The “Best of the Best” or the Worst of the Worst?

Dave Wilkinson, a former secret service agent, gave an interview to discuss the scandal involving the secret service agents involved with prostitutes in Colombia. Several comments were made during this interview that now seem absurd, given what we know about the acts of the Secret Service in Colombia. Mr. Wilkinson reported that: 1. The Secret... Continue Reading →

We Are NOT Living in a “Post-Palin” World

Bob Costa of the Nation Review devotes three pages to an article about Romney’s pick of a Vice Presidential candidate in a “Post-Palin” world. He concludes that the lesson of Sarah Palin and the 2008 election is that long resumes are in, and fiery rising stars are out. He observes that because Romney is a... Continue Reading →

Bloomberg Reports on the Stupidity of Sarah Palin Using the Secret Service Scandal to Criticize Obama

Watch, and know that this is what we were all thinking!

Romney Goes Rogue

From the moment you heard the name “Mitt Romney” you heard that he was a “flip flopper”. However the number of changes in his positions indicates that the term “flip flopper” is too kind. “Rogue” is a much more fitting term. A Rogue is associated with a person who deceives or swindles, Synonyms might include,... Continue Reading →

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