Women are “Violently” Opposed to Mitt Romney

Romney is far behind Obama in popularity among women. He has been reported to be almost 20 points behind President Obama, at 57% to 38%.With Robert Bork as the person appointed by Romney, to advise him on appointment of Supreme Court Justices, that margin might become even higher. Recognizing that Romney has significant work to... Continue Reading →

A Much Needed Laugh

With all the horrible news of the last few days, it helps to find something to laugh about.  These very funny playground accidents might just do the trick.

It Wasn’t Sarah Palin, It was a Different Pit Bull

  The Pit Bull’s name was Big Boi, not Sarah Palin. It was George Zimmerman, not Todd Palin,who was afraid of the dog. Todd Palin hunted caribou and moose. George Zimmerman hunted burglars. Both men were armed when they were hunting their prey. Todd Palin had a hunting license. George Zimmerman did not. Zimmerman shot... Continue Reading →

An Inconvenient Truth: Abuse of Women by the Military and Secret Service is Rampant, Tolerated, and Part of the Culture

Testifying at a Senate Judiciary Oversight Committee, Janet Napolitano testified that the misconduct in Colombia of over 20 military and Secret Service men appeared to be an “isolated case.” She said it would be a “surprise to me” if this were not an isolated incident.   On its face that statement is laughable. The mere... Continue Reading →

Todd Palin Provided Sexual Services to Secret Service Agent

Shailey Tripp pled “no contest” to the charge of running a house of prostitution in Anchorage.Ms. Tripp has written a book disclosing graphic details of her business relationship with Todd Palin as her pimp, complete with a description of Todd's unusual anatomy. The secret service agent assigned to guard Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign... Continue Reading →

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