Mitt Romney as Our Commander-in-Chief Would Be Too Costly

December 7, 1941 was declared by President Roosevelt as a “day which will live in infamy.”  That day was the bombing of Pearl Harbor. On December 8th, the United States declared war on Japan beginning World War II. Although 9-11 was not declared to be a “day in infamy,” it is for most Americans, alive today, equally infamous. Many school children don’t know what happened on December 7th, but they will have vivid memories of 9-11-01.

Many Americans identified the failure of George W. Bush to locate and kill Osama bin Laden as one of his most egregious failings.  While we might have concluded that Bush wasn’t at fault for failing to prevent 9-11 from happening, most Americans felt it was unforgivable that we had not brought the world’s most-wanted terrorist to justice by the end of Bush’s two terms. The families of each of the 2996 victims demanded justice. America demanded justice for the violation of our way of life. George W. Bush took office just 8 months before the attack of 9-11, and although he remained in office for 7 more years, he was never able to bring bin Laden to justice.

During the campaign of 2008, Barack Obama declared that he would take out bin Laden.  On May 2, 2011 he kept that promise. The country had waited for almost ten years, but bin Laden was finally dead. As diverse as our political views might be, the need to bring about an end to  bin Laden was something upon which all American’s could agree.

As we approach the 2012 election, the Obama campaign has aired a commercial reminding America of the promise of Barack Obama, and his success as the Commander-in-Chief.  In that same commercial we are reminded of Romney’s suggestion that the cost of bringing a single terrorist to justice would be too great.

Mitt Romney isn’t unwilling to spend money on the military. In fact, he advocated spending MORE money on the military. He has said that if elected he would build more ships and increase the number of military personell by 100,000.  Instead of finding and killing bin Laden, Romney would build more ships and increase the number of soldiers whose lives might be lost. The reality is that Romney’s idea of strategic defense is outdated. If Romney was our Commander-in-Chief we would have more expense, more ships, more troops, and less security. Today, even with the limited ships we have, America is still the world’s unquestioned military leader. It’s not just because of the number of ships and aircraft in our arsenal but also because each is stocked with top-of-the-line technology and highly trained personnel.

Thanks to the development of everything from nuclear weapons to drones, comparing today’s military to that of 60 to 100 years ago presents an egregious comparison of apples and oranges. Today’s military and political leaders face real challenges in determining the right mix of assets to deal with current and future threats, but Romney’s glib suggestion that today’s military posture is in any way similar to that of its predecessors in 1917 or 1947 is preposterous.  Today’s Air Force can maintain surveillance of the planet with space and air-breathing systems; strike with precision any point on the globe within hours; deploy air power and joint forces with unprecedented speed and agility; and provide high-bandwidth secure communications and navigation assistance to the entire joint force.”Increasingly crucial today are pilotless aerial vehicles, some of which are more commonly known as drones.

Osama bin Laden wasn’t located or killed because of the sheer number of military personnel involved with the mission.  It was the training of a few highly skilled Navy Seals.

Mitt Romney’s idea of cost effective spending might be best illustrated by his recent spending on his campaign. Just to secure the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney has spent $76.6 Million Dollars, which translates into:

$18.50 for each of the 4.1 million votes he won

$126,000 for each of the 607 delegates he won

$1.2 million spent in March on direct mail consulting

$1.1 million spent in March on travel

$391,487 spent in March on catering and facility rentals

$344,843 spent in March on “event consulting”

$871 spent in March on Poland Spring water

Mitt Romney knows how to spend money, but his comments about not wasting money on hunting down one terrorist demonstrated that he is totally removed from the real world. The estimated cost to the United States of the terrorists attacks of 9-11 was TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. Whatever the cost of the Navy Seal incursion, that resulted in the death of bin Laden, it was money well spent. On this, the anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden, we appreciate the fact that Barack Obama is our Commander-in-Chief. Nothing illustrates the Change we sought in 2008 better than the precision assault by the Navy Seals that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.

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  1. Not enough words in the vocabulary to express how much I loathe the republican party and everything they try to stand for. If Americans are that dumb enough to believe anything Romney/GOP say..and then vote for them..then they deserve the suffering they are about to receive under a Romney presidency. May you all starve lose your jobs homes and everything else Bush/GOP didn’t take the first time around -for being so narrow minded bigoted education and hard headed denying fools. Its not fair that the rest of us our family children friends will have to suffer because of RW hard headed ignorant deniers condemners of education of what their party leaders are doing to YOUR VERY EXISTENCE. May God protect you from your own conveniently blinded ignorance of the facts.


    1. We need to make sure we vote all the teabaggers out of Congress and make sure President Obama is a second term President. I, too, cannot stomach the GOP.


      1. Lonnie,
        It is more important than ever that we inspire as many as possible to vote in November. what people fail to realize is that they can’t wait to register to vote until the end of October or beginning of November1


  2. I just wanted to bring something to light that a vast majority of civilians are unaware of. I am a military wife– but not just any military wife, I’m a ballistic submarine wife. Did you know that the military does not OWN its nuclear warheads? They rent them from Lockheed Martin at over a billion dollars apiece. Seems like a lot, right? But at the same time, it can be a pretty justifiable amount, considering the technology. The military has a LOT of contracts with people besides LM, though; contracts that basically guarantee the contractors get a certain amount of money per year or else the contract expires.
    Our military base recently got a few miles of perfectly good road repaved. Because we promised that company we’d use their services.
    Ever hear of a $5,000 hammer? The same damn hammer you can buy at Home Depot for $5 costs the military a thousand times more because they have a contract to buy certain items from certain organizations. It’s my understanding that’s how the military is charitable (for example, they buy their massively overpriced tools from like, The Blind Toolers of America or some such).
    Which again, is nice that certain organizations are getting money they need. But when you take into consideration the military budget?? How much of that money is essentially thrown away on non-military equipment? (Don’t tell me a hammer is considered military equipment). And to make matters even more insane: men steal tools from the boat (submarine) all the time. We would go over to other peoples’ houses and they would have anything from vice grips to hammers to friggin light fixtures. Each one costs the military thousands to replace— when it should be less than $20 apiece.
    Just how much could we save in our budget if we cut this crap? Maybe we could pay our blue shirts a decent wage instead of giving submarine captains a $10,000 bonus every time the boat leaves for sea on schedule.


    1. MM – I’ve seen stories this year about aircraft, missle systems, tanks, etc. that Congressmen are running to fund that the military has told them they don’t WANT or NEED. But Congress goes ahead and funds them anyway because a supplier, or manufacturer, is in their District and that keeps them happy and contributing to their compaigns. And keeps jobs in the District. It is utter madness.I’m disappointed that the President hasn’t aggressively addressed this issue.


  3. Romney and his aides are living in the past. He recently said that Russia was “our number one geopolitical foe.” At least he got the country’s name right. Then two of his foreign policy/military advisors said on a call with reporters that the President was ignoring the threats posed by the Soviet Union (RIP since 1991) and had abandoned missle sites in Czechoslovakia (RIP since 1993.)

    If you loved the eight years of George W. Bush you will love the Romney Administration. Same tired, outdated lame ideas. Same tired, outdated lame advisors. Tax cuts for the wealthy. Cold War approach to spending and foreign policy. Old, white crochety men making decisions.

    No thanks.


    1. A Reader,
      when I listen to romney it seems like I am listening to a man who has been cut off from reality for the last 20 years.


  4. Two thoughts for other blog entries:
    ** Check out the flap on Meet The Press I’n which Rachel Maddow used facts to slap down Castelanis on women I’n the workplace. She rightly said that if Ronney wants the Women’s votes, he needs to demonstrate his support through POLICY.
    ** It’s important that as Romney struts his “I’m a huge spending fan of the military” stuff, that we also need a story from him on how he!s going to reduce the national debt. Have you noticed that the GOP has gone quiet on that issue…while simultaneously Romney is advocating for cutting taxes for the rich and for corporations? He simply doesn’t ‘get’ that without revenue-generation he has no plausible way of reducing the debt.


    1. BW,
      all of his plans …even to cut medicaid and social security would come long after he would be out of office even if elected. Thus while he talks about reducing the debt he would only increase the debt during his presidency.


  5. the war budget of the united states is well over a trillion dollars when everything they try to hide is added up.

    we spend as a nation twice what the rest of the world spends COMBINED.

    the biggest danger the people of this country face is the war budget as the only business of america is war.
    eisenhower knew it well.

    unless the war budget is cut by 80% this country will continue to divide into the rich and the rest where “homeland security’ acts as the police for the rich and the rest fight for food and shelter.

    there are massive cuts planned no matter who wins the 2012 election that will virtually end medicare and SS as we know it.

    in fact we are moving toward a society where the federal government has but 2 functions, to wage never ending war and to police the population.

    the last 8 years have seen so many laws passed ending constitutional rights that it would make nazi germany blush.

    of course this cant be so because they play the national anthem at sporting events dont they??
    besides they need those drones flying over your backyard.

    how else can they tell who the subversives are without seeing the food gardens they are planting!


    1. jadez,
      as bad as the national debt is, it scares me to think that these “common sense” conservatives aren’t accepting an “all of the above” approach to the national debt, and they can actually contemplate RAiSIng Military spending, instead of cutting it.


  6. The military wife who wrote in reinforces my long-held view that our two wars and the difficulty of shutting them down is all about WAR PROFITEERING. Bush’s ole buddies and the folks who are pushing Romney want to continue to profit. And they are. So far. If they win, it will all continue or increase. And they CAN win: dirty tricks and voter fraud. Let’s not be complacent when Romney or Palin sound unintelligent. It doesn’t matter to the GOP. They just want a front for their continued tax cuts for the rich, war profiteering for the big contractors, and cuts in services and civil liberties for the former middle class. It is a scary time. It could so easily get a lot worse.


  7. Mitt really scares the hell out of me..I’m glad that i’m not a young person trying to get a good start in getting a college degree and trying to get a decent job…won’t happen with guy..


  8. Romney is also itching for war on Iran. He is a saber-rattling chicken hawk who managed to avoid fighting in Vietnam but would have no trouble sending other people’s sons and daughters to fight and die in another pointless war. I totally agree with Green Tiger about the morally bankrupt and utterly repulsive Republican Party of modern times. There are so many ignorant, reality-denying people out here whose hatred for President Obama clouds their judgment. They would cheerfully vote against their and our
    best interests in a hearbeat on that basis alone. Willard is being vetted on a daily basis in this campaign, and it’s not pretty. He is regularly being exposed as out of touch with everyday Americans and a willing tool for the 1% in this country. On top of it all, there is a treasure trove of ammunition for the Obama campaign to use against him, based on his own words and those of his erstwhile rivals for the GOP nomination–especially Gingrich’s.


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