born!Looking forward to your next post. We need to keep it in our minds and for any new people to see what has gone on.


    1. Mrs. gunka,
      I am trying to get a name from anyone who saw the report. do you remember the name of that reporter?


  23. You know, Sarah was receiving communications from the ADN editor, who wanted to support her and put the story to rest. Sarah could have said, “look, this is private. I don’t want this all over the front page. But YOU can look at the birth certificate, and here are pictures of me in bed right after his birth. I won’t let you reproduce them, but you can say you saw them.”

    The editor could then have written a story and vouched for her, citing that he did indeed see supporting documentation. And there is NO reason why she shouldn’t have done it, if she really gave birth to Trig. It would have protected Bristol from speculation, it would have protected her from speculation, it would have burnished up the prolife credentials, it would have stressed that she has some modesty- there was NO DOWN SIDE to showing a reliable reporter the documentation and asking them to write the story. She didn’t do it. And she didn’t do it because she couldn’t do it.

    Seriously, one of the things that is repeated about Sarah is how vindictive she is. And she hates people who don’t admire her. She would absolutely love to show us a birth certificate and say, See? And crow over us. And she’s never threatened to sue anyone for slander or libel for saying that she never gave birth to Trig. But she’s threatened people with that before. Two things she’s never threatened to sue over: the statement that Trig is not her birth child, and the statement that Todd is a pimp.

    Of course, at this point, I wouldn’t believe a birth certificate, because I seriously think if she could find a way to get one- a phony. Possibly even a “real” certificate if she has something to hold over whichever administrator is in charge of birth certificates. At this point, I’d only accept DNA evidence, and not by any lab she picked out.


    1. Ivyfree,
      I’ll be doing another story in the am about more discrepancies! It just gets worse the more we focus on it.


  24. Both of the birth experiences Sarah relates are unconvincing to me. She really does likes to dramatize things, doesn’t she?

    I’ve given birth four times, three of them unmedicated, two of them at home, and all of them with very long labors (except the last which was a mere 18 hours). I know, as do all mothers, what labor’s various stages feel like.

    I would venture to say that no one’s labor ever starts with “laserlike searing” rolling through them in waves. Even the first time. Active labor is usually preceded by weeks of “Braxton-Hicks” contractions, some of which can be very strong, so one does have an intimation of what the start of labor will feel like, so is not taken by surprise (as Sarah’s way of describing it seems to indicate). What she describes about her labor with Track sounds more like middle or end stage labor because labor most often starts slow and builds.

    But what occurred to me when reading this was – if she was really experiencing that kind of labor intensity, why did she wait to go to the hospital till Todd got home the next day? Why didn’t she get herself there right away (via mom, dad, or a taxi)? Or at least get herself to her doctor to be assessed? Instead, she waits a full day, with strong contractions growing stronger as the hours pass?

    So, with Track’s birth she endures these miserable nuclear level contractions for a whole day before going to the hospital, at which point she’s panting and begging for drugs, but with Trig’s birth, her water breaks, she feels contractions, yet she manages several hours in Texas (even giving a ‘good speech’!), a 10 hr flight and 2 hour car ride to the hospital without a hair out of place or anyone noticing. Yeah, right.


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