Vindictive, spiteful, resentful, are each adjectives that have been used to describe Sarah Palin. “Attack of the barracuda”has previously been shown to be a common, and unpleasant phenomena.

On January 19, 2011 the National Enquirer publicized the story of Todd Palin “hanging out with hookers.”

On Jan 21, 2011 the National Inquirer noted that the NY Daily News made the observation that Sarah and Todd had not yet commented on the story .  The observation was by way of comparison to the quick response of Sarah to previous allegations that they had cheated on each other in 2008 and 2009. On January 25, 2011 the Anchorage Police department issued their notorious “press release” to the National Enquirer, which was later documented to be false. They stated that “none of the physical evidence examined by police showed any connection to Wasilla resident Todd Palin and his name did not appear in any of the records seized by APD.” Even though this statement was false and misleading, and prepared at the request of Palin’s attorney, and in spite of the admission by Dave Parker that the press release was in error, the APD refused to issue a retraction or modification.

On January 28, 2011 Sarah Palin, not Todd Palin, spoke for the first time on the Bob and Mark Show, to deny the allegations.  In that recorded interview Sarah said:

“Heck, all they had to do was ask me or ask Todd himself, ‘Hey Todd, you been hanging out with hookers in Anchorage?’ and he’d tell the truth.,”

When no other media source asked that question, I did! On Feb. 10, 2011 I asked that question.  To date Todd has never answered that question or responded to the allegations in that January 19, 2011 article.

On Feb 26, 2012, a little more than a year after the National Enquirer story, Shailey Tripp published her book, Boys Will Be Boys.

As early as March 10, 2012, I had gotten my copy of the book, and began writing a series of reviews. Each of these reviews was detailed and specific. In less than two weeks I was able to comment on the specifics of allegations that had been made about Todd Palin, the predator.

Seventy days has now passed since the publication of Shailey’s book, and no response, comment, or denial has been forthcoming from Todd, Sarah, or even by Bristol on her blog. It is inconceivable that the Palins have not read the book. It is inconceivable that Sarah Palin read the book and didn’t realize that the allegations were either true or total lies. If nothing else in Shailey Tripp’s account rang true to Sarah, the detailed description of Todd’s bi-color male appendage wouldn’t be the kind of information that might be overheard in the line at the grocery store. If the allegations were untrue the barracuda would have attacked. We would have seen Sarah play the victim in an Academy Award performance. If the allegations were true, then we would predict that there would be no response from Sarah or Todd. Perhaps Sarah is waiting on the Governor or the Attorney General of Alaska to issue a press release? Maybe she is negotiating with Jean Worldwide to make another reality show, at taxpayer’s expense, called “Tripped Up.” Or perhaps, Sarah and Todd are just lying low in hopes that the IRS won’t get an anonymous copy of the book and look into the failure of the Palins to report income from their side business.

Todd Palin’s lawyer probably told him that he could never deny the allegations or he would open himself up to a defamation case from Shailey Tripp.   Even more dangerous for Todd is that fact that if a lawsuit should be filed he would be required to give a deposition.  When you give a deposition you are sworn to tell the truth, and penalties of perjury apply.  If you defame someone you pay money.  If you commit perjury you go to jail.  Todd failed to appear to give testimony in the Troopergate  matter, in violation of the Court’s subpoena.  His failure to comply with the subpoena in that matter seemed to have been tolerated as the committee was able to find a violation of the Ethics code without his testimony.  I doubt that his failure to appear in response to a subpoena would be tolerated in a case for defamation brought be Shailey Tripp.    If he did appear and if he lied under oath, Trig might have to visit the Ex-First Dude in jail.  When Todd got out of jail he might be known as”X”.  His life was X-rated, he was the Ex-First Dude, and an Ex-Con.